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Wednesday on the show, we heard from Joe the Super Mark and B. Fudd, Drew Kesse, father of missing person Jennifer Kesse, discussed missing persons laws and Caylee Anthony’s grandparents appearance on Good Morning America, and the Touchdown Jesus fire sparked its own debate about religion and media.
This recap goes out to Brent Hatley, as Thursday is his special day.
Happy Birthday Brent!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Segment 1 – Sports, coming up on the show

The show started off with “Shot Down In Flames” by AC/DC. Bubba said
the music was provided by Brent, he then went over some sports scores.

1. Monday – Jabberjaw
2. Tuesday – Bubba
3. Wednesday – Miller
4. Thursday – Carl
5. Friday – Brent

Bubba asked Spice about going to Disney, Spice said he’s not doing the
Disney thing, he said his family has a time share; he said he’ll be
checking out the Blue Man group. Bubba asked Brent to email Captain
Thunder, Brent said it’s already done. Bubba said at 9:20 today, Devin
James will be coming on the show, Spice said the kid is nine, Manson
thinks Tiger must be happy with the oil spill, Spice said even if the
kid isn’t Tiger’s, it would be funny, Ned suggested they have the kid
hit some golf balls. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Emails and Birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada. Bubba said that today was when he started in 1989, Manson said
Chase brought in everyone from Y107; Spice thinks Bubba isn’t affected
by new Program Directors. Bubba said for a while, he had a horrible
reputation, he said he didn’t get fired from Texas, he left do to a
format change, he said he was fired from Orlando because of a new
Program Director, he said it would be cool to look at all the people
who have fired him over the years, he said it’s a strange twist of
fate, as it’s been 21 years since he first came to Chicago, Brent said
it’s unreal. Bubba then recapped Adam Cook’s history, he said it’s
strange that he got fired for being too controversial, Spice said he
has a problem with his sentence, Ned said he’ll just call Kevin
Hayslett. Doc said Bubba had mentioned getting Tyler into Vandalero,
Bubba said he’s not going to North Carolina to get something from a
guy he doesn’t know, the guys then went over some birthdays, Bubba is
shocked that Two Pock would’ve been 39 today, he said the Ultament
Warrior is full blown crazy, Ned is shocked that he changed his name,
Bubba told him he’d take all his Miller Lite away, he said the guys
are like cats on a railing, and he’s a mouse. We then heard “I Made
It” by Kevin Rudolf, Bubba thinks the guy isn’t white. The first email
of the day said that there’s a great cause in South Florida, it’ll be
the Pat Healy poker run, Pat suffered a heart attack while dealing
with a hit and run driver, Bubba said he’ll pass it on. Another
emailer said they’ll be in Chicago, the emailer asked for Bubba to put
the information about the after party on Twitter. Another emailer
remembers the days when Bubba was on the Power Pig. Another emailer
said they’ve gotten a bunch of positive responses, the emailer said he
took Jane and Jeff out to dinner. Another emailer thanked Bubba for
the comments on John Thrasher; the emailer said according to the
chamber, he’s the highest valued guy. Another emailer said they saw a
story about the Snake that ate the kid. Another emailer said the
Hustler sign didn’t get touched when the Touchdown Jesus got hit by
lightning. Another emailer said he has an original copy of the
“Bubba’s Boys With The Base” album, the emailer said they’d make a
killing if they could remaster it, Bubba said he’s not happy with it.
We then heard a news clip about a Dad who tried to trade his kid for
some bottles of beer, Bubba thinks ABC40 is a little long, Spice said
a baby is a pain in the ass. We then heard a news clip about a two
year-old drunk, Bubba said this goes back to the Manson theory about
the Step Dad, Bubba thinks the reporter sucks, Spice wonders how you
know if a two year-old is drunk, Ned thinks the kid was getting after
it. Ken said he misses the guys, as his radio died, he said Elvis has
said that his Tampa station dumped him, he said Bubba was the best,
Bubba said Elvis has always been good to them, he thinks MJ through a
fit and got Elvis off Tampa radio, he said he’ll try to track him down
and get him on the air. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Naughty Alysha
dating game, then into a news clip about Obama commenting on the oil
spill, then into “Ned’s messages to BP”. We then heard “The Ballad of
Kurdis Low” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ned said he’ll be getting loose over
the extended vacation. Bubba thinks Obama is freaked out, Brent said
nothing-nothing-nothing, Jesus, Ned thinks they should take the statue
and put it down the well. We then heard a 911 call about that, Spice
thinks the Church will write it off as a miracle. Aaron said he passes
by that statue, he said this really makes him think, of all things to
get struck, this is it. We then heard “The Boopity Song” from “Bubba
Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 23 as the guy talked. Spice thinks it
was Muhammad struck the statue. Bubba said it makes him sick that Glen
Beck is making the money he’s getting, he said Beck just got his four
hundredth affiliate, he said they’re just talking heads, Spice said
it’s like those churches that go around and heal people. Bubba said
he’s not hating on Glen Beck, he said he just doesn’t want to do what
Beck has done. We then heard a clip of Beck talking about Obama, he
said 9/11 and loving Jesus has changed him, he said if you knew Beck
like they knew him, it’s comical, he said the majority of people are
white stupid followers, Spice said he likes how neither side will
think another viewpoint might be the thing, Bubba said the older you
get, it seems the more patriotic you are, and the more you hate black
people, Spice likes how Beck will periodically disagree with Limbaugh
on stuff. Bubba said that Rush leans on being Right wing, while Glen
will believes in Jesus. Spice said he’d like to be a fly on the wall
during one of these meeting with Obama and the BP guys, he thinks it
will just be a photo opportunity. Bubba said that if you follow Glen
Beck, Sean Hannity and Limbaugh, you might as well think Obama is a
dirty N, he said he feels like he’s listening to a Harry Potter
episode while listening to the Glen Beck clip, he said that’s the
template to making a lot of money, he thinks he might be stupid for
saying that. Manson said that Glen used to have rallies to keep Terry
Schiavo alive, Bubba said he never heard a retraction on that, he said
guys like Limbaugh are just counter programmers, he said there’s no
money in being real, Spice said he has a problem with paying. Manson
said people just want to be preached to, Bubba thinks Religion is the
biggest shakedown, Brent said it’s the biggest ponzy scheme going,
Bubba said that Religion has it figured out, he said the only way to
truly validate Religion would be to die and come back, he wonders
where Religion started. Adam said he has to watch “The Daily Show” to
get his news, Spice said it’s one of the realist shows on TV. Bubba
said there’s money in success and ratings base. Ryan in Jacksonville
said there’s a big divide; he thinks if they nationalized a few
industries, we’d be fine. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 4 – JTSM Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Burning in Hell” from
“bubba Show Classics Vol. 1”, track 25, then into “Paint It Black” by
The Rolling Stones. Adam said that there’s an old clip of Obama from
1995 talking about inner city kids, Bubba said Bill Mahr thinks
outside the box, Manson said that people don’t want to fact check;
Bubba said the talking heads they speak of get it. Pastor Tommy came
on, Bubba wonders what he’s a pastor of, Tommy said he does “Preach on
the Beach”, his line dropped a few seconds later. Bubba read that a
guy a pretended to be a minister, he ended up molesting a kid; Brent
explained Aggravated sodomy as having a gun up to someone’s head. Paul
said you have to look at Rome, then look at us, he said that Jesus
didn’t’ have a Religion; Brent said none of it ever happened. We then
heard Joe the Supermark’s bumper, Bubba thinks Joe is bringing the
show to a halt. Joe said Brent’s birthday is tomorrow, Brent said
he’ll be 27, Joe also wished Dr. Dan Mcshary a happy Birthday, Spice said Dan will have a
conversation with you while he’s working. Bubba thinks Dixie’s
announcement won’t be all that big, Joe said the stuff they do on TNA
doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bubba said he hated going over to TNA, he
thinks Dixie will be part of TNA going down the tubes; he said she
knows nothing about heat. Joe said he’ll never forget Matt Hardy VS
Edge. Bubba said Joe is such a fan, he’ll celebrate birthdays of
anyone on the show, Joe said that his girlfriend is going through
diabetic comas, the guys think it’s living with Joe that happens, he
said they’re just ribbing Joe. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Brent’s real age, various stuff

coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, then into Manson’s “Bush and Clinton Call The Whitehouse”,
then into “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against The Machine. Bubba said he
loves the song, Spice said the lead singer went Political. Bubba
thanked Steve from Stingray Chevy for fixing Heather’s truck, as she
tore the bumper off while driving, he said it’s not a big deal, we
then heard news clip about David Petraeus passing out during a
hearing, the guys goofed on him, Bubba yelled for them to show the
passing out footage, Spice thinks it would be great if bin Laden
passed out while delivering a message. Bubba thinks John McCaine
sounds like W.C. Fields, the guys cracked up at the clip, Bubba
doesn’t like how the news goes right past that a troop died. We then
heard a clip of Joe the Supermark saying tomorrow was Brent’s
birthday, where Brent said he’s 37. We then heard a clip from June 17,
2009, where Brent jokingly says he’s 27, Bubba said he’s 28, Brent
said he went with it. Spice said girls lie about their age, Brent said
he’s 39. We then heard a clip of Palin saying she doesn’t have
implants, Bubba said she figured out how to attract voters, he said
she’s a stupid bitch, he thinks he’d rather look at Palin’s boobs
rather than hear her message, he then goofed on her accent. Sean came
on; Bubba wondered what phone he was on. Sean said he likes listening
to them every so often to keep the mind open, Bubba said Rush
single-handedly lost his ESPN gig over his comment on Mcnab, the guy
thinks it wasn’t that big of a racist issue, Brent said it was. The
guy said the guys supported Bush’s second term, Brent said they
didn’t, as they were kicked off the air. The guy asked if the guys
would vote for Obama now, he thinks the Republican party should’ve
learned their lesson with trying to put Bob Dole. Bubba said rush has
the inability to say what he’s saying, he said their show is better
than Limbaugh, he said Limbaugh never makes fun of white trash; he
said the bag on each other. Bubba thinks Waltrip stood them up. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – B-Fudd Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the clem Racing Inc
shirt, then into “All The Way” by Kiss. Bubba got caught off guard
with the cowbell, he then recapped what they’ve got coming up next
week, he then went on to say that there’s a new Bubba Army thong,
Spice wonders if they’re legal or not, Bubba said that he sent some
shots to Howard, he then decided not to send it to Spice, as it might
be shifty, he then yelled at Spice for looking at Heather’s gap, he
thinks it will be on Twitter, Spice said he’ll get it later, only to
say he was only kidding about that, he then did some fart noises,
Bubba thinks you’ve taken it to the next level when your girl farts in
front of you, Manson said Donna won’t let them rip. We then heard a
news clip about the guy who cut his own arm off, Spice thinks the guy
was in Naughty Alysha, Bubba thinks the guy sounds pretty calm and
collective; Ned thinks the guy is a quitter for only doing it 90%.
Spice told bubba he needs to see “Saw”, Bubba said he doesn’t like
horror movies, he doesn’t think he could cut his arm off, Spice thinks
it’s like an after game press conference, he said that after you lose
a limb or finger, your body thinks it’s still there. We then heard
B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd came on saying there’s a Bubba special diet,
he said Bubba should drop the burger, one of the guys should have a
shock collar on him whenever he goes to McDonalds, Bubba said he
waited three hours to hear that, he said B-Fudd used to be funny, he
thinks it’s not entertaining, Spice thinks he’s out of control. Manson
thinks he’s trying too hard, he asked him to just be himself, B-Fudd
said he is natural, he said he got his pass port, he said he had to
show one piece of paper and his driver license, Bubba said they had
some funny times back in the day, he wonders what is going on. B-Fudd
said he cooks now; he said he cooks BBQ steaks. Spice asked how much
money will B-Fudd get when his Mom dies, Bubba Eviled him for talking
too much. We then heard a news clip about a Big Foot creature, where a
guy commenting on it sounded incredibly drunk, Bubba thinks the guy
may have had relations with big Foot, the guys cracked up at the clip,
Bubba thinks the guy had six gallons of Moonshine a day. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Anthony family audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Burnout
shirt, then into “I’m Broken” by Pantera. Bubba thanked Tim the barber
for cutting his hair, he said kids eat free every night at Yayas, he
said the kids that do free food every night are white trash; he said
that Twenty-five has been trying to get a hold of Devin James. We then
heard a clip of George Anthony, Bubba said he should’ve used that
opportunity to explain his side of things, Spice thinks George is
creepy for getting it on with someone in the search party, Manson said
it’s a family of creeps. Bubba thinks Casey can’t flip fast enough; he
said they’re not working smart, he thinks they know the kid is dead.
Spice said he wouldn’t react in this situation, Bubba said they’re in
trouble when Casey talks, he thinks she’ll fold. Brent wonders if it’s
as creepy as Scott Peterson talking to his mistress. Spice said it’s
one thing if your kid is missing, he said once the kid is dead, they
shouldn’t be on TV. Bubba said he gives John Walsh credit, as he had
nothing to do with Adam’s disappearance, he said that he’s pro active,
he doesn’t get why they’re so popular, Spice said that they need to
have a cause. Bubba wonders who would say that it smells like a dead
body, only to take it back; Manson said a dead body smell is just what
it smells like. Spice wonders how she’ll flip on her parents. Brent
said the only problem is, the state isn’t taken the death penalty off
the table. Bubba said that as an insurance policy, they should start
cooperating with the police; Manson thinks her attorney won’t let it
happen. Spice thinks she did it, he said there’s a difference between
knowing and not saying anything, Manson said that an innocent person
doesn’t ride around with a baby in their trunk; Bubba said he can’t
wait for the animation Caviar Tacos is working on. Steve in Baltimore
said he was listening to Bubba on the replay, he said Friday night he
had his baby, they tried to give his kid the shot, he said no, bubba
said you can go to We then heard “My Trunk” from
“bubba’s New and Misc hits Vol. 9” track 9, and “the Clemulus Package”
disc 1, track 16. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into “The Wizard” by Black Sabbath. Drew in Orlando said he’s the
father of Jennifer Kesie, he said he’s the president of Florida’s
missing children, he said the Anthony’s have done it all wrong. Bubba
thinks Drew has been very pro active, he said Jennifer’s case was
turned over to the FBI last week, he said Caylee was never missing.
Spice said that when a person is missing and then found murdered, it
stays in the news, but if they’re not killed, you never hear about it.
Drew said she was going to work one day and vanished, he said they’ve
changed the laws as she’s an adult. Bubba asked what they were changed
took Drew went over the law, saying how you had to be a direct family
member in order for a report to be taken, the law has pushed the age
to 26, and that anyone can report the person missing, the report must
be taken within two hours and put in three data bases, he said they’ve
had 179 silver alerts, 95% of them were successful. Spice asked if it
makes Drew sick to see the Anthony’s on TV, Drew said yes, he said
they get paid to do it, he said they don’t have a retirement account
anymore. Bubba asked if they’ve had any leads at all, Drew said
they’ve had 1100 leads, all of them have gone cold, she had a
relationship with a guy in Ft. Lauderdale, he’s since been cleared.
Spice said he remembers when the case first came up, he asked if it
would be easier to know if she was dead or alive, Drew said yes, he
understands that she might not be with us. Bubba asked if there was
ever a family battle, Drew said no, he said he has a 26 year-old son,
he said they’ve been married for 32 years, he said they talked every
day, she had the world going for her. Bubba mentioned Mark Lunsford,
Drew said he knows Mark, he said it’s a tough thing, he said every
missing person’s case is different, he said you’ll see that there’s
something wrong with the family. Bubba said Lunsford did everything
Drew isn’t doing, he said everyone was disgusted by him, he said he’s
appreciative of Jessica’s act, Spice said the laws didn’t require Mark
getting a motor home. Drew said when they pass laws, they drive to
Tallahassee, five and a half hours both ways, he said he’s out raising
money for Florida Missing children’s day, which is every second Monday
of September. Bubba thanked Drew for coming on. Ben said he tries to
call every now and again, he said Howard had Greg Fitzsimmons on, they
were giving Bubba mad love, he then recapped what Greg was saying,
Bubba hopes they have a long history with him. Mike said he loves the
show, he said the Anthony’s aren’t doing anything, they’re just making
money. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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