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Yesterday on the show, Ned debuted a new offering about Gary Coleman, Tucker Carlson called in to the show and gave his perspective on gimmick control, and Bubba got into interesting crosstalk with callers over HOA violations and universal hate for human trash.

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This recap goes out to B-Fudd, as today is his special day. Happy
Birthday Brian!

Segment 1 – Dean Martin, Sports, coming up on today’s show

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, then into some
Dean Martin. Bubba thinks this just proves Spice’s theory, Manson
thinks he did every song in one take, he thinks he recorded his songs
either drunk or sober, Spice said every old piece of TV you scoff at,
Manson said that everyone had a drink on Dean martin’s show. Bubba
went over some sports scores; Manson said he’ll go download the song
today. Bubba said he and Spice were at Smack down, he said Frank the
jockey came by and ruined the party, Spice said nothing sucks more
than when you have to move up a seat, Bubba said Frank has the account
because of him, he said that Spice should’ve been in the front row,
not the second, Spice said he didn’t want to end up like Cowhead
(April 12, 2000). Bubba said he left at 8:30, he said as he was
pulling in, Fabrizi and Tony were having a meeting, he said he got
pulled into it, he then went over what they’ve got coming up on the
show for the week, he said they’re getting a bunch of responses with
the Single Fathers contest. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Naughty Alysha
dating game. Bubba thanked Brent for helping him yesterday, although
he couldn’t get into it, Brent said it was a long day. Bubba said the
music was provided by Carl Harris, The first email of the day said
they called the show to talk about the sex dungeon, the emailer said
they didn’t mind Bubba getting sidetracked. Another emailer said they
have a friend who is going through a divorce, Bubba said its Ragina
Hunter and the Hunter Law Group, her number is 813-Divorce. Another
emailer said Gary Coleman was on Howard’s show not too long ago, the
emailer said that Gary may have died a virgin, Spice said the only
reason to get married is to get rid of virginity, Manson wonders how
much your wife hates you if she won’t have sex with him. Another
emailer hoped Tony was on more. Another emailer said Obama was
speaking from the Lincoln memorial, the emailer said seven Presidents
have missed some big events. Another emailer said Tony should be on a
regular basis, the emailer said Tony sounds like a really down to
earth guy. Another emailer said Bubba sucked at the Forum last night,
the emailer challenged Bubba to read the email on the air, Bubba said
he has no idea what the emailer was talking about, he thinks the
emailer is getting him confused with someone else. Another emailer
said they don’t get how the ratings in radio work, the emailer said
when they pull up to various intersections; they hear the show playing
in other cars. Another emailer said they listen to the show in Miami,
Bubba wonders why they can’t get any traction. Another emailer said
they cracked up at the fat woman bending the stuff at the gym, the
emailer said her kid has a speech delay, Manson said there are some
real cases. The guys went over some birthdays; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Celebrity News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt,
then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol.
12”, track 7. Bubba is convinced that they suck so much in Miami that,
they haven’t gotten the ratings yet. Alex in Miami said the only time
he’s seen them advertised is in a small newspaper, Bubba thinks it’s
free, he thinks they’ll be the best show that never made it in Miami.
Robert in Miami said he loves listening to the show, he said he’s got
the guys tuned in, he thinks it’s not the show, he said not so many
people speak English, Bubba said the white, rugged man in Miami is
practically extinct. We then heard a news clip about Linzy Lohan,
Bubba said he’s tired of her, he wishes they would just lock her up
and throw away the key, he wonders why society made her popular, he
then read an article about that. Spice said the media would love
nothing more for her to fall from grace, Bubba thinks Society would
cheer if she was to fall, Ned said he loves her. Bubba said that one
of Britney Spears’s body guards quit, as she would often ask him to
have sex with her, Spice said he’s professional, he said if you’re a
dude, and you’re suing a girl over sexual harassment, you’re a pansy,
Bubba thinks video taping it would be a big pay day, he thinks the guy
has lost his man card, Spice said he’s waiting for Jessica Simpson to
hit rock bottom so a sex tape will be out, the guys think Britney is
photographed with no panties most of the time, he then said that
Seinfeld has made about 2.7 billion dollars in syndication, he said
jerry makes about 65-80 million a year, Brent said Larry David and
Jerry are the content creators, Spice said Curb is like an episode of
Seinfeld, only a little dirtier, Brent said George is modeled after
Larry David. Bubba said that Sarah Palin might’ve gotten a boob job,
he thinks that just proves how horny we are, Manson thinks she
wouldn’t be anything if she was ugly; Spice said if she did that, she
would possibly lose her fan base. We then heard “McCain’s Vetting
Process” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 6” track 2, “the
Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 12, and “Political CD” track 11. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba’s News Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, then into a clip of Gabriel asking the callers to let Bubba
talk. Bubba thinks that within the next few weeks, he’ll have the
money for Bikes for Badges ready. We then heard a news clip of Obama
on the Today show, talking about the Oil Spill, Bubba thinks you can’t
win if you’re the President, he then read an article about a judge in
California that overturned a DUI case, as the driver was passed out in
driver seat, Spice said he’s done that before, Brent said many people
have been busted for that. Bubba read an article about a Karate
instruction who got arrested for having sex with a 14 year-old, he
thinks our Society is horny; the guys think the technology age has
caused our kids to be touched. Bubba read an article about a teacher
who got indicted on rape charges; he said it’s even sicker when it’s a
male teacher doing it to a female student. We then heard a news clip
about K2, Bubba thinks the K2 party is over, Brent said the problem
is, people are having fun, the guys goofed on the people in the clip,
Bubba said it’s just a plant, he said they shut down 400 Medicinal
marijuana clinics in California, Brent said they want to keep them
away from schools, Manson said he understands that. Bubba thinks if
Marijuana shouldn’t be illegal, this shouldn’t be an issue, Ned said
he’s having a good time. Bubba said he doesn’t smoke Marijuana, yet
we’ve made it so illegal, he then described Salvia, which is just the
root of the sage plant, he said the fun police closed them down,
Brent said the problem is we have a rookie experiencing it, the guys
cracked up at the name “Mr. Nice Guy”. We then heard a news clip about
a four year-old boy who drowned while giving his dog a bath, Manson
thinks that’s not the case. Bubba thinks you shouldn’t let your kid
around a big body of water, or a big dog, he thinks its brown trash
gone wild, he said we need to sterilize stupid people. Manson as a
Southern guy said the new way to kill your kid is too fill up a tube
with water. We then heard a news clip about a guy who killed his
girlfriend, and other women at a restaurant, Bubba said the guy is a
pussy for turning the gun on himself, Ned had no idea what one of the
people was saying, the guys said guilty when the reporter sad his
name. Bubba said this is the problem with our Country, he said we have
a big immigration problem. We then heard Ned’s “Those Fucking Mexicans
Gotta Go”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5- Bubba Argues with a caller, Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Chicago
appearance, then into some Nickel Back. Bubba said that he’s offering
a shot of his wife if they can get 40,000 followers by Monday, he
asked that they get a hold of the guy who did the animation, Manson
said fantastic, Bubba said his twitter doesn’t update for some reason,
Spice said he uses the same thing as Bubba does, Ned said he’ll offer
up an ass shot, he said he has a new offering, “she Crushed Your
Skull, What you Talking About”, he said it’s a song. Bubba read that
Todd Bridges is claiming that Gary had a lot of money. Stewart said he
loves 93.1, he thinks Bubba’s comments about the guy who killed his
girlfriend found it to be uncalled for, Bubba thanked him for the
call, the guys then goofed on his voice, he said they make fun of
everyone, mainly people who are dumb. The guy said they shouldn’t talk
about immigrants; the guys goofed on him for his comments. The guy
said immigration laws should be followed, Ned told the guy to shut up,
the guy went on and on about immigration laws, Ned thinks the guy is a
run-on sentence. Spice said it’s an illegal issue, Manson said we’re
citizens and we have Constitutional rights, the guys sarcastically
think the caller was making a good point. Brent asked the guy to name
one of Ned’s songs that caused violence, Bubba said it never happened,
the guy said he likes red headed girls; Spice then goofed on the guy’s
voice. Brent said the Mexican Government throws illegals in jail.
Bubba called the guy a pussy, Spice said the guy has compassion to
illegals, Bubba Eviled the guy. Bubba said if you’re a red headed
woman who is married to a black midget, you might be offended by Ned’s
song. We then heard the song, which parodies “Something To Talk About”
by Bonnie Rate. In the song, Ned thinks Shannon is looking for a pay
day, and features clips of Gary from “Differ’ent Strokes”. They then
went to commercial a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper. Adam came on,
saying Stewart is a damn jackass, he said he used to work for a
company with illegals working for it, he saw that they had about five
or six bunk beds, he said they live better than them. Pollow said
Stewart is a retard, he said he just laughs about the Ned song; he
said people don’t want to pay the consequences. Elly in Ft. Lauderdale
said the guy should’ve smoked pot, she said she came to America and
learned how to speak English; Brent said she makes hot sense. Lora in
White Cross Georgia said Stewart is uneducated, she said to have your
facts in order, Bubba thinks she sounds hot, Brent said she’s not fat,
bubba thinks she sounds wiry. Lora said she’s a stay at home Mom,
she’s about five foot seven, and weighs about 120 pounds. We then
heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker thinks he wouldn’t have the
stones to ask how big a woman’s boobs are, he asked why Bubba asked
about breast feeding, Tucker thinks breast feeding isn’t bad, he
groaned when Bubba brought up the 7 year-old who was breast fed. Bubba
said that Brent loves breast milk, Brent told him to not knock it
until he tries it, Spice said he won’t try it; Tucker said it’s nasty,
he thinks Brent isn’t being serious. Bubba asked Tucker what he should
do for his TV appearance, Tucker suggests not eating any sugar before
the show, he said meat and cheese will put him on his game, Spice
thinks sugar won’t bust him up, Bubba said sugar would probably be a
downer for him. Tucker said he’s never tried an Adderall, he wonders
if it’s bad, the guys said no, saying how it’s a great experience.
Bubba asked Tucker if they would meet and he was to give Tucker an
Adderall, Tucker said he’d probably do it, Spice said he has a
prescription of it, he then said it’s his savior, Manson said if you
want to get a three hour sleep and get stuff done, take it. Tucker
asked how you can get it, Manson said you have to be tested, Tucker
thinks there’s a downside, Bubba said there’s no downside, Brent said
you’d just fight through it. Tucker remembers an adult telling him
that Cocaine wasn’t bad; Bubba said you have to find out your sleeping
pattern. Spice said he takes his Adderall at around 4 am, Brent said
one is all he needs; Manson said that in twenty years, they’ll end up
with colon cancer. Bubba then recapped his times on Ambien, he said he
would wake up, make food, consume it and go back to bed. Spice said he
tucks himself in really tight when he goes to bed, Manson said all you
have to do is take a hit off a joint and you’ll sleep like a baby.
Tucker said that he doesn’t want Marijuana, as the IQ points may drop,
Spice said it makes you smarter because of the gate way, Brent said
George Carlin used to right his act high. Bubba wonders if they should
interview Dick Morris, Tucker said yes, Bubba said you should pay
hookers in cash, Tucker said it’s not worth it to make a woman mad.
Bubba asked Tucker what he’s doing today, Tucker said he’s doing a
radio show, he’ll be sitting in with Tony Cornhizer, Bubba said he
likes him, he said he’d like to have him on the show one day. Spice
said he thinks Tucker is the go to guy when Hannity leaves, Brent said
he’s more liberal than Hannity. Bubba asked about the ratings, Tucker
thinks he takes the audience away. Bubba recapped for Tucker what
happened on Friday afternoon, when he was in the General air space of
Air force One, Tucker asked if he played chicken, he then said you
don’t want to dick around with Air force One, Bubba said you don’t
want to mess with them, Tucker hopes that Bubba gave Obama the finger,
Bubba said he wouldn’t have been able to see it, he asked Mike if he
could get on the mic and ask if they’ve got some flavor, Mike told
Bubba that they’d get scrambled if that was to happen. Tucker asked
Bubba how much it was to o from Tampa to Indiana, Bubba said it was
$1800; he said it’s better than having to go to an airport. Tucker
asked if Bubba has joined the Mile High club, Bubba said no, he said
he and Heather have never been on it alone with her. Tucker asked if
Adderall causes impotents, Bubba said no, he then asked Tucker to say
that it’s all about gimmick control, Tucker said he’s frightened to
try some stuff, he said a urologist told him he’s treated people with
errections that last longer than four hours, Bubba thinks Tucker is
too much of a pussy in life, he said you don’t tell a woman when you
have a big errection, he said if a woman was mad over taking pills, he
said someone is needy, he then went over heather’s spin interest,
Tucker thinks they’re out of work porn guys, he cracked up when Bubba
said he has a 69 page pre-nup, Brent said he saw it being used in
court, Bubba said his is a tenth generation of Donald Trump’s pre-nup.
Tucker wonders if Bubba’s pill usage is part of the Pre-nup, Bubba
said no, he said he takes a pill at Noon on Friday, he said he’ll be
going to Spin Class tonight, Tucker asked how hard does Bubba tighten
it, Ned said Bubba keeps his knob limp, Bubba said Jim is a knob Nazi,
Brent said that’s when we’ve got problems, Tucker said he had no idea
that Spin class came with a package check. Bubba said he’s consistent,
Tucker thinks it sounds like hell; Bubba said he feels good when it’s
over. Tucker said running makes him gain weight, Bubba said you can’t
make five guys a part of the food chain, Tucker said he tries not to
go there, he said he gets a double Cheese Burger on a morning flight.
Bubba asked him about the Tea party candidates getting beat, Tucker
thinks it’s not true, Brent said for the most part they got their
asses kicked. Bubba thinks Tucker takes the opposite stance of his, he
asked about Helen Thomas, Tucker said she’s one of the most annoying
people he’s ever met, he wishes that someone would hook her off stage
thirty years ago, he said she’s just awful, he said she was 17 when
the Hindenburg exploded (May 6, 1937). Bubba thinks it’s disturbing
that she didn’t make her comments during a briefing. Tucker said that
Helen doesn’t have any kids; he then said people who lie about Vietnam
use the same things everyone else says. Bubba said she’s a good
business woman, Tucker said he’d vote for Linda if he lived in
Connecticut, Bubba thinks she should hammer him. Bubba asked about
Allen Green, Tucker said he loves him, he said the guy has no website,
Brent said the guy just went out and talked to people, Tucker thinks
the odds are against him. Bubba asked him about Nicky Haily, Tucker
said he likes her. Bubba then asked Tucker why he gives a pass to
Palin, Tucker said he judges books by its cover, he said if something
is shiny and it moves, he’ll bite. Bubba thinks life is a big lure for
Tucker, Tucker thinks Bubba is like Paula Jones, Bubba said he’s for
hire, Brent said the reason why the blogger came out was because he
worked for Andre Bower’s campaign. Tucker said if Bubba sleeps with a
Congresswoman, keep it quiet, he thinks Bubba should keep it between
his Adderall addicts. Bubba told Tucker to tell Tony Cornhizer that he
loves him, Tucker said he’ll be Bubba’s booker, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba’s HOA Issue

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”, then into a Southern version of
Van Halen’s “Jump”, Manson said it sounds like David Lee Roth. We then
heard a news clip about a doctor who got arrested while driving to the
hospital to deliver her baby, Bubba hopes they throw the book at the
cop. We then heard “Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 14, Bubba backed up the clip a few times when the guy said
“Emergency situation”, he thinks if she delivered the baby in an
emergency situation, it’s not a problem, he read the cop has been in
trouble before, the guys then did Southern voices. Michael thinks this
is the pussyfication of America, Bubba thinks a cop would get a seven
day if she didn’t identify herself as a doctor, he said his problem is
he’s a common thinker, he said it’s not illegal to tell a cop to fuck
off, so long as you’re not doing anything illegal, he thinks you don’t
need to show id on your own property, he wonders if cops should really
be messing with certain people. Michael wonders if he wouldn’t be
allowed to do that because of the new laws, Bubba thinks it wouldn’t
be illegal, Brent said it’s illegal to ask for money in St.
Petersburg. Bubba said that sometimes you have to use discression, he
asked that they agree to disagree. Michael asked if Bubba wasn’t well
known, he’d be locked up, Brent said they screw with Bubba in his
neighborhood more than he’d know, Bubba said he can’t help that, he
said his current HOA has screwed with him for who he is, he then
recapped his floating dock story, he said the hoa President is mad at
him for buying her Mom’s house, he got a $3,000 fine, he’s had to take
the dock out, get the permit, then put it back in, he said he’s an
opinionated guy, Michael said he didn’t know about Bubba’s lawsuit
with MJ. Michael thinks you need to have a permit regardless, Bubba
said the guy who built his dock never had to pull a permit, he said it
chaps his ass that he’s the guy who is getting screwed with, Spice
said he wishes he had a dock, Bubba told him to not turn it around,
Manson said he’d never move to a deed restricted area. Bubba said five
years ago, he got a notice saying that his house was getting leaned
on, as he didn’t have hurricane screens, Spice asked who was building
his homes, Bubba told him to shut up and listen to him, he said this
was because of who he is, he said 17 homes have been built after his,
he said everyone in the building makes a good living, he said it’s
because of who he is, Ned wishes he had a three-car garage, Bubba said
he’s done with the people who are done with people who just don’t get
it. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she enjoys the show, she
asked if Ned is still making his man sauce, Bubba Eviled her a few
seconds later. Spice said the hoa has a lot of power, Bubba said he’s
going to video tape his road, Manson thinks Bubba should take a day
off, Bubba thinks he’d like to do it, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Callers comment on Bubba’s HOA Issue

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Crushed Your Skull, what
you talking about”. Bubba said he’s having a crappy day, he said he’s
got some people lined up. Jan said to all the Tina Bacons can take a
flying leap off the skyway bridge, she said her Sister won the Twelve
Boobs of Christmas, she likes how Bubba kept tabs on her, Bubba
thanked her for commenting. Trisha said she’s having issues with her
Home Owners, they don’t like the playpen in the backyard, Bubba said
he tried to build a pool shed, the city of St. Pete came back and said
it would be too long, he said we need Home Owners association reform.
Kady said she appreciates what Bubba does, Bubba thinks she should
have a radio show. Greg said he deals with the flood vent issue all
the time, he said there are a few things they need to look at, Bubba
said he and Fabrizi moved into the neighborhood in 1999, Greg said
during the following year, the house would have to be built to the
required specifications, Brent said the guy ment later. The guy
suggested a product called “smart Vent”, Bubba told the guy he was
bringing his party down, he asked the Bubba Army to investigate Tina
Bacon. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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