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July 28th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hey Bubba Army, this is Blind Lawrence with your daily dose of the recap.

Bumper music provided by Dave Rice:
Toadies – Backslider
Shinedown – Fly From the Inside
Soundgarden – Outshined
OK Go – Get Over It
Rob Zombie – Super Beast
Creed – I’m 18
The Raconteurs – Steady as She Goes
Kid Rock – Forever
Pennywise – Alien
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop

Segment 1 – Office Lottery

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba started the
show by saying the music was provided by Dave Rice, he then said
they’ve got a few more days of vacation left, he said people are full
hot over that, he said he’s on Fein and Sugar Free Red bull, he went
on to say they sold 75 tickets to Calgary, he then selected the music
for the next week, Spice said this would give Bubba the chance to use
the new lottery machine he purchased. Bubba suggests the guys do a
lottery, the guys think Bubba will rig the contest, Dave said this
machine would prevent Bubba from rigging up the contest.

1. Monday – Dave
2. Tuesday – Miller
3. Wednesday – Jabberjaw
4. Thursday – Ned
5. Friday – Brent

Brent said that he hoped his selections wouldn’t get trumped by
Michael Jackson (June 25, 2010), Spice pointed out how Bubba makes
everything with titles insanely long. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, birthdays

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, followed by “Fly from the Inside” by Shine down. Bubba said he
has to get out at a decent time, as he’ll be flying to Indiana, Spice
apologized for that. Bubba said Twenty-five is really valuable to him,
he wonders when Phil Campbell will stop requesting every little thing
they do, Brent said he can request all he’d like, as he has something
for him. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for
today, he asked that the girl be number one, he thinks she
has natural breasts, Spice said he had to talk Rafael down off a ledge
yesterday. We then heard a clip of Victoria Michael talking, Bubba
likes how she’s white, Spice cracked up when she said ball handling
skills, Bubba thinks he could beat her in one on one, he said that if
she makes it, they should have her in the clem Gym. Mark in Tampa said
he recorded a gator attacking a dog, we then heard “The Boopity song”
from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23. Bubba said he could
bench 405 back in the day. Mark said he saw some kids playing near a
pond, he guessed that a gator would come out of the water; he said the
dog was in the water. Spice asked if anyone was looking out for the
kids, mark said everyone was telling the kids to be careful, he said
he’s got some sound on it, Bubba referred to the guy as “God of all
blacks”. We then heard the clip, where Mark was saying the alligator
had the dog, Bubba said that really sucked. Spice said the guy’s on
sight reporting is great. Bubba asked him who the guy voted for; mark
sad he didn’t vote for Obama, he said he was nervous. Bubba said all
he wanted Obama to do was to get us home, Mark thinks Obama should’ve
bailed out the people, not the banks, Bubba thinks Obama is more white
than he is black. Spice said his friend has a dog that sounds like
Akira, we then heard the clip, the guys cracked up, Bubba wonders what
they were doing, Spice said they just took it’s ball away, Ned said he
just needs the phone for about 30 minutes. Bubba said that one sailor
is dead, the house green lighted 33 billion dollars for troop surge,
and the Pentagon cannot account for more than 95% of the 9.1 billion
dollars for Iraq, he suggests they send the money to a certain city,
Brent said after the bombing, the Americans rebuilt the Country, Bubba
thinks it’s a pussy ass rule. Susan in Wesley Chapel asked for
tickets, Ned booed her. Bubba asked her what she does, Susan said
she’s a single, she’s a pre-school teacher, Bubba asked if any guy has
rolled up on her, she said yes, Bubba thinks there’s something there,
he said a hot, skanky teacher is his dream, he knows it’s farfetched.
Ileana came on, she said her husband listening to the show, she said
Bubba’s voice drives her crazy, she thinks if Bubba didn’t talk about
MJ, he wouldn’t have show content, Spice wonders if her husband is
Kevin Vargas, Bubba said everyone is in the Cox Box. Cindy thinks a
lot of what Bubba does is fake; Bubba said it was a horrible effort.
Terry came on, she said Bubba couldn’t get the name right, Sherry said
she can’t stand the show, Bubba said that’s on the phone screener.
Brandy in Clearwater said she didn’t like being put on hold, she said
she had to call for her friend, Bubba said he’ll think about giving
more tickets, Spice said they’re doing more shows, Bubba said they
should have tickets for all the shows, he then went over some
birthdays, he said it’s Jim Davis’s birthday, he thinks the guy made a
lot of money, Spice said Jim Davis is John Davis’s uncle. We then
heard some Soulja Boy, Bubba said the guy has made millions, and he’s
only 0 years old, he said this just proves how easy it is to make
money, Manson thinks that’s not a steal drum. We then heard some Papa
Roach, Spice had to correct Bubba on the guy’s last name. We then
heard some Bad Company, Ned said Simon Curch rocks. We then heard
“Smoke on The Water”, Bubba got sidetracked by Robin Mede, he thinks
maybe she doesn’t need it. DJ said he plays the steel drum, he said
it’s harder than other people think; he said it’s different when
you’re wearing it. Jamie in Massachusetts came on asking about Tabitha
Stevens, Bubba said he’s the afternoon drive guy. Jamie said that
Howard had Steven Adler on, saying that he had sex with Tabitha. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Out Shine” by Soundgarden. Bubba thinks he’s in a
really good mood today, he asked that Manson promise that he trust him
on their next venture. Spice said he’s loving this, Bubba then thanked
the people of the Wing House for their Coins for Cops, he said they’re
the only show that has a federally recognized 5013C, Brent said it’s, Bubba likes how the people at The wing House are
telling people to donate, he finds MJ pathetic for doing this, he said
he has the stage to bring people together, it’s the people that makes
it possible, he said the Bubba Army is very giving, he said you might
want to sign up for to see Bubbapalooza Calgary, he said
the site is practically HD quality, he then went on to say that
there’s more drama with the mayor of New Port Richy. We then heard a
clip about a boat hitting an oil well, Bubba then cut the clip off. We
then heard a news clip about the mayor of new Port richy, Brent said
they’ll put the audio up on, Bubba thinks this is great
advertising for Grill 54, Spice said it’s a great place to eat, Bubba
said this may be a local story, but stuff like this happens in every
city, Brent said that he should be thrown out of office for
disrespecting police. Bubba said he got his dock done and bought two
jet skies, he said his HOA President said he didn’t have a permit, he
got fined $3,000, he said no one else in his neighborhood was asked to
get a permit, he thinks he has a case, Brent said it’s unequal
application of the law, Spice said if it’s written in the bi laws it’s
a problem, Bubba said it wasn’t for everyone. We then heard a news
clip about a guy who fought his Home Owner’s Association, Brent said
it’s ridiculous what they’re allowed to do, Spice said it’s always the
old bags, Bubba said he doesn’t want to hear Tom Bean and Kevin
Hayslett telling him he can’t sue them, he said this is some old bags
who are trying to make their neighborhood more blue-blooded, he then
said he’s got some guy named Gamensky on notice, he said if the guy
just recouped his legal fees, the HOA has been penalized. Frank in
West Palm said you can file a claim against the offices, he thinks
they might have an umbrella policy; he said Bubba has a claim, Bubba
thanked him for that. Jacky in Landalakes said Bubba should go after
them. Bubba said that Tina Bacon came down and asked the floating dock
guys to stop work while he was out of town. Tony said he had a bit of
an issue; the Home Owner’s Association fined him for not watering his
lawn, as there was a droubt. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – men’s Health with Dr. Mark

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s song about Dr. Mark,
which is not in the catalog. The guys came back cracking up at the
song, Bubba said he’d like to hear it again, Mark said no, Mark thinks
his practice is down the drain. Spice asked if any STD is coming back,
mark said they see warts a lot. Rob in new Port Richy thanked Bubba
for what he did a few months ago with the price of vasectomies; he
took advantage of the offer. Bubba asked how the procedure was; the
guy said it was great; he was talking with the doctor about the 69
Mets. Mark said they had about 50 people come in. Bubba read an email
from someone who said they have a lump in his seamen, mark said
hydration may be a problem. Spice asked if there’s a test to see if
he’s shooting blanks, Mark said they could do a test. Another email
said they have Genital Warts, he’s had four pop ups in the past
months, Mark said they sometimes have to skin graph people after
cutting them out. Another emailer said they had a saliva test, Mark
said it’s not that accurate. Joe in Oakala said he had a Vasectomy
done, on the left side, he feels a little tight spot; mark said that
it’s common to have some pain. Carron in Jacksonville came on, she
said her husband was on Prozac, he’s now on Adderall, Mark suggested
the guy get his levels checked, Bubba said Adderall is the Tom the
Treeman drug. Another emailer asked if mark could explain Pep tights,
Mark explained what it was, saying it was a Revita Labs product. Skip
said last Thursday, he had to go to the emergency room for a pain in
his back, he had kidney stones, he got a shot and hasn’t had any pain,
mark said stones hurt just when they block. Another emailer said he
has HMO insurance, mark said they’ve got the Bubba special. Jane said
she was dating a guy who was having problems with maintain an
errection, the guy had been single for a long time, Spice wondered if
this was Tasha. Jane said the guy was obtaining testosterone and
injecting himself, mark thinks the guy is psychologically messed up,
bubba said nothing is better than Andro jell. Another emailer said he
has dry skin on the head of his penis, mark said if the skin is that
bad, don’t go to him. Tom said he’s had some ED issues, he’s had a
couple of massive heart attacks, Mark suggested the guy come in, he
then talked about a professional Penis pump, Ned said he’s into that
stuff. Bubba asked the phone screener to get the remaining callers
information, mark said they’re thinking about doing the maxx code,
Bubba thinks they could make the code word Bubba, ark said people are
coming in for the Ned Special. Bubba asked if the Revita Labs stuff is
IOC approved. We then heard Manson’s song for him, Bubba asked about a
guy making an emergency landing, he then played Manson’s song again;
Mark sarcastically thanked Manson for that. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jack Tatum’s death discussed, Victoria Michaels Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Jazela More dating
game, followed by “Super beast” by Rob Zombie. Bubba said what other
show will bring in ladies that will guarantee you get ass, he said if
Victoria wins the whole contest, he’ll have her date someone from the
Bubba Army, he asked for people to email applications, he then asked
Spice to work on his VIP list for the opening night of Scene, Brent
asked when it will be, Bubba said August 18, Brent said that was
perfect. Bubba asked Brent who Jack Tatum was, Brent said he was a
hard hitter, we then heard a news clip about that. Bubba said Jack
never saw Stingley after he paralyzed him, Spice said it would be an
odd conversation, Brent said Chad Clifton got hurt by Warren Sapp,
Sapp didn’t visit the guy, Bubba said that’s being a dick. We then
heard a news clip about jack Rosh making a crash landing, bubba said
this is his second crash, Spice said if he survives one plane crash,
he’s not going again, Bubba said if he was in a plane crash and lived,
he’d sell his plane, Spice said it was a Beach Craft Premier. Bubba
asked for Victoria to come in, he wonders if the Organic stuff really
matters, Victoria said she was in south Africa for five years, saying
it was really beautiful, she said she’s been on radio before, she was
on Ron and Ian’s show, Bubba said they’ve got friends in the clear
channel building, he asked how the process works, Victoria said she
was sent a link, filled it out and didn’t think much of it, she got an
email back saying she had gotten in. Mike Tidwell came on, he said the
plane jack was in might’ve been a single, Brent said it’s under
12,500. Victoria said Sunday will be the last day you can vote, Bubba
said he’s got her up on as the number one rotator. Spice
asked if she’s done some nude stuff, Victoria said she’s done some
topless stuff, she said she has medium. Spice asked if she’d do
tasteful nudes. Brent asked if she’s done a homemade porno, Victoria
said she never has, unless the guy was really good, Bubba thinks he
could never go out with her, he then asked if she’s single, Victoria
said she’s been dating a guy for about four months, the guy has drawn
some cartoons. Spice asked if she’s ever had a stalker, Victoria said
yes, she said some guy would leave her notes with the word “Admirer”
at the end. Bubba asked about her tattoos, Victoria said she regretted
one, she got it covered up, she got the tattoo the day she turned 18
just to piss off her parents. Bubba asked if she’ the kind of girl
that would sleep with a guy at first look, Victoria said that’s
happened a few times, she said she loves the show, she likes how Bubba
gives back to the community, Bubba asked that she go on a date with
one of his listeners, Spice thinks they should sell it, he thinks they
should have her as chum for a nerdy listener. Bubba thinks they could
have a guy going to his class reunion, he said he likes the basketball
video, Spice said he’d like to dunk on her at the Clem gym. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Note: The Ron and Ian show can be heard weekdays from 9:00 am-12:00 PM
on 620 WDAE in Tampa

Segment 6 – More with Victoria Michael

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by “Super Beast” by rob Zombie. Bubba came on
talking about Bubbapalooza New Orleans; he said that one probably
won’t be streamed on Jordan asked if Tyler is racing
today, Bubba said he’ll be racing this weekend. Scott said he can’t
believe bubba has the courage to let people say what they’d like about
him, he couldn’t stop laughing when the caller from yesterday
mentioned Doug Clem. Mason said he’s on the broker side of planes, he
said it all depends on the insurance. Bubba asked that they bring
Victoria in, Spice said it’s a solid body, Bubba thinks he wouldn’t be
able to perform if she came in like that, Victoria said she’s 140.
Spice said he’s six foot one flat footed; he said this was
embarrassing, he thinks the cover up looks better. Bubba said he looks
at teeth and nails, Spice said he’s not into the whole foot thing,
Victoria said she’s about a guy who is a gentleman, Spice thinks she’s
full of it, Victoria said the biggest turnoff is the guy who shows
off, Bubba said you need to spend a lot of money on your woman, Spice
said that society will curse you if you don’t. Bubba asked her what
kind of drink she likes, Victoria said it all depends on what mood
she’s in, Spice thinks she’s a wine girl. Bubba thinks she’s
refreshingly cool, he said they touch more people than any show she’s
been on, Victoria said this is a possible life changing experience,
Bubba thanked her for coming in, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Bubba
wonders how long it’s been, Brent said about a month, Spice likes how
Tucker owns, it re directs to,
bubba thinks it’s dirty pool. Tucker came on cracking up about what
Spice was saying; he said Keith never emailed him back. Bubba asked
Tucker about a certain group, Tucker said it’s a group called “Journal
list”, he said they were organizing because of Obama. Bubba doesn’t
like how obama has added troops, Tucker remembers when bubba yelled at
someone about Obama, Tucker thinks it was him, Bubba apologized for
his comments, he thinks he should listen to Tucker Carlson more often,
Tucker thinks that will be his entrance. Brent doesn’t like how Warren
Jeffs got off on his charges, Tucker thinks he didn’t do it, Bubba
said everyone involved should’ve been arrested, he thinks Tucker is up
on them 14-0, he thinks they can get back, as a woman brought in Sarah
Palin for an endorsement, Brent said New Hampshire is a very liberal
state, bubba is convinced Tucker masturbates to Palin. Brent said if
she looked like Janet Reno, Tucker wouldn’t think about her. Bubba
said if Hilary looked like her, Tucker would be a fan, Brent said
she’s mean, Bubba said bill Clinton has it down. Tucker thinks Hilary
has done a nice job, Bubba wondered if Hilary knows more than Obama,
Tucker said Obama doesn’t know anything, he said he would rest easy if
Hilary was President, Brent said when leaders say they’re supported by
god, it’s never good, Bubba likes how Obama doesn’t bring God into it,
he then asked Tucker his thoughts about the Mosk, Tucker said you can
hate the idea, he said it turns his stomach, he said the government
shouldn’t tell the Muslims where they can put stuff, bubba thinks
Union guys can make it difficult, he then asked Tucker about Glenn
Beck claiming he’s going blind, Tucker cracked up at that, Brent said
he’s a carnival barker. Tucker said he hasn’t seen Glenn’s show, Bubba
said he’s a skirt chaser, Brent said he was a great guy to work with,
Bubba said on air, Tucker is a moron, but off air he’s cool, he then
asked Tucker his thoughts on the FCC ruling, Tucker doesn’t get how
bubba got taken down for what he did, Bubba said radio has been a
bunch of lay down bitches, Tucker said fox is a ballsy place. Bubba
asked Tucker if he ever watches Headline news, Tucker said he never
watches Television in the morning, he said he’s seen Robin Mede, he
said she’s a trip, he thinks Bubba should meet Contessa in person.
Spice asked if Contessa is hotter in person, Tucker said it’s based on
opinion, Spice thanked Clinton for that. Tucker said he had to get
going to a meeting, Bubba said the next time he sees Tucker, he’ll get
him in a chicken wing, Ned said he could take him or leave him. Bubba
said they’ve got some more Mel Gibson stuff, including a remix of
Lummox and Mel Gibson, he then said they’ve got the Monopoly money, he
said he’d like the camera crew to be there, he said Phil Campbell
would want a copy of it, Brent said it’s none of his business. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Mel Gibson, Spice gets some money, Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “Forever” by Kid Rock. Bubba asked Spice what he and
Manson were laughing about; Spice said it’s the new insane clown Posse
movie trailer. Bubba plugged some stuff they’ve got coming up, he
asked Spice if he’ll take Tasha’s kid, Spice said he’ll try and do
that, Manson said his latest mark Ober thing is on the Arson charges.
Bubba asked Spice if he’d like to be the lotto bitch, Spice said no,
he said he’ll cash out if he ends up winning. Bubba fired up the
machine, he kept saying this was Monopoly money, it landed on Spice,
he went bananas, Manson thinks he’s greedy, he then asked if he’ll get
a check. Spice said he feels like Plies. Bubba fired up the machine to
see who would’ve gotten second, it would’ve been Jabberjaw, he thinks
she needs it more than he does, Spice said Bubba made him give lottery
money back, Bubba thinks it should be winner take all, Manson said it
never got four feet off the ground. Bubba asked Miller what was up,
Miller said he was tired, he said he has something on August 11 at
Side Splitters, Manson thinks Bubba saved Miller’s life, Bubba thinks
Miller would have a backpack of cocaine or food, Miller thanked him
for that. Bubba thinks he gave Miller the biggest break ever, Dave
Rice said if the best ofs were done the guys could have the day off,
Bubba said that was the case, he called Miller fatso. Ken said Spice
is always getting the shaft. Michael thanked Bubba for his banter with
Tucker. Brent said this stuff is from today. We then heard a clip of
Lummox yelling that someone was fired, he then stopped it, realizing
it was the wrong one, he then read the timestamp for some of the
voicemails. We then heard a clip of Mel making some noises, he then
said he’ll fire Oxanna’s made, saying that she works at his house, he
said he won’t let her ruin him, he ends by calling her a selfish
bitch. We then heard another clip of Mel calling her a whore and a
cunt. Spice thinks she’s pissing him off even more. We then heard a
clip of Mel saying Oxana is a selfish bitch, Bubba said this brings
back flashbacks. We then heard another clip of Mel making sure she was
awake, saying she deserves to be awake, Bubba said you can’t edit
these, he said the guy probably won’t work again, Manson said who
knows. We then heard a clip of Mel saying he’ll stop being mean, Brent
thinks they’ll be able to play these for a judge. We then heard a clip
of Mel saying the well is drying up, Spice said he gave a lot of money
away, Brent said he has points on a lot of his movies, Bubba thinks
the way he’s doing this, it seems like he’s going on welfare. We then
heard a clip of Mel saying she’s just ordinary, Manson said he can’t
concentrate with all the edits. Bubba then said this is like Lummox
when he was drunk on old English (November 14, 2008). We then heard a
comparison of Lummox firing someone vs. how Mel does it. We then heard
a clip of Lummox saying he’s been working out, followed by a clip of
Mel saying he should get blown first. We then heard a clip of Lummox
yelling about his poop weighed more than rant’s, followed by a clip of
Mel saying she’s a pain in his ass. We the n heard a clip of Mel
saying his relationship with Oxana is offensive to him; he calls her a
fical cunt, saying she offends him on every level. Bubba wonders what
he’s on, Manson thinks she could be the biggest bitch ever, Bubba
thinks sometimes Mel just wants to hear himself talk, he thinks Mel
has said “game over” about seven times, he thinks Mel buried himself,
Manson likes how he hangs up, Bubba thinks he has a special phone.
Bubba thanked Dan Patrick for giving them some props. We then heard a
clip of Dan talking about Farve, he mentioned Opie and Anthony field,
he said it’s a nice stadium, he thinks they should have a Bubba the
Love Sponge stadium. Bubba said that the fans keep track of the
vacation, he said July was a little rough, he thinks they’ll be
understanding, he said until either he’s off radio, or Ober is out of
a job, he’ll play a mark Ober campaign bit, he said he’ll be getting a
tour of the Notre Dame stadium. The first email of the day said they
would hate to not hear Bubba in Miami. Another emailer said they loved
when they were messing with Rafael. Another emailer apologized for
talking too fast. Another emailer said they love the sow in Orlando,
the emailer asked that Ned do some more prank calls. The last email of
the day said they love the show, the emailer asked if they’ll need to
get Sirius. Bubba said always go to if they’re not on a
station in your area, you’ll still be able to get your fix. We then
heard a bit about mark Ober not filing charges with Arson, he thinks
Ober isn’t doing his job, he thinks Mark is on drugs, has a gambling
problem or is gay, he asks him to stop touching himself to Two Girls
and One Cup. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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