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July 14th, 2010 by Staff

This is Blind Lawrence with your recap of the show.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Segment 1 – Birthdays

The show started off with “Spoon Man” by Soundgarden. Bubba said the
bumper music was provided by The Ferret, he thinks he doesn’t listen
to Soundgarden, he then said that B-Fudd is on hold; Manson said he’d
like to see him on the commercials. They then went over some
birthdays, Bubba said that Rosy Greer was the guy who tackled Sirhan
Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert Kennedy (June 4, 1968), he
then went on to plug the various appearances the guys from the show
will be doing, he said Steinbrenner is getting a nice sendoff, saying
how George did a lot that no one knew about, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Btls Foundation,
followed by “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Frank in Orlando asked for
tickets, Bubba said he’d get them. The first email asked if they could
get their Super K5 Anthology signed, Bubba said he’d sign it. Another
emailer thinks Bubba is on point with his comments on Jessey Jackson,
the emailer thinks someone should use the Rico act on Mark Ober.
Another emailer said they just wrote a book on the recession, the
emailer’s website is: Another emailer said LeBron
embarrassed Cleveland, Spice said it was a bad pr move. Another
emailer asked if the injured fire fighter can file a lawsuit on his
own, Bubba thinks so. Another emailer asked Bubba how he explains
Derrick Anderson who got killed by Morris, the emailer thinks Bubba is
the biggest cop ass kisser ever, Bubba said he doesn’t’ know about
everyone who was killed by Morris, Spice said he’s gotten a lot of
people who call and email asking if they can work with them, Bubba
said people position themselves with stuff they consider close to
them. Another emailer thinks the people of Hillsboro should be able to
get Ober out, Spice asked when he’s up for re election, Brent said
2012. Another emailer said the Bubba Army is really cool for helping
out. Bubba thinks he doesn’t need to turn up the dirtiness, Brent said
the court said that the FCC is out of line, Manson said this shows
that Clear Channel should’ve backed them, Bubba said he doesn’t like
how it took Television to do radio’s job, he said the FCC was shot
down by an appeals court, Brent said the woman who wrote the opinion
of the court should be the Supreme Court nomination. Bubba said Randy
Michaels has told him that if he was the head of a radio company, he’d
take the FCC to court, he said every radio station layed down to the
FCC, he said he has to get out of their early today, as he’ll be
making the various check presentations, Spice thinks Bubba is like Bob
Barker with the big checks. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – B-Fudd calls in, Tom the trailer guy

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Canada.
Roger said it’s fantastic what Bubba is doing with the family members
of fallen officers, Spice said the gesture is there, Roger thinks they
should have a billboard. Bubba does get how anything right he does can
turn it around; he said Ned is always last on the draw to pile on.
George thanked Bubba for what he’s doing, the guy said he’s in law
enforcement, he said the State attorney is shady anywhere you go.
Bubba doesn’t get how Ober will file on him, yet he won’t file on MJ,
he said mark doesn’t apply the law equally. George said he had a case
about a small traffic ticket, it’s basically who you know, Bubba said
we’re talking about felonies, he said that if we had term limits, we
wouldn’t have the good old boy network, he told the callers to learn
how to self edit. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd said it would
be cool if you were to cash the cop check, the guys cracked up at
that, Ned said he’d put it in the drive-thru. B-Fudd said something
about BP, Bubba had no idea what he was saying. B-Fudd said they need
to tie the cap down, Bubba wondered what the noise in the background
was; B-Fudd said that it was just his dog shaking his head. Spice said
B-fudd is creepy looking in person, but the voice is heart melting.
Bubba asked B-Fudd if he’s still on the Obama plan, B-Fudd said yes,
he went on to say that he changed the oil in his truck, however it
would be the last time he’d do it, saying how he’ll just take it to
the Texaco Station. Spice asked where he put the old oil, B-fudd said
he still has it in a bucket, he said he’ll take it to Texaco; he said
he’ll have a lid on it. Bubba asked what he’d say to the guy, B-Fudd
then asked the guy to dispose the oil for him, the guys cracked up at
the way he said “Dispose”. Bubba said the Taliban is now training
monkeys, he thinks it might be an upgrade, Manson said we’re afraid of
monkeys, B-Fudd said they could get Travis now, Brent said he’d like
to see one of the Taliban guys to get their faces ripped off. B-Fudd
said something for Hammil, telling Bubba he’ll catch him on the
flipside, the guys cracked up at that. Tom said he’s hated Bubba for
years, but after hearing what he’s done for law enforcement, he
appreciates what he’s done. Bubba asked why the guy hated them for
years, Tom said he didn’t like Redneck Monday, he didn’t like Bubba
referring to people from the south as trailer trash, Bubba said he
picks out trailer trash, the guys cracked up when Tom said he put five
double wides together, Manson thinks he’s the definition of Redneck
Monday, he thinks the guy uses a cherry picker as opposed to a
staircase. Bubba asked if they could send out a camera crew, Tom said
no. Spice asked how tall are the stilts, Tom said twenty feet, Bubba
told him he should be proud, Spice thinks the guy is down on himself,
Ned is bummed out he didn’t think of this before, the guy said Grady
Jud talked about him on a TV show. We then heard Robert Lee’s Mobil
Home commercial, the guys cracked up, Spice said this makes him cry
when he hears it, Bubba said they should put it back up as a rotator,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Supreme Court ruling on the FCC, Well fare

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour, followed by Ned’s “LeBron Is In Miami Bitch”. We then heard “In
the Meantime” by Space hog. Rick thinks it’s time for the Bubba Army
to attack mark Ober, Bubba said that he’s going to hold off, he said
his stunt will be 15 times bigger than MJ’s. We then heard a news clip
about the Supreme Court striking down the FCC, Bubba thinks they’ve
been on quite a role with karma, he thanked television for fighting
this, he said radio has been bitch slapped by the FCC, he then
explained the ruling, he thinks he’ll get on ten different topics, he
said Politics don’t address what we need, it’s what is the hot button
issues, he said this is a breath of fresh air, he said it’s 20 years
too late, he said they’re the largest one-time fined show, he said
they had a guy swinging a 25 Pound weight from his penis, Brent said
that was a stand-alone. Bubba said there isn’t a show that targets men
better than they do, he said they can’t role the show out, as there
considered to be too dirty, he thinks Cox was on meth when they hired
them, ned said he’s ready to crank it back up. Bubba said they haven’t
had a slipup since January 2008, Manson said he’s never heard radio
referred to as a valued media, Bubba said that radio is harder than
television, he said the spoken word and talk shows seem to be what the
FCC likes to target, he asked if they could send some stuff to Carter
Phillips, he thinks Carter is familiar with the show’s case law. Bubba
said the ptc is just a job, he then read the judge’s opinion, he’s not
sure if it vindicates them in the industry; Spice said moving forward
is a great thing. Jack asked who paid the fine, Bubba said Clear
Channel, he said he would’ve fought it, he said it costed them far
more than $755,000. Mis Fields said she was a paralegal for 22 years,
she said you have to go back to the day of Richard Pryor and Eddie
Murphy, the delay was then hit. Bubba said the government wants to
tell you what to watch, he said it’s wrong, she asked if we’re
communists at this point, Bubba thanked her for calling, Ned said she
wasn’t raspy enough. Bubba read that seven point one billion dollars
have been paid for unemployment. Spice said he wasn’t proud for
getting unemployment, Bubba said you can do it on line these days, he
said if we eliminated Well fare and unemployment, things would change,
he then said that while at an Indiana Kroger’s, he saw two women and
four kids, they used a well fare card, the woman who rang up Bubba
said that you wouldn’t believe how bad it really is, he said there
needs to be a Politician who has ever stood up to the issue, Spice
said he would be ashamed to use that kind of stuff, Manson thinks
those kids will have more kids, Bubba thinks sterilization and
qualification would stop all this, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – George Steinbrenner, Rush Limbaugh

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Sting Ray Chevy
donating $50 for every car sold. We then heard Manson’s “Second
Largest Fine” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 7”, track 14. We then
heard “In the Meantime” by Space hog, Bubba said that Spice is working
on a Bubba Army application, he then went on to say that they’re
working on a Bubba Raw Application, he thinks it will be free. We then
heard a news clip about George Steinbrenner passing away, Bubba thinks
Opie and Anthony reported it first, he said good job to them for
breaking that news, Spice thinks flamboyant isn’t the word to describe
George. Bubba thinks growing flowers and putting them on the
Steinbrenner family wants it, Spice suggested ordering it from Tiger
Lily, Manson said no to the idea, Brent thinks they picked the wrong
person to interview. Bubba thinks they should say “The Boss was the
man”, Spice said he’d love to be one of those roobs on TV, Brent said
George’s first investment in the Yankees was $168,000, Spice said he
wishes he knew, Bubba admonished channel 8 for not putting the audio
from WDAE through the board, he said he’d pull a Mel Gibson on
someone, Spice thinks Bubba is brutal with his commentary, Bubba
thinks they’re jobbing George out, he thinks George is rolling in his
grave over the news. We then heard a clip of Derrick Geeder talking
about George, Spice thinks the house Derrick is building is bigger
than his, the guys goofed on Derrick, saying that his house will be an
ass pad. Bubba said he’s got to give A-Rod some credit, he said he’s
always heard bad things about him, Brent said he gets after it. We
then heard a clip of A-Rod talking about George. Bubba said that Rush
Limbaugh is probably the biggest screaming racist ever; Spice said he
can say something so minor, yet he gets all this ink. We then heard a
clip of Rush saying that George had died, saying how that cracker made
a lot of African American millionaires, Bubba said he’d beat Limbaugh
silly, Spice thinks Limbaugh would beat Bubba, Ned thinks Bubba would
get curbed by Limbaugh, Manson said Rush used a racial slur for
whites, but the appropriate term for blacks, Bubba asked what Rush was
saying, he said they know when their scrambling, he thinks Rush has
never done this, the guys then goofed on Limbaugh’s voice. We then
heard Manson’s “rush Limbaugh’s High” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
7”, track 12, and “On The chip” disc 1, track 19. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – the word Dildo, Mel Gibson Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”,
followed by “If We Ever Meet Again” by Timbaland. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up for the next few days as far as personal
appearances, Manson said they don’t have physical tickets, you go up
and they’ll have your name. Bubba said that Mel Gibson has a trilogy
of rants; he said Hispanics have been included. DJ in Orlando said he
heard it yesterday, saying Mel is a total dick for smashing her in the
mouth, he said he loves that stuff. Spice said he heard it on the air
uncensored, Bubba thinks they’re losing it with the censored audio, he
thinks he’s unhireable. James asked how we can hold Mark Ober
accountable, he said something needs to be done, Bubba said they
should vote him out in 2012, Brent said the Governor would have to
remove him, but it would have to be for an extremely egregious
offence, James it’s sick to know that MJ will get away with the stuff
that happens, Bubba thinks he was probably one of the first guys to
buy Manson’s “What are you gonna do about it?” shirt. Jim wonders if
bubba understood the context in which Rush was talking about, Bubba
said he has a pattern of thinking African Americans should be kept
down, he said espn fired him for that comment, Spice said the guy is a
racist, he asked him not to call anymore, Manson said all Limbaugh
believes in everything he says. Bubba said that had Rush believed in
God, he wouldn’t have been divorced, Manson said that had Limbaugh
said the sky was red, people would believe him. Casey said he was
injured in the line of duty, he almost lost his leg over it, he said
the cop in his county forgot about the statute, he said life has been
tough, he said he feels embarrassed to have to go on food stamps,
Bubba thinks this would be a case where the government would help out,
Casey said he used to intern for them back in the day he was known as
Casey dildo, he said the Caster campaign got him off the show, Brent
said the guy left because Spice told him he’d never get elected if he
was on the show, he said the guy was buttoned-up, Bubba said dildos
are cool, Spice asked ave if he got that, Ned said dildos are
versified, Spice said the word just gets funnier every time you say
it, he thinks they should rename someone Dildo, Brent said the origin
of the word is un clear, Bubba said it’s a fun word, he said he
wouldn’t mind being a dildo, Ned said what if it was a homosexual
dildo, he thinks Bubba can only be a dildo for Naughty Alysha, Spice
cracked up at this. Bubba asked Manson if he has a dildo, Manson said
he has a big one he used for a comedy routine, he said it’s kept in a
safe, he doesn’t want the kids to find it, Spice couldn’t stop
laughing, Brent said a fire could burn the whole house down, yet the
dildo will be fine. We then heard the clip of Mel Gibson talking about
Hispanics, Spice thanked for providing the audio, he
said they were fighting over a house keeper, Brent said they edited
out the woman’s name, Spice thinks this is much like Bubba, he thinks
she’s on the toilet while talking with Mel, as there’s an echo, Manson
said she’s got great recording quality, Bubba likes how you can’t flap
her up, he said he can’t wait for the Satellite show, as the audio
will be uncensored and auto-tuned, he said she comes across as a
beaten down, even keeled woman, he likes how she T’s Mel up, Spice
thinks Mel’s ex wife is having a great day, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
the Wing house this Friday from 5:00-6:30, followed by “Down” by Jay
Sean, Bubba asked that they get this crap off his radio. We then heard
a news clip about Dante Morris’s Aunt getting fired, Bubba said he’s
glad she’s gone, he then asked Spice if he saw that a UCF student won
the Ms. Florida contest, he then goofed on her saying that she wants
to stay hot, Spice said they’ve turned the contest into what it isn’t
supposed to be, Manson said he loves the Question and Answer session,
Ned said whore when Bubba said she’s a Delta girl, Spice said she’s up
his allie, however it’s the charity part he doesn’t dig, Bubba said
she looks really hot. Stacey said when she got home, someone had
stolen seven of their shotguns, she her kid did the Hunter Safety
course, Bubba thinks maybe it’s someone she knows, she said that’s
what everyone else has been saying, she said it took the cops an hour
and a half to get out there, Spice said it’s not like someone is in
the house, Bubba said that’s why you should complain about getting
screwed with on response times, she said that she just wanted to
explain her story. Bubba said if anyone knows anything about someone
bragging about owning seven shotguns, give them a call, Stacey said
the pink guns are hers. Mike in York said that Harvick will be at the
All-star game, Bubba told him to say hello to him, he then recapped
his route for delivering the checks. Spice recapped a phone call they
had gotten earlier in the show, Bubba said Spice’s bob Barker
commentary was a little hurtful; Spice said that Dave suggested they
keep the checks and use them as billboards in Miami.

1. Bobby – not over the top
2. Ricky – keep the checks
3. Steve – Not a sweepstakes
4. Steve – not use the big checks
5. Matt – don’t do it
6. David – give the checks
7. Ivan – don’t take the checks
8. Steve – It’s not about the money
9. Scott – Present the checks
10. Hulk Hogan – big checks

The guys think they should do “Help for Hogan”, Spice said he was
stunned with Linda’s latest thing, Bubba wonders why the decision was
so lop sided, Hogan said he had two choices – have her in his life for
twenty-four more years, or a big buyout. Bubba said she can do what
she wants, at least Hogan doesn’t have to give her anything, he said
he’s never met a more vindictive, mean spirited bitch than Linda, he
said he knew it all along. Hogan said that he’ll need Bubba’s help on
something, he said now it’s time to go on the offensive. Spice said
that he’ll give her that “Alimoney” is pretty creative. Hogan said he
has a new phone, one of his friends called him, Bubba mimicked Hogan’s
various noises, Spice thinks Linda can’t skinny dip, Bubba thinks he
can thick dip, Hogan said getting out of that situation was the best
thing that happened to him, Spice said he heard that Linda Hogan put
an offering on Fabrizi’s house. Hogan asked if he could take the guys
to dinner, Ned asked if he could join in, Hogan denied him, Bubba
cracked up at that. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – The guys hold down the fort

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Plugs for Pain”.
Spice came on saying the music was provided by The Ferret, he said
bubba had to take off. Brandon said Bubba does a lot of big things,
she thinks they should do it. Garlin said his wife is a cop, he said
it’s sad that they get paid less than teachers. Don said it’s an
awesome thing. Spice said that Larry Hagman has commented on the oil
situation, Manson thinks he turned into a pompous ass, Spice said it’s
more expensive to get off the grid. Manson thinks the world will end
in a few years, he then plugged Pagan Potheads, Spice thinks it will
be good, he then said that Bristol Palin and Levi are engaged, Manson
thinks it’s a work, he thinks they just want the easy payday. Spice
said that Todd was on The today show, we then heard “white Trash Girl”
from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 6”, track 4, “the Clemulus
Package” disc 4, track 22, and “Political CD”, track 24. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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