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Top Stories:
Federal Texting While Driving Ban Goes Into Effect
Man Accused Of Fondling Himself In Front Of Kids
SC politician’s welfare comments called `immoral’
James O’Keefe charged in alleged plot to bug Senator Mary Landrieu’s office
Hollywood cop Mikey V of ‘Design Star’ – fired for not telling about gay porn past
Super Bowl ad featuring quarterback Tebow, mother riles abortion rights groups

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, the guys don’t like getting dressed up

Bubba started off by saying the music was provided by Manson, he had
no idea what the music was, he then went on to say that they won’t be
playing Mexican music, he said the fans were pissed about it. Spice
said he had Mexican food last night, he then said he’s never heard a
tuba in a Mexican song. Bubba said that he couldn’t get to sleep last
night, he then said he saw a big chocolate cake Heather made, he
described it as taking a small portion of cake, then getting more
stuff, he then recapped some sports scores, he then said he’s sparing
the listeners of the birthdays, as none of the names seemed
interesting. Brent said the raffle is almost getting finalized, Bubba
thinks they could sell the tickets on, he then said he
can’t get a hold of Hogan, he said none of the wrestling sites picked
up the interview with Jeff Jarrett, he went on to say that the Honky
Tonk Man is irrelevant, he then plugged what they’ve got coming up on
the show, he wonders why they’re doing “the Ten Sexiest Country songs
Ever”, he went on to say that he doesn’t get why Sea crest wears a tie
when he does his morning show. Manson thinks he could do it for one
day, Spice wondered if Bubba had a sleeveless suits, Bubba said that
stuff takes too long to do, he said the only time he’ll wear fancy
stuff is if he’s going to a funeral, wedding or court. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Garage sale, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Tom the Treeman chat next week. Bubba was confused on when
it will be, Spice said tonight will be Sluggo, Pantera and Chas. Bubba
said that Tom the Treeman emailed him, looking for work, he then said
he had a conversation with some people from Buddy’s, he joked that Tom
Bean will sell his plane, he went on to say that a garage sale to
Spice is like pennies on the dollar for him. Manson said the worst is
when the old farts come by; he said he ends up smashing a vase if they
want it for a nickel. Bubba said that $0.69 cheese burgers are great,
he said Ned likes to stack up the buns, he thinks today is a good day.
Chris in Buffalo said Bubba is the greatest show ever, Bubba said for
some reason they can’t break through. Chris said Bubba talks to him on
the radio; he said he can’t convince him about the system. Bubba said
Sirius doesn’t value them, he thinks it’s because they don’t live in
New York, he said Robin has a barbaric style of thinking, Spice said
he hates being labeled as a hillbilly. Bubba said he’s Jackie
Gleason/Cartman/Archie Bunker, who happened to win the lottery, he
said Phil is a great artist. The guy said the music from yesterday
sucked. BJ in Phoenix said he heard a bit of the Jeff Jarrett
interview, he thinks it’ll be on the wrestling sites, he said Howard
is putting Bubba over, Bubba doesn’t get why Sirius doesn’t step up
with the money. BJ said Bubba touches everyone, he wishes the guys
would be on Satellite. Bubba said he wouldn’t be surprised if Clear
Channel didn’t make a run at them, he told Manson not to fall over. BJ
said regular radio is hurting, Bubba said he’s in the business of
keeping himself in business, he said they would be good in various
markets, he said 2010 is going to be interesting, he went on to say
that Cox is the most conservative company ever, they haven’t had one
issue yet. Bj thinks Howard will do mornings on Sirius, Bubba said
he’s not going to worry about it, he said he’s ready to work. BJ
wondered what’s going on with the fake screw job, Bubba said it’s not
a work, he said everything will get pieced together tomorrow night, he
then went on to discuss the Bubba Army bikini. Spice wondered if he
could get his dog fixed at the SPCA, Brent said they only do that for
the homeless animals; Bubba guessed that Spice would go there and ask
for dog food. Spice wondered if he could pretend like he found his dog
on the street, Bubba said he’d have to pay about $50. Ralph in jersey
asked Bubba if he liked Madhouse, Bubba said he doesn’t like the radio
aspect of it, Spice wondered why it’s on the History Channel. Bubba
thinks we’re a Country of American Idol watching fools; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various stuff, chimp victim update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Pothead’s
Tour”. Bubba plugged the various stuff on and,
he thinks the Ned Dragons shirt will sell fast, Spice said they were
featured in the catalog, Bubba said he saw that, he then plugged the
Usack racing event from Feb. 8-10, Spice said he’s excited, Manson
said he’ll put Spice in the wall, Bubba joked that Spice will be a
squatter, Brent said being on the track with Twenty-five Cent scares
him, Bubba thinks he’d have to get a helmet that would fit Cowhead in
order to satisfy Twenty-fie, he said he’s got a lot of hair. Steve in
Dayton wondered if Bubba can trust Ned with driving, Ned told the guy
to stuff it, as he’s won a few races. Bubba said they know what the
rules of radio are; he said he sleeps well at night. Bubba said a guy
called 911 on a paddle boat, the guy ended up being naked, he thinks
it’s a Ned situation. We then heard a news clip about that. Bubba
wondered what the guy was on, Ned guessed PCP. We then heard a clip
about Nancy Carigan’s brother killing his Dad, Brent thinks Sheppard
Smith is gay. Bubba wondered how many times Ned has been pepper
sprayed; Ned said it’s in the double digits. We then heard a clip of
Mel Gibson commenting on Tiger Woods, Brent said Mel knows how to
work, Bubba said he hates Mel for several reasons, he thinks the
African American community should come out and speak against Tiger, he
wonders how sex rehab works, he guesses they give you a bunch of ugly
people, Spice thinks it’s the worst idea ever, Manson thinks Tiger’s
wife won’t pay attention to what he says. Bubba thinks sex rehab
should be completely different, he thinks they should make you have
sex with 4-500 pound women, Manson thinks that won’t work, Bubba
thinks rehab is for pussies. Spice thinks Tiger is lacking will power.
Bubba said he feels bad about Manson’s bits about the monkey attack
victim, he then said Joe Saturley texted him, saying that rehab is for
quitters. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks he should
tell people to change the station more often, he wondered if he could
get a face transplant, he thinks the 911 call was great. We then heard
“eyes Ripped Off Her Face” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”,
track 8, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 2, track 5, then into “Bad
Monkey” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 1, and “the
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 7. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kid commits suicide

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”. Bubba said Society Red is one of
their new favorite bands, he said he doesn’t know where it’s
available, Spice guessed iTunes. Mike said the guys have a great show,
he wondered if the audience of regular radio is different. Bubba said
that there was a 9 year-old kid hung himself at school, we then heard
a news clip about that, Bubba wonders why it happened, Manson said he
could never think about doing that, Bubba thinks the internet is
responsible for the suicide rate going up, he said he has a rule with
Tyler, he can only play sports games for forty-five minutes at a time,
he thinks this is all about covering your ass, Manson said he’s
whipped some ass back in the day, he thinks there’s more to the story.
Bubba wonders where the kid learned all this stuff from, he wants
Obama to propose his parenting idea. Spice said some kids are just
depressed, Bubba told Spice he’s not a parent, Spice said he would
hate to see a case like this, Ned suggested the kid man up. Dave
thinks if you’re that detached from your kid, you’re a bad parent,
Bubba thinks you shouldn’t put kids in the story, Manson said its
horrible journalism. Bubba thinks news directors should be fired, he
thinks radio guys should take over that job, ned thinks it could’ve
been Autoerotic Asphyxia, Bubba told him to stop, ned wondered what
kind of kid likes yellow, Bubba said he’d go to counseling, Spice as a
kid said he liked that color, Ned thinks the kid won’t like yellow so
much after he hits him with a yellow belt. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said he’s got some emails to go through, he thinks Spice
likes to hear him flip out. The first email of the day said MJ was
talking about Howard. Another emailer thinks they can help out Iron
Dave from the Orlando station. Another emailer thinks Bubba is stupid,
the guy said the Burrito Bandit is like a Spanish Howard Stern, Brent
thinks it didn’t happen. Bubba finds it hard to believe that the guy
can curse, as he talks in Spanish, Manson doubts he does that, Brent
said no one is available to translate Spanish to English for the FCC.
Another emailer found Bubba’s comments on Haiti to be a problem, Bubba
crumpled the email. Another emailer wondered if the Honky Tonk man is
signing to tna. The last email of the day was a plea to Awesome Kong
to stay with tna, the emailer referred to bubba as a piece of crap.
Bubba said he knows he looks like the bitch in this situation, Brent
said pr would be bad if Bubba was to hit a woman. Bubba said Awesome
Kong was in front of the Abe Lincoln statue, where she questioned
slavery, Bubba wonders how she got that, he said he’d like to have the
video of the beat down, Spice thinks the article is slightly slanted.
Bubba asked Spice to go to, Spice talked about
the page a little, Brent thinks the people who write for the Wrestling
Blogs are the biggest bunch o crying pussies. We then heard Ned’s
Tribute to Awesome Kong. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Ned’s boat, Top 10 Sexiest Country songs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Tom the Treeman
shirt. We then heard an old clip from the 98 rock days, where the guys
discussed Ned’s boat. Bubba described it, Ned said he had to modify
it, saying he had to put a plexy glass fixture in it, he said he had
to make it a 68 degree angle, the guys were laughing their asses off
during all this. Bubba wonders how Ned doesn’t fall out, Ned said that
he just straps in. Bubba wonders where the fuel tanks are, Ned said
under his arms. This bit does not appear in the catalog. Bubba
wondered if Ned still has the boat, Ned said he does, he said that he
doesn’t take it out much. Bubba said he was looking for his sexiest
country songs, Spice said there’s no bumper for it, he thinks country
music hasn’t changed. Larry thinks Ned is a jackass for his thoughts
on the kid committing suicide, he said he’d punch Ned in the face if
he saw him; Ned said he’d ruin him. Kat in Jacksonville said there was
a show where a guy was talking kids through killing themselves. Jimmy
in New York City asked Bubba to get out of the Wrestling business,
Manson goofed on the guy’s voice, he got Eviled a few seconds later.
Jennifer said she has two daughters, she said she spanks them with a
five gallon paint stirrer. Bubba said Tyler has had a total of five
spankings in his life, Manson wonders if Tyler moves around, Bubba
said yes. Spice said he loved the day when his Mom spanked him, and it
didn’t hurt. Bubba said he did that with Julia; she just stood there
and took it. Lee said the parents should’ve seen the problems. We then
heard “Raining on Sunday”, Bubba wondered what it was all about, he
erased it, Ned was bummed out that he didn’t get to hear the hook,
Bubba wonders how many bank robbers and child touchers have been
conceived to that kind of stuff, Spice thinks the song isn’t all that
sexy. We then heard “Don’t close your eyes”; Bubba thinks Ned would
tell his wife that, under the condition that if she did that, he’d
kill her. Spice thinks a lot of women have rape fantasies, he said he
wouldn’t want to get charged with something like that, Manson thinks
they should arrest all Country music singers, Spice said he can’t
imagine having sex to this kind of stuff. We then heard “She never
Cried”, Spice said he didn’t know what happened with the list, we then
“YouShouldn’t Kiss Me like this”; he thinks it’s the same thing. Bubba
thinks the list should be the top ten pussified songs ever. We then
heard “Melt”, Bubba thinks could be a good sandwich, he goofed on the
lead singer, he thinks the guy should be on the not to be trusted
list. We then heard “Still the One”, Spice said this is Delilah music;
he said it’s a good wedding song. We then heard “Nothing On But The
Radio”, Bubba wonders how sexy this song is; Manson goofed on the guy
a little. We then heard “let’s Make Love”, Bubba said that at least
this makes sense, he said if Heather ever did this, he would wonder
what she’s gotten into. We then heard “let me Touch You For A While”,
Bubba thinks she’s free styling, he thinks it’s horrible. We then
heard “Come A Little Closer”, Ned said that’s the last thing someone
hears when they go out with him, we then heard some CP Trav clips over
the song, Spice goofed on the singer. We then heard “Breathe”, Spice
is shocked Bubba hit the post on it, Manson thinks Tim McGraw is in
the background touching himself. Bubba thinks they should’ve gone
country, Spice suggested Bubba be like Jeff Foxworthy, he then did
some Fatass jokes, Spice was cracking up. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Pagan Potheads
Tour”. We then heard a news clip about Misty Cummings. W then heard
“Ronald and Misty Cummings’s Wedding vows” from “Bubba‘s New and Misc
Hits Vol. 9”, track 4, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 11.
Rick in California said Howard was saying some nice stuff about Bubba.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who got arrested for touching
himself near some kids. We then heard Tucker’s bumper, Bubba thinks
the voice guy messed up on saying Daily Color. We then heard the
bumper again, Tucker thinks maybe it’s how you hear it. Bubba asked
Tucker if he has any Bubba Army people, Tucker said the Brent Hatley
sports column is up on, we then heard “Brentstones”
from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 24, and “Brent Hatley
concert”, track 19. Tucker said he likes the idea, we then heard
“Brent on the Water” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 10,
and “Brent hatley concert”, track 17. We then heard “Hatley
Impossible” from “Ned’s Tribute to Brent Hatley”, track 16, and “Brent
hatley Concert”, track 8. Bubba said they’ve got something for
everything you can think of, Tucker said he never realized how lyrical
Brent’s name is, Brent said that’s his real name. Bubba played some
more songs, Tucker was laughing his ass off during it, he wondered if
the feds are listening to the show, Brent said yes, we then heard some
Brent clips, Tucker was laughing during all this, he referred to it as
a Brent board. Tucker wondered if everyone on the show has various
sound clips, he thinks screwing with Brent is fun, bubba explained the
evil gag to Tucker, he was cracking up during all this, he said it was
awesome. Spice said the funny was, he failed at almost everything he
did, he ended up beating up his manger, the guys remember when Evil
tried to jump snake River canyon. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on
Obama, Tucker doesn’t believe that they’ll be a spending freeze; Spice
thinks it’ll be a big put over fest. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts
on Haiti, Tucker said it’s a sad Country, Bubba went over the money
we’ve given Haiti, he said in three years, we’ve given them roughly a
billion dollars, they haven’t done much with it, Brent said all it
does is prop up dictators. Bubba thinks the leaders of Haiti welcomed
the earthquake. Bubba said Brent gave him something, he said the debt
limit is roughly twelve trillion dollars, Tucker thinks the day of
reckoning will never come. Bubba thinks we shouldn’t give money to
everyone, he suggested we get ourselves out of debt. Tucker said
Obama’s rhetoric now is that if anyone has a job, is a blood sucker.
Bubba thinks Tucker is the irs’s bitch, he thinks Spice is right with
the boogey man comments. Tucker mentioned a guy on CNN, Brent said the
guy knows everything there is to know about Al-kida. Spice said he’s
off the Obama train with the Iraq situation. Bubba said that one of
Osama’s son talked about how his Dad used to poison pets, he thinks we
still wouldn’t be able to find him. Tucker said he’s been to Pakistan,
he said it’s a weird lockdown kind of place. Brent said it’s a large
geographical area, Manson suggested that we get out. Tucker thinks the
country would be used as a target, Manson said they’ll find a place.
Spice wonders what obama did that was so great, Tucker said that he’s
stood up for abortion; he thinks Obama will be a two-term President.
Spice wondered who will win in the race of Crist VS Rubio; Bubba said
Crist doesn’t bang the bible, Tucker wonders why Bubba has a problem
with Rubio being a lobbyist. Bubba said he’s trying to change opinion,
he thinks Tucker is a jackass for saying there’s nothing wrong with
lobbyists. Tucker thinks the government hurt Bubba with delaying the
merger, Manson said it was because of the nab. Tucker said a lot of
groups have been punished by big Government, Brent said big Tabaco has
never gotten marijuana to be legal, Spice asked for an honest
politician. Bubba said he’d like to beat Tucker’s ass, Manson said
he’s in favor of child marriage, Spice thinks Tucker will support
Nambla, Bubba thinks he should rethink having Tucker on. Brent said
Warren Jeffs is in prison for child molestation. Tucker wonders why
the average incumbent gets elected, Bubba said it’s because of big
money, Manson said the average person votes because of a sign on the
side of the road. Tucker said the guy who spends the most money
doesn’t end up winning. Spice said if you’re not an informed voter,
Bubba suggests they have some no brainer questions, Brent said Rubio
is anti personal freedom. Bubba said if you’re going to allow
gambling, don’t fragment it, he said he’s a conservative who believes
in abortion, but who doesn’t go to church. Tucker said he’s glad that
he’s in the gun box, he thinks bubba wants to have abortions at
gunpoint, he thinks the guys are demented. Bubba asked him who the
Florida Senator is; Tucker said he didn’t know, he then said Charlie
Crist. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrestling stuff, Haiti

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Bubba said he hasn’t heard from Hogan in about four days, he then
wondered if Dave Meltzer likes him, he said Dave is supposed to be the
end all be all with wrestling. Spice said he had to have Dave clean
his computer, as he had a bunch of viruses. Bubba said the fans always
ask for something, he didn’t say what he was referring to, ned told
Manson to start dancing and shut up. Bubba called up Hogan, he got
sent to voicemail, he ended up leaving a message, he said that he’d
like to beat up the Honky Tonk Man. Bubba asked the guys if they’d
like to hear the footage of a TV guy getting punked, Spice thinks they
should give the midday guys a shot, Bubba thinks they don’t like him
for some reason. Brent said some of the money for Haiti was earmarked
for disaster relief. We then heard a clip about Haitians moving to
Tampa. Bubba said he doesn’t see our country lining up with
ambulances, he said the clock is running, Manson said that there’s not
a lot of material about people buried under rubble. Bubba wonders when
the last time you ever saw footage of a plane landing with our troops;
Brent said it’s never happened. Bubba talked about a guy who died in
Iraq, he said there won’t be footage of the guy getting sent home, he
said your not an American if you don’t see it his way, he said he has
to be the guy who lays it out, he said it’s sickening, he thinks
fifteen Haitians coming in doesn’t warrant this country, Spice said
it’s easier to go with the flow. Bubba thinks the reporter kind of
sloughed off the military, he thinks no one can handle the truth, we
then heard the jack Nickelson sounder, he then rewound it to the part
where she mentioned the Military guys, Brent said she could’ve put the
Military guys over. Bubba wonders why we have to go to third World
Countries, he wonders if we’re the dumbest people on Earth, he said if
we didn’t run America properly, we’d be like Haiti, he thinks it’s not
so great to see an injured Haitian, he thinks they should send them to
Alaska. Brent said they’re not citizens, Spice said once they’ve taken
up bed space, we’ll then ship them to another place; Brent thinks they
get automatic Visas. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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