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Top Stories:
Aid arrives as aftershock shakes Haiti
Republican wins Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy
Two arrested in Hard Rock Casino robberies
Tempe PD: Tips have dropped in search for missing baby
Police: 8 people killed in Va. shooting
Cashier saves baby born at gas station
Hanover school workers face sex crimes charges
Lakeland officer killed in crash

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Various Stuff

Bubba started off by saying that today is Dave Rice’s iPod, he
wondered if Slator was asleep on the intro, Spice wondered how Bubba’s
day went, Bubba said he didn’t want to get into it. Bubba recapped
some sports scores, he then said that Brent will be hosting a game on
February 4, Brent said he’s not sure if he needs tickets. Bubba said
that he needs more Miller Lite, he then said that he got Hogan a can
of that stuff, Hogan slammed a beer, he thought it would free his
insides. Manson said he likes the cans better than the bottles, Bubba
is convinced that Manson is turning into Ned every day. Bubba said in
order to get the hockey tickets, just be a hot sounding lady, he then
plugged the Bubba Raw live chat, he said he heard nothing about the
last one with Hammil and the Ferret, Spice said he didn’t know. Bubba
said he needs Brent in studio around 8:40 or so, as Mick Foley is
really mad over something, he said Mick told Bubba that he disagrees
with him on Haiti, Bubba said that really crushed him, he said he’s
not dedicating his money to Haiti, he said you should donate to
Doctors without Borders, Brent said he’s familiar with it. Bubba
thinks they had girls at the Russ/Hammil chat, Ned thinks it’s a
crutch. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she would love to go,
she said that she’s old; Bubba put her on hold a few seconds later.
Bubba asked about James Blake, who he described as being able to beat
Kevin Hayslett with a frying pan, Spice said he was doing good; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, guy kills himself in strip club

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Bubba went over the birthdays, he said that there’s not much to talk
about, Brent said knowing Paul Stanley is 58 makes him feel old. Bubba
took a call from a woman who said she’s a restaurant manager, she said
her husband is a vet, she said he hasn’t had a lot of good things for
him; she said she’ll travel to Tampa to make her husband feel better.
Bubba said as much as he loves sports, he wouldn’t go that far. Ashley
was on, she described herself, she said she’s single. Michelle in
Tampa came on, Bubba thinks it’s a guy; Michelle thinks we need to
take care of home, Bubba told her there’s no smoking in the suite.
Bubba wondered who should be a part of the creative meetings, he
listed some of the interns, he said the guys have it easy. We then
heard a news clip about a guy who shot himself in a strip club. Bubba
thinks we’re getting stupider and stupider, he thinks the guy was
possibly bringing our society down, he then said there’s a movement in
the public schools, where they’re trying to get rid of red magic
markers, as it’s a downer color. Brent thinks red jumps off the page,
Spice thinks it’s stupid. Bubba said if Tyler’s tooth is loose, he
does it in the shower, as he likes to spit blood down the drain, he
said that if a kid’s sport doesn’t have a winner or a loser, he’s not
participating. Ned thinks they should’ve whipped up the brains and
continued dancing. Bubba took a call from a woman who said it doesn’t
matter what color you use, you’re telling the kid they’ve made an
error, Bubba said he’s use turd brown, he said he could never be a
teacher. She said she teaches third grade, Bubba thinks he’d have no
hair after that, he thinks the minute they took spanking out of the
schools, it went downhill, he said he only got one whack in Fourth
Grade, he said that the threat of getting spanked was always held over
his head, Brent said he was a bad kid, Spice said his Mom used to use
various objects. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Moonshine Miller. Bubba said if you’re sick of getting
dinged by your cell phone company; switch over to Metro PCS, your bill
will be $40, nothing more and nothing less. Bubba then read an article
saying Haiti got hit by another Earthquake, measuring about a 6.1, he
wonders what the biggest one was in history. Bubba wondered if Mike
Simmons is gone, Spice said he is, he then said that the biggest quake
was in 1960, measuring a 9.5. Bubba read that Dolphin stadium is
changing their name; he thinks it’s the first time ever the Pro bowl
is before the Super bowl. Bubba said the inventor of Spaghetti-os
died; the guys said they loved that stuff. Ken in Jersey said it’s
great to hear Bubba regardless of what format they’re in, he said he
agrees with Bubba on Haiti, he said he was diagnosed with testicular
cancer, he said he’ll be forty next Monday, he said he’s got chemo to
go through. Spice said that getting laid would be the last thing on
his mind if he had cancer. Bubba said there’s an application that
prevents your kid from texting or talking while driving, the
application is called IZup, Manson wants everyone to use this, he said
he gets stuck behind everyone. Bubba congratulated David Arquette, as
Cougar Town got picked up for another season. Bubba took a call from a
guy who asked if Bubba would be willing to air the eye in the sky
footage with Awesome Kong on TV, Bubba said yes. The first email of
the day said they used to be a Bank of America customer, the emailer
liked Florida Bank. Bubba doesn’t get how the banks took money, only
to pay it back. Another emailer was of a guy in Iraq with some Fein
packets. Another emailer agreed with Bubba on Haiti. Another emailer
hopes Bubba will honor a fallen officer who was killed by a drunk
Another emailer asked to hear Bubba fighting with the gps. Another
emailer said if you’re attacked, it’s your right to attack, Bubba said
he would’ve loved to have blasted her, but he decided not to. Another
emailer said Oprah is doing a Wonka kind of deal, bubba said they took
it from the movie. Another emailer asked the name of the Protein bar,
Bubba said its Supreme Protein, he said they can’t keep them in stock.
Bubba took a call from a woman who asked about hockey tickets, Bubba
said he’s not giving them away; he then gave them to her. Lorry said
she agrees with Bubba on Haiti, she said she’s tired of Americans
living off of America. Bubba said the machine that converts pee into
water is broken, Spice said he’s not drinking it, Brent thinks the
machine was $250,000. Bubba wonders what we need space for; he said he
won’t be able to race. Bubba said Mark Walberg had his fourth kid, he
said never hears anything bad about him. Bubba said that Mindi Mcreedy
had a ceasure, we then heard the clip about that, Bubba doesn’t like
the music, he said it ruined the experience. Another emailer wondered
if the guys in the studio are against him, Bubba said he never
threatens to fire Spice, Spice said it starts off light hearted, it
then takes a turn. Bubba told Spice he loves him, he asked Brent that
after his flip out, he re assured him he had his job; Brent said a
bunch of times. The emailer chided Bubba for getting married a day
after Howard’s birthday, Spice said people read way too deep in the
show. The last emailer of the day loved Bubba’s take on Los Angeles
radio. Bubba thinks they’ll never be in Los Angeles or New York. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba’s white Trash solution

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Pothead’s
tour, then into Manson’s “Bubba GPS”. Bubba wondered if this was pod,
Spice said they did alright. Bubba asked people to hulk up on the
Twitter account, he thinks the MJ people and wwe people have been
commenting. Brent said we’re into China for roughly
$3,000,000,000,000, Manson thinks we can’t do it anymore, Bubba said
he likes a guy on Twitter named DUBBAGA. Bubba took a call from a guy
who said he went from making $19.50 an hour, he said if you take away
food stamps, it’s not a good idea, he said he saved for about a year.
Bubba said he’s not interested in the guy’s story, Manson said that
we’re a nanny state. Bubba suggested the white trash get a vasectomy
or a condom, Manson as a southern said he didn’t want anyone on his
balls. David said this all comes to personal responsibility, Bubba
said he needs a handout for not needing a handout. Manson suggests
that we pay white trash people $5,000 to get a vasectomy. Spice
suggested a white Trash vasectomy with Dr. Mark, Bubba thinks they
should do that, he thinks Ned’s sperm is dead. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Moonshine Miller. We then heard Ned’s Tribute to Awesome
Kong. Bubba told the guys they were making a serious situation into a
joke. Jerry wondered if Bubba got the pictures he sent, Bubba said
they did. Bill said his Dad is 62, he can’t get a job do to his age,
Bubba said he doesn’t have a problem with Social Security. Bubba said
Eric Duggins chided him for his Haiti comments, he said Awesome Kong
controls her own fate. Spice read from her Twitter account, where she
called Bubba no talent hack. Nate Dog in Tampa said Bubba knows how to
get people riled up; he thinks America has gotten to sensitive. Bubba
read from a guy calling himself One Sided Bob, he said you can’t get
unemployment if you get your contract paid out. Bubba said Steven
Babbitt, the Gator’s shows was charged with child porno, the guys say
that they don’ trust big bushy mustaches, Bubba said Bob from Bob and
Tom has that. Bubba read an article about Kim Cardashian getting sued
by a cooking company. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Mick Foley

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Hulkamaniac shirt.
Bubba went to Mick Foley, Mick considered Bubba his wakeup call. Bubba
said he’s explained to his listeners about Haiti, he said he has a lot
of respect for Mick, he said it happened yesterday, Mick said we’re
going to save a lot of people, he wondered why Bubba referred to his
words at spewing, Bubba said Mick is just too damn smart. Spice read
from Bubba’s Haiti comment, Mick said he agrees with our country being
in shambles, he said we should kick in during extreme situations, he
said he can understand if it was too much government, he guessed
around $100,000,000. Spice said we’re doing more than that, Mick said
that we should look at the marshal Plan; he said we have the power to
help and rebuild. Bubba thinks he differed by the way his words came
across, Mick said the word fuck can be confusing, he said he only uses
it as a strong action verb in his bedroom. Spice said you really have
to read into messages. Bubba thinks the government in Haiti is a
problem, he said he found the doctors without Borders, Mick said
they’re great people, he thinks bubba’s thoughts on Haiti were what
got woman to him, Bubba said that wasn’t the case with Awesome Kong,
he said bubba has valid points about this country, he said we can’t
solve our problems by texting a word, he suggested a Bubba Army
campaign. Brent wondered who responsible for Haiti’s government, Mick
said New Orleans was built underground. Bubba asked Mick his charity
of choice, Mick said he’s got two, Rain and the victims of Haiti, he
said you can’t explain why one charity is bigger than the other, he
said he’s got a few books out. Bubba said that he, Mick and Kurt were
hanging out, Mick asked Kurt about some stuff in his book, he thinks
it’s funny to look for permition in his book. Mick said he’s learning
as he goes, he said that in his first book, he had about three hundred
legal questions; he said he had a feeling he’d see Bubba. Bubba thinks
he’s given Mick a forum, he thinks Awesome Kong will get a bunch of
headaches over smacking Bubba in the mouth, Mick thinks that’s what
she intended to do. Bubba thanked Mick for sticking up for the show
when they got fired, Mick said he felt strongly about that, he
suggested Bubba do a charity, he called Bubba a hero. Bubba said Mick
is a credible source, Brent said Mick understands the first amendment.
Bubba said if anyone will like to give to the Haiti situation, go to
the site, a link for Doctors Without Borders will be up, he said he’s
tired of the big put over fest, he asked people to think about other
people, he thinks they should sterilize you if you’re on unemployment,
he said he’s peopled out. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tom the Treeman, then
into Hammil’s “He Is Tom the Treeman”. Bubba thinks the song is at
least ten years old. Cory said he stands tall with Bubba on the Haiti
situation; he said it took about a week and a half before he was
helped, as he said he was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. BJ in
Orlando said Bubba’s principles are there, Bubba thanked him for his
call. The guy said after September 11, things changed, he said he lost
some people. The guys think Tucker Carlson is an expert BSer. Dave in
Ft. Meyers said he’s not a fan of the President, he said he saw more
Haitians, Manson as Bush said some stuff. Bubba played Tucker’s bumper
and brought him on. Tucker came on plugging, he
said a bunch of Bubba Army people who visited the site, he wondered
where Bubba got his extra stars, Bubba said it’s his way. Tucker said
his tech guy told him a bunch of people wrote him saying they’ve got a
bunch of Bubba Army people. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on Haiti,
Tucker said he’s on Bubba’s side to have a conversation about that, he
wondered what our obligation to Haiti is. Bubba recapped his run-in
with Awesome Kong, Tucker thinks she has a wonderful name, he said
he’s not for what she did at all. Bubba originally thought it was a
joke, Tucker said this is why he doesn’t leave home without his tazer,
he said America is a nice Country. Spice said you have to think of the
Haitian people, all they see are United States people with guns.
Tucker thinks we’re doing a lot of good, it turns into a problem.
Bubba asked his thoughts about the Boston election, Tucker thinks it’s
the end of Obama’s health care plan, he thinks the Whitehouse is
screwed. Bubba asked for Tucker to explain the health care reform,
Tucker said people don’t like it, as it costs money, it won’t lower
the cost of health care, and it will force you to buy health
insurance, he thinks Obama can do a good job at managing your life.
Brent said Scott Brown won by a landslide; he said 51% of the voters
were independence. Bubba asked about the Daily Caller, Tucker said
they did something last night, he said they haven’t taken a stance on
Haiti. Bubba read from the Daily Caller about Haiti, Tucker said the
same problem has been going on in Africa for fifty years. Bubba went
over Manson’s idea; Tucker said he doesn’t like how the liberals
lecture people. Bubba told Tucker to stop treating him like Al
Sharpton, he called Tucker Al Sharpton’s bitch. Tucker thinks that
will make our country even older, Manson said hard working people
won’t do it. Bubba thinks Tucker is becoming liberal, Manson said
we’re getting stupider every day. Bubba asked that Spice hang up on
Tucker, he wants Tucker to take a stance. Tucker thinks it’s a tough
sell in the political climate, he thinks Bubba could be attorney
general, Bubba said he would get fired if he did that. Tucker said he
knows Jessey entire, he called him a drooling moron, he thinks Al
Frankin is just weird. Bubba said he doesn’t’ have the time to run the
campaign; Ned said he has too many skeletons. Bubba told Tucker Ned
killed his ad, Tucker thinks it’s not a small tid bit of information,
he said it’s a headline. Ned said it was a clean shoot, Tucker said
Brent is a columnist, he thinks Ned should get on board. Tucker said
he never looks at his Twitter account, Bubba told him to follow them,
Tucker thinks Brent looks like a serial killer. Bubba went over the
rankings, he wonders what he should make Tucker, he ended up making
Tucker a three star, Tucker said he’s not sure, he said he’d like to
be in charge of something, Tucker said he’ll take the ranking. Spice
thinks bubba would look like the Planter’s Peanut guy in a suit,
Tucker said he’s a large. Bubba suggested you go to,
Tucker thinks Melanie Brookes is cute; he said he can kind of see
that. Bubba thinks Tucker didn’t like him until his global reach; he
said he bought Tucker a bowtie, Spice thinks he lost his identity with
that, he said someone would get their ass kicked if they did that at
the show. Tucker said there’s a great clip of Col. Sanders freaking
out over a commercial. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
Courtney in Dixie County thanked Bubba for paying homage to Chad,
Bubba said the first responders can affect his life; the guy said Chad
was his first cousin. Gary in Clearwater asked about the vasectomy
challenge, he said he’d like to go for it; he said he has five kids;
he got laid off a year ago. We then heard a clip of Jim Cornet talking
about Bubba, Ned thinks Jim is on the money, Spice thinks Jim should
manage Awesome Kong, Bubba thinks Spice has worn thin on him, he asked
that the Bubba Army to email Jim, Bubba
thinks the caller has a bad quality, Jim considered Bubba’s spot on
Howard 101 a flunky spot. We then heard a news clip about a shooting
in Virginia, Spice thinks Bubba shouldn’t comment on his Haiti
comments. Bubba thinks Brent should talk to Melanie Brooks about that,
Spice said there’s no upside. They then ended the show a few seconds

4 Responses

  1. Joanne

    Bubba’s comments on the cleansing of Haiti is right on the mark. Not everyone out there is giving their last dollar to donate to those who aren’t worth saving. I’d much rather all this time and effort went into American’s needy. Charity begins at home!

  2. christian prieto

    i listene to u guys alot nd u just so fn funny nd u rock

  3. Titus

    DUDE , I agree with you about 85% of the time. But your comments are way out of line. With all the inocents we are slaughtering in Iraq and Afganistan. We need to help the people in Haiti. You complained about are response in New Orleans, but that was the Bush administration. You should be screaming about the Supreme Courts decision about allowing CORPORATIONS being aloud to write blank checks to elect the crooks who want to destroy our democracy. This is far worse than any PIG SLAUGHTER

  4. duff cobra

    Awesome job, you guys rule the radio with an iron fist made of wit and not giving a shiz. I work with a a haitian and he is the first to admit that there goverment does not care aboubt there people, and us giving them all these “donations” is going to come back and bite us in the ass hard. I love this country, I love what we stand for, we need to fix are own financial situation before we start giving out hand me outs.

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