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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

Bubba started the show by thanking Jabberjaw and Blitz, he thinks you
have to be in radio to understand dead air, he thinks it’s as bad as
touching a kid, Manson said he had nightmares about that, Bubba said
that he’s talked to fellow radio personalities who have experienced
that, he then said hello to Tim Bray from Washington, the FaceBook fan
of the day, he went on to thank Spice for introducing him to DNA, this
had Manson and Spice cracking up, Manson as Bill Clinton chimed in.
Spice said he loves Racetrack, as they’re gas is $0.02 cheaper, he
said he doesn’t mind going the extra mile to get there. Bubba said he
still has a set of unclaimed boobs, he could announce the name today,
tomorrow or Thursday he ten said that Steve Hurley will be on to
present a large check, Spice thinks he’s done that recently. Bubba
said that Jessica Fulks will also be coming by, he thinks she’s steamy
based on her pictures, he then went over what they’ll be doing for the
next few days, he then plugged what they’ll be doing on the show, they’ll be tazering Tuddle’s tip, Brent said you’ll
be able to see that live on Bubba said that Tim the
Barber just had a kid; he thinks they should have a room with that
kind of setup. Manson said that last night, he was looking in the
mirror, and decided he needed a haircut, but hates getting one, he
then wondered how pretentious it would be if they had a barber shop in
the new studio. Bubba said the room could double as a massage room, he
said he was looking at his bank account yesterday, wondering what he
was doing with all that money, he then congratulated the Lightning on
their victory against Columbus. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard some CCR. We then heard Sabrina
the Witch’s bumper, she came on wishes the guys good luck with the New
Year, she said she loves The first email of the day said
Melisa is an example of white trash who just want a handout, Bubba
said that for years, the guys told him about “Idiocracy”, he said he
saw himself in that movie, Manson said it’s almost like a documentary.
Another email asked Bubba if he’d race soon, Bubba said he has a bunch
of stuff to take care of. The last email of the day raked Bubba over
the coals, saying how Bubba deserved to get a pay cut from Sirius.
Bubba wishes that he could jam the guy from They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App. We
then heard some Cold Play, Bubba wonders which one is more faggy – The
Killers or Cold Play, he said when he saw the Killers, he thinks they
had smaller hips than Heather, Spice said he accidently tried on a
pair of skinny jeans, he said he’ll never wear those again. Bubba said
he’s been busy with the garage sale, he thinks he’s over the top,
saying he’ll sell the hell out of everything, Manson said he doesn’t
have a lot of stuff. Bubba said that in the month of February, he’ll
be dropping off checks for the fallen officers, he then asked Ned if
he’d like to do what he did the last time he was on a bike, ed said
he’d love to do that, Bubba said that Ned drinks like crazy while on
the flat bed. Joe in Orlando said he was in Oklahoma, he heard Bob and
Tom, he doesn’t get it. Bubba said he doesn’t get Jacksonville and
Dayton ratings, he said they’ve killed Bob and tom in Ft. Meyers, the
guy said he’d rather listen to the Mexican station than Bob and tom.
Bubba said that as much as he doesn’t like reverting to Florida based
stories, Spice thinks California is trying to one up Florida with
crazy stories. Bubba read an article about some guys who snorted
ashes, thinking it was Cocaine, he thinks that when you get ashes from
the Funeral home, they don’t give you actual ashes of the person, he
then took a call from a guy who asked where the first Bubbapalooza
was, Bubba said Marco island, it was called “Bamboozle Fest” (August
31, 2007). The guy asked about Chip, Bubba said he doesn’t have any
idea. Al in Chicago thanked Pantera for taking his call, he then asked
about Howard’s meeting with Sirius, Bubba said he knows what the guy
knows, he said he’s appreciative of what Howard is doing, he said that
it goes a long way, he then said that Howard was on Piers Morgan’s
show last night, Spice thinks he does a far better show than Larry
King. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Howard Stern on Piers Morgan

Bubba came on playing “Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch nails, saying this
was Holly’s favorite song; Manson said he’s done stuff since this
song. Bubba said that you can go to, or you can call
1800ProFlowers, he asked the guys in the audience to send your woman
some flowers early, he thinks typing Tampa in the promotional code box
will give you a 50% discount. Chris in Charleston said he was
listening to the radio, he said bubba has a conflict with Bob and tom,
Bubba said he has respect for them, but bob and tom do better than
them, Brent said he’ll lock in the date for the show’s Charleston
appearance. Bubba said that Piers Morgan has taken Larry King’s spot;
he said Howard rarely does TV. We then heard a clip of Piers talking
about the first time he was on Howard’s show; Manson said he loved
Howard from watching his Letterman appearances, Bubba and Brent like
how Howard can take over an interview. In the net clip, Howard thinks
that Jay leno isn’t fit to scrub Letterman’s feet, he thinks Leno’s
audience is comprised of morons, saying that whoever is watching his
show must be in a coma. In the next clip, Howard was talking about his
dad, he said his dad once called him a genius, Bubba likes how he is
opening up, Spice said he got that approval from his Dad when he was
on his death bed. Bubba said he was devastated when they had his dad
on the air for his birthday (October 8, 2008), he said he was
devastated the way he was talking to him. Spice said they kid around
by saying Doug Clem is the man, they only mean that to a certain
point, Bubba said the only guy who really thinks Doug rules is Ned,
Ned said that they’ll have a drink some day. Spice sad his Dad became
a holy roller in his later years; Manson thinks they didn’t express
much emotion. Bubba said it’s amazing how successful personalities
think alike. In the next clip, Howard was recounting his days in
Detroit, saying the station was horrible, everything was bad about it.
he said that he used to tape his show, listening to it, and wait for
the next show; he said going to Washington got him going. n the next
clip, Howard said he likes watching Mili Cyrus and Lady Gaga, he said
he was watching some of her videos, he said he was a Dj for many
years, he hated doing that, but he loves music, he said he likes
classic rock, Bubba said that Howard takes good care of himself, he
thinks he’ll be dead before he’s 60, Ned is convinced he’ll out live
Bubba. In the next clip, Howard thinks he’d make for a horrible
Politician, he said that his bid for Governor could be a show, he said
that he pulled out of the Governor’s race, Bubba said that he’s paying
homage to the guy who brought them back, Spice thinks Howard is miss
characterized, he likes how it’s not Larry King anymore, Bubba sees it
as an upgrade. In the last clip, Howard is talking about his hair, he
said on a stack of bibles, he doesn’t color his hair, he considers
himself lucky, saying his pubic hair isn’t gray, Bubba said to not
tell Howard anything private. Bubba said he’s the wet wash rag when he
doesn’t want to stay out late, he said getting up at 3:50 really takes
it’s tole on you. Howard said that you never get used to getting up at
4, Bubba said he’s very routine based. In the last clip, Howard joked
he wasn’t paying attention to Piers; he said it was great to know that
Piers does more than hitting a button, telling people they suck. Bubba
took a call from a woman who said she called the show a little while
ago, the woman said that they look for approval from their spouses,
she hopes Bubba doesn’t go before he’s 60, Bubba thinks he’ll go until
70, he then said that he’s thinking about playing the Doug Clem Call,
he said he’ll walk out of the studio. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Doug Clem Call replay (Wednesday October 8, 2008)

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Tainted Love” by soft Cell. Bubba
said that today on the side of things, they’ll be tazzing
Tuddle’s tip. Ike in Clearwater asked if they could hear the gray
toothed woman, Bubba said that she hung up on them yesterday on the
uncensored show, saying that she didn’t want teeth, he then went on to
set up the Doug clem interview from October 8, 2008, he thinks Doug is
the most jealous man ever, he thinks the Bubba Army tracked him down,
he said he’s not going to listen to the call. We then heard the clip,
where Bubba said the Bubba Army has tracked down Doug Clem. As he
dialed the number, he told Spice not to start with him; he said that
Janie Cakes was cooler than Doug. Doug picked up, Bubba wished him a
happy birthday, Bubba told Doug about his land, Brent said his land is
in Humboldt county, saying it was near I80, he said he bought about 35
acres, for $14,000, Doug thinks it’s not a bad purchase. Bubba said
he’s emailed him, but hasn’t gotten a response, Doug said he’s very
easy to figure out. Bubba noticed Doug was out of breath, Doug said
that he quit smoking nine years ago, saying that he doesn’t want to be
huffing and puffing out to the mailbox, he said he’d like to see Tyler
race. Spice asked what it was like growing up with bubba, Doug said
that he did pretty good, he said Bubba was a fat kid who just wanted
to have a little fun, he said bubba would masturbate a lot. Bubba said
that he would often take his Dad’s car out when he was older. Spice
wondered if Doug ever motivated Bubba to get off the couch Doug said
they used to cut wood together, he said it’s not like the computer
kids that don’t know what the outside world is like. Ned asked if Doug
noticed anything with his Vacuum cleaner, Doug said he didn’t know
about it back then, he wondered why the motor was burnt up. Bubba said
he used to take his Dad’s porno magazines. Doug said that Bubba rarely
dated in High school, saying Bubba was bashful. Spice asked him when
he’ll be in Florida Doug said he has a lot of stuff to deal with.
Bubba said that when they did Bubbapalooza in Vegas (March 1, 2008),
but they had a schedule conflict. Doug thinks Bubba found his niche
with radio; he said some of it is entertaining. Spice asked him his
measure of success, Doug said he’s not sure, he thinks bubba has done
well. Bubba asked what Doug doesn’t like, Doug said he’s not offended,
Spice told him not to be afraid to talk to them. bubba came back on
saying that all doesn’t do Doug justice; Spice said he seemed friendly
in that clip. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Steve Hurley and Andrew from Sting Ray Chevy Visit

Bubba said he has some Quarter Midget parts, he then asked for the
guys to bring in Steve Hurley and Andrew. Jeremy came on saying that
he’s heard the show before; he thinks Doug came across as a douchebag.
Bubba said that Steve and Andrew from Sting Ray are in studio, Steve
that they’re the number 8 Corvette seller. Bubba said he loves the LS,
he then said he felt bad for Toyota; Steve thinks what they went
through was a shakedown. Bubba said that the ice cream truck is still
there, Spice asked how it’s doing, Bubba said that Steve from Pro Raps
will be there to wrap it, he said that he wants to get it ready for
the Florida State fare, as Dave Miley would like to sell chicken dip
there. Steve then presented his check to the foundation for $22,000.
Bubba sad that he and Steve has collaborated on “Unity in the
Community”, he then got sidetracked with Grady Judd on the line, we
then heard his custom tymbal. Grady said he was listening to the show;
he thanked Steve and Bubba for all he’s done for law enforcement.
Spice asked if a dime bag accidently fell out of his pocket in front
of Grady, Grady said he’d arrest him, Spice joked that Grady would
lock up his own wife. Bubba then went back to his conversation with
Steve, he wondered why he was giving away Televisions, he then said
that this year they’ll be giving away a different car, he thinks they
should sell an eight cylinder, Manson as a southern guy complained
that it wasn’t a V8. Bubba wonders how they can one up themselves,
Steve thinks they should do the V8 concept, Bubba said that Steve is
not only a good client, but a good friend, he said that if he gets
fired from radio, he could be a car salesman, he likes how you’ll get
physical tickets, he said that every dollar will go to “Unity In The
Community”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Dick Cheney Audio, Ned’s “Psycho Asian Man” bit, Jessica
Fulks in the Green Room

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Brn Garage sale.
Bubba said that Shelly from The Car Store just informed him that one
of the Monster Trucks will be there, he then thanked Steve Hurley,
saying he’s the anti car guy, he then said that Dick Cheney was being
a dick on a program, Spice said he’s arrogant. We then heard the clip,
where Dick thinks Obama will be a one term President, saying that
Obama is expanding the deficit. Bubba thinks that something is up with
the computer, as it has some kind of bug in it, he thinks dick is
rough around the edges. We then heard a news clip about a guy who
killed a woman, he’s considering it an accident, he has a Bible. Bubba
wondered how your wired over killing someone over money. We then heard
the 911 cal about that, Bubba said he’s never seen a dead person who
has been freshly shot, Spice said he hates going to Funerals, Brent
said he’ seen that before, ed said he’s seen that many times. Bubba
cut the call off a few seconds later, saying he was done with it, he
then took a call from a guy who said he loves the stock,
we then heard the disclaimer, bubba said that he’s not going to jail
like Martha Stewart, he then said he’s sick of the “white Trash Girl”
and “McCaine’s Vetting Process”, we then heard a news clip about Palin
explaining her map, Bubba thinks America is getting on to her, Spice
thinks the Arizona shooting isn’t doing her any favors, Bubba thinks
he’s smarter than she is, he said people that like her are dumber than
she is. Lu said that it could’ve been different, he said some guy blew
his brains out at a gun range, Spice said he’s heard about that
happening, the guy said that the man was Asian, Bubba thinks they did
a bit like that. We then heard Ned’s “Psycho Asian man” from “Ned’s
Parody songs Vol. 2”, track 16. The bit parodies “Secret Agent Man” by
Johnny rivers, and is about Seung-Hui Cho‘s infamous rampage at
Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007. Wide Gluy, a FTE came on, he saw a
truck with Bubba Army muddflaps, he talked to the guy about what
they’re doing now. Bubba said he’s surprised at how many people have
made the transition, he said that it’s not working right now, he
thinks his web browser has too much history on it, he then explained
the green room concept to the audience. Twenty-five came into the
Green room; he asked if she’ll get nude, Jessica said she’d do it for
the uncensored show. Bubba asked for Twenty-five to go back in and ask
if they could call her Mom, Jessica said her Mom is the principal of a
school; she said she has a lot of respect for her. Bubba thinks modern
technology has screwed up some of their stuff; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Jessica Fulks in Studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Sgt. Wittmore
memorial ride. Spice said that if you like Jessica Fulks, you can vote
for her on, click on rotator number 4. Jessica came in, bubba
said he got her pictures, Jessica said she’s been doing it for two
years, she said she only emailed them, she said she’s nervous, she
said a guy friend was texting her. Bubba said when she sends pictures
like the ones she has, what else is he supposed to do? Jessica said
she’s had her boobs ever since she was 18, she said she’s been engaged
twice, she said he’s a really good friend, Spice thinks it sucks that
the guy is in the friend zone, Jessica said she doesn’t want a
boyfriend, Bubba thinks she needs one, he thinks she’s fooling them,
Jessica said that she can’t say a name, Spice thinks she doesn’t want
her phone going nuts, he thinks their theory is right on, he said the
guy in the friend zone is hanging out in the green room, Bubba thinks
he’s a sucker, he then asked if she likes girls, Jessica said girls
are cool, she then said that she’s in Pulk County, Spice joked that
Grady Judd has ran a background check. Bubba asked about her
skateboard venture, Jessica said she just came across the contest.
Jeremy said he’s been listening for a long time, he said hello to
Jessica, he said he’s a friend of hers, he said she loves Miller Lite.
Bubba likes how she likes guns, Jessica said she has 36 Double Ds, she
said she wouldn’t do nudes for the show, but she’ll do them for
Playboy. Bubba thinks she’s down in the dumps, Jessica thinks she’s
boring the guys by not giving information. Steve said that Jessica has
partied with some guys, he then said “the Full Monty”, Jessica said
she’s not sure on that. Bubba said it comes across better to tell on
yourself, rather than be called out. Spice said that every guy
listening will like her if she has slept around, Jessica said she
likes having a private life, she said she loves bad boys. Spice asked
if Jessica has had multiple parties, Jessica said no, she said that
she’s never had two dudes, she said a group of people have watched her
having sex, Bubba said he likes that she enjoys getting laid, he then
asked why she won’t have a relationship, Jessica said that he’s a
regular guy in Lakeland. Mark said her Mom is a $100,000 a year
Principal, he suggested the guys go after her. Spice asked her if she
could sleep with a Celebrity, who would she choose? Jessica selected
Ronnie Zine, Spice said she seems outgoing, he thinks someone really
frazzled her. Jennifer said she’s known her for years, she said all
the guys in Lakeland have screwed her over. Jason in Winter haven said
he used to date Jessica, Jessica thinks she dated him in Middle
school; Bubba said the Lakeland people start early. Jessica said she
has a lot of respect for her Mom, Bubba said he’s a real ball buster;
Jessica thought that this would be relaxing. Bubba thinks he’s touched
on everything, Jessica said that she doesn’t’ want to have any kids;
she thanked the guys for having her on. Bubba then went on to talk
about Sabrina, she has a song called “I Want To shot lady Gaga”, Spice
said it’s on par with anything she’s done. bubba thinks she’s a great
singer, he then yelled for Miller to do a post on Jessica.
Spice said the Lady Gaga fans are going nuts over this, he said that
the character of lady Gaga should be killed, Manson thinks it’s all
hype. Bubba said the music has changed over time, he thinks he should
save the Vatican rhetoric for tomorrow. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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