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January 12th, 2011 by Staff

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba done answering questions

The show started off with “Crawling” by Linkin Park. Bubba said the
RadioIO emails are consuming a majority of his prep time, he thinks
someone else should deal with it, Spice sad the questions are driving
him insane. Bubba said that Brandon Wild is the FaceBook fan of the
day, he then said they’ll be doing a branding today, Spice thinks the
branding will be nuts. Bubba asked Ned that he participate a little
more, as he’s gotten emails from people about that, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Tack Football Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said that three people will be branded today, he told Dock, the
guy who made the brand to chill out a little, as he’s thinking about
making a separate brand for a girl, Manson wonders why you’d need
that. JP said that Corey Mack got let go, he finished 3rd, Bubba said
that he’ll try calling him today. Auggie came on saying “Car Blonch
Tuesday” was fantastic, he heard the uncensored show, Bubba thinks the
show will be a half hour sword fight, Spice said the factor will be
who has the bigger belly. Auggie said tom was supposed to call him,
but he never did, Bubba said the only time he wants to talk to Tom is
when they’re lining up a stunt. Auggie asked for a more rugged stunt,
Bubba decided that they have him partake in Tack Football, he called
Tuddle a fag and a pussy, saying all he can do is paintballs. Bubba
thinks Tack Football will be the most violent thing they’ve ever done,
he said they need to have someone on standby, saying it will be a
bloody mess, Spice thinks Tom’s back is full of scar tissue as it is.
Bubba decided to do the stunt on Thursday; he then said he’s trying to
get Jim Kramer on the show once a week. Bubba thinks Spice will sell
his shares of RadioIO once it gets going, he said the symbol is: iwdm,
he then said that the homeless guy with the golden voice might be
relapsing, he said that America will prop you up, but quickly tear you
apart. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Flashlight that doubles as a tazer?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Ned Fliction”
shirt. We then heard “Like a G6”, Bubba said his ids know this song,
saying it drives him crazy. Bradley in Charleston came on, he seemed
very excited as he talked about the show, the guys think he should be
the show’s Evangelist, Bubba said they should be in Charleston on
March 4. Nate in Sarasota said that the RadioIO stock is doing great,
he then said there’s a statue of the sailor kiss Pantera and Al-kida
will be re enacting on Friday. Ike in Claremont suggested Bubba race
the girl who spun him out (January of 2006), he said he doesn’t want
to do it. The first email of the day asked about cameras, Bubba said
they’ve got something called Go Pro, he suggested
Another email said his step Dad got into a little scrape in Pinellas
County, the emailer asked for a Bail Bondsman, Bubba suggested Al
Astees, Ned thinks he’s used every one of them. Another email said
that the guy on protection has to log on to the Publix website to
check the stuff. Another email said the quit the boy scouts, as the
scout master was gay, the emailer suggested people be aware of single
men who want to hang around with kids. Another email asked the stock
symbol for RadioIO, the emailer thinks Cox will be left holding the
bag, he thinks it will be a sad day when they leave Cox, he then
talked about, he said they have one special every day, he
said there’s a website that sells one thing a day, he likes how
there’s no navigation, he then said that they were selling a flash
light, it doubles as a tazer, he’s never seen one for $59.99, he saw
it on the site for $29.99. Spice said that sounds like an interesting
thing to give to Tasha, as she thinks a creep my come by, he thinks
Pepper spray is old school defense. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Chaz in studio

Bubba said that Best Buy carries the Go Pro Camera; he said Best Buy
isn’t good for him, as he could spend a lot of money there. Larry on
protection suggested a dart firer for protection, Bubba said they’re
more of a deterrent, Spice said if he sees a voltage thing, he’ll run
away. Tommy in Texas said he misses the guys, he said he canceled his
subscription, he said that Howard had said that Tim made him listen to
five hours of tape, Howard ended up asking that Bubba come back on.
Bubba wished Howard a happy Birthday; he said he sent him an email
last night, Spice said they’ll never talk smack about Howard. We then
heard a news clip about two teenagers killing racing birds, Manson
thinks the kids are disturbed. Bubba then plugged, where
you can get the zapper/flashlight, he likes how it doesn’t need
batteries, he said he’d like to zap someone, he asked if anyone would
want to do it for $50, Jabberjaw came on saying Chaz will do it, but
he has to use the bathroom first. Bubba said that Jabberjaw had a
meltdown on him on Friday; he asked if she’s fine, he then suggested
that she leave the building by 2. Chaz came in saying one of the guys
who will get branded was in the bathroom, Bubba told him to take his
shirt off, Ned told him to take his pants off, Spice said that doesn’t’ want to miss this. Bubba asked Chaz if he has a
girlfriend, Chaz said no he took their advice (September 13, 2010).
Bubba said he wishes he had booty, this had the guys racking up, he
then clarified what he said, he thinks girls don’t threat over them
like they do. Chaz said he puts in 12 hour days, Bubba suggests they
get him a hooker, Chaz said no to that, Ned thinks he’s a sucker, Chaz
said he spends his money on guns. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Chaz gets Tazzed, homeless guy update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App,
followed by “Smells like Teen Spirit”. Bubba said that Chaz has agreed
to get tazzed; he’s not sure what 1 million volts will equal out to.
Spice described what was going on, he thinks Bubba is sadistic, he
said this stuff is up Bubba’s wheelhouse, the guys think he should do
a two second blast. Bubba suggested they do Chaz’s back first, Manson
wondered what happened, Bubba thinks Chaz has vagina hair. Chaz got
zapped a few times, Bubba was cracking up at what was going on, Bubba
said he’ll gladly by 20 of them, as he can smell burning flesh. Chaz
got zapped again, Bubba cracked up at the sparking, the guys then
cracked up at Chaz getting zapped, Spice said he heard that the
zappers have sold out on the website. Mike said he checked out the
website before he mentioned it, he had ordered two of them, by the
time he got his credit card info, they were sold out. We then heard a
news clip about a homeless guy who got hit by a car, Bubba said it’s
one less homeless person to deal with. We then heard a news clip about
the homeless guy, Bubba said he’s homeless Ted Williams-ed out, he
said that today is the one year anniversary of Haiti, he said he
caught a bunch of crap for his comments. We then heard a news clip
about Ted Williams, Bubba thinks he’s a puker, Spice hopes Dr. Phil
does a number on the guy, Bubba said he’s only been arrested once, he
said Publix won’t carry his dip for being too controversial, he
wonders how these companies can offer him all the stuff, Manson said
it’s free advertising. We then heard a news clip about Ted Williams
getting arrested, Bubba said he’s scratching his head at how we’ve
made this guy a somebody, he said if he hears a 98.9 spot one more
time, he’s going to shoot himself, Spice thinks the manager is a
loser, Manson thinks he’ll be done within three days, Bubba thinks
we’ve given white trash money, he thinks being on the streets for 10
years will take a long time to get used to life, Spice said the guys
is very Obama like in his mug shot. Bubba said that Dave Rice will get
hit with a bunch of snow, he said that the guy knows where his path
is, he wonders who ever did the music is ruining the story, he said we
need to stop making this guy so popular, he suggested the guy throw
himself in front of a truck. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – The Branding Challenge

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance in
Orlando, followed by a bumper for the branding. Bubba said that they
were outside with Dock; Dock said that he built them a new brand, as
it wasn’t working for some reason. Brian, the first participant came
on. The branding was applied, Bubba was shocked that Brandon was
taking it like a champion; he then wonders if he should even do this.
The second participant came on; he said he’ll be screaming like crazy,
the guys like how Brian isn’t even putting it over. Bubba thinks that
if the Bubba Army took on listeners took on radio shows, the Bubba
Army would come out on top. Pantera said he wouldn’t do it for a pound
of weed. Mike said he’s cold and nervous, Bubba thinks they should’ve
done it in the shed, Twenty-five said he cleaned it out yesterday. The
branding was applied; the guys noticed he didn’t put it over. Spice
suggested the guy look away, Spice thinks it smells like a bbq, Bubba
thinks they shouldn’t be doing this, Bubba thinks Twenty-five can
smell from Gandy, Manson thinks Mike looks like he was in a Pit Bull
attack. Josh came up next, Spice noticed Bubba had the torch, he said
he doesn’t trust Bubba with a tool; he ten jokingly said he doesn’t
trust Bubba with a Lego set. Bubba said that all brandings will be
done by Dock; Josh said he’d like two brandings. Spice asked if Josh
would drink blood for the Bubba Army, josh said no, he then said hello
to Brooke and Beck, Bubba thinks the guy has serial killer eyes, Josh
asked for some bbq sauce. Bubba suggested Dock remake the branding, he
then offered Josh $400, owing him one branding, he then thanked Dock
for coming by, Manson said it’s just disgusting; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 –

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for the Bubba Army App.
Bubba said that today is the one year anniversary of the Haiti
Earthquake, he then read an article about the money mot making it over
there. We then heard Manson’s “the Devil Went down To Haiti” from
“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 13”, track 9. Bubba said that Joey Chittwood
and Brad Keselowski will be on the show in a few minutes. Phil in
North Port asked if Bubba will be in his neck of the woods, Bubba said
he’ll be there sometime this year. Bubba fired up the Bubba Army App;
Manson said his phone doesn’t do mobile stuff. Victor asked for
1800AskBrent, Brent picked up, the guy wondered if Ted Williams’s
adult kids sue him for back child support, Brent said yes. We then
heard a news clip about Verizon Wireless offering the iPhone, Bubba
said that finally, AT&T can’t jerk people around, he said he doesn’t
want to get blamed for reporting bad on AT&T, he wonders if you can
take your existing AT& phone into a Verizon phone, Brent said they’d
have to run different phones. . Dave thinks the branding thing was
insane, he thinks Sirius would’ve never let them do it, Bubba said
it’s disturbing when you look at it, he thinks Bubba is batting about
95% of what Bubba has said has turned out to be the case. The guy
asked about Bubba’s Channel 10 situation Bubba said he can’t get into
it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Brad Keselowski and Joey Chittwood the III in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Fliction
shirt, followed by ‘Don’t Come Around here no More” by Tom Petty.
Bubba said they’ve got Brad Keselowski and Joey Chittwood in studio,
he thinks Brad doesn’t like his nickname, Brad “Crashelowski”. Joey
said that they got the paving done in time for the race, he said he’s
very excited about that. Brad then talked about drafting and what it
does, he said Kyle Bush wrecked in Daytona because of that. Bubba
asked the last time Brad flipped the bird, Brad said it was to Kyle
Bush in Homestead. Bubba wondered who would win in a fight between
Brad and Kyle, he said he’ll put his money on Brad. Brad said he did
okay in super late models, Bubba said he likes Brad, as he’s a great
interview subject, he said that Robby Gordon isn’t a very good
interview subject, Joey said that he has problems. Bubba asked what
happened with Scotty Rigs, Joey sad they can check on him. Bubba said
that he likes what Kellogg is doing with kids who would like to race,
Joey said it’s great, he said they’ve got two races in Daytona, saying
he’d like more race time. Bubba asked Brad his philosophy on the deal,
Brad said he gets paid to tell him he likes it. Bubba said that they
do all kinds of crazy stuff, he then described the branding they did
earlier, Joey said that Brad has a branding, Bubba thinks they should
do it to him, he then asked how he got his special K name, Brad said
he eats a lot of the product. Bubba said he’s done the IRacing before,
Brad said it’s a lot of fun, but some of the stuff in a real race
won’t work, he then talked about the time he went to Bristol, he
unloaded next to Dale Earnhardt JR. Bubba recapped the time he got a
speeding ticket, Brad said that Bristol is horrible with cops, Bubba
said that he’s been told that they just target rental cars, he then
said Ron Caps got one a few months ago (October 1, 2010). Bubba thinks
Chittwood is itching to talk, he then asked Brad why he drives the 2
Brad said he has Miller Lite, he said he took his nationwide crew
chief. Joey said they’ve got $55 tickets for the Daytona 500, Bubba
said you can’t go to the Super bowl for that amount; Joey said going
to Daytona is something to experience. Bubba said television doesn’t
do hockey and auto racing justice, he said football you can see live
and get the same feeling of watching it on TV, he then remembers the
time when Brent saw a race for the first time in person. Joey said
he’s a sports fan, he likes watching it with other fans. Brad said
that he has a Twitter account ( Bubba told
Brad that he’s one of the very few guys who isn‘t tied up with a
relationship, he then told him to get a pre-nup, he thinks he should
translate what Brad is saying in interviews, he then asked him to name
someone he has a lot of respect for, Brad said Kevin Harvick, he also
mentioned Joey Lagono, Bubba said he thought he was a nerd, until he
interviewed him in Homestead (November 19, 2010). Bubba said he feels
bad for roger, as he has to deal with Brad now, he thinks Kurt Bush
has grone on him, he said he always thought Kurt was a dick, until he
talked to him a little. Joey said there’s a lot to think about as a
race car driver, he said you have to push people out of the way. Bubba
said they’ll be doing the show from Daytona on February 1u78, he said
they interviewed Harvick and Lagono at the same time, he then did a
name association game with Brad, he then asked if he and Kyle bush
have ever been in the same room, Brad said yes, he then said Juan
Pablo wears a man thong. Bubba said that Tim Mcreedy drove his late
model, he then said that Tim had a developmental deal in North
Carolina, his girlfriend went with him, Clint Boyer started looking at
her, they started talking, they ended up getting married, Brad said
he’s heard the story before. Bubba thinks he could be Brad’s handler,
Brent said that you can call Jimmy Johnson, he’ll pick up on the fifth
ring. Brad said the monitor was creeping him out, Bubba said he always
signs in strippers, he said that he can monitor the green room, Brad
said that he thought Bubba would have a tape, he thinks the white
light is freaking him out, he thinks no one has gotten in his head.
Brad said he’s gotten called in to the hauler, he’s never been sworn
at while he’s been in there. Joey said that if you’d like tickets, you
can call 1800PitStop (1-800-748-7867), or you can visit: They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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