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Top Stories:
Whitney Houston breathless and exhausted in Brisbane concert
Publicist: Charlie Sheen enters rehab
Delaware: Doctor Faces More Molesting Charges
one out of every six women struggle with an addiction to pornography
Judge Rules Red Light-Camera Ticketing Illegal in One Florida City
Natalee Holloway Suspect Confesses, Again?
Cheney Had Heart Attack, His Fifth

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Bubba returns, Olympics, Toyota

The show started off with some Dave Matthews band as bumper music.
Bubba came on and say hi to the guys, he thinks he’s going through
male menopause, he said on Monday, he had a bucket while on the
toilet, he said he feels like he’s missing the party when he’s not
there, he went on to say the Speed skater guy missed, Spice thinks it
was a coaching error. Bubba asked if they gave away some tickets,
Spice said yes. Bubba said he can’t get into the figure skating for
some reason, he said he likes the violent stuff, he went on to say
that he’s starting to like the curling. We then heard the Olympic
music, while a news clip about the games was heard; Manson thinks its
four years of work out the window. Bubba recapped the medal count, he
thinks Germany is creepy up on us, he then went over what they’ve got
coming up on the how for today, he went on to say he watched some of
the Toyota hearings, he said he kind of feels for them, Manson thinks
he must’ve been really board to watch that. Spice said he feels for
the Toyota car salesmen, Manson thinks a lot of it is operator error.
Bubba thinks you can break your car down, Brent said that couldn’t be
done, Ned said when you do a burn out, you can keep the gas down.
Bubba then goofed on a woman who said her gas pedal had a mind of its
own, he said we’ve looked the other way on stuff like this, he said if
you do well, you’re going to get screwed with, if you’re a scumbag,
you look the other way. Spice said he loves all this, as it gives the
Congressmen a chance to get some kind of quote in there. Manson
wondered if a lot of people died from this, Spice said there was a
case that was operator error, Spice said the Janet Jackson thing is
just going to court; they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Birthdays and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Dragons shirt.
Bubba said you can still partake in the Stingray Chevy Raffle, he said
there’s no need to be there to win, he doesn’t get why PayPal doesn’t
do charities and raffles, he thinks the Ned Dragons shirt is selling
quite nicely, he then plugged the live chat with Amanda
and heather, he thinks hackers need their asses kicked, as the BTLS
Twitter account was hacked. Bubba then went over some birthdays, he
wonders how much Steve Jobs is worth, Brent said they’ve got a song
about George Harrison dyeing. Bubba wondered if Manson’s son will play
football next year, Manson said he’s done, Bubba said there’s a guy
from Under Armer who is hosting a High school football event, you can
visit The first email of the day said one of
Bubba’s doctors is nominated for “Doctor of the year”; Spice said he’s
terribly honest. Another emailer said they’re tired of hearing Spice
and Manson’s anti racing talk, Spice said he likes watching motor
cross. Bubba thinks the guys couldn’t do what the NASCAR guys do.
Another emailer thinks Bill Marh listens to the show, as he said
“Kickin’ it out wide”. Another emailer said they climb towers, Bubba
thinks the emailer is a whack job, Spice said he couldn’t imagine
cleaning windows from five stories, much less from way up. Another
emailer thinks Bubba is way ahead on the red light camera thing.
Another emailer said the Twitter and FaceBook accounts have been
hacked, Bubba wonders how much a loser are you to do that. Nitro said
the IRL has a tether on the wheel so it doesn’t come off, Bubba thinks
NHRA couldn’t do that. Sean suggested if you’re gas pedal sticks, put
the car in neutral and let it blow up, he said he wants more Cowhead
and less music. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she wonders
how the guys have the energy, Ned said it’s the narcotics, Spice said
he does that, he said you never get used to it, Bubba said your body
isn’t made to be that way. Bubba asked the guys if they’re gearing up
for the garage sale, Spice said he’s trying, Bubba thinks he’ll have
the most stuff, he hopes they have a bunch of tables, Manson said he
practically owns nothing, Bubba thinks Manson won’t show up, Brent
said he’ll have as much stuff as his two cars will carry. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Tampa mayor Pam Iorio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “NC Double Ds”,
then into Manson’s “macho man Translates Tiger Woods’s Apology”. Bubba
came back, wondering if it was cold or not, he thinks Pam Iorio will
be on. We then heard a clip of Tony Kornheiser talking about Hanna
Storm, he thinks she has sausage casing on her upper body, Bubba
thinks you don’t mess with Chris Berman when talking about ESPN, Brent
said Chris is like god to them. We then heard a clip of Tony saying
he’s a sarcastic guy, the guys like how he makes fun of himself. Bubba
thinks Cheney’s body is trying to tell him something, we then heard a
news clip about that, he thinks they should buy Casey Anthony’s
parents house, as it’s up for foreclosure, we then heard a news clip
about that, Bubba thinks George is the biggest jackass, Spice thinks
no one will hire him, the guys think he should be a Wall mart greeter.
We then heard a clip of Tiger apologizing to some kids, Bubba thinks
tiger should buy the kids dinner, Spice said Tiger wasn’t even giving
his whores money. Bubba went to Pam, Pam said she just came back from
exercising, she said she spends the first hour of the day is with
phone calls. Spice wonders if she gets a lot of people asking for
stuff, Pam said she talks to a lot of people, Spice thinks the water
front park looks nice, he then asked for a key to the city, Pam said
they’re still thinking about it, Bubba thinks they’ll never get one.
Pam said her term ends on march 31 of next year, Bubba thinks she has
a lot of moxy. Pam said that by 2015, they should have a high speed
railroad to Orlando. Bubba asked Pam her opinion of Obama bowing to
her, Pam said she couldn’t believe it got twisted, she says you can’t
do anything in the White House without people not liking it, she said
Obama is a gentleman. Bubba asked if she was nervous, Pam said Air
force 1 is a beautiful airplane that represents our country, she said
we don’t get a lot of Presidential visits. Bubba wondered if she had
to go through a lot of screening, Pam said no, as it was at Mcdill air
force base. Bubba asked her about the Norwegian star, Pam said she in
charge of stuff like that, she said they’ve got a lot of big stuff
happen. Bubba said crime has dropped 56%, he wonders what that would
be attributed to, Pam said chief Hoge, she said the credit should go
to the police officers, she said Jane Caster has the same attitude,
she thinks they should get national attention, she said last year, we
only had 20 murders, while in 1980, we had 76, car thefts are down,
she said that Tampa used to be the car theft capital. Bubba thinks am
got a bunch of complaint calls about Gasparilla, Pam said that they
got a lot of complaints, she said they started a campaign that says
you can have a good time, but to keep it civil, she thinks it got a
lot of media coverage. Spice said he understands cracking down on the
day parade, Pam said they’re trying to walk the fine line, she said
they’ve seen videos, Bubba thinks there’s a happy median somewhere, he
wonders if they had a lot of no drinking areas, Pam said that’s not a
bad idea, she said that might get them a key to the city, Spice joked
all they’ll get will be a bolt to the city. Bubba told her they’d love
to have her on, Spice asked Pam her thoughts on Palin, Pam said
nothing, she then said she’s back to the Gasparilla issue, Bubba
thinks her silent’s spoke volumes. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Unity in the
Community, then into a TMZ news clip about the Tiger Woods mistress
contest, then into “White Wife of Tiger” from “Bubba Show Classics
Vol. 12”, track 3. Bubba said the bumper music was provided by Spice,
he then plugged the Brew Review, he then said that Ludachris is trying
to make the transition to acting, Spice thought he sucks. We then
heard a clip of Ludachris acting as Tiger, Bubba stopped and started
the clip to comment, Spice thinks it’s opportunistic, Bubba thinks
Ludachris can rap, the guys then discussed Nelly’s bandage, Bubba said
he can’t keep up with this stuff, he then said it was horrible, Spice
thought Ludachris was better than that. Bubba thinks rehab should be
called redo, Spice thinks Charlie Sheen should stay there for a few
years, he said that Flow Anthony has said that Tiger’s wife isn’t
interested in patching things up, Bubba thinks she’s the heavy set
black girl, the guys think Tiger’s wife did the honorable thing. Angie
said she would like to hear some local bands for the bumper music, we
then heard some Society Red, Bubba said it doesn’t sound like a local
band, Spice said that’s because the guys in the group have played in
bands before. Bubba asked her if she’d like tickets, she said yes, he
thinks that call was a waste of time. Shanly said she’d like to drink
some beer, Bubba gave her tickets, Spice thinks she has a beer belly,
Bubba thinks she sounds like a hippp chick. Bubba read an article
about the Dutch skater who lost his medal, the guys clowned Bubba for
messing up the guy’s name. Devin said he was impressed by Bubba’s
interview with Pam, Bubba said it’s about being fare. Manson said Pam
and Palin are opposites, he thinks Pam is a class act. Bubba read that
a guy who built a house that was worth a lot of money, he couldn’t
make his mortgage payments, he bulldozed his house after getting some
foreclosure notices, Spice thinks the guy has moxy; Manson wonders if
you can get arrested for that. We then heard a news clip about Charlie
Sheen in rehab, Bubba said he tried to watch “Two and a half men”, he
thought it was incredibly cheesy, Manson said it’s horrible. We then
heard a news clip about a cop who got suspended for a profanity laced
tirade on the dash cam, Bubba thinks it’s how we all talk, Manson said
what he says is ungodly. We then heard a news clip about red light
cameras being illegal, Bubba said he totally forgot to ask Pam about
that. The guys think Howard had a teacher on who is a porn star, the
woman was arrested over the weekend, Bubba is convinced porn is the
savior, not Christ, he thinks that will get him in some trouble. Spice
said porn doesn’t pay that much money. Bubba took a call from a guy on
protection said that some of the lasers for the Radar guns were paid
for by State Farm insurance, he said it would make people’s rates go
up. Another guy on protection said he had a similar situation, he was
trying to get the evening news on for a T station, the feed wasn’t
working, he got caught cursing. Bubba read an article about medical
induced abortions, Brent thinks this is an abortion pill, Ned said he
would pay any price for that, the guys think this would cause more of
a problem. We then heard a news clip about black anti abortionists,
Bubba thinks black women are smarter, he thinks white trash want to
give uncle Remiss something to touch, he then wonders if he should’ve
said that. Brent said it’s about discrimination. Bubba said abortion
is all good, he thinks if a woman doesn’t want to raise a kid, she
should have the right to an abortion. Manson said from 1973, there
have been 49,000,000 abortions; the guys think they’d be gone as a
Country if that happened. Bubba asked that it stop being fragmented,
Manson said that people want abortions, regardless of race, Bubba
thinks the story lost him by making it three minutes long. We then
heard “sounds Like an Abortion” from “bubba show Classics Vol. 11”,
track 10. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ned as a bobsled coach, Talkers magazine, Dubbaga from
Twitter calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live
chat with Heather and Amanda, then into Ned’s “our song” from “bubba’s
New and Misc hits Vol. 5”, track 11. Note: This is the fm version, the
Sirius version appears on this album, track 12, and is also on “the
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 10. Bubba plugged the live chat with
heather and Amanda; he thinks he’ll only take the questions via
Twitter, Spice thinks they might get it back. Bubba wonders if he
should bring Sluggo in, he said he tries so hard to like him, Spice
thinks he doesn’t get the show, Ned thinks he’s a moron. Sluggo came
in, the guys cracked up when he bumped into the mic, he said that he
got an email notifying him about the information, Manson thinks it’s
worse than Tiger Woods’s apology, Sluggo said it was some kind of IQ
test site, the guys were cracking up during his statement, he thinks
they’ll lose the account, Bubba told him to get out, he thinks he was
told nothing. Ned said he dug something up from the old Winter
Olympics. In the clip, Ned describes the special winter Olympics, Ned
was the coach of the bobsled team, saying they had some mongoloids and
a autistic guy. He said you should’ve seen these guys, the prospects
for victories weren’t that good, they came to a dead stop, he said the
autistic guy would forget to get in, he said they were in 42 place, he
thinks it doesn’t take much intelligent to pilot a bobsled, they ended
up crossing the finish line with a new record, as the water on their
brains froze up, he said that he was proud watching the guys sing the
National Anthem while peeing their pants, the bit ended with the guys
singing Mongoloid Bobsled”. This bit isn’t in the catalog. Bubba took
a call from a woman who said she likes the show; she thinks Brent has
a sexy voice. Bubba said he watched something on the Manhattan
Project, he said a lot of the people who worked on it were Jews who
escaped from Germany, Manson thinks we did that to scare Russia, he
said one day after Truman took office, they had to update him on it,
as it was so secretive. Bubba mentioned the Top 100 talkers, in
Talkers magazine, he thinks Howard hasn’t mentioned it, he thinks they
don’t like Satellite radio, he agrees with some of the rankings, he
wonders when someone unbiased will take over. Spice said if you’re
looking for the other end of the spectrum, there’s nothing. Bubba read
some of the rankings, Brent thinks a lot of people are conservatives,
Bubba thinks they should’ve mentioned Tom Joiner, he said he’s never
heard of Joe Madison, he said Mancow just lost his job, yet he’s
number 14. Dubbaga from Cali called in, he said a couple of them
talked some smack about Jason Ellis, he thinks it was a work. Bubba
said they can’t even get on, Dub said the last message that is up was
a response from Spice, Bubba said they had nothing to do with it. Dub
said it started with people offering up iq stuff, he said some people
went to the link, they were then asked to post the results, they were
asked to put in their cell phone numbers, Bubba thinks it’s illegal.
Dub thinks the problem is someone pretending to be Bubba, he said once
he’d notify some people, a bunch more would pop up. Bubba wonders what
Ellis’s issue is, Dub said Ellis responded to him, he said Ellis isn’t
in charge of Red Dragons. Spice thinks it’s a mma fight, Bubba thinks
you don’ need to tell people you’re really good. Dub said that the
collateral damage, Bubba said he blocked Virginia Stiefel from
Twitter, he said Jack emailed him, Spice thinks they should just
listen to the show, Bubba said jack is a friend, not a fan. Dub asked
if Jason would have the balls to talk to Bubba, Bubba thinks Jason
will self destruct, he said he wants to get the account back up and
running. Bubba went back to the list, he thinks he doesn’t want to
talk about it, Spice thinks the 45 spot is strong. Bubba thinks Ellis
is a punk, he said Ellis could be him up, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Women hooked on porn, child molesting doctor, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Janessa Brazil. Bubba
plugged the live chat with Amanda and heather, he thinks
the Twitter account will be fixed by then, he said that one of six
women are hooked on porno, ed said he doesn’t let Garnet look at the
computer, Spice said his girl looks at porno, Brent said Amanda
probably wouldn’t watch it if he wasn’t around. We then heard a news
clip about women being hooked on porno, Spice in a Southern said they
can’t believe it’s being covered in Jacksonville, bubba goofed on one
of the people n the clip, this had the guys cracking up, Bubba thinks
the technology in Jacksonville is horrible, Spice thinks it’s not a
woman. Bubba said if you’re a good enough parent, you can brush it
off, Manson said he found some porn when he was a kid, he thought it
was a party, Bubba thinks she’s a beast, Spice said that porn is his
little helper, Manson said anything can destroy your life. Spice said
he’s on day one of not watching porn, he said he’s on the honor system
for this. We then heard a news clip about a doctor with hundreds of
child molestation charges, Manson thinks you go into the office with
the kid. Brent said rape in the first degree is one of the worst, he
said it all depends how violent the attack was. Bubba said he’d be in
prison if that happened to one of his kids, Manson said he would help
clean the blood. Bubba said he’d love to go to a place like this, as
it’s a free ass whipping, he wonders what kind of parent allows your
kid to go to the basement after getting examined, he said he can’t be
an important figure, as he couldn’t say some of the stuff he normally
says, he thinks we should kill some of these people. Jill thinks the
parents are retarded to leave your kid alone with the doctor, Bubba
said in the examination room; they have a place for the parents,
Manson thinks you have to be there, as your kid can’t exactly
communicate with the doctor. Bubba thinks she has a truck load of
kids, Jill said the kid listens to the show, ned thinks the kid hung
her out to dry by saying “My trunk” a few times. Forest said he heard
this yesterday, he said the doctor has a license in Florida, Bubba
thinks only time will tell on this situation, Brent that’s across
state lines. Steve in Ft. Meyers said if Ellis is owning that
situation happening, he thinks they should deal with it, he thinks
they should give away Ned Dragon shirts, Spice said they’re going to
have some guys in the studio for a skating event. Bubba told Jason
they make millions of dollars, he said they’re not 40 year-old guys
who are about mma. We then heard “My Trunk” from “bubba’s new and Misc
Hits Vol. 9” track 9, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – discussions, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Ned Dragons”
shirt. Bubba wondered how the “NC Double D” contest is, he then read
an article about, Spice said everybody thinks everyone
else is interested in what they’re doing, Manson thinks they’re asking
for it. Bubba wonders if you can do that, Brent said it’s a razor thin
line. Bubba went to the site, he wonders if it’s for real or not,
Spice read from the site, bubba said Dubbaga is really skilled at
looking up stuff. The guys then discussed the Duke Lacrosse situation,
the woman who accused the Duke Lacrosse team of raping her has been
charged with attempted murder, Brent said all the guys are suing North
Carolina. Brad in Richmond said a lot of stuff you see is from people
who use Four Square, he said that game is real, Manson said it shows a
little map when you click on the name, Spice thinks you have to be an
idiot to use that stuff. Bob said it’s not about the site, it’s about
the access. Bubba wondered why Ned was looking for a cargo van, Ned
said he needs to transport some stuff, Bubba thinks ned couldn’t lift
a skateboard, he then read an article about a guy who got slapped by a
bear, he got ticketed for $200 for leaving food out for them, Spice
said he’d wear that as a badge of honor. Josh in Orlando said he
flipped over to the Monsters in the Midday, someone called in asking
about the Cocoa puffs commercial with Hogan, he asked what the end
result of that was, Bubba said he saw it on T, Brent said they’re
still working on it. Russ in Chicago asked about Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans, bubba thinks he has some stuff mapped out, he said he needs
to sit down with Russ about that. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage sale.
We then heard some Phil Collins as bumper music, Bubba jokingly
referred to Amanda and heather as brain surgeons, he then plugged Brew
Fest, he then read that a 9 year-old Chinese girl is now a mother,
Manson thinks the world is coming to an end, Bubba thinks it’s
disgusting, he said his step daughter will be that age in July. We
then heard a news clip about a girl who killed her Mom’s boyfriend,
Bubba thinks she’s guilty, he thinks she has moxy for going to school
with blood on her sock, ned thinks he could go out with her. Spice
said it’s Tasha’s birthday, he said he’s not interested in the
couple’s spa day, Bubba thinks he’s trying to defuse the heat that is
coming, Spice thinks Bubba should take a spa day, Bubba thinks he’d be
the laughing stock if he did that. Ben read on aol that Johnny Dept
will be doing a documentary on West Memphis 3, Bubba said this might
work, he said good people like Brent have been running into dead ends,
Brent said they’ve been in jail for sixteen years, he said he’ll have
audio on Monday. Valery in Ft. Meyers had a friend who had an abortion
at the age of ten, she said she was throwing it out there, the guys
wonder if it’s the case or not. Spice said he’s seen girls that are
dressed like whores, Bubba wonders how it happens, Brent wonders where
the parents are, Valery said the parents were divorced, the other was
out a lot. Ashley in Lakeland said any woman who doesn’t like the show
is either insecure, or ugly. The guys think they ould use that as a
sweeper, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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