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Inmate Working At Animal Control Sneaks Woman In For Sex
White House press secretary mocks Sarah Palin from podium
70 year-old man accused of stalking 16 year-old-girl
Ex-Hooters Waitress Stalked, Killed By Customer
Danica meets goal with Nationwide no

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Jason Ellis discussions

The show started off with “Country Boys Can Survive”, Bubba said this
would sound like a Ned selection, Ned said its good stuff. Bubba said
he’s more like a rich redneck, Spice thinks some of the lines in the
song aren’t possible, the guys think they should do a parody of it.
Eddie said he was listening to Howard yesterday, he asked Bubba if
he’s heard of Jason Ellis, the guy said Jason was talking smack on
Bubba. Bubba said he doesn’t understand why Jason does that every few
months. William said he found Bubba last year, he said he appreciates
the race talk, Bubba then said last night’s event was canceled due to
rain, Manson is bummed out that the cars don’t have heat. Bubba
recapped some sports scores, he’s bummed out that Oren isn’t around,
he wished the Lightning the best of luck. Jason said he’d like to
refute what the previous caller said about Ellis, he said Ellis was
just being his typical self; he said Jason is excited about being in
radio. The guy asked about Lasker, Brent said he spoke to him last
week, he said Gene was very contrite, he then goofed on Lasker saying
he got a bunch of messages. Jason asked for the Pagan and Potheads
show to Tampa, Bubba said they tried; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Dr. Mark visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Garage sale,
then into some Rainbow as bumper music. Bubba said the racing starts
tonight, he then wonders what Brent is playing, Brent said it’s one of
the greatest rock bands ever, he said that Dr. Mark stopped by with
the Revita labs trophy. Spice said he’s going to drink Old English out
of it, Bubba thinks they should make it an annual event, Spice thinks
mark is taking it seriously. Mark said they’re trying to compete with
Coke, he said they’ve seen a big bump in business, Bubba thinks the FB
Plus is the stuff, Ned is disappointed with mark’s gift bag, Mark
cracked up at this. Bubba said whoever sells the trophy at the garage
sale will be fired, he said it’s a dick move to sell something the
boss gave to you as a gift, he thinks Mark should present the trophy
in his scrubs. Mark said his guys pride themselves on the Revita
products. Bubba asked what’s in the fb plus, Mark said there’s some
caffeine, he thinks Manson is going to win, Manson said Trace has
youthful exuberance. Ned told everyone that he’s glad they’re feeling
good; Brent said Ned had trouble operating a regular car. Bubba went
over some birthdays. Mark wondered if Spice wins, will he have to give
some of the money back, like with the scratch off tickets. Bubba said
he hates it when Spice’s friends call in. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Danica Patrick discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Revita Labs 2010.
Bubba said Brent is a Johnny Cash mark, Ned wondered how you could not
like Johnny. Bubba said Jim Hunter will be on today, he thinks because
of his tough issues, he gets a bunch of emails on it. Spice said a lot
of people have said Bubba is possibly jealous of Danica, Bubba said
that’s not the case, he said she’s way over her head, he said he feels
for the good people in racing, he said some people don’t want to be in
the big races, he said if he’s going to mess up a word, he’ll ask to
make sure. Spice said that Danica is working it, Bubba said he’s just
trying to let the general public of what’s going on, he said radio is
the last great frontier, he said she’s been fast tracked to the top,
do to her looks, he said he’s the bad guy for talking about this, he
said he’s never had the skills to be a professional racecar driver.
Ned thinks it’s an outrage that Slide Job ones doesn’t have a bumper
on regular radio. Tim said driving in Bubba’s car would’ve been great,
he said he agrees with Bubba on Danica Patrick, he said he likes being
the bad guy. Tim asked if Bubba is going to call into Tony Stewart’s
show tomorrow night, Bubba said no, he said nobody wants to be the guy
who takes Danica out. Dave said every guy in America would love to
have sex with Danica, but no one would want to jump in a racecar with
her. Matt wonders why Bubba continues to talk about bad athletic
rednecks, he got Eviled a few seconds later. Spice said a lot of
people emailed him, saying that they liked Manson’s song; Bubba thinks
he should just have Manson sing his thoughts on stuff; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, George Tiller’s killer audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Date A Porn Star”,
then into Manson’s “Bubba Hates Danica”. Bubba said he’s staying at
Mike Surgey’s beach house, he said some TV guy is with him the whole
time, Spice feels bad for him. Bubba said S.E. Cup wrote an article
about Danica Patrick, she mentioned Bubba, Bubba said they could never
be on TV, he said radio is the ses pool of ugly people, Spice said
it’s the only job where looks don’t matter, Bubba thinks Brent looks
like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family. The first email of the day,
the emailer said he was forced to listen to Bubba’s show. Another
emailer said Bubba is the only guy to say it like it is, Spice said
Danica was asking stuff that he’ll ask during the race. Another
emailer said Bubba should teach heather how to drive a stock car,
Bubba thinks heather’s boobs would hit the steering wheel. Another
emailer said Danica is one of the worst things to happen, Bubba
wondered where all the Haiti press is, Brent said they’re having a
tough time getting the supplies over there. Bubba thinks he’s ever in
the mentality where he wants to shock people, he said shocking is just
having common sense, he said with the truth being shocking just proves
how pussified we are. Spice said Simon Cowl is shocking, he thinks
it’s sad. Bubba said him having a woman be sacrificed would be
shocking, he said he’s the loud mouth bad guy for just doing his job,
he wonders what went wrong. Another emailer said he’d like to be a
part of the Porn Star dating game is shocking, he said no one will
cover it, he thinks if you haven’t gotten laid in a year, he then read
a text from Tom, Manson thinks Bubba should sound British, Bubba
thinks he should do that, he said he couldn’t do stuff like that, he
said Spice and Manson can do that, Spice thinks Bubba has mad talent.
Manson thinks Bubba is afraid to do an English accent, Spice was
laughing his ass off, Brent said if hears one he can do it, Bubba said
he’s heard “Bubba Neezer Scrooge”. Manson talked in a British voice,
Bubba then gave it a world, Brent said it sounded Australian. Peter
said that a lot of the land belongs to Clinton and Bush in Haiti,
Bubba said he’s never heard that, he said he’d never own land in Haiti
if they gave it to him. Another emailer agrees with Bubba on his
Danica comments. Another emailer said they’ve seen Bubba Army mud
flaps, he thinks someone counter-fitted them, Bubba said they’re only
$69. Another emailer asked about the Ned Black Guys song, Bubba isn’t
sure when it’ll be up there. Another emailer said the show is cool,
the emailer thinks she could be a man. John in Florida said he knew
the driver who got killed on I4 yesterday, Bubba said he’s happy with
ups and FedEx, the guy said the driver got hit by a tire. Spice said
you have to be really clean with both companies. Another emailer was
in regards to Jason Ellis being on Howard’s show. Bubba said he has
the audio, he said people we’ll try and stir him up. We then heard the
clip, where Jason thinks he has a better show than Bubba’s, Spice said
he’s believing his product. Bubba said the Ned Dragons shirt is the
longest running shirt, he said he’s going to flip out one of these
days. Jason said he likes Ned, he said he doesn’t mind that Bubba is
doing the Ned Dragons shirt. Bubba told Jason he’s getting some good
experience, he thinks it’s radio shtick when Jason said he’d like
Bubba’s balls on a platter, in a radio friendly kind of way. Another
emailer said the system is flawed, the emailer said that she’s had to
look over her shoulder to make sure he’s not coming for her. Another
emailer asked if Bubba heard the smack Jason was saying, Bubba
debunked it. Another emailer said that once you enter on I84, a person
could be issued a ticket for every mile their speeding, Bubba wonders
what happened with personal freedoms and responsibility, Brent said
that stuff went out the window with the Patriot Act. Bubba wonders
what is next, he said that once personal freedoms are gone, they don’t
come back, he said that he and Howard were the only people who were
thrown off the air because of Nipple Gate. Another emailer said he got
his oil changed by a Bubba Army person. Another emailer thinks the way
Bubba is talking, it sounds like Danica killed his family. Another
emailer told Tim Sabean to kiss his ass for not playing the Friday am
show. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he almost didn’t go to
work today, as he’s hooked on Casey said racing isn’t
fare. We then heard a clip of the guy who killed George Tiller in
church, bubba thinks the guy is a jackass, he asked Spice to rack up
the abortion stuff, Manson said he understands the rational, even
though he doesn’t agree with it, Brent thinks the guy is brain washed
because of Religion, Manson said the doctor was doing late term
abortions, Spice said this gives him a new perspective on abortions,
Bubba then said he’s not playing his stuff. Ned sad he loves the
trucks with the fetus on the side. Jennifer wonders how the guy can
rationalize his position, Bubba said he can’t be the moral police, he
thinks the woman should have the final say so, he said no one will
agree on the issue. Dennis said the reason why the doctor did
abortions, was because the baby would be born brain dead. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Jimmy Hunter

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said Jimmy Hunter will be on shortly, he thinks Jimmy has
his own head set, CB, etc. Jimmy said they give you a big title when
they don’t need to pay him much. Bubba asked him who through the
biggest fit, Jimmy said at a nationwide race, Tommy Ellis and Tommy
Houston crashed each other, he said it was like World War III when
they entered the Haller. Bubba thinks Helton is pretty big, Jim said
Helton can stand behind that, he said Helton used to be an official,
Bubba said it would be known to hush up. Jim said listening to the
show is great, he said it was like the old days of nicknames. Bubba
wondered when NASCAR got going, Jim said it was when some drivers
questioned each other’s roots, he said the ratings were out of sight.
Bubba said he had robin on, Jim said that Robin is one hell of a
promoter, he thinks the Bud shootout was a good preview, Bubba told
him he didn’t want to hear his thoughts on Danica. Jim said sooner or
later, the driver has to live up to the legacy, he said ned was really
torn up when Earnhardt died, he said he cried that day, Jim said that
was a tough day for everyone involved, he said the pressure on Dale JR
has been really hard. Bubba said that Daytona changes every year, he
said he’s seen guys who go from 24th to first place. Spice asked Jimmy
to say that he sells Propane and Propane accessories, the guys cracked
up at this, Bubba said he sounds like King of the Hill, Jimmy said
mark Martin doesn’t have any body fat on him. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – the guys go on CB, Tiger Woods

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo to vote for Janessa
Brazil. We then heard some Queen as bumper music, Bubba doesn’t’ like
how it’s only one channel, he thinks Brent has only seven songs on his
iPod, he then went on to plug Edge’s appearance in Mellborn, then the
Usack race later tonight. Brent thinks Twenty-five will wreck them
all, Bubba thinks they won’t be able to have a helmet that fits him.
Ghost Rider in North Carolina said he was listening to Howard, they
were talking about the Danica Patrick. Ghost Rider said he was a Colts
fan, Bubba and ned got on the B and talked to the guy, Bubba thinks
they can do a whole show in CB, Spice said good buddy means gay, he
then said going like a raped ape means going fast. Spice asked Bubba
if he knew what a flip flopping bear is, he guessed it’s when someone
reverses direction, we then heard the tymbal. Bubba thinks everyone is
on CB, we then heard some clips in cb. Spice asked what a hip pocket
was, the guys didn’t know it was a glove box, Bubba thinks Spice knows
nothing. Spice asked what sailboat fuel is, Bubba didn’t know, Spice
said it means you’re running low. Spice asked a seat cover, Bubba
thinks it’s a girl, Spice said he got it. Spice asked what Smoky with
ears means, Ned said it means the cop is listening to you on the CB,
we then heard the tymbal. We then heard a news clip about one of
Tiger’s mistresses talking about her experience. We then heard the
remix of tiger’s message, where he asks the girl to take her name off
her phone, Bubba wonders if Tiger is having sex with a Seagal during
the message, he sang along to the song a bit, Spice and Bubba then
goofed on the girl in the news clip, Spice thinks she’s a party girl.
Bubba said the girl reminds him of Ms. Teen South Carolina, Manson
wonders how people like this function in life. We then heard the clip
of Ms. Teen South Carolina messing up an answer on why Americans were
unable to read a map, Spice thinks Tiger was watching this and
thinking of her. Bubba thinks he could’ve asked Manson’s youngest kid
could’ve delivered a better response, Spice said he’d hire her to talk
at a party, the guys stepped all over the clip, Spice acted as Tiger,
saying he’d like the girl. Bubba said if he was a judge, he’d ask for
someone to tell him that what he heard was not a dream. Bubba thinks
the girl is a whore, Spice thinks she should’ve changed her number,
bubba thinks she regrets not getting pregnant, Manson thinks she’s
retarded, he thinks the music is overboard, Spice thinks a soundtrack
is going on. Bubba said he’s gotten indications that Orlando is play
music. Carron was on, he ran her through the Evil soundboard, Bubba
said she wasn’t paying attention. Dave said that they might have some
weather issues with the satellite, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN race. We then
heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker said he’s in the middle of snow
apocalypse, he said he lived in California during the blizzard of 78,
Brent said he missed 24 days of school because of that. Tucker said
they have illegal aliens deal with the snow. Bubba asked Tucker if he
saw the Bubba Army hulk him up, Tucker said even before he did
anything, he got a bunch of people, when he said “Welcome Bubba Army”,
it almost crashed the system, Tucker said he almost had to replace the
twitter machine, he said there are some concerns with Marco Rubio, he
denied the longer waiting period for getting a gun. Brent said Charlie
supported Jeb Bush with the Castle laws. Bubba thinks the Republicans
need a strong leader, Tucker said it’s helpful to be on one team, he
said it helps if everyone is on board, he suggested they have a bar
fight. Brent said the Tea party attacking Ron Paul will lead to their
downfall. Tucker thinks the guys are Conservatives who hate God, Bubba
said he believes, he said Tucker is talking to guys who got railroaded
because of God. Tucker wonders if they have a clip of Palin speaking
in tongues, Bubba thinks Tucker is a selective dick, he wonders how
Tucker can defend her. Tucker said he’s never attacked Obama for using
a teleprompter, he said it’s difficult, he thinks reading notes on
your hand is difficult than using a teleprompter. Bubba said he can
make Tucker’s head spin, he can have them unfollow him. Brent said he
and Bubba were in a room with some hardcore Republicans who were
pissed over what Palin has done, Bubba thinks Tucker wants to bang
Palin. Tucker said his support for her is that the cool kid’s hate
her, Bubba said it’s because the dumbasses like her, Tucker thinks
she’s smarter than Al Gore. Bubba said what scares him is that Tucker
has the ability to turn things around, he said she’s screwing up the
party. Tucker said he hasn’t changed, Bubba said the people hate him
now, Spice said the emails are negative these days. Bubba told him
that Gene Lasker is a journalist, he thinks Tucker is drinking the fox
cool aide, Tucker said he’s beer bonging the Fox cool aide. Manson
thinks Glenn Beck is a phony. Tucker said that Keith Olberman is one
of the worst people he’s had to work with, he said Keith wears
elastic, Bubba said that stuff is his friend, he said he’ll have to
take Tucker’s followers away, he said his Mom had to vote for obama
because of Palin. Tucker said he’s never said Palin is great, Spice
said it was something different, Manson thinks Palin is the driver of
the short bus, he then goofed on Palin. Tucker said Palin is no threat
to him, he said she’s not getting elected to anything, Spice said the
people who follow Palin shows the mentality of Americans. Brent said
Chris Wallis has the biggest set on Fox, he likes how Chris told Palin
that Ragon wouldn’t have quit as Governor. Tucker thinks Palin
wouldn’t be an effective President, bubba thinks Tucker makes his wife
wear a Palin mask. Manson thinks they should mark the tape where
Tucker says he agrees with 98% of things Palin says. Bubba said he
hasn’t blown the order in, he told Tucker he should be punished for
having stupid thoughts, he thinks Tucker is very wishy-washy, he
thinks Tucker doesn’t know how to work. Brent said that Obama can’t
get a health care bill through, he wonders how he’ll be able to take
guns away. Bubba said he caught Tucker in a lie, in regards to Tucker
with Contessa, Tucker thinks since he’s gone to Fox, she’s under
minding him. Spice wonders if he’s really Tucker Carlson. Bubba told
him to call her if he has the number, Tucker said the idea is so 1995,
Bubba thinks Tucker is messing with him, he said Contessa isn’t
following Tucker on Twitter. Tucker checked his followers, he’s at
around 5,000, Bubba thinks he’ll have about 2500 followers. Bubba read
from Bubba’s twitter, where Contessa said she never talked to Tucker,
Tucker thinks it’s not her. Bubba asked the Bubba Army to follow
Contessa Brewer, telling them to unfollow Tucker, Tucker thinks Bubba
is having an episode. Bubba thinks they knock his socks off, Manson
thinks it was pretty bad. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Bubba’s new ride, Valentine’s Day Songs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Race. We then
heard Manson’s “white Trash Girl” from “bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol.
6”, track 4, “the Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 22, and “Political
CD”, track 24. Bubba thinks they should play Ned’s “happy valentine’s
Day, you Whore”, he thanked the Bubba Army for unfollowing Tucker, he
said you sometimes have to spank your kids. Manson said it’s like when
you have to leave your wife for a night and go to a hotel, Spice is
shocked that Manson said that. David in Miami said Tucker is his
bitch. Bubba thinks ned will be proud of him, he bought a used Truck
from one of the advertisers, he got a Chevy at The Car Store, he then
gave some love to Cinimoves for filming the race, he said the Date a
porn star game will happen next Thursday. Bubba then asked Ned if he
uses Redline, Ned wonders how good it is, Bubba thinks he should give
some to Ned to try it out. Spice thinks Bubba has knowledge on stuff
that is silly, Ned thinks Bubba is a fat jethro Bowdeen. Bubba played
a bit of Manson singing a song to Donna, Manson wonders if it’s
arable. We then heard the clip from February 14, 2008, Bubba said
he’ll dump out of it. Bubba said he’s got his hand on the dump button,
Ned thinks the song is crappy. In the song, Manson sings about being
premature while having sex with his wife. Bubba had no idea what
Manson ment with the song, Spice as Bubba thinks Manson was premature.
Bubba thinks Ned will outlive him, Ned thinks he’ll be around until
he’s 89. We then heard Ned’s “happy valentine’s Day, You Whore” from
“N.F.C”, track 13, “Bubba’s holiday classics Vol. 1”, track 1, and
“Holiday CD” disc 2, track 8. in the song, ned describes meeting his
wife, only to get upset after finding out she’s messed around, he ends
by saying he killed her. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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