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Top Stories:
NYC Karaoke Worker Pleads Guilty to Killing Clubgoer
Police: Texas Couple Kept 12-Year-Old Daughter In Closet
Coral Springs Baby Badly Burned by Hot Oil
Man accused of shooting girl, 4, in head with BB gun
Teacher accused of making 4th-graders fight
Man’s Arm Trapped In Bakery Machine
Officials Warn al Qaeda ‘Certain’ to Try Attack Soon
Adios, Red Bull? Anti-energy drinks seek to soothe frazzled Americans
Jarrett On Bubba: Watch The Video Now

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Early Birthday wishes for Spice, sports scores

Bubba started off by telling Ned the bumper music was for him, he said
Ned plays it when he gets pulled over, he wonders what the song was
about, Manson said the song was a smash. Bubba thinks “Stroke Me” came
out around the same time as “Thriller”, Spice said people are putting
their own spin on it. Bubba ran down what they’ve got coming up, he
went on to say that Spice’s birthday is this Sunday, he thinks he’ll
be able to go to the Pagan Potheads Tour, Manson said they’d love to
have him there, Spice said he’s officially the guy who is that guy,
when looking at young girls. Bubba recapped some sports scores; they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – emails, red light camera discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “The Pagan Potheads
Tour”. Bubba said the music is provided by him, he then said he had an
Angus burger at McDonalds, he suggested for people to try it, he had
to convince the girl to put an extra layer of cheese, he then recapped
some birthdays, he then recapped the Winter nationals from last night,
Spice is surprised they raced last night. The first email of the day
thinks Bubba is too hard on himself. Another emailer had an attached
an article about Marco Rubio. Another emailer loved one of Ned’s prank
calls; Ned thinks the guy is referring to the “Tattoo Barbie Call”
from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 26. Another emailer
suggested Bubba use West Jet airlines for Canada, Bubba thinks he’ll
have to move the show to August. Another emailer said the remains of
Daniel Angus will be at McDil Air Force Base. Another emailer said the
Honky Tonk Man will respond soon, the emailer thinks The Honky Tonk
Man hates Bubba, Bubba told Wayne to let it go, he thinks they should
play the time when they cranked called him (May 2, 2008). Another
emailer agreed with Bubba on his Haiti comments. Another emailer was
concerned over the red light cameras, Bubba thinks the emailer is
wondering who owns the cameras, he asked for a cop to call in, Ned
told the emailer to not run a red light. Brent said a computer
generated ticket in California is a private tax. Mark on protection
said there’s a private company that sells the cameras, the company
gets about 65% of the money, the state gets the remaining 3%%, Bubba
said he has a problem with that. Mark said they’re trying to sell it
to the city, Bubba said it’s a shakedown, he said he doesn’t have a
problem with the city buying the cameras, he said someone will pick up
the story, but they won’t get credit for it. John on protection said
he could provide some information, he said the reason why the
infraction is different is that it doesn’t show up on your license.
Bubba said this would be like buying a radar gun, but have the company
deal with it. John said his problem is that the cameras are focused on
right turns; Bubba said his issue is that it’s a shakedown. John said
it could be difficult to see the violations. Bubba wonders what comes
next after this, Brent said his problem is that there’s no police
officer who is writing the ticket, Bubba wonders what they’ll do next,
he thinks cops will be fired because of machinery. Brent said he read
something that said the cameras don’t make things safe. Charles said
that he went to pay a fine for running a red light do to one of the
cameras; he had to send his money to Phoenix. Paul in Tampa said he
got a ticket a few weeks ago, he said they’ve had the cameras up North
for fifteen years, Bubba said his issue is with companies cutting
deals over it, he thinks it’s not fare for someone going through a red
light with the camera vs. going through a red light with an officer
nearby. Another emailer said they’d like to visit a restaurant Bubba
talked about, Bubba listed some locations. The last email of the day
said her son is in boot camp, he got sent to Germany, then Iraq. Last
year around March, he walked into a female shower, a woman was
claiming rape, the guy was accused of it. Spice wonders where you
begin by picking the case a part, he thinks the guy belongs in prison,
Bubba said she’s downplaying it, he wonders how you get raped, without
penetration, Manson thinks it could be sexual assault, Spice said this
is a classic example of a parent not wanting to believe their kid is a
scumbag. Officer Friendly said it’s not completely true, the money
goes to private companies, Bubba thinks its point set match. The guy
said they have someone check traffic violations every day, Bubba is
convinced this is a shakedown, he told the guy to not drink the
cool-aide, he thinks the guy isn’t answering his questions, he thinks
all this screams of shadiness. The guy said he’s been on board for two
years, Bubba thinks the guy is still in the cool-aide drinking phase.
Danny in Tampa said his Dad worked for the company that put up the red
light cameras; he said they’re not getting money. Brent found an
article from the Chicago Tribune, he highlighted some points, Bubba
read it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Abe Shakespeare, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, then
into Ned’s “White Wife of Tiger” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 12”,
track 3. We then heard “super Freak” as bumper music, he then said
Deion Sanders was listening to the show, Spice as Deion said he’s
hanging with BJ from Under Armer, he wishes they had something for
turf toe, Bubba cracked when he described it as thrown out gang signs.
Bubba said he’ll be doing an under Armer presentation, Spice thinks
Bubba uses it as a gurtal. Bubba thinks a lot of people are listening
to the show, Spice wonders if the players are listening. Brent said
the Saints need to remember why they’re there, Bubba guessing that
Manning breaks down plays too much. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said some of the funding goes to some companies, Bubba got caught off
guard with a song by Deion, Ned thinks he’s on a Zanex. Bubba said his
problem is how the companies give the money, the guy said in the area
where he works, you see people who are complying with it, he said
they’re changing the timing on the yellow lights. Bubba said he had a
meltdown over the raffle, he said he doesn’t’ need to be CC’d on
stuff, he thinks they’ve over thought the whole thing, he said he
hasn’t gotten a clear-cut decision on saying asshole, Brent thinks you
can get tickets at We then heard a news clip about
Abe Shakespeare, Bubba thinks if you’re a black guy and you win the
lottery, the last person you want to deal with is a fat white girl, he
said even Ned thinks the girl is ugly, Spice thinks Bubba would be the
male version of a pig. We then heard “the Boopity song” from “Bubba
Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23. We then heard another news clip
about that, Brent said he’s been working on this case. We then heard
some more of the song from Deion Spice played earlier. Matt in Holiday
said his wife makes him listening to the show out in the garage, he
said his wife is disabled, Bubba thinks he’s pussy for putting up with
his wife claiming to be bipolar, Bubba thinks this is the
pussyfication of America, the guy said his wife doesn’t like the show,
he passed the phone to her. Bubba asked her how old she was, she said
she’s 33, she said workers comp, Bubba thinks she’s trying to smoke
her cigarette, she said she doesn’t smoke, she said she was trying to
lift something, and ended up slipping a disc in her back, Bubba thinks
this is what’s wrong with America. Bubba asked her if she has any
kids, she said she does, Bubba thinks she didn’t marry a man, he told
her not to boss him around, he then apologized for what he said, Spice
thinks the kids are geniuses, Bubba thinks she’s a bad Mom, she said
that at least she didn’t get her ass kicked by a girl, this had the
guys cracking up, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for The Pagan Potheads
Tour. Bubba plugged some stuff on, he said Tom the
Treeman is on thin ice with him, he thinks he should learn how to
promote his tree trimming business, he then plugged what they’ve got
coming up for the next few days, he then plugged the Usack race, Spice
thinks Ned took the cans, Bubba thinks the delivery guy must’ve taken
the cans. Bubba said that Spirit Airlines has a thing of a guy diving,
the word muff is near the guy, Bubba thinks its genius, he said if the
word offends you, you know what it means. Bubba said that Mel Gibson
flipped out over something, we then heard a clip of him talking with a
reporter, Brent thinks he’s asking the guy if he’s a Jew. We then
heard a clip of Mel flipping out on a reporter, the guys cracked up at
him saying it was four years ago. Joe the Supermark said that Danny
Lasowski birthday, he said that Spike TV wants a man show; Bubba
thinks they can’t do it. Bubba thinks Edge should get a big time deal
with Vince, he said Hogan would pluck him out. Bubba said Vince shut
down ECW; Joe was bummed out over this. We then heard a news clip
about “We Are the World” getting a remake, Bubba and Manson think it’s
just a mark out fest, Spice thinks they’re talking about business.
Bubba is shocked that Snoop Dogg is contributing; Spice goofed on his
voice a little. Bubba said he has a small private plane, he saw a
Falcon 50, it was Michael Jackson’s family, Spice said he’s the
richest broke dude he’s ever seen. Bubba called up Tom Bean, he asked
him how much a Falcon would cost to fly, Tom said about roughly $6,000
an hour, he told Spice that they own the plane they fly in. Bubba said
things start at a thousand dollars; Spice thinks it’s all a rib. We
then heard “The Devil Went down To Haiti”; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Honky Tonk Man

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba asked Spice if he’ll be going to the OAR show, Spice said
probably not. Bubba wonders if Simon Cowl had a remake for “Everybody
Hurts”, Bubba thinks REM does it better, Spice said a lot of people
who are a part of this are from The Ex Factor, Ned said yawn. Bubba
told The Honky Tonk Man that e knows what he’s doing, he said he’ll
find out about what he’s saying,, Bubba said he’s a
poor man’s Elvis. We then heard a message from the Honky Tonk Man,
saying that he’ll kick Spice’s ass. Bubba said they called him, but
got his wife. We then heard another message, where he says he’ll kick
Bubba’s ass, Spice said he remembers checking his voicemail that day.
Bubba said he asked Hogan and Erick about getting the Honky Tonk Man,
they laughed it off. Bubba said The Honky Tonk Man is so bad over it,
that he’s made a shrine to him, he then read from the page, Spice said
he’s taking the show’s audio and putting it up on his website, Bubba
thinks the site is melted. We then heard a clip from last Friday’s
show, where the guys think Honky Tonk Man won’t get in, he asked Brent
to try and get the site taken down, he asked for Erick’s response, he
thinks it would be perfect to play the time when the guys messed with
The Honky Tonk Man. Spice said he had a wrestling promoter call him
up, he said they had to come up with fake name of the show. Bubba said
by the time the segment ends, he’ll have the audio he was looking for.
We then heard the clip from May 2, 2008, where Spice and the guys
acted like the Ron and Mike show. Honky Tonk said he’s 39; Ned
suggests they cut him open and count the rings. Spice plugged his show
from May 4, Honky said he doesn’t know who he’s wrestling, Spice said
he’s seen him hit people with the guitar. Spice asked him who he had
fun with, Honky said Hogan, he said he’ll take the leg drop. Spice
said honky has heat with Hogan, he thinks Hogan would shit his pants
if he saw him, Manson thinks honky has a great gimmick, honky said
that sets him apart from everyone else. Spice asked him how it all
works, honky said it’s a personal level, he said a few things could’ve
changed; he said you have to walk the road that’s in front of you.
Spice asked him about the list, Honky said it’s an ass whipping list,
he said Erick is on the list, he said that if Erick was on fire, he
wouldn’t piss on him to put it out, he also put Jim Ross on the list,
he also put Rowdy Piper, Spice thinks the list is long, he said he’s
never gotten such a response from people over the Honky Tonk man, he
asked him if he’s heard of Bubba, Honky called Bubba the worst piece
of manhood he’s ever heard, he thinks he’s on the list. Spice said
they’ve heard of him, Honky said Spice was on the list, saying that he
would baseball bat him. Brent said he got an email from someone,
telling honky tonk to kick Bubba’s ass, Honky thinks Bubba didn’t
sleep with a woman, he thinks he would sleep with an animal. Manson
said they’ve got some callers who want to talk to him, Spice said
Bubba is an unexpected guest, Bubba told him they were able to
bamboozle him, Honky said he’ll stick a baseball bat up bubba’s ass,
Bubba told him being up Hogan’s ass pays a lot, Honky tonk thinks
Bubba isn’t all that tough. Bubba recapped a time when Honky tonk left
an event, he said he was trying to find him, Honky Tonk said Bubba can
find him anywhere, Bubba thinks honky is pathetic for doing that,
Honky thinks Bubba is a radio mark. Bubba thinks he’s in better shape
than Honky Tonk, Spice thinks Honky should give up the Elvis gig,
Honky laughed at Bubba’s offer for $10,000 to fight him. We then heard
a clip of Erick Bishcof saying he’d rather stick a rusty nail in his
thy than work with the Honky Tonk Man, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Ned’s Tattoo Barbie Call

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into Ned’s
“Tattoo Barbie Call” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 26.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BRN Race. We then
heard “Three Lock Box” as bumper music, he thinks he needs a new wind
screen on his microphone, Dave said he’s got one, he suggested they
sell it at the garage sale. Manson said he doesn’t smell anything,
Spice said he can’ smell anything on his microphone, Ned said he’s got
funk on his microphone. Bubba thinks they take it for granted, Dave
remembers he had to take a microphone to get catsup out of it; he said
it was Manson’s. Bubba wonders if he’s using his old one from 98 Rock,
he thinks you can use it as a hammer and it would be fine. Bubba went
on to say that Jasmin Bedwell doesn’t look that bad, Manson thinks she
looks better than she did before, he thinks she looks like Vanessa
Williams. We then heard a news clip about Richard Mctear in court,
Bubba sang a bit of Ned’s song about the subject, he said the guy is
bad news. Manson said he had a sad face, he said the guy had no
swagger; Brent thinks he’ll go to death row. Bubba thinks he should
take his comments back, he doesn’t like the way she talks, he said it
doesn’t cost anything to speak properly; he thinks Tucker should be
the producer of their TV show. Bubba played Tucker’s bumper and
brought him on, Tucker said he’s on Twitter, he described it as a
machine that lets you send 1,000 people at once, Tucker said he’s got
a bunch people following. Spice wonders why Tucker’s publicist
wouldn’t know about the Bubba Army, Bubba said Tucker might be
throwing the Bubba Army machine, Tucker said it’s addictive. Bubba
said they’ve been victims of bad timings, he thinks they’re looking
good. Tucker said he was on yesterday, Bubba told him to do it more,
he said it reminds him of how he’s not interesting, bubba thinks he
could get Tucker to 5,000 followers, Spice said he’d like Al Sharpton,
Brent said he got to his personally handler, she refused to put him
on. Bubba said if they could get Tucker to 10,000 followers, he could
get them the interview, we then heard the Price is Right loser horn,
Tucker thinks it doesn’t sound positive, he said he fills Al will
love. Bubba said Tucker is a bullshit artist, Spice thinks Tucker is
the Perez Hilton of politics, Tucker thinks Perez is one of the worst
people ever. Ned suggested he get a picture of Tucker eating a banana.
Bubba told Tucker if he could get him to 5,000 followers by tomorrow,
Tucker would throw his support for Charlie Crist, he then read some
stuff about Rubio, Tucker was shocked to learn all this, Brent said
he’s ducking the media. Bubba said Charlie would do it, Tucker said he
can’t get passed the fact that Rubio supports longer gun waiting
period. Bubba said Rubio is against personal freedoms, Brent said
Rubio is against gambling. Tucker wonders why the Indians can have
gambling, Bubba said it’s because we stole the land from them, he
asked Tucker to consider some stuff, Tucker said he agrees with Bubba,
he said once McCaine went down in the poles, Charlie Crist denied ever
knowing him. Brent thinks Charlie was insulted when Palin was selected
Vice President, Bubba said college is only stupid when it pertains to
someone you don’t like, Tucker said he doesn’t care about college.
Bubba said Palin couldn’t be a hair on Hilary’s ass, Tucker thinks she
couldn’t be smart enough to be a senator, he thinks she’s smarter than
Joe Biden. Brent said John Edwards is as dumb as Palin. Bubba
explained his reasoning for calling Rubio the Obama version of Palin,
Tucker thinks Bubba is against Mexicans, Brent said he won’t like the
guy, the guys went over his history. Tucker thinks the Haitians will
never go home, Bubba thinks Rubio is shady, he said he doesn’t pander.
Spice thinks Tucker is a bitch when it comes to nailing Sharpton on
stuff, Bubba said he’ll do a Tucker boycott over the Rubio thing,
Brent said there’s no waiting period in the second amendment, Tucker
said there’s some kind of delay in the first amendment. Brent said
Spice saw Charlie at a bar, bubba said he’s that kind of guy, Tucker
doesn’t’ get why he has to have fans, Sp9ice said image is everything.
Brent said Jeb Bush did some good stuff, Tucker said he hates gun
control, he doesn’t believe Rubio supported a carbon tax, Brent said
he’s skirting over the issue with the tea party nonsense. Bubba thinks
it’s pathetic that Bill O’riley referred to Glen Beck as Bubba The
Love Sponge, Tucker wondered if anyone corrected him, Bubba said no,
he doesn’t like how Bill O’riley didn’t have him on when they got
fired. Brent said a guy named Erick Boler got a hold of Vanderlin, the
transcripts were reworked. Bubba said there’s a bigger story than
that, he said that they would add in the actual word, even though it
didn’t go out over the air, Brent said the FCC said that the
transcripts didn’t match up, Bubba said the FCC needed a boogey man,
Spice said the Super bowl was a bad move. Bubba said they filed on
them on the day before it expired. Tucker wondered why the left
defends Islamic nut cases, he said the first people who would be
killed would be gays, feminists etc. Bubba said he’s mad over all
this, he thinks they should just let the Al Sharpton thing go. Brent
said that he likes; Tucker read a line about Eliot
Spitzer wearing black socks. Bubba asked him when he was on Fox,
Tucker said yesterday, he said the guys have no idea what obama is up
to. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s new bit, female callers vote

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “the Pagan Potheads
tour”. Bubba plugged Brent’s appearance tomorrow night. Manson said he
has a new offering, in regards to Tim Tebow’s abortion commercial,
Bubba thinks the girls who listen to the show get it; he said the
women have never offered up adoption for bits dealing with this kind
of stuff. Manson said this is a sneak preview of Tebow’s abortion add
In the bit, Manson as Tebow said he wins at everything, Bubba thinks
Manson should worship Bubba488. Tim calls up his dead fetus, the fetus
wonders why he doesn’t call him, he can’t watch the games, as he’s at
the bottom of a land fill, Spice thinks they shouldn’t air this, he
thinks they should throw bits like this to the people. We then heard
the first few seconds of it; Bubba stopped it to have the people vote.

1. Kaitlin – keep
2. Sheila – keep
3. Tammy – keep
4. Kristin – Keep
5. Jamie – keep
6. Mandy – keep
7. Melisa – keep
8. Tracey – keep
9. Robin – keep
10. Trixy – keep
11. Holly – keep

Bubba decided to run it, which they then did. In the bit, Tim Tebow
calls up his fetus, who said he can’t watch any of Tim’s games, as
he’s at the bottom of a land fill. Tim said he’s alive, the fetus said
he didn’t get sucked through a tube. Tim said since he wasn’t aborted,
the fetus doesn’t exist, the fetus said he’s training. Tim thinks the
fetus sounds like a crack baby; the fetus said he could only do so
much, he said he was doing the Gator chomp with his little arms. The
fetus said that at least he can lose against Alabama, he then asked
for an autographed jersey, extra extra extra extra small. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Larz

    I am new to the show, and have to say what a fantastic show yesterday (02/03/10). I have never been a fan of the Funky Tonk Man,and would love to see Bubba, Spice, or hell even Ned kick his ass. Listening to the show each afternoon on Howard 101 makes the days fly, and I thank you for that. Being a former radio personality here in Central Illinois, I get a kick out of listening to phone calls that you get, and remembering how as you said yesterday “some people just don’t get it”. It is an honor listening to the show. Keep up the fantastic work, and I hope someday to meet the crew!

  2. lory

    I love the show listen to you every morning , you had me laughing so hard when i heard the tim tebow phone call to his fetus, I actully had to pull to the side of the road, i was wondering how could i get a mp3 of that, been looking on the site but there is nothing to find, thanks and hope to see you at bike week,

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