Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence
Segment 1 – Bubba Addresses the Jacksonville Censorship issue

The show started off with “Fly” by Sugar Ray. Bubba started off by
saying he ran out of gas on the side of the road, he almost made it,
he said he broke down on the bridge, he thanked a road ranger named
Dwayne, the guys then goofed on Bubba chewing someone out if their car
had ran out of gas. Bubba then said that he got a lot of emails about
him being a dick towards Jake yesterday, he said that he needed to be
a dick in order for it to be done, he hopes the guy gets fired, he
said that generally, people determine in about 7 to 13 seconds if
their interested in something, he used Ned’s “Can’t Stop Their
Breeding” (“Bubba show Classics Volume 14”, track 6 as an example. The
song ran for a little, it got dumped when Ned mentioned people
screwing all night. Bubba told the negative emailers that they had no
idea what was going on, they then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
came on plugging Spice’s appearance at Penthouse tonight, he then
recapped what they’ll have coming up on the show for the next few
days, he still thinks the Chicken Dip is like masturbating and sex, he
thinks it will ruin your life, he then wondered what makes Justin
Beeber so special Manson said it was the hair, Bubba thinks it’s
stupid. Ike in Dexter Maine said at one point he felt bad for the guy,
he said he couldn’t take it when Bubba played the Price is Right
music. Bubba said he’s the President of this company, he made the
decision for them to take the show off, Brent said that if they lost
Jacksonville, it would be on the show, and not the board op. Jeff in
Mellborn asked if Bubba let the fight spill into Hogan’s wedding,
Bubba said he wasn’t invited, he said he’s done defending Hogan, Ned
thinks it’s crappy. Bill said changing the show would be like someone
coming and changing the recipe at KFC. Stan thinks Bubba should ruin
the guy’s career. Von in Tampa said his biggest thing is, no one has
heard him chop up the show. Bubba said he’s a bully when the time is
right, he said it’s not worth it to edit the show, he said they’re the
most expensive show in Jacksonville, he said he’d take less money to
be happier, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

The first email of the day thinks Bubba is a douchebag for handling
Jake the way he did, the emailer thinks the other guys are marks who
agree with Bubba. Spice said he’s good at seeing both sides of the
argument, the problem is that they were never notified. Brent said
nothing makes his blood boil more than censorship, Manson thinks Brent
pretty much said it, he said to do it without the knowledge was a
problem. Another emailer said she was excited to hear the show, but
didn’t like how Jacksonville dumped the show. Another emailer asked
where they can buy Fein, Bubba said it’s Another emailer
said that the clear Water Fire Chief got arrested for sex with a
child, we then heard a news clip about that. Bubba went back to the
email, which included a parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
Another emailer didn’t like how bubba handled Jake, the emailer
suggested Bubba do a behind the scenes show. Spice told the emailer to
stop listening to the show if he didn’t like it, Brent said it’s like
having your guts ripped out when you’re getting censored. Another
emailer said they’ve been listening every day, the emailer said
Bubbaween was unlistenable. Kevin in Orlando asked what happened with
Miami, Bubba said that Kevin Vargas was on top of things, Manson said
Kevin would never dump, as no one was listening. Adam in Tampa said he
yells at the radio when people don’t get Bubba trivia, he thinks Bubba
flipping out on the board op was some of the best radio he’s ever
heard. Manny came on with his radio turned up, he told Bubba to keep
doing what he’s doing. Steve thinks Bubba gets dump 500 times in a
year, he wonders if the people listening to what he says. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – B-Fudd and Hulk Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Sweet Child O Mine” by Guns and
roses. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, he thinks he thinks Hogan didn’t
invite Bubba to his wedding, as he’d eat all the food there. We then
heard a news clip about a fight at Hogan’s wedding, Spice said he
hasn’t seen any footage, Ned thinks there was a big crowd there.
B-Fudd asked if Hogan got a pre-nup, Bubba thought he was saying pare
up, he said it’s more than just a piece of paper. Spice asked B-Fudd
what he’ll be doing for Christmas, B-Fudd said he got his Mom a
camera, the guys thought he was saying Camel, Bubba wonders what it
would be like having to be the salesman with B-Fudd as a customer, he
then asked about his money he gets, B-Fudd said it’s $1200 a month, he
said that he finally has his first credit card, he’s at around 720,
Spice said that B-fudd has better credit than he does. B-Fudd said
that he’s responsible. Bubba thinks they should have B-Fudd work at a
tollbooth, B-Fudd said they don’t have those, he then wished the guys
a happy New Year. We then heard a news clip about a woman who got
eaten by maggots while she was still alive, Manson said he can’t even
imagine that. We then heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Hogan came on
saying it was craziness, he said that him and Jennifer, nick and
Brooke were there, and that was it, he said some camera guys were
filming it, he said the guy who got into the fight was Ronnie, Bubba
joked that was the dock rat. Hogan said some guys were at his house,
the cops were called to run them off, one guy stuck around during the
wedding, Ronnie ended up punching him, he said it really didn’t cause
that much of a disturbance, he said that the camera guy told Ronnie
that he had a gun, the footage was played back when the cops were
called, he declined to press charges. Bubba thinks that had the guy
not mentioned the gun, he would’ve been fine. Spice asked if he wrote
his vows, Hogan said the big one is coming up, he said you can’t
believe everything you read in the paper, unless you’re marking out to
the media, the guys cracked up when he said he didn’t really pay
attention to what Jennifer was saying, as the fight was going on.
Spice asked if Linda passed on any message, Hogan said he got some
flowers from Linda’s family, Spice got caught off guard with Hogan
moving chair, he mistook it for a fart. Manson as an old guy goofed on
Hogan a little, Hogan told Ned to shut up. Spice asked about Linda and
Brooke together on the beach, Hogan said they didn’t talk for two
years, he thinks Brooke wants Linda’s love unconditionally, he said
that she’s in the studio recording tracks, however he thinks that
she’ll do acting. Bubba wondered if Brooke will go to “Brooke Knows
Best”, Hogan said that he turned down an offer with VH1 for a new
show. Bubba asked about the A&E show, Hogan said they did a 1.1, with
no advertising, he said he’d like to be married before the beginning
of the year. Spice asked if they consummated the relationship, Hogan
asked him “what do you think?” Bubba said that Hogan used his pre-nup,
Hogan said it was great, he thinks that if he was married for 20
years, she’d get $20,000. Spice asked if something was to go wrong, is
Bubba apart of the will? Hogan said no, this had the guys cracking up.
Bubba told Hogan about his Christmas party, he then told Hogan that if
something was to happen, he needs to be in charge of his ashes, as he
only knows where Pete is buried, he congratulated Hogan for being with
someone who has been there for him, he then wondered what’s up with
the new coach of the Gators, Brent said he’s happy with the selection
we then heard a news clip about that. bubba asked for Spice to get the
“Remember the Heroes” tribute ready, Brent said the coach had Gator
season tickets when he was a kid, he went on to say the guy played
with Georgia in the 90’s. We then heard a clip about Brandon Coats
being laid to rest, Bubba said they haven’t made a tribute for him
yet, but the “remember The Heroes” song still has the same message. We
then heard the show’s remix of “remember the Heroes” by Sammy Haygar,
and features news clips about the late Corporal Mike Roberts’s death.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – 30 Rock’s Judah Friedlander calls in, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for, followed
by Manson’s “me and Hogan” from “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track
16, “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 1” track 22, and “Bubba Show classics
Vol. 5”, track 17. The song is a parody of “Happy together” by The
Turtles, and makes Bubba gay for Hogan. Bubba came on saying that
Judah Friedlander will be on the show in about ten minutes or so, he
then played a bit of “Redneck Shop #2” from “N.F.C” track 14, and
“Ned’s Crank Calls vol. 3”, track 22, Bubba thinks he’ll get to it a
little later on, he cracked up at how the guy answered the phone, he
thinks Ned sounds much younger in the call. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who shot his friend with an arrow, Spice wonders how much
that has to hurt, he thinks an arrow would hurt more than a bullet.
Bubba said that he and Manson took a scissor lift ride yesterday, he
said that being up there was scary, he thanked Scott and Ronnie from
Discount Equipment, he then said that Shirley, Kato’s wife is going
through a tough time. Shirley used to work for a large grocery store,
that has six rotisserie chickens on at all times, some customers came
by and bought them. A woman asked for some chicken, but none were
available, the grocery store made Shirley sign a paper saying she
wasn’t doing her job, Shirley wouldn’t do it, as she showed them the
proof that the chicken was purchased, which is what got her fired.
Bubba said that if you’re looking for someone with 16 years of
experience in a Deli, contact the show. He then took a call from a guy
who thinks Bubba is obsessed with scissor lifts, Manson thinks Bubba
will have one in the studio, Ryan said he’s wide open, he has no use
for his scissor lift, he thinks that some people will help out
Shirley. Judah Friedlander came on, he said there’s no better way to
cool down then with hot chicks. Bubba asked if he has a quiz, Judah
said that he can tell just by looking at a woman. Spice asked if Judah
uses protection, Judah joked that when he sleeps with a woman, she can
be pregnant in eight minutes. Bubba asked if they’ll be doing a sixth
season, Judah said their doing the fifth season, it’ll rap up in
around March. Bubba asked if it’s tough to play a nerd on TV, Judah
said this was why Bubba is a good journalist. Spice said that Judah
was wearing a KFabe hat on the show, Judah said he’s a big wrestling
fan, he loves the word. Bubba said that they’ve shortened it to K5,
Judah said he loves that a lot, he said it’s totally inside. Spice
asked what it’s like working with Larry David, Judah said he’s almost
like he is on the show, except he’s not annoying, he said he took a
dump in the trailer once, which was when a new rule was instated –
flush on contact. Bubba asked Judah about Howard signing, Judah said
its cool, he thought Howard would go to podcast. Bubba said there’s a
big media conspiracy for keeping him down, Judah said he doesn’t like
it, he said that if you read the book, you’ll know how to beat people
up, Amazon sells it for under $12, he joked that it has a value of
$46,000. Bubba said he’s really mad about Judah not getting certain
endorsements, Judah said if he did something for Nike, LeBron James
and Kobey would be out of a job. Bubba said that he heard that
Pacquiao called him up for fighting advice, Judah confirmed this.
Spice asked who would win in a fight – Judah or GSP, Judah thinks he’d
win. Bubba asked how come they don’t have a movie yet, Judah joked
that he goes at a million frames per second, and that cameras wouldn’t
be able to pick up the footage, he joked his book has pictures of him
beating up a ninja and Big Foot. Spice said they were one of the few
media outlets t stick up for Allick Baldwin when he was yelling at his
daughter, Bubba said that was a railroad job, he said that Judah is
really rangy when on “Thirty Rock”, he thanked Judah for coming on,
Judah said that since they’ve touched him, they’re a little better at
Karate. We then heard the Diamond Dave Ninja clip, the guys think Dave
could beat up Judah. We then heard a news clip about a shooting at a
school board meeting, Bubba sarcastically said he was shocked that
this happened in Florida. We then heard a news clip containing the 911
call about the man who was shot in the park in September. We then
heard some diamond Dave clips, Bubba was cracking up, he stopped and
started to comment. Cody said if you’re ten feet away, and you miss
every shot, you’re terrible, and deserve to kill yourself. Spice
doesn’t like how the media is calling an old woman a hero for hitting
the guy with her purse, he thinks that would be like him trying to
take a basketball from The Big Show. Bubba said that he likes how
Barrack keeps up on sports, Manson thinks one of Obama’s guys briefed
him on what happened with the Buccaneers. We then heard the clip,
where Obama thinks the Buccaneers didn’t deserve the victory.
Brent thinks that obama watches Sports, Manson told Bubba and Brent to
live in their fantasy world where Obama watches sports. Bubba said
that several people have been requesting the Jake audio, Spice said
they have that. We then heard the clip from yesterday’s show, where
Bubba is heard questioning Jake on editing the show’s contact, Spice
thinks Jake came across bad, Manson then recapped what he would’ve
said. Bubba thinks that Jake was calling him a piece of crap, he
thinks he’s taking his job way too seriously, Manson then goofed on
Jake, saying how he likes everyone except for bubba. We then heard a
news clip about a teacher having sex with a student. Gina thinks Bubba
was a little hard on Jake, she thinks the supervisors should’ve been
held accountable, she referred to Jake as a pee on. James in Arizona
said he’s going to Scene for New year’s Eve, Bubba said he’ll be
there, he then wondered if the guy is in Arizona, the guy said he’s on
the 101. Bubba said that there will be a Bubba Army gathering at Scene
on new year’s Eve, he told the guy he’ll see him there, he said he’s
expecting 600 of his people to show up at the Christmas party, he then
took a call from a guy who said the show rocks, he told the guys to
keep doing what they’re doing, he wondered what happened to Jake,
Bubba said the minute he returns as the board op, he’s going to opt
out, he feels that Jake just over thinks things. We then heard the
Price is Right theme for a little, Ned said he’ll give bubba the music
when they go to break, he said he likes to walk the high wire of prime
time. We then heard a news clip about a guy who stabbed his parents,
then jumped in front of a train, Bubba wondered what happened with
murderers in the past, he wonders why people don’t say the person was
a dick, the guys think one of the guys in the clip sounds like the
Count. Amy in Georgia said she was glad to hear what was going on
yesterday, bubba told her to have another joint, he then plugged the
new items up at, he then told Ned they will do his no
net next. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – No Net Ned, Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas”. Bubba
told Ned they had two minutes left in Prime time, ned said he’ll make
it work, he was heard on protection, then CB, Bubba joined in a
little. We then heard “Christmas In Killarney” by Bing Crosby, Bubba
said he’s never heard the song, Ned said his song is called “Christmas
In The army”, which is about how there’s no Christmas overseas, he
calls for the troops to be brought home. We then heard the tymbal,
Bubba thinks they should play that for Tucker, Ned thinks he should be
on CB, Bubba thinks he punches through better, he wonders if Tucker
would even by that, Brent thinks he would. Adam said something
happened with his daughter this past Friday, he said she was assaulted
by a basketball team, she ended up getting beaten up, the girl is
getting expelled, Bubba suggested the guy call a reporter, he then
took a call from a guy who said that any gesture going to the ground
will be called, Brent said it’s now a 15 yard penalty if the logo is
shown. The guy said he has an 85 year-old customer, the customer said
she’s going to Texas, she hasn’t seen her family in nine years. Bubba
introduced her to Ned, the woman said her name is Louise, Louise said
her husband passed away, Ned thinks she sounds hot, he asked if she
could make her booty clap, Louise said she stays in shape, Ned thinks
she’s hot, he thinks she’ll need a hip replacement. Bubba told the guy
he’ll put him on hold for a Bubba Army sticker. We then heard Tucker
Carlson’s bumper, Bubba told him he just missed what they just did,
Tucker came on saying that was just nasty. Bubba asked him what he
says, Tucker said he tells the guy Merry Christmas, Bubba then told
him about Ned’s new song, Ned said he’s not sure what Tucker is into,
Tucker thinks we should only be in the Middle East if we need to. We
then heard the song, bubba said that if he had a TV show, he’d play
this, Tucker came on saying it was fantastic, he wonders if the guys
can say “Bring the boys home”, Bubba said Ned is old school, he then
asked Tucker about the casino, tucker said he’s upset about it, he
said it’s sad, he said it passed because of a lot of people not having
a job. Bubba told tucker that the Bubba Army doesn’t forget stuff, he
thinks the Army is fueled by anger, Tucker thinks the Bubba Army’s
drink is FourLoko, he wonders what they’re mad about, Bubba said the
bubba Army is mad about stupid stuff. Tucker said he loves Ron Paul,
he thinks Ron hasn’t helped himself, the guys cracked up when Tucker
couldn’t name where Bin Laden is from. Bubba thinks they should kill
anyone who had knowledge of it, Brent said punishing the Government is
fine, but making our troops nation building is a problem, Tucker said
he’s opposed to it, he said he was the mc of the Ron Paul convention.
Tucker thinks the Wiki Leaks guy wants to hurt the United States,
bubba said they all diss agree, he said that all the information he’s
leaked isn’t an issue, he said the guy has leaked out name calling.
Tucker said that the Wiki Leaks guy hates America, he thinks he should
be killed, Brent said he shouldn’t be killed, Tucker thinks too many
documents are classified. Bubba got on the bullhorn and said that
Tucker was a Journalist, Spice said the guy is just proving America is
too powerful, Tucker thinks we’re just sighting with a Foreigner,
Spice said he’s just a middle man. Brent said had we seen the pentagon
papers before the Gulf of Tonkin, the Vietnam War wouldn’t have
happened. Brent said that on May 13, 1962, documents were printed
saying that we needed to falsely accuse Cuba of something to get an
attack going. We then heard a news clip about the Wiki Leaks guy
getting out on bail, Tucker said he doesn’t put any stock in that, he
said that if we killed Fidel Castro in 1962, we’d be in a better
place. Brent thinks we need to know what Pakistan is saying about us,
and what we’re saying to them, Tucker said they don’t use toilet
paper, Brent said we give them $3,000,000,000 a year. Manson then
goofed on Tucker a little, saying that the upper class people should
know about that, Tucker joked that he hoped one of his servants beat
the guys up, he thinks Michael Moore hates America, Brent said it
looks like someone stuck a pin in him, Brent said they like him, Spice
said he can watch “Fahrenheit 9/11”, and see where he’s wrong. Bubba
asked Tucker about “A Face in the Crowd”, Tucker said it was a great
movie, Brent said the guy gets caught at the end of the movie being a
fake. Tucker said that Glen Beck goes for an hour without a
teleprompter, Brent said he’s a great broadcaster, Bubba said he loves
the delivery, Manson thinks he whores himself out. Brent said he’s
heard Limbaugh attacking gays, Tucker said he’s never heard it, Bubba
thinks ned is into that life style, ned said he blacks out a lot.
Tucker wonders if helps to expose that we’re week, Bubba said there
not even secrets, it’s just name calling, Brent said it shows that the
Arab leaders lie to the people, Tucker wonders if where children, he
said all the Gulf states hate Iran. Bubba said he always likes to say
msnbc, Tucker said that msnbc were his saddle days. Bubba said that
Contessa Brewer went on Out Q, Brent said she can’t go on his show for
some reason. The guys wished him a Merry Christmas, they cracked up
when Tucker said rock on. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Howard Stern Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “moving on up”
sale. Bubba said they’ve got the Howard guys on, Howard said that when
heather is there, he’ll keep Benjy away, Benjy said Heather is cool
with fat dudes, Bubba said he’ll box Benjy. Howard told Benjy to take
a shot, he asked what Bubba’s weight is, Bubba said he’s 293, he said
he would never screw with Fred. Howard thinks Bubba should bonus his
guys, we then heard the pander violation sounder, Howard asked if
Bubba bought a rocket ship. Bubba said the ice cream truck is a
promotional tool. Howard asked if Bubba is one in Tampa, Bubba said
yes, he thinks he’s making the money Howard made at DC 101, he said
things are happening, he thinks Bubba is irresponsible with building a
beach out back, he joked Brent hasn’t seen the sun in seven years.
Bubba said they have a lot of time left in this, he said they like
being at their own place, he said it’ll be a bass fishing beach,
Howard thinks Bubba would throw sharks in the water if someone messed
up, he then remembers when he met Bubba , he said things are popping.
Robin asked if Bubba is getting a new house, Howard mentioned the gym,
Gary was heard in the background mentioning the plane, he then asked
if it confuses the guys screaming poverty, Manson joked this proves
Howard read the email he sent him. Spice said they’ve tried to talk
with Bubba about his money, he said they all do well. Bubba thinks the
guys are good with their money, robin went over some of the stuff
Bubba has, Spice asked why they needed the beach, he said Bubba told
him it was for content, Howard thinks they should do theatre of the
mind, he then asked for Fred to build him a beach, some wave sound
effects were heard, the guys were cracking up at this, he then asked
Bubba where he goes with the plane Bubba said it’s when Tyler has a
race, he said they need to follow the Usack Circuit, Howard joked it
was the Ball Sack circuit, he asked why Tyler does it, Bubba said that
he likes it, he thinks Howard is being a dick today, Spice thinks
Bubba is doing what his Dad wouldn’t let him do, Howard thinks Tyler
will beat Bubba over the head with a brick when he’s older. Bubba said
that he’s asked Tyler about racing, Tyler has often said he’s like it,
he said Tyler won’t rebel, he said his kid is a man’s man, Bubba said
he lifts weights at the gym. Howard asked if Bubba could accept a gay
son, Bubba said he’d accept it, he would make him rugged tough, he
thinks Tyler won’t turn out that way. Howard asked if he’d give his
son away, Bubba asked Fred to help him with this question, Spice
thinks no, Fred said he doesn’t have to worry about that. Bubba asked
for Fred to get more microphone time. Howard said he’d like to be with
the guys for the next five years, he said it would be a bad day if
Bubba isn’t on, he joked he’ll knock up H3eather at the party, Bubba
said he has a Vasectomy, Howard said he’s afraid to do it, Robin asked
when Bubba got that, Bubba said it was during the Spring time, Howard
said he’d like to sit on a bag of pees for a few days, he then asked
if there are any Jewish doctors, he said the new York people use them,
he then asked Bubba about circumcision, Spice said women make fun of
it. Bubba mentioned Ned’s messed up circumcision, Howard said Fred
isn’t circumcised, he joked that the two times he was with Fred
sexually, he caught something. Bubba thinks Howard isn’t man enough to
handle Beth and heather, Howard said he’ll try and satisfy her, he
hopes that they’re together for another five years, Bubba said they’ll
save their next deal with Sirius, Robin said they need to get together
soon. Bubba thinks there the only show that can get Howard on, where
Howard will goof on him the entire time. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Callers
Bubba thinks Spice gave him the new Hollywood Undead yesterday, he
then got sidetracked with his black friend named Alex, he said that
he’ll hook him up with Dave from Back 9, he then plugged Spice said the new song is called “hear me now”,
Bubba said that Van Go is a great Vodka, Spice said they have
different flavors. Bowdeen said that he called Howard to say that
Bubba is top shelf. Bubba took a call from a woman who said she’s in
Orlando, she said her girlfriend’s son was getting picked on, Spice
told her to wrap it up, as Bubba was getting pissed, he thinks this is
like listening to your woman talking about a shoe sale, the guys were
heard making some snoring sounds over the story, they sarcastically
told her it was a good story, Ned called her a stupid bitch. Cody in
Sarasota said he loves the show, he thinks Bubba should stand his
ground on the Jake situation, he said he made a bumper for rock 105,
he said he sent it last night, Bubba said he’ll have the guys look for
it, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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    Ya I just want the name of the band and song. When you ended the show on Dec 15

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