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Top Stories:
Ailing mother-in-law adds twist to the tale
Police: Md. woman tried to cut out unborn baby
Collier “Kick a Jew Day” controversy continues
Auto racing: Danica Patrick announces two-year deal to drive in NASCAR Nationwide Series
Bobby Bowden plans to preach after retirement
Man arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during ‘Going Rogue’ book signing

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Brent’s car, coming up on the show

Bubba started off by saying that today’s iPod was Spice’s; Spice said
that he refreshing the playlist every time his is selected, Bubba
doesn’t want him to put anything dirty on it. Bubba recapped some
sports scores; he thinks if anyone is on the New Jersey Nets, they
should leave now. The guys discussed the Delgotto case, Bubba thinks
they should have him in court exactly how he looked the night of the
murder, he said that had Bush worked on tort reform, he could’ve
forgiven him for Iraq. Brent said his car has a lot more damage than
originally thought, he said how it’s important to have insurance.
Bubba said that the guys like to park in the same spot, he noticed
that Spice’s spot changes, Spice said he does that, as he doesn’t want
Bubba to yell at him. Bubba wonders if Ned has been getting dropped
off at work, Ned said someone is helping him out. Bubba plugged what
they’ve got coming up on the show for today, American Idol’s Randy
Jackson, also Lisa Ling will be calling in, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – B-Fudd calls in, various callers

Bubba said that he’d like to apologize to the affiliates, as he short
spaced them on a segment yesterday. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper,
B-Fudd said he played poker with Frogger, he then did a frog noise,
the guys think they should do animal noises with B-Fudd. The guys
think it’s easy for him to do sounds with a “m” in it, B-Fudd said he
played it on line, Bubba asked him how he does it; B-Fudd said his
username is B-Fudd. The guys have a hard time what he’s saying; Bubba
said that Tiger Woods might have a pill problem. B-Fudd then said some
stuff as a goat; Bubba let him go a few seconds later. Bubba took a
call from a guy who asked why Brent is in a different room, Bubba said
Brent’s job hasn’t changed; he said it’s just where he sits. Brent
said he and Amanda went to the doctor’s yesterday, he said she’s
really hurting, he said he’ll take some pictures of his totaled car.
Bubba said someone gave him a DVD of the video chat with Brent, Spice
thinks it looks like something from the future. We then heard a clip
of Brent asking a question about Brent driving really fast, Brent said
that he only drives fast on the bridge, and that’s all, he thinks
Bubba drives the fastest there, Spice said Bubba and Brent could be
equal. Bubba told Brent he needs to slow down. Jay wondered if Bubba
would expand the pre-order of “Bubba Wonka”, he wants it to be
extended to the beginning of the year. Bubba said that the longer that
he extends it, the longer it’ll take to get distributed. Jay wondered
about Bubba’s pending reality show, Bubba said they’re shopping the
idea to various networks; he thinks the NBA Wives show will be
entertaining. Jay thinks that come 2011, good things will happen.
Bubba said that Howard’s contract is synced up with his, he said
Sirius can step up and re new it or not, he said the distribution
changes, he wonders if Rush has his own studio, Brent said it looks
like a ten year-old put it together. Bubba said he wouldn’t want to
out rule them possibly going back to Clear Channel. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Jennifer Fish

Bubba thinks the bumper music sounds like something you’d hear a club,
Spice as Bubba said he’s eating baked beans. Bubba said he once tried
some ecstasy, he said it was nothing. The first email of the day asked
about the name of Bubba’s engine builder, Bubba said it was guy named
Clay Zeigler. Another email said his Dad is a racecar driver, the
emailer thinks they’re better than Brian Brown. Another email was a
copy of an email they sent to Sirius expressing disgust with Bubba not
being included in the listening preferences, Bubba thanked him for
doing that. Another emailer asked when the bubba Wonka pre sale is
over, Bubba said it was December 15; he then announced that Jennifer
Fish has won the 12 Boobs of Christmas®. Another emailer said they
were hooked on the show after hearing dirt track talk, Bubba told
Spice a guy got hooked on the show because of that. The emailer said
they have since bought three more radios, Bubba said they were really
close to getting a station in Dallas, he’s amazed that Lex and Terry
are still on there. Another emailer wondered where they can get some
Zwigles hotdogs; Bubba and Spice think they’re at Wal-Mart. Another
emailer said they’re trying to get some chicken dip, Bubba said he
ended up buying a tub of it yesterday, he said if you eat the dip out
of the tub, it’s a problem, he thinks you should just scoop it in a
bowl. Bubba told the guys that they can have the chicken dip at the
show, just as long as they hide it from him; he said a guy in a
restaurant is trying to include it. Another emailer asked about a horn
blaster, Bubba said its; he doesn’t know how legal it
is. Another emailer said they need to put the Tiger Woods bits on
iTunes as soon as possible. Another emailer had some nice things to
say about metro PCS. Another emailer loved the puppet theater bit;
Bubba thinks they should continue it. Another emailer asked when Bubba
will be announcing the winners of the online Bubba Wonka contest;
Brent said it’s going to be December 14. The last email of the day
said it was great to hear Larry Byrd on the show. We then heard the
12 Boobs of Christmas® bumper, Jennifer was on, Bubba congratulated
her. Jennifer said she would’ve loved to have slapped Michelle Conti
for not calling in, Bubba suggests you tell ten friends to make sure,
he said they’ve made it incredibly easy. Bubba said he’ll have to give
away two today, he thinks he’s over thinking it. Bubba thinks they
should burn one now, Spice thinks so, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 4 – MJ, Tiger Woods, Lisa Ling calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some cold weather
stuff at, then into Ned’s “White Wife Of Tiger”. Bubba
thinks Spice is cool-guying them with his bumper music selection.
Dylan said he switched over to MJ, he said that Froggy from the show
has stolen Ned’s song about Tiger Woods. Bubba said for years, MJ has
treated people like crap, he hopes the worst for MJ for the rest of
his life, he said he’ll destroy him in court, when he’s no longer
heard in Florida, and when Michelle leaves him, he thinks she’s only
sticking around just for who he is. Bubba thinks Tiger Woods should
fire the yes people in his life, he thinks people are telling him
stuff he wants to hear, he said the longer Tiger is silent, the more
he’s in trouble. Spice and Manson thinks he’s screwed either way you
look at it, Bubba said that they have problem control pr departments,
he thinks Tiger should go on Oprah, he said there’s a way to stop the
bleeding by doing that. Spice said all Tiger will need to do is take
responsibility, then cry a little, Bubba recaps how it should go down.
Manson said if he was Tiger Woods, he wouldn’t do it, Spice said this
stuff isn’t getting any better for him. Bubba thinks they should put
it on at Nine at night, Spice said it would be like the Michael
Jackson special. Tim in Ft. Meyers said that Tiger Woods can’t go on
the air yet. Bubba thinks he’s a genius when it comes to media, he
wonders why he talks behind the mic with his thoughts. Bubba said that
America wants Tiger to man up, Spice said people can say whatever they
want. Bubba thinks America will believe Tiger if he did this, Manson
thinks differently, Bubba said he understands, he’s stunned why
Octomom has a reality show, he said that Tiger Woods’s mom had stomach
pains, we then heard the 911 call about that, he thinks the 911
operator should’ve figured out who it was. Norm on protection thinks
Bubba is a genius, he said they should have an open audience
interview, he said closed interviews don’t come across that well, he
said this will more than likely give him a lot of money, he said he’ll
try and get this done. Bubba thinks he’s been surrounded by yes men
and yes women, he thinks he needs to be set straight. Norm said he’s
in Florida for a few days, he heard Hogan on the show. Bubba went to
Lisa Ling from Nat Geo, she said drug violence has been blanketing
Mexico, she said it’s spilled over to the United States. Bubba wonders
how bad it is, Lisa said that one part near the border has had roughly
1800 murders, Arizona is considered to be the kidnapping capital.
Bubba wonders why it’s the case, Lisa said it’s because the President
of Mexico has declared a war on drugs. Bubba wondered what the major
drug is, Lisa said it’s any drug you can think of, she said they
intercepted over a million dollars of marijuana. Bubba wonders what
happens if marijuana is legalized, Lisa thinks they need to examine
that. Spice asked her about the smuggling trade, Lisa said they
intercepted submarines built by drug dealers, she said some chickens
were stuffed with bags of cocaine. Bubba wondered if it’s a United
States based system, Lisa said it’s all Mexican based, it’s funded by
the United States. Bubba wonders if we secured our borders, would it
do much, Lisa said that until we control the levels of consumption,
it’ll be an on-going fight. Bubba said making marijuana illegal is
absurd, Lisa said she has to be careful on giving an opinion about
that. Spice wondered about Shorty, he wonders if he’ll ever get
caught, Lisa said that Mexico has been hit with a drug problem ever
since the new President, Spice thinks Shorty is a rock star. Lisa said
that the money flows North and the drugs flow south, she said that
guns are against the law in Mexico. Bubba asked about a highway, Lisa
said it’s an un-manned border, she said the border patrol can’t keep
an eye on the border 24 hours a day. Lisa said that Afghanistan has
the most powerful heroin in the world, she said if the drug war is
stopped, it will put people out of work. Spice asked her about her
sister getting captured, Lisa said she gets fired up when covering
stories, Bubba thinks Bill Clinton has swagger, Manson as Clinton
talked to Lisa a little, she thought it was funny. Bubba said they’ll
do anything for her, Spice said she does a great job at reporting
stuff. Bubba announced for Ksenia Meyers has won, Spice wonders if
she’s foreign. Brent said Lisa’s stuff is fascinating, Manson thinks
we should fight them over here, so we won’t have to go over there,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Ksenia Meyers, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Manson’s “Horny Black Guy In The PGA”. Ned thinks the bumper
music sounds like a keyboard with a short in it, Bubba thinks Ned is
on to something. We then heard the bumper, Bubba went to her, Spice
wonders if she’s a Russian bride, she said she already has a husband.
Bubba read the disclaimer, Ksenia said she’s been in America for
Eleven years, Spice thinks she’ll take the guy’s cash and run, Bubba
thinks he’ll get married to a Russian girl. Spice asked her if her
husband is rich, she said not really, she said she’s 25, her husband
is 52, Ned hopes she likes changing diapers, Ksenia said her husband
used to box. Spice goofed on her accent saying “if you’d like to
rock”, Bubba joined in. Bubba asked her if she has any girlfriends,
she said she has a few models, Spice thinks her picture is strong, he
thinks she should lose five pounds in the hips, Bubba thinks Kevin
Vargas can have fun with the previous call. Chris in Miami said he
works for U.S. customs, he said he delt with some of those chickens,
he found 14 pounds of cocaine. Bubba wondered how they stop rich guys,
the guy said it could be anything, he said they can do random
searches. Bubba thinks all we need to do is get the troops out to
secure our own borders, the guy said he doesn’t like being the world
police. Bubba wondered what the sneakiest thing he’s ever seen, the
guy said he saw cocaine in a dead baby, the guy said heroin is the
cheapest drug you can find. Bubba wonders how true to life “Scar Face”
is, the guy said it’s like that. Bubba wondered how tough it is to be
a drug dealer in today’s world, the guy said the cops will find you.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said that his boss has an over flight
permit, he said it gives you the ability to not get caught by customs,
Chris said you’d have to stop to clear customs, he said there’s no way
that will happen. Bubba asked about meth, the guy said it’s made here
in the United States, Bubba thinks they need to regulate Sudafed, he
recapped the Scotty the body story for him, the guy said that uncut
heroin, a kilo of it is about $20,000. Bubba wondered what heroin
looks like, the guy said it’s a tan color, it gets cooked. Spice
wondered about laundering money, the guy said Miami was a central part
of south America. Bubba thanked him for calling in, he thinks Miami is
the wild west. Bubba asked the guys about their new year’s Eve plans,
Spice said his stuff is still up in the air, Brent said he’s going to
New Orleans, Manson said he’ll have a party at his house, Bubba said
he’s scared about going to Miami for New year’s. Daniel said that the
demand for prescription drugs is getting higher, Manson said we just
want to get high. Jason in Miami can’t believe that bubba is giving a
prize to a Communist, Spice said she doesn’t have a mustache. Bubba
went back to the 911 call, Spice thinks they were arguing over who
called 911, Bubba thinks this has turned into a circus, Manson thinks
it’s all about hype. Mark thinks the news got it screwed up by saying
she was transported by paramedics who have the capabilities for life
support. Bubba thinks everyone should go home and leave them alone, we
then heard manson’s “tiger Woods Song”. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Blish from Orlando calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the dollar
preview. Bubba said that Howard really likes Bubba Raw Volume 4, he
wondered when the Ned Dragons shirt is coming out, he said it’s going
to be the show’s first project with Skin Industries. Bubba announced
for Janet Layug to call in, Spice really likes her picture, we then
heard some Paper Tongues, Spice said he liked it. Bubba asked for
Michelle Felices to call in. Blish in Orlando said he’s been covering
the Tiger Woods situation, he missed Bubba’s thoughts on what Tiger
should do now, Blish said that the turnout near the hospital was so
big, you would think Tiger had died. Bubba thinks they should break
now, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Randy Jackson on the phone

Bubba thinks Randy Jackson is a big star to be calling them up, Spice
thinks it’s amazing to know the bands Randy has been associated with.
Randy came on asking what was going on, he said it’s early, he said he
knows what it’s about. Bubba said Ben is a good friend of there’s, he
thinks Paper Tongues will have the same feel. Randy said it’s nice to
see stuff that is original, Bubba thinks Randy has to see some crappy
stuff. Randy said he’s been in ANR for a while, he said something has
to move you, he said this band has a lot of stuff in it. Spice said
there’s a bunch of guys in the project, Randy said he was trying to
get thirteen guys, he ended up with seven guys, Bubba said a group
like that can cause some problems. Bubba asked who the biggest dick of
all has been, Randy said everyone has their moments, he said the music
should be better than the moments. Bubba said the big thing about
Steven Parry is the backbone of Journey. Bubba said Simon must be a
talented guy, Randy said he’s a smart guy. Spice asked about Steven,
Randy said he has breakfast with him periodically, he thinks Steven
didn’t like being on the road so much. Bubba wondered how bad the road
is, Randy said it’s a great thing to do. Bubba wondered what made
Paper Tongues so appealing,
Randy said he looks at stuff all the time, he said those guys moved
him in a different way. Spice wonders if Randy gives the group a pep
talk, Randy said he tries to part his wisdom on them, Bubba said he
and Randy are like turtles. Bubba thinks Idol can make a marginal
person a star, Randy said agreed with Bubba on that, he said you
should look at the people who have been on that show, only three of
them have been really big, he said he tells the winners that they’ll
be jumping in the ring with various people, Bubba said it’s the
reverse of what happens. Randy said they tell the contestants the
truth, but never listen. Spice wonders if Randy gives contestants
advice after, he said Carry Underwood was the best at what she did.
Bubba wondered what happened to Rubin, Randy said he was making the
wrong music. Bubba asked about Randy’s new show, Randy said they’re
recording new shows in January. Spice wonders about the money, Randy
said everything is about being a passion project, he said the new show
was just another creative moment. Bubba hopes Randy isn’t leaving
money on the table, Randy thinks he and Bubba should talk. Bubba ran
by his Tiger Woods idea, Randy said the one thing Tiger doesn’t need
is more money, he thinks Bubba should be in Television. Spice wondered
if Randy knew that Pala was pilled up, Randy said she’s a good girl,
Spice said she could bang down a pill bottle, Manson said she’s the
female Hasselhoff. Bubba said he knew that Lue Pearlman was weird, he
recapped a time with Hogan, Randy thinks Bubba’s info about Pearlman
is a shock, Bubba said that a preacher found nude pictures of Brooke
on Pearlman’s computer. Spice asked about Brooke Hogan, Bubba thinks
she should’ve gone country, Randy thinks she should be the hip-hop
girl. Bubba recapped the situation with Scot Storp, Spice said he
hates that guy with a passion. Bubba said God played a mean trick with
black people as far as aging goes, Randy said that black doesn’t
crack. Randy said he lived in New York for about four years, Bubba
wonders how he went to Italy, Spice thinks he wanted to be the only
black guy there. Bubba asked Randy his favorite song by Paper Tongues,
Randy said he loves all the songs on the record, he thinks the guys
are funny, he said they love Howard. Bubba thinks they should send
Randy some stuff, he said randy is the only guy he could hang out
with. Spice asked him what he likes by today’s standards, Randy said
he likes Muse. Bubba thanked him for coming on, we then heard
“Trinity” by Paper Tongues, the website is They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Michelle Felice, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard OPM as bumper music. Bubba thinks
Randy is money, Manson said he seemed really cool, Spice said he still
hates American Idol. Bubba said that Michelle Conti was on to ask for
her boobs back, we then heard a bumper for the contest. Bubba went to
Janet, he congratulated her for winning the contest, Janet said she
was excited, she said she’s been listening every day, she said she
through her papers in excitement, Bubba thinks she’s very beautiful,
she said she’s half Philipino and half Polish, Ned thinks she’s a
stupid Latin girl. Bubba said Michelle in Miami will be getting the
boobs, Bubba went to Michelle Conti, he asked her how sick she is for
missing out, she said it’s funny that another Michelle is taking her
place, she said it’s ment to be, Spice thinks they should stay on the
line while they take the winner. Bubba went to Michelle in Miami, he
congratulated her, he thinks he should hang up on Michelle Conti for
talking so much. Bubba said an alternate has never missed out on,
until now, Michelle in Miami said she felt lucky, she said she’s 22,
she said she works at Hooters, Bubba hung up on the other Michelle.
Michelle said she’s from Orlando, she saw it on Twitter, she said
she’s been listening over the internet, Spice goofed on her voice a
little. Bubba asked her what her full name is, Spice thinks they
should quiz the contestants next year, Bubba thinks he feels stupid,
Manson thinks nothing she says make sense, Bubba told her that Ms.
Teen south Carolina called for her personality back. Bubba said the
trivia will be obvious stuff that people will know, he dished out some
examples, Spice wishes they had that in effect. Bubba goofed on her
voice, Spice joined in, Ned hopes there was a type-o on her
application. Bubba took a call from a guy who said Randy Jackson was
great to talk to, he thinks bubba should hire him, bubba said he
couldn’t afford that. Brian in Brandon turned out to be a prank
caller, Bubba wonders if they’ll ever find out who that is. We then
heard a clip of Chas Bono talking about being a man, Bubba wants
someone to shoot him. We then heard a clip about Bobby Bowden wanting
to do the Lord’s work, Manson thinks this is going to be an easy job.
We then heard a news clip about the Whitehouse crashers, Bubba wonders
why they’re even covering this, Brent said the fifth amendment is for
people who have committed a crime. We then heard a news clip about a
guy who throwing a tomato at Sarah Palin, Bubba said he wouldn’t
advocate it, Brent said the guy didn’t know how to throw, Bubba thinks
you’re in trouble if you throw a tomato and it hits a cop, Spice
thinks you should just yell that you messed up. Bubba thinks one of
the people in the clip sounds like a yenta. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said Randy Jackson was awesome, he said some Bubba signs are
in Naples, he said the guy in the ax commercial is a professional
skater. Bubba said he’s gotten emails from people who think he’s being
hypocritical in regards to riding your bike around the block without a
helmet. We then heard a 911 call about David Hasselhoff, Spice thinks
he needs a life alert, bubba thinks he should call 911 and say it’s
Dave, Manson thinks David puts his daughter through hell. Ned thinks
he could hang out with David, Bubba thinks ned wouldn’t be able to
keep up with him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

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