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December 8th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Today’s recap goes out to Eva Lee, Stephanie Curtis and Shelby
Cantonwine, as they all won the Twelve Boobs of Christmas.
Congratulations ladies!

Segment 1 – Starting off the show

The show started off with some Jackal, Bubba came on saying that Jesse
will be on next week, Brent said he’ll be on Monday. Bubba said that
in Charleston, it’s 19 degrees, he said that he just saw Robin Mede
throw it over to someone, Manson said it’s 29 at his house, Bubba said
that it was 42 at his house, Spice thinks Manson is in the middle of
nowhere, Manson said that it sucks, he said his whole lawn was covered
in frost. Bubba thinks they’re old timers by talking about this, the
guys then did some old man voices talking about the Weather, Bubba
thinks Ned is on a tall boy, Ned said he’s on a pbr, Bubba then said
that they’ll be announcing some more names with the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, he thinks Friday will be the last Satellite show, he then
said that the Insane Clown Posse will be on later today, Spice sad
they made their movie in house, he said that they believe in God,
which is considered big news, Bubba thinks he’ll call them out for
that, Manson thinks they’re phony Bologna Christians, like everyone
else. Bubba said that Chris Dingman will be on tomorrow, he wonders
what the weather is like up in Calgary, he said that he was at 2001
last night, Spice said he’ll be there next Wednesday, he said he
rarely eats at a gentleman’s club, but he likes it there, Bubba thinks
Chris Rock is the best Chef he knows, he then said he eats Cheese Eggs
every morning at 5, he eats again at 8. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Ned Fliction
shirt, followed by Link and Park. Bubba said the new ned shirt is
pretty nice, Ned said he loves it, Bubba thinks that today is when
they’ll be getting the pink fleece, he said you’ll have plenty of time
to do some Christmas shopping at Seelock came on saying
that Bubba talked to a guy named Johnny, Bubba asked what the guy
does, Seelock said that the guy was interviewed about a gang (October
13, 2010), bubba thinks he talked about the gangs a few months ago,
Ned said he was going to gouge out Pantera’s eyeballs. Dave in West
palm asked how the meeting went yesterday, Bubba said he swung for the
bleachers, but got a double, he thinks he had to slid into second base
with that, he then said the radio business is hard to figure out, as
they’re number one in a market they’re not even in, he said the
ratings are usually two weeks behind. Spice said the guy will be able
to hear them in about a month or so, Bubba told the guy to remember, Brent said you’ll be able to go to for the
application. Bubba said that he should burn one up, as he has B-Fudd
on hold. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – B-Fudd calls in, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard
Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. Bubba said that he loves the song;
Manson said it’s great, he then sarcastically said it’s not as good as
the “Glee” version; he then said that it was disgusting. Bubba said he
needs to get the clicks out of his iPod, he then started and stopped
the song to comment on the lyrics, however he quickly got bored with
that, he then went on to say that if you drop off a toy at 2001 from
now until the night of Dec. 17, your first lap dance will be free.
Spice said that kids toys are ridiculously cheep, he thinks he’s going
to go overboard with Tasha’s son. We then heard B-Fudd’s bumper, he
came on saying that Wesley Snipes still thinks he’s not doing anything
wrong, Bubba said he loves him to death, but the judicial system is
complicated, ned thinks he should go back to doing what he originally
did, Bubba mentioned the Fetus role-play (November 11, 2008), he then
dumped him for cursing, he wasn’t sure what he was saying though, he
then said that Larry Byrd texted him, saying that he wished Ned was
with him. B-Fudd said that he sent hammil something, he called him
Daddy hammil, Bubba thinks this could be content, Spice wondered why
he calls him that, Bubba thinks that’s the case, B-Fudd said calling
Hammil “Daddy hammil” makes him feel better. B-Fudd said he thought he
saw Bubba on TV, he was watching the Discovery channel, it was just a
Hippopotamus, the guys cracked up at that. Bubba thinks they should
play some sound effects and have him describe them. We heard Tonk the
Bear, B-Fudd said Bear; the guys had a hard time understanding what he
was saying. We then heard a snake; B-Fudd said a “wire Snake”. We then
heard a dog growling, B-Fudd said Pit Bull. We then heard a horse
galloping; B-Fudd said Manson’s horse, saying the name was Butter cup.
We then heard the sound of pigs feeding, B-Fudd said that was Bubba at
feeding time, this had the guys laughing their asses off; Spice was
heard saying B-Fudd had got him with that one. We ten heard some
rickets, B-Fudd said night time, he then said Crickets. We then heard
a duck; B-Fudd said it was a Duck. We then heard a bird, B-Fudd said
eagle. We then heard a rooster, the guys cracked up at the way he said
it, Manson thinks they should have a B-Fudd See and Say. We then heard
a cat, B-Fudd asked for a replay, he ten said cat. We then heard the
sound of a kid crying, Bubba joked it was Brent on Jack Daniels
(October 2, 2009), B-Fudd then acted like Brent did on that day, Bubba
sad he was amused by all this. We then heard some bowling pins, B-Fudd
said bowling, Bubba thinks he said boring. We then heard a woman
screaming, Bubba joked it was Amanda; Brent wondered if they had to
start with him on that, he sarcastically thinks they’re having a
blast. We then heard some cards shuffling; B-Fudd said what it was. We
then heard a helicopter, the guys cracked up at B-Fudd’s way of saying
it. We then heard the God Father music, B-Fudd said what it was, he
was able to do this with the Olympic theme, the Price is right theme,
the Jeopardy theme, and the Rocky theme. Bubba thinks B-Fudd should do
the Special Olympics; B-Fudd said he’s never seen it. The first email
of the day said that she’s upset the show isn’t on in Miami anymore,
she thinks its lill’ Wayne radio there, Bubba thinks they should do a
follow-up call with the woman in Charleston who doesn’t like them.
Another emailer didn’t like the way Bubba treated Jen from Orlando,
the emailer said they were burning all their Bubba Army stuff, the
emailer further said the pagan potheads show was horrible, Manson said
the guy should’ve left, Spice thinks the guy is a multy tasker. Bubba
said the fans determined Jen’s fait, he said she’s in secure by saying
that she’s hot, he sarcastically thinks she’s classy, he called the
emailer a pussy boy. Another emailer said they heard the “White Guys
In the NBA” bit, Bubba said it’s on iTunes (not on iTunes yet).
Another emailer said that they were in Albertson’s, a worker was heard
saying they’ll be getting more cases, Manson said that was nice.
Another emailer said that after a six year marriage, his wife asked
for a divorce, as she found another man, the emailer said without the
show, he would’ve gone crazy, Bubba thinks he couldn’t be that calm,
he said that will have some great stuff soon, he thinks
that by the time they leave for vacation, everything will be up.
Another emailer asked how far Scene is from the Down town hotel, the
emailer said that Bubba is huge in the NHL world. Jen in Ohio said she
was listening yesterday, she thought that Jen in Orlando was an idiot,
she thinks any woman who has self respect wouldn’t do something like
that, Bubba thinks that she controlled her own destiny, he said he
handles people the way they are. Bubba thinks if the girl reminds you
of how hot she is, it’s a red flag. Doug in Homestead said he can pick
up the show on 96.1, he wonders if it’s the weather, or if the signal
was ampt up, Bubba hopes that the people in Miami will have a chance
to hear them. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Twelve Boobs of Christmas – Eva Lee, Wesley Snipes audio

Bubba came on saying he has the Twelve Boobs of Christmas to get to,
but decided to play a Christmas bit before getting to it. We then
heard Manson’s “Who Wants To Get A Christmas Present” from “Bubba’s
Holiday Classics Vol. 1” track 18, and “The Holiday Cd” disc 1, track
16. In the bit, Manson as Regis Philbin hosts a game show with some
kids, in the style of “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?” The first kid
is asked: “which one of these is not the name of Santa Claus?”

A. St. Nick
B. Chris Cringle
C. Nicolas Cage

The kid guesses B, and is denied a Ferby. The second kid is asked: “on
the Fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”

A. 5 Golden rings
B. 5 French Hens
C. A Case of Chlamydia

The kid guesses B, and gets denied a Pokémon Game boy. The last kid is
asked: “Santa can deliver toys to billions of kids in one night

A. He’s filled with the magical spirit of Christmas
B. He’s on a variety of Methamphetamines
C. There is no Santa

The kid guesses A, and is denied a $5,000 check. Regis says that Santa
is just a lie conjured up by parents to keep kids happy, he then
proclaims that the kids won’t get any presents from him or Santa,
further saying that Santa is dead, and that the kids are brats. Bubba
came on saying that Spice will be at the McDonalds in New port Richy
tomorrow, he said Ned loves the McRib, he thinks ned just says his
name, he then recreated a scene with ned about that, where Ned asked
for some McRib, fries and some chocolate shakes, as well as an apple
turnover, and a Diet Coke, he said that he needs to feed the tape
worm. Walt in Charleston said bubba is doing a great job, he then got
hung up on for cursing. Bubba said he needs to let the delay build
back up, the guys then talked about Albert Haynesworth getting cut,
Brent said he’s been a negative effect on the Redskins, more than a
positive one. Bubba then announced for Eva lee to call in, as she has
won the contest, he then told the guys that they can bring whoever
they’d like to the Scene Christmas party on Dec. 20. Spice asked if RJ
is still banned, Bubba thinks they should keep him around, Manson
thinks they should let him start again in the beginning of next year.
We then heard a news clip about Wesley Snipes not filing his taxes,
Bubba said he doesn’t’ care how much money you have, you still need to
file. Spice said that Nicolas Cage foolishly spent money and lost
track of it, he then said that if you’re a big star and you lose track
of your money, you’re an idiot, Bubba thinks he’s had plenty of
chances, Brent said he could’ve settled with the IRS to avoid all
this. We then heard the Twelve Boobs of Christmas sounder, Eva Lee
came on, she said she listens to the show and heard her name, she said
it’s a great Christmas present. We then heard a clip of Wesley Snipes
talking on the Larry King show. Bubba wondered if the judge was being
unfair, Brent said there’s no chance of that, he said plenty of tax
payers go to jail for not filing, Bubba then goofed on Larry’s voice,
he then wonders why three misdemeanors would rack up, Brent said that
they’re about a year in jail, he let them run together, he said Wesley
was extremely cocky, Spice sad he had a really cocky swagger about
himself when he entered the court room. Bubba said that they file
quarterly, Spice said you need to make sure you’ve got your stuff in
check, he then goofed on Wesley in the clip, he said he likes when
Larry asks a question for Wesley, but the lawyer steps in and answers
it. Bubba said that if he doesn’t sign, he wouldn’t get a refund, he
then suggested Larry just stop, Brent said he sounds like death on the
microphone, Manson asked who was watching this, Brent said the ratings
for CNN have been horrible as of recent. Bubba and Spice goofed on
Wesley talking about his movie, “The boopity song” from “Bubba Show
classics Vol. 11”, track 23 was heard. Bubba thinks Spice was dead on
with his theory, Manson said that had Wesley not been cocky, he
would’ve gotten off, Bubba said he was stressed out during his hog
trial (February 25, 2002), he then played “the boopity song” during
the Wesley Snipes clip, Brent thinks the lawyer sounds like Faracon.
Bubba said he feels for the guy, he thinks he’ll serve 80% of the jail
time, Manson said if you don’t file your taxes, it’s on you. Bill on
protection said the guys are doing a great job, he said he worked with
a cousin of Wesley’s who had the same name, he left to be a body guard
for him, he saw drugs and illegal activities, Ned told him to get to
the good stuff, he admonished the caller for glossing over the
details. We then heard “the Boopity Song” through various settings, he
then fooled around with the settings for a few minutes, he said he was
having a party, Spice said he didn’t know what was going on over
there. Steve in Sarasota said that he was bummed out to see Bubba
dropping out of a race, Bubba said that he can’t make it, he thinks
Anthony Surgey will beat them, he then said that Elizabeth Edwards
died, we ten heard a news clip about that. Bricen in Charleston said
he loves the show, he said that his company won’t allow him to say
“happy Holidays” when dealing with clients, Bubba wonders how all this
happened. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Twenty-Five Cent update, Twelve Boobs of Christmas -
Stephanie Curtis, Hulk Hogan and Charlie Crist

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Manson’s “Lill’ Wayne Night Before Christmas”
from “bubba show Classics Vol. 13”, track 13. We then heard “Blinded
By The Light” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Bubba came on saying
“merry Christmas, Bitch”, he then said he’s looking for Stephanie
Curtis, as she has won the contest, he then said he feels bad for
Sluggo, as he might’ve messed up his sweat shirt, Brent said that
Sluggo had said it was just the zipper, Bubba hopes it was a skin, Ned
thinks he didn’t buy it. Twenty-five Cent came in, he said “Happy
Quanza”, Bubba thinks the music Spice had selected sounded like
something out of the 80’s. Spice said that as White people, they’ve
got some good Christmas music. We then heard “Ike Turner’s Romantic
Christmas” from the Dawn Patrol, Bubba said this is from the WEBN
days. In the bit, Ike sings about Christmas, with his own twist on it,
asking for beer and cocaine. A woman is giving a testimonial about the
album, but is cut off by a punch. This bit currently does not appear
in the catalog. Devon said that in Vermont, her kid wasn’t allowed to
say “Merry Christmas”, Bubba said he’d send his kid to school with a
“Merry Christmas” shirt. Greg said that people may not believe in
Jesus, but there’s nothing wrong with saying “Merry Christmas”, Bubba
said he’s Politically corrected out, the guy thinks the people who
complain about it should work on that day. Bubba asked Twenty-five
what was new in his world, Twenty-five said he’s near the hood, Brent
thinks he’s not in the hood, Twenty-five said he should follow him
home some day, he said you see crack heads from his bedroom, he said
he doesn’t care, Spice thinks Twenty-five would make for a horrible
Neighborhood watch. Spice asked what he’d do if he saw a crack dealer
giving a kid crack, Twenty-five said that wouldn’t happen, he said a
lot of the people there are around his age or younger, he said the
cops keep the crime down. Bubba said he’s never seen Twenty-five hang
out with a black person, Ned thinks he’s a self hating black,
Twenty-five said he doesn’t know a lot of black people, Spice thinks
meeting a white person is tough, he then goofed on him in a white
voice. Twenty-five said he hangs with Buck Wheat, Manson did his Buck
Wheat character, Bubba was cracking up. Manson as Buck Wheat thinks
that he and Twenty-five would be denied entrance in a club.
Twenty-five said he goes to a rib spot to hang out, Ned thinks it’s
racist, Spice said that would be like a single white guy hanging out
qt Publix. Bubba thinks they should do an all black party for
Twenty-five at Scene, Twenty-five said he went to Scene recently and
got in, Bubba joked that the other half would deny him entrance. Bubba
said that Keith McCants got arrested for possession of cocaine, he
thinks he lives very close to him, Spice then went over his rap sheet.
The guys think he didn’t play in the nfl for that long, Spice said
that Ian Beckles texted him saying that Keith got a two million dollar
signing bonus. Bubba thinks he could bail him out and get him in for
an interview, he thinks Ian may have been on the same team with Keith,
he said that Keith had so much money, he asked Bubba to get him an ass
pad, he then recapped what he bought, he then recapped a phone call he
got from Keith about the pad. Jamie said that The Cubs signed Carlos
Peña for one year, at $10,000,000, Bubba thinks the Cubs are idiots
for making that deal. We then heard the Twelve Boobs of Christmas
bumper, Stephanie Curtis came on, bubba thanked her for participating,
he thinks he should visit Keith in jail, with Fabrizi as protection.
Bubba wondered if he put the bond up and Keith was to skip out, would
he lose the bond money only, Brent said yes. Spice thinks Keith should
do the Bubba Saw Challenge, Bubba thinks it’s not a good idea, he
thinks he would kill someone. We then heard the top five countdown
bumper, this time its top 40. We then heard Kesha’s “We Are Who We
Are”, Bubba said he gets it, but doesn’t like it. We then heard “Like
A G6”, the guys think the song is horrible, Bubba wonders how many
times the artist can say like a G6 in the song. We then heard Pink’s
latest, Bubba said that at least it’s someone who has talent. We then
heard “Just A Dream” by Nelly, Bubba said that he likes it, Spice said
he’d like to hear a rapper sound this good in concert. We then heard
Rahanna’s latest, Bubba said the DJs at Scene play this one, he said
he just looks disgusted when he’s there, he then did a remix of some
old songs and some new ones. Spice said that if he heard a club doing
that, he’d just walk right past it. Bubba said he has Charlie Crist on
the phone, Charlie came on saying he’s working hard for them, he said
that today they’ll be talking about Jim Morrison, Bubba thinks he got
railroaded. Spice said he heard that Charlie might be working for
Morgan and Morgan, Charlie said he’s a nice guy, he then said that
once a decision has been made about Jim, he’ll cal in. We then heard
one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Hogan came on saying that Jesse Ventura
isn’t a smart guy, Spice said he finds him interesting, Hogan said
everyone knew that when Jesse would talk, it would be a lie. Bubba
asked if he was a big draw, Hogan said no, but he was on top years
ago. Bubba said there’s nothing that can come out that would surprise
people, as it was all used against Hogan, Hogan said unless he did
something while he was sleep walking. Bubba asked him about his size,
Hogan thinks he’s a 54 in a jacket, and his waste is about a 38. Bubba
asked to talk with J bird, Jennifer came on, Bubba thinks he wasn’t in
the right place when it comes to buying his suit, Spice said it’s S&K
Men’s wear, he said that it’s shut down in the particular location,
Bubba said he doesn’t’ want Men’s Warehouse, he thinks S&K has stuff
that he would like, he then announced for Shelby Cantonwine to call
in, as she won the contest. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Golf Cart Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Toys for Tatas” on
Dec. 17, followed by “12 Days of Bubba” from “Bubba’s Holiday Classics
Vol. 1”, track 7.

1. A Suckup to his boy Fabrizi
2. Two Unused thesauruses
3. Three Kidney Stones
4. Four Corndogs
5. Five Naked Buccaneers
6. Six Oral Jobs for Spice boy
7. Seven Minutes of Planet Bubba commercials
8. Eight Lies from Cowhead
9. Nine Negro listeners
10. Ten Vacuums Sucking
11. Eleven Personals itching
12. Twelve Lawsuits pending

We then heard “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Bubba said he
doesn’t want ned to boss hog his way to Fairway Golf Carts, Manson
thinks he got a go cart from them, Bubba said that will be for Toys
for Tatas, for the guys who will be pulling in with trucks. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Twelve Boobs of Christmas – Shelby Cantonwine, Wiki Leaks
Founder discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Moving On Up”
sale. Bubba thinks he found his savior, he said his current golf cart
is a lemon, he said he sent it to a guy, who totally messed it up for
him, he said it’s currently in a bunch of pieces at his house, he
thinks the guy was taking pictures of his cart, he then went over the
stuff that Fairway Golf Carts will do for you, he suggested they make
that a rotator up on for that, Manson said he’s delt with
Dave the owner, he said he’s a great guy. Shelby Cantonwine came on,
Bubba congratulated her for winning, he then said that Bob Beckles is
a jackass, Spice said that the guy called for the assassination of the
Wiki Leaks guy, we then heard the clip about that, Manson said it
makes no sense, Spice said the whole thing is insane. We then heard a
news clip about the Wiki Leaks founder turning himself in. Bubba then
read an article about the Wiki Leaks guy’s troubles, Spice said it’s
strange how the media can turn the guy into such a bad guy, he wonders
how a broken condom could be considered rape, he thinks that the guy
is not a rapist, ned thinks the guy could be the World’s Greatest
rapist. Bubba said that had the guy been endangering our troops, that
would be a big problem, Spice said he wouldn’t have the stones to do
what the guy did. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – A ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas, followed by Ned’s “Reverse Zobby da”, where Ned uses Carney
to wish the listener a happy Holiday season. This bit is not in the
catalog as of this writing. Bubba came on saying that they were done
for the day, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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