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Top Stories:
Tiger Woods gets traffic ticket for accident
Vokoun leaves game with head injury
Ex-Miss Argentina dies after plastic surgery on butt
Seattle cop killer suspect shot, killed by police early Tuesday
Will Obama’s war become his Vietnam?
Three arrested in ‘ginger-bashing’ at California school
Hillsborough’s Pam Bondi running for attorney general
Missing boy, mom reunited

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Obama’s speech, Palin’s book

The show started off with Ned’s thoughts on Tiger Woods via Bubba said he played that as he got some emails about it,
Ned said he should email Bubba more often. Bubba said Elvis emailed
him with a breakfast question, Bubba wrote him back saying that he’d
like extra cheese. He then went on to recap some sports scores, the
guys then commented on Obama’s speech last night, Brent thinks it
sounded like George W. Bush at the end, Spice said he rolled the dice
with thirty thousand lives. Brent said no one can explain the Health
care bill. Bubba thinks we’re hapless for buying a million copies of
Sarah Palin’s book; Spice likes how she’s doing signings in a
retirement community. Bubba thanked Neil from for
paying for the Homeless Thanksgiving, he said that’s Ned’s homepage,
Ned thinks it would be a good icebreaker, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba doesn’t get various shows, hockey discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live chat with
Brent later tonight. Bubba said the bumper music is provided by Dave
Rice, he then went over some birthdays, Spice said Britney Spears has
lived the life of a 50 year old. Bubba wonders how tough it is to sign
a tennis ball; Spice said the sharpies get ruined when that happens.
Brent said his live chat tonight is going to happen at Eight tonight,
as opposed to Seven. Bubba thinks Seasons 52 is opening very soon,
Brent said he gave it a good look today, he thinks it will be open
today. Walt in Orlando said he’s glad that the guys have a good number
in the ratings; Bubba said he’s glad to know that. Bubba doesn’t get
how shows like Lex and Terry, John Boy and Billy, and Bob and Tom.
Bubba remembers the old Ron and Ron show, Walt said he misses them.
Bubba read about the Florida Panther who almost got his ear chopped
off. Bubba described how it went down, the guys said “Oh man” when it
happened, Bubba thinks the guy almost got his head cut off, he likes
how one of the players is named Ballard. Manson thinks the guy should
have a jersey on that says “Mr. Poopy Pants”, Bubba thinks they should
do that. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – The guys discuss the war

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into the Westin and Berlin collaboration “Bubba Clem Is Going to Gain
Weight Tonight”. Bubba likes how Charlie Christt ran State Farm out of
town; Brent likes how he’s moving the Chicago Cubs’ spring training
from Arizona to Naples. Bubba said that today, McDonalds is having the
$0.49 hamburgers and $0.69 cheeseburgers. We then heard a news clip
about Obama’s speech, Spice likes the term Afghan security, Bubba
wonders who made us the experts in the World. Manson said all we’re
doing is just going over there for other motives; Bubba doesn’t like
how Obama says Pakistan. Bubba thinks they should do what Ragon had in
mind, he said he hasn’t seen an Arabian guy on a plane, Spice thinks
all they’re doing is kid stuff with monkey bars. Bubba said there have
been terrorist acts long before Bush was in power; he said the Taliban
is the new boogey man. Manson said they’re making us pussies, Bubba
said it’s the cost of doing business, he said he’s tired of being the
World police. Brent thinks it started with World War II, he said Ragon
was the only guy to calm it down. Bubba thinks Ragon operated the
country with a Capital 1 Credit card, Spice and Manson said they
didn’t vote for him. Bubba said we make the Taliban out to be studs,
he thinks it’s the pussyfication of America to fear them; he thinks
that we have the technology to get out. Spice thinks Bubba makes a lot
more sense than any other political figures. Bubba said if he was in
charge, he’d pull all the troops out, he’d then hang the threat of
bombing countries if they don’t give him Bin Laden. Brent thinks
McCaine is in the clip, Bubba said he should’ve known by the dentcher
lisp. Bubba wonders if a lot of it is about Religion, Manson said it
is. Bubba said the only part of America where you can’t have Freedom
of Speech is the Military, Brent said this is the case. We then heard
a clip from Obama’s speech; Bubba thinks Grady Judd should go over
there. Bubba said he doesn’t know as much about Vietnam, Ned said it
was a party over there. Bubba thinks they should be like ghetto Dj
that interjects commentary. Bob on protection said they have to do
what their told, he said after the speech was made, his head dropped,
Bubba thinks they should burn a timeout, he wonders what our troops
have died for. Bob said they died defending our country, Bubba said
he’s not being disrespectful to the troops, he thinks they died do to
flawed leaders. Bubba wants our men and women back home to secure the
boarders; Bob said he doesn’t want to go back over there, he said no
one wants to go back. Bubba wonders why the guys can’t protect him in
America. Bob said he likes Bubba’s idea of turning them into a parking
lot, but it can’t be done. Bubba doesn’t like how our men and women
are over there acting like pussies. Spice said the Taliban can release
a statement that freaks us out; Bubba said its pro wrestling. Sean
wonders why we can’t drop nukes on them like we did in Japan; Bubba
said we can’t, as everyone has to have rights, he likes when we bombed
Libya. Ned said all this war talk was freaking him out, he said he
needed to have a Miller Lite, he had a flashback, Bubba told him there
was no need to do that, Ned thinks he’s over thinking everything,
Bubba said he’s mind screwing Ned all day. Bubba thinks he could run a
good POW camp, Brent said he would make stuff up to get weed and
girls. Shannon said we should’ve gone to Afghanistan on September 12,
2001 and blown it up. Bubba said he doesn’t care about their women and
children, Manson goofed on her accent, Spice asked her about common
sense, Bubba said he gonged her, Bubba then Eviled her a few seconds
later. Mike said he’s getting ready to hit his third deployment in
five years, he said it all boils down to protecting the people. Bubba
wonders why we need to care about that stuff going on over there, Mike
said we shouldn’t care, Bubba hung up on him, he thinks other
Countries won’t help them out when they’re in shambles, Brent said the
other countries will just laugh at them. Bubba said he was watching
something on TV last night, which featured gpss with hunting. Bubba
said technology has much to do with it, he thinks the people who
disagree with him on this are pussies, he said he has his rights,
Spice said he just wants the troops to come home. Bubba thinks all we
need is Rodney King or Grady Judd over there; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Cop killer, Mili Cyrus discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the $1.00
preview. We then heard “The Decider” from “Best of George W. Bush
Bits”, track 8. In the bit, Bush flies to a house, meeting up with
Arnold, who needs his help with illegal immigrants. Bush decides that
the one good thing about Mexicans is that they’re not black. He
elaborates, only to get caught off guard with Obama and Hillary
breaking in; Bush ends up kicking their asses. Arnold wonders if he
could be President, Bush tells him no, as he’s a robot from the
future. Bubba said if you have a bike, this Sunday is Jim Harley
Davidson’s 22nd annual toy run, he said Jim’s wife is really good with
what she does, as Jim died years ago, he said he’ll try to be there,
Spice said he’s thinking about riding in it. For more information, go
to, Ned thinks he should go, Bubba said he was very
impressed with Ned’s trike. Brenda in Georgia said what obama said
struck a nerve with her, she is a military spouse, she doesn’t like
how the guys who are coming back with ptsd aren’t discussed, Bubba
said it’s the bad cost of war, one you can’t put a price on, he thinks
fighting for your family shouldn’t cause these kinds of problems.
Spice said his Dad was different when he came back from Vietnam, Brent
said no one is the same when they come back. Manson said a magnet on
your car doesn’t do much. We then heard a news clip about a cop
killing the guy in Seattle, Spice said he wouldn’t help out a friend
if a situation like that was to go down. Bubba said his step daughter
went to the Mili Cyrus concert, he thinks scalping shouldn’t be a
problem, he said he got the tickets with his American Express card, he
said you don’t get Mili Cyrus tickets, you have to bring your card to
the event. Manson said if you’re willing to pay $2,000 to see Mili
Cyrus, you’re a dick. Spice said he doesn’t have a hard time figuring
out why a show sells out. We then heard a news clip about Mili Cyrus
performing in Tampa, Bubba said we care more about the Mili Cyrus
concert than the Super bowl, he said he’d like to smack her in the
mouth, he wants someone to shoot him, Manson said he raised his
daughter not to mark out to Mili Cyrus. Bubba said when she’s
eighteen; he wants her to be in a porno movie. Bubba said he’d like to
get ran over by a bus, he wonders where his breakfast, they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson calls in, tracing money

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba wondered if Tucker was ready to go, Spice said he
was, Bubba played his bumper and brought him on. Tucker said he hates
to make requests, but he has a board meeting, Bubba thinks Tucker is
part of a big company, Tucker said he’s apart of the one that sends
kids to boarding school. Bubba recapped his thoughts on getting the
troops out, Tucker said Obama said something like that last night, he
said if Pakistan falls, they’re could be a war, Bubba wonders who
cares, Tucker isn’t sure if they have good missiles. Tucker said he
doesn’t care what happens to Afghanistan; Brent said its India’s
responsibility to keep Pakistan in check. Tucker thinks Obama talked
about himself a lot during the speech, Brent said Obama’s speech
sounded like LBJ’s speech. Bubba wonders what the disadvantage is of
getting out now; Tucker said if we get out now, the country would fall
to the Taliban, Brent wonders if the risk is worth the reward. Bubba
wonders what is holding us hostage; he said we’re always going to have
terrorism. Tucker said it’s not that we’re held hostage by terrorists,
we’re being held hostage by the rest of the world, he said we ended up
doing that, he thinks it started back in 1914. We then heard a clip of
Obama talking about the war, Tucker thinks it was a weird thing to
say, he wonders if Obama was told to rebut the nay sayers, Bubba
thinks he’s not getting much respect, Brent thinks obama should’ve
fired Chrystal. Spice thinks Obama got him with the change line.
Tucker’s line disconnected, Bubba wonders what Afghanistan has done
about 9/11, Brent thinks Osama is in Pakistan. Tucker came back on a
few seconds later, he said we had a lot of cooperation from other
nations in Vietnam; he thinks obama will turn out to be a disaster,
bubba thinks Obama is keeping the boogey man effect. Tucker said the
last war in Afghanistan was in the 80’s. Bubba thinks less people
dyeing would be less of a problem, Tucker said he’s having a tough
time defending Obama. Bubba wonders if the Taliban are smart, he
thinks we give them way too much credit. Manson wonders how the war is
stopping people from killing other people; Brent said to look at Fort
Hood. Tucker said this Country is afraid of taking risks. Bubba said
he had some emails for Tucker, Tucker’s line disconnected again. Bubba
said he has health insurance, he said he’s not paying attention; Brent
said he’s having a tough time figuring it out. The guys think Tucker
edited himself; Bubba thinks Tucker is on his own time frame. Brent
told Bubba he could be self-insured, Bubba thinks it would be a
problem. Bubba likes how Keith Nosbich has a lot of money; Brent was
laughing his ass off at Bubba describing how Keith deals with his
money. Bubba wants to talk to someone about the Government knowing how
much money you have; Brent thinks it could be true. Dave thinks what
Keith is saying might be true. Mike in Pasco said his neighbor had
$50,000 in his car. Bubba said he had a cop text him renouncing the
idea of money radar. Dan in Jacksonville said the little strips that
are in the bills are made of plastic, it has zero magnetic stuff on
it, he said it’s there to prevent counter fitting. Josh in Miami said
his friend works at the airport, if money is packed tightly, it will
set off the metal detector. Josh in Jacksonville said he knows someone
who does that. Jason in Miami said he worked for rfid, he said the
technology doesn’t work out. Dave said rfid is real, Bubba thinks it’s
all because of the Taliban. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Rudolf the Red Bud Reindeer

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “Rudolf the Red Bud Reindeer” from “bubba’s
Holiday Classics Vol. 1”, track 14, and “the Holiday CD” disc 1, track
6. The bit parodies the story of “Rudolf the Red Noised Reindeer”, and
has Rudolf and Herby the elf interested in weed; they end up on the
island of misfit sex toys, wishing that Santa would crash and burn.
This was all we heard for this segment.

Segment 7 – Tiger Woods voicemail

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army merchandise, a listing is on Bubba asked Ned how many Miller Lites he’s had; Ned
said he’s four beers deep. Bubba plugged, as well as
Bubba Raw Volume 4; he said David Arquette won’t show the DVD to his
wife. Bubba said Tom Bean sent him a link featuring Tiger Woods
voicemails, Ned thinks Woods is a jackass for leaving such a
noticeable track. Bubba read an article about various women who have
been with Tiger Woods, Spice said the pay day is coming. We then heard
one of the voicemails, Bubba had a hard time understanding what it
was, Spice explained it to him, Brent thinks he’s a fool for leaving
the message himself. We then heard the message again, Bubba thinks
he’s done, Spice thinks the marriage can’t be saved. Bubba read some
of Tiger’s texts, Spice thinks he should end all of his text messages
with the phrase “on a golf course”, he then thinks it wouldn’t work
out so well, Ned thinks Bubba is worse than Tiger Woods. We then heard
the message again; Bubba wonders why he’d start the message the way he
did, Brent said Woods is used to slapping off the media. Spice thinks
Tiger should have the swagger to have threesomes; bubba said three
hundred million doesn’t hurt tiger at all. Bubba thinks Tiger is a
dick, Brent said the word on the street is that Tiger isn’t thrilled
about being a Dad. Bubba thinks even the poorest man can be a great
Dad, he thinks money shouldn’t be an issue. Spice wishes he came from
rich parents, we then heard Manson’s “Tiger Woods song”. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Caller Slept with Tiger Woods?

Bubba plugged Kevin Hayslet coming in tomorrow, Spice interrupted him
by saying they had an interesting call, he said she needs protection.
Jenny said she’s in Orlando, she said she’s been seeing Tiger for a
while, she doesn’t’ know who to talk to; Bubba hopes this isn’t a
copycat ploy. He asked her how long it’s been going on, Spice thinks
she sounds freaked out. Jenny said she’s not married, she said she
slept with him, she said she’s done that many times, she said it was
about three weeks ago. Bubba wondered how old she was, she said she
was 24, she said she’s seen him on and off for about a year, Bubba
told her he could help her with whatever she needs, he told her not to
get upset, Spice said she shouldn’t be ashamed of being a slut, he
thinks Tiger is the bigger scumbag in the situation. Jenny said she
was attracted to him, he was attracted to her. Bubba wonders if tiger
is a freak, she said it happens sometimes, Spice said they don’t know
if it’s true or not, Bubba said someone could say “Die fat man Die”
any second. Jenny said she didn’t want to embarrass him, she said that
he has a mole on his left ass cheek. Spice thinks she’s on the verge
of a big payday, he wonders if she feels guilty, she said she didn’t
know it would be a public thing. Jenny figured that Tiger wasn’t happy
with his wife; she said he’d say that all the time. Bubba asked about
the kids, she said that work comes first; she said he’s good in bed.
Ned asked her well hung he is, she said he’s got a big one. Bubba
asked her if she’d be willing to talk to Kevin, she said she would
like to. Bubba wonders if Tiger supports her, she said no. We then
heard the voicemail message, she said it sounded like him, Bubba said
he didn’t mean to upset her; he put her on hold a few seconds later.
Bubba said Hayslett texted him, telling him to get her off the air, as
Bubba is talking too much. Brent said he kind of wants to believe it;
Spice thinks the timeline is a little off. Bubba said he’s not going
to validate the story, he said that there’s a 50% chance they got
pranked, Manson thinks they’ll get a bunch of callers on this topic.
Bubba said he can’t control who calls him, he wants Kevin to dive into
it. We then heard the message again, Bubba said he doesn’t’ want to
bury an innocent man. Lonny in Largo said he was listening to the show
yesterday, he thinks it’s ridiculous, Bubba thinks you shouldn’t be
well-known if you want to get some side ass. Bubba said Howard is
loyal to Beth as a man can be, he said if someone would’ve said a year
ago that if a headline read billionaire cheats on wife, people
would’ve said Howard, he said a little bit of him thinks that the
story is true. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Scott - Clearwater

    Bubba and Team,

    Great last hour today! I really think you all knocked the loose rock open today and the flood waters of more women will be rushing over the dam now!! Too funny with Kevin texting you while talking with “Jenny” telling you to STOP and that he would be willing to help her and represent her! I grew up in Clearwater on the same street with Kevin back in the day. Kevin is the best. If she is legit…Kevin will get the info. Great show again gentlemen!

  2. Blacky

    Bubba-Great job supporting uh-blahma. You are so stupid…..didn’t you realize he’s just a dumb nigger?

  3. mike moses

    hello there im not that brite but im street smart i think she was trying to get away from tiger after the fight she took off she scratch him in the fight drove like a bat out of hell trying to get away thats when she hit the tree and stuff thats how tiger ended up on the driveway pilled up and pass out she might had a few drinks in her so tiger took the blame for the accident and the 911 call the person dont know its tiger living next door he said thers a man lying in the driveway wouldnt anybody said its tiger laying on the driveway mike moses a homeless guy

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