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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Recap by Blind Lawrence

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The guys plugged what they got coming up on the show for the day.

Segment 2 – Emails, RJ Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page ( Bubba came on saying that with the magic
doing so well, he’d figure he’d play Ned’s song about Dwight Howard,
which we then heard from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 10”, track 18.
Bubba said that Tuddle will be at 436 and I4 from 6:00-9:00 this
Friday; he then plugged what he’ll have. Dock asked for the guys to
send them a high res picture of the Bubba Army logo, Bubba asked for a
ruler to measure it, he then told the guy he needs to put a handle on
it, Dock said that they’ll make several styles, Ned thinks it’ll be
badass, Dock said they’ll make a Ned Dragons branding, Bubba suggested
they get one of those, Dock said they could brand on to leather, Bubba
thinks it’s getting better by the minute, he then told Ned that he saw
Steve from Steps Towing, he said that they could handle Ned on Sunday,
he said that a flat bed will pick him up, he said that Ned will be
driving through the parade, Spice thinks it will be outrageous. We
then heard RJ’s bumper, Bubba told him he was banned from the show, RJ
said he’d like to apologize for bringing the sow down yesterday, Bubba
said the people have spoken, he said people are flipping stations when
he’s on, RJ said that he’s just going to let Bubba do the talking, he
said he’s in the hospital, as someone said he was going to kill
himself, he said he has a cop with him, he then asked if he was there
because he was deemed crazy, Manson said he wasn’t buying this. RJ
said he’s not drunk this morning, he said the nurses know who he’s
talking to, Bubba said that he’ll have something for him if he’s in a
hospital. The first email of the day said they could wrap the ice
cream truck in a 3m material, Bubba thinks he knows where the emailer
is from, he then said he got the motor out of the ice cream truck, he
said he’d like to rebuild it, he thinks the truck is as old as Spice,
Manson thinks they should bring it to a “Rung What You Brung” event,
Spice thinks they should put it in a carnival, Manson announced to the
audience that they were listening to “Souped up ice cream truck talk”,
Ned said he’d like to drive it, Bubba thinks that’s creepy. Spice said
he tried calling the number RJ gave him, but it goes to an answering
machine. RJ came on saying they wouldn’t talk to anyone, Bubba asked
him if they’ve got any hot nurses, RJ said one, Bubba told him to take
his clothes off and streak, RJ said that he’d go to jail if he did
that, Bubba said he doesn’t believe this. Jordan said he works at the
hospital RJ is at, he said that if RJ gives his real name is, RJ said
it was Robert, Jordan said that he’s there, Manson sad that you have
to give him credit for this one. Bubba said that Dr. Joe Saturley
texted him saying that if he was truly baker acted, he wouldn’t have a
cell phone, he then told J that, RJ said he’s 1013, Bubba asked for
Spice to look it up, he thinks it means Drunk by Noon in Georgia.
Another emailer said that they love the show, but didn’t like Bubba’s
comments on the air marshals. Bubba said he wasn’t talking bad about
them, he said that he respects the service. Another emailer said
they’re done with the show after hearing the Casey Anthony song, Bubba
said that Manson didn’t embellish the story, the emailer called Bubba
sole less, ned said they don’t want her listening. Another emailer
asked why Spice hit the gong, the emailer wondered if Bubba will have
the bearded lady on next. Another emailer said the Bubba Army is
strong at Cocoa Beach. Bubba wonders how they could be wrong with the
“My Trunk” bit, Manson said if it’s the first thing you hear, he
understands how that could be shocking. The last email of the day said
she’s a new listener to the show, the emailer said that she
participated in the search, Bubba likes how she bolded and underlined
some words in the email, the emailer said all that stuff really did
happen, the emailer thanked Bubba for having the balls for pointing
this stuff out, Spice said it’s well thought out, Bubba joked that
Spice got Tasha to write him a letter and say it was from Orlando. We
then heard “My Trunk” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 9,
and “the Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Cream Buffet

Coming out of commercials, we heard a news clip about Bubba’s check
donation. Bubba came on saying he’s very happy for Steve Hurley. We
then heard a bumper for the Cream Buffet challenge. Bubba said that
Chaz and Miller are participating, Spice said there’s a new product
called “Adult Chocolate Milk”, Manson sounded disgusted after hearing
that, Bubba wonders what is next – alcohol infused catsup, Spice
thinks Bubba would be hammered. Bubba asked Brent if he’d like to
participate, Brent said he can’t, as his doctor gave him a list of
foods he couldn’t eat. Bubba likes how Jabberjaw came in dressed as a
nurse, Brent then went over what he eats, he thinks that pot should
help him; the doctor has told him that she’d rather have him smoke pot
than smoke cigarettes. Bubba thinks his arm wouldn’t fit in the mini
blood pressure device, Brent said it hurts a little, Ned told him to
butch up, Spice said the Wall Greens machine will have you reset if
you move an inch, the guys think Brent could be a Scientologist with
his e3 level, Jabberjaw then read that Brent is a 143 over 77, Brent
said that was better, the guys cracked up when Jabberjaw said it was
Diabolic, as opposed to diastolic. Bubba wonders what Pantera’s blood
pressure is, he thinks he’ll seize out, Pantera said it’s normal,
Bubba thinks Pantera might be higher than Brent. Todd said that
there’s some blood pressure drugs, he said if the pressure is that
high, he could do combo therapy. Jabberjaw read that Pantera’s reading
was 214 over 93, the guys cracked up at that. Scott in Miami said that
93.1 is running commercials for their Christmas music, Manson thinks
it’s a slap in the face. Bubba asked who would like to participate,
Miller said that he has a bunch of editing to do, Sluggo said he could
do it, Chaz said he’ll do it, Bubba then goofed on Pantera freaking
out, he then suggested everyone does a can, ed said he needs to take
his shirt off, as it’s messy. Bubba cracked up at Pantera doing
whippets; Ned yelled for Al-kida to get out of the way, Bubba told
them not to do whippets. We then heard some club like music, Ned was
going nuts over all this, he then asked for the guys to take their
shirts off. Bubba thinks they should do some Baby Bird stuff with it;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Cream Buffet conclusion

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Cream Buffet.
Bubba asked for the guys to finish off the cans of Cream, Ned thinks
it’s hot. Bubba asked for the guys to finish off their cans, Spice was
cracking up at the sounds, Ned thinks Pantera is a pro, he said he’d
like more of it, Bubba told the guys to get out of there, he said he’s
not on Adderall anymore, Manson thinks it’ll be a good thing. Jeff on
protection said the guys are big on the teachers having sex with
students, Bubba said they talk about it. The guy said that there’s a
case of that going on with a 14 year old, he said you can read about
it on WHIO, channel 7, the guy said the investigation has started, he
said she’s about an eight and a half or a nine, the guy said this
happened in other houses. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba
sarcastically thinks its great quality, Spice said its low and in one
channel, Bubba thinks the guy doesn’t have more information, the guy
said he does, but he can’t give it out. Bubba asked Brent if they’d be
in trouble if they gave out the name if it was the case, Brent said
they could, Bubba suggested they just give the first name, Brent said
they could do that. Jeff said his wife was calling in, he thinks his
wife is listening, the guy said his name was Mark; Bubba said no one
knows who he is. The guy said her name is Chrisy Mastin, the guy said
he knows the husband. Bubba asked how many kids had this happen, the
guy said only one. Bubba wonders what it must be like to be her. We
then heard a clip of Hogan, Bubba wonders if it’s a rock opera, he
thinks this is deep for Hogan, Spice as Hogan said some stuff, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – David Reutimann Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba said that he thinks Hogan is married, we then heard
“Me and Hogan” from “the Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 16, “bubba
Show Classics Vol. 1”, track 21, and “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 5”,
track 18 the song parodies “Happy Together” by The Turtles. Bubba
asked if there’s a follow up on the guys with the cream, Spice thinks
they’re taking it all in, he said Sluggo is drunk off of it. We then
heard David Reutimann’s bumper, David came on saying it was intense
with the bumper, Bubba thinks Fox doesn’t give him anything like this,
he then replayed the bumper, David thinks no one has called him
Buzzy’s loins. Bubba asked about next year, David said what they got
worked, while some didn’t. Spice said he likes the Aaron’s commercial,
David said it was one of the better commercials they did, Bubba said
they usually have him in bed, David said she’s doing country music, he
said they have fun doing commercials. Bubba likes the Toyota
commercial with David, David said he was going to be a fisherman in
that one, everyone thought he was a lumber jack; he said they take
care of him. Bubba thinks he couldn’t drive the pace car, he thinks
David motor program should cost him zero, he said stepping up pays
off, David thinks he should put Bubba in on the deal, he said he
doesn’t have the gift that Bubba has, Bubba thinks David should go to
ab Rehab, Spice said he feels like David has no swagger, David
wondered what that was about, Spice said it’s confidence, Bubba thinks
David needs a hype man, David said bubba makes it seem really easy.
Bubba said David’s Chicago car was great, he said it’s the same thing
with anything, he then said he’s disappointed with NASCAR, as he was
in a passenger car; David said there’s no comparison with driving a
racecar and a passenger car. Spice said people were telling him that
the truck would’ve been scarier; David said the trucks move around a
lot. Bubba said if you’re sitting right side, it’s frightening, he
then asked about getting into turn one at Homestead. Bubba asked about
how much lifting and breaking he does, avid said he just lets the car
role up to the fence. Bubba said that David has a big thing going on,
David said he had to go to Japan last week, he said it was fine,
except for the 14 hour flight, he said a portion of the plane was
taken up by NASCAR people. Bubba asked what the food burier is, David
said he took Buzzy with him, he said it was Culture shock for him;
Bubba said that Buzz is a hell of a racecar driver. David said he
drove a little there, the breaks faded a little bit, he said Buzzy was
watching him pump the breaks periodically. Bubba thinks that Buzzy was
thinking about dying because of David, he then plugged David’s
charity, David said the cookout will be this Friday at 6, the golf
will be on Saturday, he said that East Bay is his favorite part of the
whole thing, Bubba ribbed David about him driving in a two seater,
David thinks they should strap Spice in, Bubba said he’d like to do
that live on the air. Spice asked who the blind guy was, David said
Gene Slotter, Bubba thinks Gene would ruin Spice, he said the guy is
royalty. Spice said they had Lagono and Harvick on the air, David said
he was there, he said that he was surprised when that happened. Bubba
said NASCAR needs things like what they do; he said the show received
emails from people saying they liked the show. Spice asked him who he
doesn’t like as far as other drivers go, David said he’s in good
shape, Bubba said the season is done, David asked if he should make
something up, Bubba then played Reutimann delivering an answer about
Kyle Bush, David likes how it flowed. Spice then goofed on David
saying he had an issue with Kyle Bush, David said he didn’t sound like
the way Spice was impersonating him, he then plugged Bubba wondered who was calling him, it was a call
about a pass port, he said he’ll come in, he then said that he got
Tyler a pass port, they called him saying he wrote a check for $15
extra, Spice thinks gas will cost more to get it. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tipping, Hogan’s on A&E

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Baba Booey’s
appearance at Scene tomorrow night. Bubba plugged Tuddle’s appearance
in Orlando this Friday at 436 at the Wing house in Orlando, he then
said the guy who runs the music at the University of Alabama was fired
for playing songs.

1. Take the money and Run
2. Son Of A preacher Man

Spice said he’d be doing a mega mix, Bubba had both songs going, Spice
said if his kid was talented enough, he’d whore him out for free
stuff. Bubba said there’s a tipping guide, Spice said he’s fired up,
Bubba thinks you don’t need to give your garbage man a tip. Spice said
he’s a generis tipper, Bubba said he entertains the audience, he
wouldn’t feel comfortable receiving extra money, he then went over
what the guide suggests, he said he pays $20 an hour for a baby
sitter, Brent said that he should call him when he needs him. Spice
said they left out paper delivery guys, he thinks there aren’t many
left, Manson thinks you’d go flat broke after giving all this money,
Spice said you feel obligated to leave a tip if you order out. Ted
came on asking to be Mickey Moused, he then said some people have
certain rules about garbage, he said it all depends on what people
throw out. Bubba said he just has one pale, Ned said he puts dangerous
stuff out. Mike wondered why Bubba is taking money out of people’s
pockets, the guy got the Evil treatment. Bubba said if he goes to a
restaurant, he pays 30-35%. Spice said if he has to see a guy in a tux
watch him pee, he’s going to go insane, Ned sad he sprays the guy in
the eye with perfume. Richy on protection said he’s lucky if they get
certificates as a bonus. Spice said he likes Christmas bonuses, Bubba
said they don’t have one at the moment, he thinks they all make a good
living, Brent and Manson said they were happy to have a job. Jimmy in
Venis asked what Spice was talking about with the tip line, Bubba
thinks he means when you pick it up at the store. Megan said the sense
of entitlement is out of control, she said her husband has to work
four overtime shifts to cover the tippers, Bubba thinks they need a
tip jar, if the show was good put a five in, if not drive on by. Corky
said he’s a garbage guy, he said a customer tried to strong arm him
for some extra dollars. We then heard a clip of Hogan saying when he
wakes up, it’s an Agenda, the guys goofed on him a little with that,
Spice wondered what was up with the music, Bubba thinks he’s going to
see Chris Angel coming off a hotel, he thinks Hogan’s family has
sucked him dry, Spice thinks Hogan’s life has been a rollercoaster, he
thinks the music is from the Avatar soundtrack, he thinks Bubba is a
bad influence on Hogan. Bubba said Hogan used to tell Linda good
morning, she would often say “Fuck you” to him, he then recapped the
time when he was with Hogan in the Bahamas, Linda cut a promo on Hogan
in front of Nick, telling him the whole thing was fake, he said if
Heather had said that about his career, he’d grab her by the heels.
Spice wondered if Hogan would fire back, Bubba said that he’d just
tell Linda to stop, Spice said if a woman doesn’t have your back, it’s
over, Bubba asked to have a bunch of Hogan stuff ready, he said that
when Hogan got a divorce, he celebrated, he feels like he’s watching
“who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, Spice thinks he’d get chucked to
voicemail if he was on that show, Ned said that Bubba doesn’t know
anything, Bubba then goofed on Hogan coming home to an empty house,
Spice joined in, the guys are convinced he’s under water in one of the
clips. Spice is still convinced bubba is a bad influence on Hogan, he
thinks that everything bad that has happened to him, has happened
after they met, bubba thinks that if he ate two zany bars, he’d be out
for a week, Spice thinks it’s a 20 minute nap for Hogan. The guys got
distracted with a phone ringing in the clip; Bubba thinks it was
Hogan’s phone, Manson as macho Man asked why he wasn’t a part of the
interview. The guys then goofed on Mohamed Ali and Hogan meeting,
Spice as Deion then joined in after Hogan was heard talking about a
church, Bubba wondered who was interviewing hi, he then said he’ll be
going to Indiana this Friday, as Tyler won the nationals, the guys
goofed on what food will be there, he then said they should end the
segment with ned calling Linda. We then heard the bit from “Bubba’s
new and Misc Hits Vol. 4” track 6, and “The Clemulus package’ disc 2,
track 12. In the clip, Ned is talking to Linda via jail, he ends by
puking on his deal and masturbating. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba at WGRD Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas”.
Bubba came on thanking channel 10 for the coverage about the check
presentation, he said that Lisa marenelli got arrested, the guys
wonder what she did, Brent thinks she was “skanking around town”.
Bubba said he has three things to play, but only time to play one of
them, he then said he finds this Matty B kid to be stupid, he said he
finds it dumb and contrived, he said Big Dick found eight cuts when he
was at WGRD. We then heard a clip of it, Brent thinks it’s good
already. In the clip, Bubba was saying that Hogan would be calling in,
Ned thinks he’s a puker. Bubba wonders why someone didn’t take him
aside and tell him it was stupid, Spice wondered what was going on,
Bubba said he doesn’t’ remember this, Brent joked that Hogan was at
Larry Byrd’s house, the guys cracked up when Hogan picked up, Bubba
turned it off a few seconds later. Frank on protection said he’s a fan
of the show, he said he sees Ron every day, he said that they’d be
coming to Tampa, Bubba told the guy he loved him, but his phone was
cutting in and out, he said whoever tried to beat them in Tampa, it
hasn’t worked. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Matty B Audio

Bubba said he’s glad they’re mics weren’t on, as he was yelling at the
CD machine, he then said they’ve got Kevin Hayslett and Aubry Huff in
studio tomorrow, Spice said he made a nice hunk of change on the World
Series. Bubba then read a contract from 1944 with the Green Bay
Packers, Manson said he loves how the contract is mapped out, Spice
thinks you could bamboozle mike Alstott. Bubba said this next topic
disgusts him, he said it’s what’s wrong with our Country, it’s a 7
year old raping, Spice said he’s a mini Justin Beeber, Manson said
he’s a 7 year-old karaoke singer, he then said he had a hard time
understanding the song. Bubba said the kid doesn’t have money, he
doesn’t even know what to say with our kids, he said this is why kids
are unmanageable, Brent said this is why his Mother retired, Spice
thinks the parents care too much. Bubba said he’s gotten emails from
people about it, he said that kids playing sports has been going on
for years, he said he’d like to punch the kid in the face, Spice
thinks the parents have forced the kid to do it, Manson said he’d like
to punch America in the face for making this popular. Bubba said the
kid can’t dance, Spice sad it was bad. Joe in Jacksonville on
protection said that Lex and Terry were supposed to be coming back, he
said they’ll be taking the 1010 AM station over, Bubba said good for
them, he said he talks to them every once in a while, he said ever
since they buried their beef, they’ve been fine. Joe asked about the
Grease man, bubba said that he doesn’t know, they then ended the sow a
few seconds later.

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