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Top Stories:
Teacher’s Aide Accused Of Touching Girl
Reporter Gets Hit by a Mean Hoe
Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dies after cancer battle
Fan Fest to benefit fund for fallen officers family

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up for the rest of the week

The show started off with audio of a recap of the Rays game, then into
some messages from the fans. We then heard “fly Like an Eagle” as
bumper music. Bubba thinks the Rays can’t make up any ground, Bubba
recapped some baseball scores. Bubba likes the smell of Manson’s
coffee, Bubba plugged what will be on the show today and tomorrow,
Spice thinks the OAR show is almost sold out. Bubba said he’s going to
burn one now, the guys discuss some new toys they got; Bubba thinks
one of them could be a problem. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Papa John’s, new stuff at the BRN, Officer Roberts

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Biggest Loser
game. Bubba dedicated the bumper music to Ned; Ned really digs the
cowbell in the song. Bubba plugged what’s new on BubbaRaw and BTLS.
Bubba said Al from Skin Industries texted him and Spice about
something, Bubba really likes him. Bubba doesn’t think he’s anything
special in his car. The guys discuss the guy who started Papa John’s,
Spice said for some reason, a lot of New Yorkers hate that stuff,
Bubba said he likes Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Bubba said the guy is
looking for the car he sold to start the business, he ended up finding
it. Bubba read that today, Camero owners will be able to get a Pizza
for free. Bubba thinks the gift cards for abortion clinics sound like
a good idea. Bubba said they’ve got some new toys, a new mega phone
that is smaller than the last one; Bubba said the last one was like
one for Football practice. Bubba said they’ve got a gong, Bubba said
it’s for when people are boring them. Bubba said some guys at the
track love the Miller 64; Bubba said the aluminum bottle doesn’t
exist. Bubba said the Atwells will go through three-four cases in a
week, Spice acted like a cross between a drunk and a Southerner; Bubba
didn’t like Spice throwing in Dale JR’s name. Bubba said he’s number
one in Tampa, Bubba wonders why Beasly doesn’t pull its head out of
its ass. The guys crack up over being good; Bubba thinks they’re a B+.
Bubba said to never bet against them. Bubba said in some situations,
MJ is eighth. Spice said J.T. The Brick got back to him, Spice said
that J.T. digs Bubba; he’s willing to come on the show. Bubba said the
footage of officer Roberts is emotional. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
said OAR will be in the studio tomorrow. Debbie asked about Swing
Fest, Bubba asked her if she’s into that life style, she said she’s
getting into it. Bubba doesn’t think it’s a jumping in kind of thing.
Debbie said she has kids, they don’t know she’s into that, Bubba wants
to get her daughter on the air, Debbie said no. Bubba read some
emails, one guy thinks Hogan is irrelevant, the guy also thinks white
trash is like calling a black man the n-word, bubba says it’s just
words. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks they should bring back
some of the old Power Pig themed day bits, Bubba doesn’t think it
would work out. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers, Ted Kennedy discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a clip about the hockey game for
Mike Roberts. Bubba took a call from a guy who likes the tribute to
him. Ike in Jacksonville said that “Becky” is censored beyond
recognition. Spice said he’ll be in concert, Bubba thinks they could
get him on the show; Spice said they couldn’t work it out. The guys
played the song, stopping and starting to comment. Spice said he was
listening to the radio the other day; he called lady Gaga a
hermaphrodite. Bubba said he’s glad Ted Kennedy died; Bubba thinks
it’s a better country that he’s dead. Manson said he’d like to try
some of the lines in the song at a bar, Brent thinks he’d get knocked
on the head with a bottle. Bubba didn’t know that Wild and Smooth Jazz
swap signals. Brent hopes Plies falls off the stage like Sal. Bubba
thanked a place in the local mall for getting them a guitar. Bubba
said they’ll use it the next time they have an event. Bubba said it’s
a big mark out fest to Kennedy, we then heard a clip about that;
Manson thinks he was sucking off the hind teet for a long time. Bubba
wonders if we’re done with the Kennedys being in politics. Bubba
thinks JFk was a remarkable man, who would never want something like
that to happen. Bubba said he feels for the family, Spice said he
feels for Mary Jo Kopechne’s family. Bubba said with today’s tech
advances, that wouldn’t happen. Bubba said he’s glad that Ted never
made it to the Whitehouse. Bubba thinks we should have term limits in
senate. Bubba said when you do something for that long; you get roped
into the good old boy network. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Bubba said he forgot about the wolves in the beginning of the bumper
music, Ned loves it. Christina called into discuss swinging; soft
swapping is when you don’t go all the way with another couple.
Christian said she and her Husband have been into this for a few
months, she said it started off with at a strip club, and then had
some threeways with strippers. Bubba played Tucker Carlson’s bumper
and brought him on. Tucker said his mind has been blown by the
conversation they just had, Bubba explained the chocolate room to him,
Tucker thinks it’s a good deal for the blacks, Tucker wonders why
you’d want to watch another guy have sex with your wife, he compares
it to watching someone strangle your dog, Brent said it’s not in the
same ballpark. Bubba said if he had the chance, he’d have sex with
Shakira, Tucker thinks this it’s not good for marriage. Tucker said
your job as a man is to keep a guy from having sex with your wife.
Tucker said swinging is a half glass empty half glass full thing,
Bubba said tucker stuck up for Warren Jeffs, Bubba said it almost
costed them their friendship, Brent said the problem is the underage
girls, Tucker thinks his lifestyle isn’t a problem, Brent explained
the legal problems with it. Tucker thinks he should make the laws, he
said Michael Vick would’ve been executed. Tucker said he doesn’t have
a problem with vigilante justice. Tucker said he’s not defending
underage marriage, he thinks it’s different than pulling a child from
a bus stop and raping it. Bubba wondered if Warren Jeffs had sex with
underage girls, Tucker thinks so, Brent thinks if so, he should be in
jail for life. Bubba wondered what is creepier – two adults swinging,
or a child getting raped, Manson said the second choice, Tucker thinks
swinging is a masochistic kind of thing. Tucker thinks to want your
wife to cheat on you is like having a stranger take a leak on your
head. Bubba said the morning after the DC Madame hung herself, bubba
got the Mom on, and we then heard that audio from Friday May 2, 2008.
In the clip, Bubba talked to the Mom, she said she wasn’t feeling too
good, bubba said they were sorry for her loss. She said she shouldn’t
comment on anything at the moment, she wanted the guys to call back
another time, Tucker thinks it was unbelievable. Spice thinks Tucker
will stick up for Kennedy, Bubba said he didn’t want to hear the good
stuff about him, Tucker said Ted was a great lover of dogs, Tucker
said he got his last dog book. Tucker said Contessa freaked out on the
air the other day, Tucker thinks Contessa knows he has a crush on her,
bubba said he always looks at what she wears, Spice said the website doesn’t’ exist, does exist though. Tucker
said he had some interaction with Ted Kennedy, Tucker thinks he left
the world worse than when he found it. Bubba thinks term limits would
really help out the country. Tucker doesn’t think change is always
good, Tucker said you might get people who don’t know what they’re
doing; bubba said it’s better than someone who is part of the good old
boy network. Tucker thinks the constitution is read for term limits,
bubba thinks two forms of Government are in bed with each other.
Tucker thinks Kennedy was a bad senator, Tucker said he likes guys
like Joe Kennedy. Bubba wonders if the mob had anything to do with
Kennedy getting elected as President, Tucker thinks so. Brent said
they’re working on getting a guy in to talk about running whores.
Tucker said he was at the airport, a guy told him he hears him all the
time on Bubba’s show; Tucker said he needs to get down there. Tucker
said he’s in Florida during the vacation months. Tucker said he had to
split; he wants Bubba to set the swingers straight. Tucker thinks they
should have someone come out and get opposed to the swinger lifestyle.
Bubba said the Bubba Army loves Tucker, Tucker said people tell him
they hear him on the show. Tucker wonders how you can hook up in a
men’s room, Bubba said he can hardly fit in the stall to begin with,
bubba thinks you’d have to drill a hole between the two stalls. Bubba
thinks Tucker is a confused man. Brent asked the Pulk county cops to
find a guy in a gray explorer. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various Callers, Chris Brown discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard some OAR as bumper music, Bubba
said they did a great job on the show; bubba gave them a plug for
their show for tonight. Bubba said the bands that have been on their
show have blown up big time. Jason in Miami said he has no problem
with the swinger lifestyle. Jason said he could never see it happen,
Bubba hung up on him. Joey called into comment on swinging, he said a
lot of it started off simple with pillow talk, Manson thinks the guy
is a fag, and Bubba thinks the guy isn’t giving him any new
information. We then heard a news clip about Chris Brown getting
sentenced to five years probation, a year of domestic violence
classes, and many hours of community service. Bubba said they had
Danny Bonnaduce on, he thought of a creative way to beat the system,
Spice said it’s sad that Brown is back in the good graces of
Hollywood, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Brent’s land discussed, Vice president of communications
for the Lightning calls in

Bubba said only he and Brent can hit the gong. Ned thinks he’ll sneak
over to the gong, Brent thinks Ned might fall over. Bubba said he can
Veto a gong request at anytime. Gale out of Tampa said she can provide
Hogan with lights, bubba thinks he’ll get them for free, mainly
because he’s down on his luck, bubba thinks she’s a battle ax. Bubba
thinks the lighting industry is no good in the current economy, Bubba
said the Mom and Pop restaurants are gone. Bubba said he got a file
about Brent’s land he bought on EBay, Bubba said there’s a bunch of
land plots. Brent said he bought 34.48 acres of land. Bubba said he’s
got pictures of the land, Bubba wonders what he’ll do with it, there’s
nothing there, Brent said he hasn’t thought about it, Ned thinks you
drill for oil. Brent said his and is different; Ned thinks it looks
like Death Valley. Brent said he owns the land, he doesn’t know what
he’ll do with it; bubba said he’d have to have electricity. Brent
thinks it’ll be developed within ten-fifteen years, Ned thinks it’s a
good place to bury dead prostitutes. Bubba wants to film Brent’s land
on, Brent said he doesn’t want to see his land, Bubba
thinks Brent got fooled, Brent thinks differently. Bubba thinks Brent
spent fourteen thousand on sand, Spice and Manson couldn’t stop
laughing their asses off. Bubba thinks if it was different, Brent
would be the first to point it out to Bubba. Brent thinks bubba is
making him look stupid. Bubba said he has the right to know about
stuff like this, Bubba thinks Brent is playing the shell game with
him. Bubba thinks Brent has the most land of anyone on the show, Ned
thinks he has the most. Dave said that the site said Buyer’s beware,
Brent said he we4nt through all that mess. Bubba wants to get Brent’s
information on that, Bubba went to bill from the Lightning. Bill said
they’re doing the game inside, Bill said Orin is doing great, Bubba
thinks Saw Six will be coming out before Halloween. Bill said the
whole thing runs from 3-8 this Saturday, player autographs will be the
first thing on the list, Bill said they’ll be doing a phone a friend
activity, bubba thinks that has to job the players out, Bill sad every
dollar will go to Officer Roberts’s family. Bubba wonders if he could
be in the bolt Brigade, Bubba thinks he wouldn’t look good in a tube
top. Bubba wonders about indoor football going away, Bill said they’d
like to sit back and see where it goes. Bubba said they’ll be having
Jeff Halprit on the air this Friday, Bill said he’s a really good
player. The guys discuss various Lightning players, Bill said they
traded one of the guys to the ducks. Bubba said he’s heard great
things about victor Headman, Bill said he’s really good. Bill said
they had a bad defense last year. Bubba thinks the guy is really cool.
Bubba found the information on Brent’s land. Bubba thinks Brent won’t
be able to see his property, as he’d have to get perdition to get
there. Bubba thinks Brent is Ronnie Munding him, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba thinks the family doesn’t like him

Coming out of commercials, we heard some rolling Stones as bumper
music. Bubba said Buzzy Rieutman will be at Kenny Kenny’s racetrack,
someone hit the gong, we then heard the bell a few times, then a
combination of both. The guys crack up when bubba said you’ll be able
to hear the announcers, Bubba got on the bullhorn and talked a little.
Bubba read that the track has a really good food selection. Bubba said
Krock has no idea what they’re getting into. Bubba took a call from a
guy who referred to Brent’s land as a hooker cemetery, the guy thinks
Brent is a douche, Ned wants to give Brent hurpies, Bubba wonders what
Ned doesn’t have. Bubba thinks something is wrong with Brent, Brent
said he’s not saying anything. Bubba said he knows how the show works,
Bubba told him to not start with him. Bubba thinks Brent has changed,
Brent thinks he might’ve gotten fooled. Bubba said if he was in the
same situation, he’d be pretty mad too. Brent said he’s mad at the
whole situation, Spice thinks Brent didn’t do enough research on it.
Bubba thinks the Bubba Army will help Brent out with this. Brent said
he feels horrible about himself, he said it’s about a lot of things,
Brent said it’s nothing they need to talk about, Brent said he can’t
work it out himself. Brent said the land deal is just one thing, Brent
thinks he’s a horrible person, he knows he’s not great, bubba wants to
sit Brent down one day and let it rip. Bubba said he loves Brent for
his abilities, Bubba said he really appreciates Brent’s loyalty to
him. Brent said he can’t fire Bubba, which is why he’s afraid to say
anything. Bubba asked Brent if he really thinks anyone would get
fired, Bubba thinks it wouldn’t happen. Bubba said it would have to be
a felony in order to be fired. Bubba said what they’ve overcome has
made them stronger. Manson said Brent is kind to animals, Brent said
they deserve our protection, Brent said there’s a lot of
internalizing. Brent said he’s most upset with how he’s let his
relationships with other people go bad, he thinks he shouldn’t have
done what he did. Bubba said he knows Brent and Amanda have a good
relationship, Bubba thinks Brent should learn how to play the game a
little better with his Mom, Brent said he knows. Bubba said he thinks
Brent’s mom is the nicest person ever, Bubba thinks Brent shouldn’t
get into a battle with his Mom over religion, Brent said he thinks
it’s probably the way Religion was forced on him when he was growing
up. Bubba said you have to look at things a little bit differently,
Brent said his Dad didn’t care about church, bubba said Brent’s Dad
had to be the bad guy. Bubba said the parent has the right to make a
decision for their kids. Spice wonders if Brent just wants to escape,
Brent said he thinks about it every day. Brent said he couldn’t sit
down and tell Bubba all the things that are wrong with him, Bubba
thinks he’s normal, bubba thinks peeing in a jug is cool. Brent said
Riley martin pees in a jug. Brent said he’s really concerned with
bubba, Brent said he’s not saying anything about it. Brent thinks
Bubba holds grudges. Matt in Jacksonville said he loves the show, the
guys clown the guy’s accent, the guy thinks the Holy Spirit has his
sole, the guys cracked up. Bubba said if he doesn’t tell him what’s
wrong, he’ll be fired, Brent said he’s scared, the guys clown bubba
for messing up a phrase. Spice wonders if it’s personal or business,
Brent said it has nothing to do with a guy’s wife. Bubba called his
Mom, Bubba thinks his family is a afraid of him. Bubba played Janie
Cakes’s bumper, he left her a message. Brent thinks Bubba’s family is
mad about some other things. Brent said Tara knows. Brent said people
are concerned about him, Bubba called Tara, she picked up, bubba said
he could hardly hear her. Bubba played her bumper, the guys crack up
at the bumper. Bubba recapped the situation, Tara had no idea what he
was talking about. Brent said this is why you don’ want to say
anything. Bubba thinks they should cal heather, Tara said she’s cool
with him, she said she was worried about him, Bubba thinks they’re a
bunch of marks, she thinks Bubba travels too much, Bubba figured out
it’s racing, Bubba told everyone to f off. Bubba said heather is upset
that he goes out of town, bubba thinks he smoked Brent out of the
cave. Bubba said he’s not calling anyone now. Bubba said everyone can
suck it, Bubba said he’ll call Janie cakes in a few. Bubba said when
you nickel and dime him over stupid stuff, it’s a problem. Bubba
called Janie, bubba thinks someone in the family is complaining about
Bubba going out of town, Janie said she doesn’t have a problem with
it. Bubba thinks she over reacted at the airport. Brent said it’s not
only that, Bubba wonders if Heather is mad about racing, Brent said
she wants to spend some time with him. Brent said he’s concerned about
why their wives leave them. Bubba wondered if there’s something he
needs to know, Janie thinks Heather wants more attention than normal.
Bubba played the Evil soundboard, Janie told bubba to quit it, Janie
said she loves Gary. Bubba called heather, Bubba doesn’t think she has
a set up, Bubba played Randy Bernet’s, Bubba thinks she’s mad, as she
won’t answer the phone. Brent said he knows where she is, Brent said
she’s at a doctor’s appointment, he said Amanda is taking her, Bubba
wants to call her. Brent said he’s concerned with how it’s not always
a straight conversation with Bubba, Brent thinks Bubba takes things
way too personally. Bubba said he wants to gong Brent, Bubba said
Brent did classic heat reversal. Bubba said they don’t need to have a
discussion about this, Bubba said he’d have more respect if Brent was
honest about the land. Bubba thinks he’s fine, Brent thinks the church
is happy the way bubba comes in, bubba finds singing the songs in
Church to be stupid, bubba said all he likes is Walter. Bubba said
it’s his show, everyone can shut up, Manson said he’s not saying
anything, Bubba said he makes sure to show up before Walter comes on,
Bubba said he drives to church separately, Spice wants to break out
the marriage board, Bubba told spice he hasn’t had a successful
relationship. Bubba said he usually beats Walter out of church, bubba
said he went to the gym after church, Bubba wonders where his
relationship is flawed. Brent said he’ll work out his problems, they
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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