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August 25th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Daily recap provided by Blind Lawrence.

Bumper Music provided by Bubba.

Segment 1 – Bubba’s bumper music penalty

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning, followed by some
Fleet Wood Mack. Bubba told Ned that he’d need to really get on the
hard stuff, he then asked who hasn’t paid up in the lottery, Spice
said Jabberjaw is the comitioner of that stuff. Bubba decided to
penalize the individual who didn’t provide the bumper music for the
day, the offender will have to pay an extra $50 to the winner of the
lottery, he said a bunch of people in Miami were asking what to do to
not miss the show, he suggests getting a Smart Phone, he said he’s
meeting Tom Bean today, he thinks the wings have fallen off in Miami,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Quitting the Clem gym, CP Trav, Jessey James Dupree, David Weathers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said he really likes the sleeveless shirts, he then said that Dave
from Back9BBQ is really close to getting Publix to carrying the
chicken dip, Spice said they’ve got a good vibe there, Manson said
it’s the best, Bubba said that heather is into the organic stuff, he
doesn’t get what that’s about, he then confirmed that he’ll be in
Clueston this weekend, he needs to call Kenny E Kenny about racing the
school bus, Spice wondered if you can flip it, Spice thinks if Bubba
was to flip a school bus, he’d never hear the end of it, Manson
wondered what it would be like if Bubba died from that. Bubba asked
Spice about him quitting the Clem Gym, he asked him about the Power
House, Spice said it’s a nice place, he suggested Bubba quit the Clem
Gym and go there, Bubba said he’s ready to put a sonna in it, Spice
said it’s a sonna by itself. Less in New York said he was watching TV
and found David Weathers, he thinks Tonk the bear was too big to get
in the studio, Bubba said he’ll bring it up at the creative meeting,
Manson thinks Bubba would shoot the bear about 18 times, Bubba said
just one shot makes the bear go that’s cute,
Spice asked what happened to the monkey that was roaming Florida, he
thinks it got on a ship and left. CP Trav came on, he said he’s
leaving for New Orleans tomorrow, he said he’s got something on deck,
Bubba wondered if he’s hitch hiking, Trav said he’s flying, he said
he’s bringing four women with him to the show, he said they all bought
Meet and Greet tickets, one is a police officer, Bubba told him to be
safe. Joe in Orlando said two years ago he was at Sea World, he said
someone died in a school bus, Bubba said he’s heard that. Jordan said
Jessey James Dupree got shot out of a cannon for his concert, Brent
said he’s got him booked for next week, Manson thinks it’s priceless.
We then heard “My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass”, Bubba goofed on
Jessey a little, Spice cracked up at the video, Bubba thinks Jessey is
trying to take a crap while singing. Chris in West Palm said David
Weathers got bit by a snake recently, he said he got bit on the hand;
his whole body is black and blue. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – “bubba Show classics Vol. 16”, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for going to Bubbapalooza
New Orleans with a woman from 2001. Bubba asked that Spice remind him
that hammil is to be fined $50, he asked if you write to Publix about
the Chicken dip, be nice about it, he then told Ned that today isn’t a
good day for him, he thinks Manson is beating him when it comes to
tracks on iTunes, Dave said when they started, he was wondering if
they even got them, Bubba said this one took five days to get up, he
then went over the popular tracks, Manson celebrated and got a tymbal,
Ned said “Screw you” after Manson told him “In your face”.

“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”

1. Canadian idiot
2. A Little less hatley
3. Celebrity Racist Rehab
4. Deep Fried
5. Clem’s Creek – Slavery
6. Do the hatley
7. Fatter Than You
8. Harry Potter Filibuster
9. Maniac Mel Gibson Doll
10. Horse Shit Town (Huff Song)
11. On the Phone Again
12. Mel Gibson Call
13. LeBron’s In Miami Bitch
14. My Name is Brent Hatley
15. Sanford and Brent
16. Ober Radio Theatre
17. Ober Fire marshal Commercial
18. Ober Dante Morris Commercial

We then heard the clip of Jessey James Dupree getting shot out of a
cannon, the guys were cracking up at the clip, Manson wonders why
anyone would want to do that. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
the shows have been great, he said that Howard is on vacation, they
played the time when Ronnie made an ass out of himself at Bubba’s
wedding (January 16, 2007. Ronnie had a bunch of Tequila, and under
the advice of an un named person, grabbed the microphone and yelled
“let’s fuck some whores”). The guy also mentioned the time when Bubba
and the Iron Sheik played Anal ring toss (August 2, 2007). Courtney
said she’s a big fan in Miami, she wondered what she can do, Bubba
said to check the website. The first email of the day said they love
the show in Miami, Bubba thinks it’s hopeless, Spice thinks they
should have the faith to market him correctly, Bubba said when his
contract is up next year, he’ll be an un restricted free agent.
Another emailer asked if the Bubba Army can keep them on in Miami,
Bubba said if they had Ron and Paul’s numbers, they’d have a ten year
deal, he thinks he should keep the emails. Another emailer suggested
Bubba put up billboards at his own expense, Bubba said they’re not
some college based station. Another emailer said they found out about
the show from a coe worker, there’s no advertising. Another emailer
said they like how ox has integrated more music. Another emailer asked
if they can send some TNA cards to be signed, Bubba said they could do
that, he then said Dan and Pete from Calgary emailed them, he thinks
Donna looks like an infant next to them; he said he’s being honest
about Miami, he said in two years, Cox has done nothing in Miami. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, followed by “Far
Away” by Nickelback. Bubba thinks Rick Scott VS Alex Sink is going to
be easy for Alex, Brent thinks McCollum would’ve been more of an
issue, he said Rick Scott is the walking definition of fraud. We then
heard a news clip about that, Bubba likes how Pam Bondy made it
through, he hasn’t heard of the other guy, he said he’s bummed out
that Darryl Rouson won by a land slide, he’s bummed out with himself
for not promoting April Sheffield enough, he thinks maybe he should
run against him. Pete and Dan from Canada emailed them to tell Tucker
Carlson he could kiss their asses, Bubba thinks donna looks like a
toddler next to them, the guys cracked up at what Brent looks like, we
then heard “do The Hatley” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”, track
6, Brent said he hasn’t seen the picture. We then heard “Sanford and
Brent” from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 16”, track 15, Ned thinks they
were done a few weeks ago (June 25, 2010). Another emailer said the
crash the guys mentioned is n the hospital. Another emailer said they
would’ve liked to have punched the caller in the face who was talking
about his disabled daughter. Another emailer said he wore his Bubba
Army shirt. Another emailer said Bubba is missing his chance against
MJ, as he was asked to do Community Service, the emailer thinks Bubba
should offer MJ a parking space. Steve in Hollywood said he needs to
take Bubba off of speaker phone, Bubba Eviled him a few seconds later.
Sabrina from Jacksonville came on; she said she’s the Bubba Show
Witch, she told Bubba to get the coocoo button ready, as she got it
the last time (August 9, 2010). Spice asked that she do something for
Miami, she then asked for Miami to keep the show on, Spice said if it
works, they’re going to witch craft, Bubba said if it works, they’ll
call her periodically. Smiley in Miami said he’s never seen a
billboard, or any form of advertisement. Bubba read an article about a
nude football player who broke into someone’s house, the guys cracked
up at the story. Anighta said that she’s going to miss the show, Bubba
thinks they need her on their side, Spice said you don’t want to piss
them off. The guys then talked about the Mosk, Brent said he’s too
close to the situation, Spice said it’s become a Political hot button,
Manson said it’s a huge distraction, Spice said it’s nice saying we
want to help the people, but we don’t care, Manson said we’ve changed
Iraq into Detroit. We then heard “We Gotta Stop The Mosk At Ground
Zero”, Bubba thinks it’s an abortion, Spice said it’s horrible, Ned
said it’s great. Bubba said this is the standard template, he thinks
it’s easier to follower, Spice wonders who would be the guy who does
backing vocals on the song, Bubba thinks we need an abortion. Pedro
said it hurts him to hear Bubba pandering to the Mexicans, Bubba hung
up on him, as it was the guy who always calls, he wonders what the
deal is with heather’s pit-bull endeavor, Spice said it would be
strange if she posed with one, and the thing snapped. Bubba called up
Heather, he wonders if she has a statement, Spice did one, Bubba
realized he had one, which we then heard, he thinks Spice wrote it.
heather said she’ll be MC-ing the “Pinups for Pit Bulls”, Spice then
goofed on her, ned said he’ll get smashed and show up at the event.
Heather then explained the event, she said that people have been asked
not to bring their dogs Bubba thinks the dogs will be sleeping,
Heather said she has a kissing booth with a few of the dogs, Spice
cracked up at this, Brent said they need to get a rotator up. Bubba
had no idea what a Burlesque show, heather said they’ve got a pole
there, Bubba thinks they’re cooking with fire, Ned thinks the Pit Bull
will rip Heather’s face off, Bubba said they’ll have it as the number
2 rotator, Heather said it’ll be from 8:00-1:00 on Saturday night. Ned
asked if Bubba would stay with heather if she got her face ripped off,
Bubba thinks he’d be with her if the dog ripped out her voice box, he
said he wouldn’t learn sign language for her, he then goofed on Manson
talking with Donna, Spice then goofed on Bubba saying he has great
communication with his wife. Michael in Tampa wondered why Bubba
always has to say that Conservatives hate blacks; he thinks Bubba is
lumping the Military in that, Bubba explained his position with that,
Brent said bubba has never called him a racist. Michael said he
doesn’t have a problem with Obama’s color; it’s his policies he
doesn’t like. Bubba said if you started attacking or not, your
responsible for delivering the content, Michael doesn’t get how Bubba
thinks Rush Limbaugh is a racist, Brent said Glen Beck has said some
racist things in the past. Bubba wonders why we can’t get a big show
to say they like various people; he thinks it would fragment the
audience, he said he likes when Michael calls in, he said at least the
guy is educated enough to participate, Spice said he’s on point, ned
hopes he drives into a ditch. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers, Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “give It Away now” by The Red Hot chili Peppers.
Bubba promoted Bubbapalooza on September 11, he thinks it might be the
last one they do based on what they do in 2011, he then said Ned will
need a handler, ned wondered if it really matters if he shows up, he
thinks the fans won’t even miss him. James in St. Petersburg said his
girlfriend wants him to have sex with another girl, he thinks it’ll
backfire, he said that he’s 21, and she’s 20, he said a childhood
friend resurfaced, he said this was at a baby shower, the guy’s
girlfriend is having the baby, Bubba thinks this is serious, Ned was
heard in the background saying stuff, Bubba thinks she could be just
setting him up, he then asked the guy to tell the dog to shut up,
Spice likes how the guy named his dog after a prostitute (the dog’s
name is Trixy). Bubba isn’t sure if the girl is doing it just to set
him up, Manson thinks it would be crazy if the girl went into labor
during the act. Alex n Miami said he’s sorry to hear about the show
possibly leaving. Spice said they’ve got James on line 5, the woman on
line 9, Bubba decided to call her Rhonda; he then put her on
protection. Rhonda said that she had experimented with girls when she
was in High School, Bubba thinks that seems to be normal, Manson
doesn’t think so. Bubba asked her if she’s ever done this before,
Rhonda said not exactly, Bubba thinks it wasn’t a boyfriend, he said
he’s better than Dr. Phil, he then asked how it went down. Rhonda said
it wouldn’t affect her, Bubba said that let’s say it was too happy,
would she think something was going on, Rhonda said no, the woman in
question is about 35 minutes away, James said she used to be at his
Mom’s house. Bubba asked how they could keep this connection going;
Rhonda said they could get in touch with her. Bubba asked if she’s
hot, Rhonda said she’s cute, James said she’s hot, Rhonda doesn’t
think she’s with a guy at the moment. Bubba thinks James making the
connection would be creepy, he asked Brent his opinion on it, Brent
said you have to leave the deal cutting up to the women, Rhonda said
she wouldn’t know what to say to her. Bubba decided that they rehearse
it; Rhonda said she’s at work and that her boss was listening. Bubba
asked if it could happen after the child, Rhonda said she’s pretty
belly round at the moment. Bubba thinks they should do it before the
baby is born, he asked Manson if hormones can go crazy before and
after birth, Manson confirmed this. Bubba said she has the horny
hormones, he asked for Rhonda to promise the following: James can do
it, and she’ll never throw it back in his face. If she does, Bubba
could publically humiliate her, he then told her if it happens, she
couldn’t hook up with a guy, Rhonda said she’d do it, Bubba said he
has it signed, sealed and delivered, he asked for the contact
information, he thinks a radio show shouldn’t be an issue. Rhonda said
her bosses were listening to the show, Bubba thinks it’s kick ass that
the bosses are into the show, he then told James they need to follow
up, he then asked Spice if he’d do the same thing with Tasha, Spice
said his head says no, but his penis says yes, he said he would have a
hard time believing that she wouldn’t throw it back at him, Bubba said
the penis over rules guys every time, Manson thinks it’s bologna.
Bubba thinks Manson will eat his own logic after this call, he then
went to Jenny, she said she’s bisexual, her husband is a Polygamist at
heart, she said one of her friends was staying with them for a time,
but it didn’t work out, she said she couldn’t deal with her friend
living there, bubba thinks it’s on her, Ned yelled for her to shut the
kid up, Spice said he likes the term “Polygamist At heart”, Bubba
thinks the guy is horny, he thinks she dumb enough to go for his
polygamist line, she then got Eviled a few seconds later, Brent thinks
Bill Clinton wasn’t that good. John told James to get the DNA test, he
then said she needs a good Walter Brenin impersonation, bubba hung up
on him, he then said Ned has a new offering “bubba 19”, ned said he
decided to redo the song about Bubba. We then heard the bit, where Ned
talks about Bubba, repeating 19 over and over again, he thinks Bubba
was 19 pounds when he was born, Bubba said Larry Plummer weighed 13
pounds when he was born, he said he only weighed 7 pounds and 3
ounces, Spice thinks that had to be really bad, Bubba wonders if a kid
did weigh 19 pounds, he admonished Ned for the song repeating the part
about him weighing that much. Ned then discusses Doug Clem, he called
Jane Edmond “Edmonds”, Bubba said her maiden name is Aylor, Ned thinks
he didn’t do his research, Bubba requested that Ned at least be
factual, he thinks this is a way for Ned to bury Bubba and put Doug
Clem over, he said it’s cheap heat, he asked if Ned will do it live,
Ned said no, he then went on to say the average high school student
ate 3 tacos, while Bubba ate 19, Spice was laughing his ass off at
that. Bubba said this was poorly written, he thinks he could’ve done
something like this, he thinks Spice has been dumped by 19 girls, Ned
said that wasn’t funny. Ned then went over bubba’s radio career, he
even mentioned Bubba’s original on-air name, “Rockin’ Bubba Clem”, we
then heard Bubba order 19 cheese burgers. Ned then discussed Bubba
weighing 488 pounds, and that he was unable to wipe his ass, Spice
likes how it’s changed from a 19 song to a 488 song. Ned thinks Bubba
will have a heart attack before Tyler reaches 19, Spice cracked up at
that, he likes how it came full circle. Ned thinks Bubba’s career is
dead in the water, he said the show came in at 19th place in Miami,
Bubba said they came in 21st place, he said the bit wasn’t funny. Ned
said Tyler has about 19 sponsors, he then recapped the time when Holly
would wipe bubba’s ass, he thinks on a scale from 1-20 of grossness,
this would be at a 19, he then said that Bubba hit rock bottom in 2009
with his combination of various pills, Bubba thinks ned was at night,
Spice thinks Bubba has a lab in his bathroom. Ned said Bubba’s career
on Satellite radio was going nowhere, he thinks Bubba will go to
internet radio, he thinks a total of 19 people followed him there, he
said Spice gave him a few ideas. Bubba said as genius or as horrible
as it was, tell him a show that can come up with something better than
that. Michelle in Tampa said she’s done that before, however she was
asked to do it, she said it freaked the wife out, Bubba thinks as much
as the woman says it won’ be an issue, it really will, Manson thinks
there’s a chance the man will enjoy sex with the other woman, Michelle
said the other woman told her they should just be friends, it turned
into a big drama, she said she enjoyed it. Bubba asked if it was hard
for her to say no, Michelle said it was a little, Bubba thanked her
for doing it, he then said he had to poop. Chrystal thanked Bubba for
talking about it, she said she and her boyfriend were arguing about
this the other day, she thought she was the only one who enjoyed that.
Bubba asked if they’ll get married, Chrystal said yes, she said this
happens often, she said it happens once a month, it happens with one
of her best friends, Manson asked “What’s wrong with these people?”
Bubba said he’s pretty open minded, he wondered where all this comes
from, Chrystal said her guy isn’t self confident, it’s usually just
her, they’ve done it with another one of her friends, Bubba thinks the
guy is lucky, Chrystal said she’s not skinny, Bubba thinks they’re not
focusing on that, he then hung up on her, he said he’s not taking any
calls on this until he gets some hot sounding people, he asked for
people who look like Tasha, Spice said good luck with that, Bubba said
he’ll play Ned’s new song before the show ends, ned thinks Bubba
stopped it about 19 times, Bubba asked for Pantera to screen
accordingly, not water buffalo hot, he said 125 or below, he doesn’t
want water buffalos that breed other water buffalos, he thinks they
should do Cougar night at Scene, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Bubba Comments on The War

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Hope It Gives you Hell”. Bubba
said his music by default, as Hammil didn’t provide it, he said
whoever wins the lottery will have a big take, Brent said his problem
is; now Bubba is adding money that they’re not eligible. Bubba thanked
Steve Cern for providing breakfast, he said that wasn’t necessary, he
then said he needs to get a hold of Steve from “Bay Area Fencing”,
Brent thinks the dent fixing guys are here to fix some dents, Bubba
wonders what’s up with The Ferret, he’s not sure if he’s the manager,
Spice thinks Jimmy Hart should be Bubba’s manager, Bubba said he can’t
sniff out deals, Spice thinks everyone would take Jimmy’s call, he
said that if he dumped it, then Kraft should dump it, he then plugged
Bubbapalooza New Orleans, he asked Brent how the saints look, Brent
said they look good, he said Gruden spent a week with them. Bubba said
that the Nfl told Chad Johnson he can’t Tweet, Spice said that’s
because he’s doing it while he’s playing. Bubba wonders if he really
should race the school bus, he thinks lack of safety is the issue, he
said Lajoi makes everything but school busses, he thinks people that
end up getting hit during those races get thrown out of the vehicle.
Donnie in Spring Hill said the woman who called earlier is his Niece,
he said she just happens to be pregnant at the time, Spice asked her
if she knew she was such a freak, Manson thinks his theory has been
solidified, that most girls that are into that were touched by an
Uncle, Donnie said he’s never done that. Brent thinks saying she’s hot
is a bit of an issue, Donnie said he’s never thought of her in that
way. Bubba took a call from a guy in Miami who said hi to the 509
Airborne division, he said he’s on his way now, Bubba wondered what
the sound in the background was, the guy said this is his first time,
Bubba said he’s sorry for what he has to do, he thinks the guy is
brainwashed, the guy said he has to do the best job he needs to do, he
said they tell him they need to kick ass, Bubba wondered what we’re
doing over there, Brent said he’s not allowed to comment on policy.
Spice asked if the guy has an idea of whose ass he’ll kick, the guy
said he’s not sure as far as details go, Bubba wonders who the enemy
is, the guy said anyone with a towel on their head, Manson thinks
that’s everyone. Bubba said he’s appreciative of his efforts, he told
him to be safe, he said he doesn’t’ agree with what we’re doing over
there, he said he’s not being disrespectful, Brent said it’s Bubba’s
duty to question the civilian leadership, Bubba thinks it’s a slap in
the face that we can’t find Bin Laden for nine years, Manson said it’s
an embarrassment, Brent thinks we can do more damage by leaving them
now, Bubba said he could care less what they do over there, he thinks
we’d be mad if another Country invades us. Paul in Ft. Lauderdale
thinks bubba is belittling the troops, he asked Bubba to put himself
in a Marine’s shoes, Brent said he’s been there, bubba said he doesn’t
agree with our leaders on this, Paul thinks Bubba is just criticizing
a decision, Bubba thinks the guy is eating his own logic, he said he
has the right to be a critic, he thinks the guy is fighting for the
rights of other people. Paul said all the guy knows is that he’s
supposed to be loyal, he suggested Bubba cal up the Politicians and
criticize them, Bubba said he didn’t call for the guy, he just called
on his own, Spice said he’d like to question our leaders, Bubba thinks
maybe there’s something he doesn’t know, Paul said there’s a lot we
all don’t know, the guy got Eviled a few seconds later. Brent said
that at least George H W. Bush was clear with his mission. Bubba went
over some callers, he said he only wants girls to comment on
threesomes, he doesn’t’ want guy’s perspective, he said it’s his show.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Seamen in Water Bottle

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
white Cap in Orlando on September 1, followed by “Let The Good Times
Roll” by The Cars. Bubba said every time he hears one of their songs,
it reminds him of 9th grade, and the “Who shot JR Party”, he said it
was his first date with a girl named Juley parks, Spice as an old guy
said some stuff. Bubba went over some callers he has on deck, also
some stories he has racked up, he asked the studio guys to pick this
one, Ned chanted for Seamen a few times, Brent wonders how a four
year-old could get hurpies, Dave also chose that, Manson wonders how
someone died from K2, Spice voted for Seamen, Ned said Spice was his
boy, Bubba said he has to be the tie breaker, he told the callers to
hold, he said they’ll be going to the seamen story. We then heard a
news clip about a guy who masturbated in her water bottle twice, Spice
wonders why he did it the second time, Ned said he’d say Seamen, he
then recapped how he’d do it, Spice cracked up when ned said “Oh god”
at the end of the story, bubba asked for the reporter to get to the
meat and potatoes, Ned thinks they’re milking the story, Bubba said
they’re losing him, he then wonders how the test results would come
back, Ned thinks the guy is guilty based on her name, Bubba thinks
it’s a strange way to ask her for a date, Spice then gargled while
saying something, Bubba told him to stop. Tia in Sarasota came on with
her radio on, she said the threesome thing could be people with a lot
of morals, Bubba asked what she knows about how chicks doing it, Tia
said her daughter is into that stuff, she said her friends are also
into this. Bubba wonders how you can talk to your parents about that,
he wondered what kind of phone she’s on, Tia said her daughter tells
her stories about how it happens, Manson thinks it’s bad parenting.
Tia said she and her husband don’t do that, Bubba said he had to poop,
he said the voice and content brought his poop pains come back, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Hulk Hogan calls in, Ned’s new Bit replayed

1. Spice came on saying Bubba was in the bathroom, he said it stinks,
Manson said the last time it was unbearable, he said he’s toxic, he
then said Bubba loves the song “19” by Paul hard Castle. Hulk Hogan
came on, he said people were tweeting him saying that he had a heart
attack last night, he said he’s not dead, but in his lower head, Spice
thinks he was on the list, Hogan said last week, they said he drowned
in the pool, he said if he had to go, he’d probably want to go doing
pushups on top of Bird, he hopes bubba doesn’t go like Elvis (August
16, 1977), he said he’s got about 10,000 followers on Twitter, he said
Nick told him Ashtin Cutcher has about 5 million followers, he said
he’s screwing some stuff up about it. Spice told Hogan to check out
Ned’s new bit, which we then heard, followed by “Ober Dante Morris
Commercial” from “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”, track 18. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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