Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22nd, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Facebook friend of the day is Emma Adkins of Summerville, South Carolina.
Baseball talk.
Bubba is excited for O.A.R’s appearance on Friday.
Thomas Cox said that Rebel Inc will be on next Tuesday.
Bubba talked about McDonald’s, Ned wants his own bag with the letter
“N” on it with a star, so no one takes his food.
Emails: Guy wants to get the sound sleves in Canada, listener feels
Stephanie is innicent, listener requests the Bubba death song,
listener wants Ned to choak Jennifer from Naples, Tara and Twenty-five
great on air, listener wants all of Ned’s bits on a CD, Bubba told the
listener about, and a listener got a Bubba Army window
Guy gets his penis caught in a ring.
What do today’s 18 year-olds not know?
Dary Queen employee shoots a man with a sword.
Manson’s “bubba Death Song” (“Raw & Uncensored” disc 2, track 221).
The song parodies Pearl Jam’s cover of “Last Kiss”, and talks about
Bubba dieing after eating a bunch of fast-food.
Lauren Hill behind on taxes.
Top 5 Countdown – Christian Rock.
Ned’s Load – “Full Blown Aids”.
Prince harry nude in Vegas, the guys think it’s not an exciting
scandle, they feel the tiger attacking Roy Horn is better.
Ned’s “Wild Tigers Bite” (“Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 3”, track 9).
News clip about Casey Anthony almost off probation.
Bubba said he’ll continue to play the songs they made about her.

1.      Manson & Berlin “My Trunk” (“Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”
track 9, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16)
2.      “Caylee’s Not In The Cradle” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 5)
3.      “Caylee’s mom” (“Bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 7” track 1, and “The
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 11).

Bubba played “L.A. woman” from The Doors, Manson remembered when he
used to do Jim Morrison stuff at a Karaoke bar.
Warren Sapp’s book tour isn’t going so well.
Bubba read about some of Warren’s recent interview highlights, he
likes the way Nick Wright handled him, he tinks Sapp is done.
Ned’s “This is Why I hate Warren Sapp”,) (not in the catalog).
Audio from the Nick Wright and John Lopez show talking with Warren Sapp.
Bubba told Warren he doesn’t have a hair on his ass if he doesn’t do
his show, he asked Brent to give other radio people there offerings on
Nina said about 13 years ago she moved to Tampa and saw Warren at
Shepards; she was able to get him escorted out of the place after
talking about sodomy and proclaiming he was God.
Scott in iami said he went to University of Miami, he got high with
Sapp, he said Warren acted like he owned the University.
Doug said he’s seen Warren reject white kids, but take care of African
American kids.
Bubba said the mir mention of him gets the lines packed.
Mark said that Warren went to a golf match, played 9 holes, and was
supposed to sign autographs, he left after the match.
Audio of Drew Garrabo interviewing Warren.
Bubba said that the people that he knows are very gracious when it
comes to taking pictures; he said he’ll call off his crusade if Warren
Bubba Rips Warren Sapp (“Public Enema #1” disc 2, track 18)
Manson’s “Sapp’s High” (“The Fat and the Furious” disc 2, track 7)
Bubba talked about the Wing House.
Warren Sapp on the Howard Stern show.
Caller said he could never stand Warren Sapp; Bubba had to dump him for cursing.
Bubba wants to play Ned’s 3rd installment of “50 Shades of white
Trash”, he described the show as a football game.
Ned’s “50 Shades of white Trash Part 3” is played.
Audio clip – Man with a double lung transplant wants to meet Hulk hogan.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “Me and Hogan” (“The Todd Clem Project” disc 2
track 16, “Bubba Show classics Vol. 1” track 22, and “Bubba Show
classics Vol. 5”, track 17).
Bubba said they’ll call Hogan tomorrow to ask him if he knows about
the double lung transplant guy.
Audio clip – Topless baby sitter.
Audio clip – Lyndsey Lohan caught stealing.
Audio clip – Juniour Seau’s autopcy.
Audio clip – Female teacher has sex with Freshman student.
Hulk Hogan came on, the guys goofed on where he was, Ned thinks Hogan
is in a cave with Linda Hogan’s body.
Bubba asked Hogan about the double lung guy, Hogan said he’ll visit him.
Hogan asked for Tara, Bubba said that Tara was in court. Show

Bubba wants to tell Tara to take the rest of the day off; Brent said
he’ll come into the studio.

Audio clip – woman is broke, wants to see her daughter’s murderer be exicuted.
Audio clip – Michael Strayhan is going to be a coehost on “Live with
Kelly Ripa”.
The Christmas party is closed; Buddha made the cut to get in.
Emails: Listening from Isreal, Russ in Conneticut (the #1 Bigass Box
set winner), guy couldn’t order stuff overseas, guy said more case law
is being done about people wo say bad stuff on Twitter, listener got a
shotout with a Bubba Army shirt at the South Park mall, and Bubba puts
on a great program.
Dax Shepard, star of “The Hangover” on the phone.
Bubba marked out to “Idiocracy”, Dax said it was great working with
Mike Judge, he doesn’t think “Idiocracy” is going to be what our world
is coming to.
Bubba was shocked the movie “hit and Run” comes out today; Dax said
that it happens; he said this is his kind of movie.
Bubba said he’s not gay; he’s tired of the politicians complaining
about gay marriage.
Dax said all he cares about are kristen and cars.
Bubba told Dax about his racetrack and his cream machine, he thinks
Dax is like him, he then told Dex about Alex Young, Dex has never
heard of him.
Bubba told Dex that Fabrizi bought one of the original cars used in
“Smokey and the Bandit”; he sold it to Tony Stewart for $51,000.
Dax said that Bert Rennolds has one of those; Bubba didn’t care for the sequal.
Dax said he wrote, directed, stared and did all the stnts for the movie.
Bubba said he’d love to have Dax back on, Dax said he would love it.
Talkbreak from 98 Rock where the guys talk to a woman who banged two
neighbors behind her husband’s back.
Isreal called in asking if he was in for the party, Bubba said that he
could come, if he could control his old lady, he likes how Isreal is
able to work in all the lingo.
Bubba began talking about an audio clip of Warren Sapp getting snappy
with Jack and Ted (Jack harris and Ted Web, radio guys on 970 WFLA, a
local AM station in Tampa).
Isreal’s woman came on the line, Bubba had to hang up on isreal, as
his phone was driving him bananas, she said that she’d like to go; she
wouldn’t mind if Isreal got some “white pussy”, she said she’s
familiar with all of the guys on the show.
Ned asked her about anal sex, Isreal’s wife said she would let Ned do that.
Bubba asked her about Obama, she thinks he started off good, now he’s
talking sideways.
Bubba would take Hilary Clinton as President; Brent said he would vote for her.
Ned’s “50 shades of White Trash Part 3”.
Isreal came back on, his only issue is the pay, Bubba told him that
the Blue tooth screws everything up.
Isreal asked for Ned to include him in the “50 Shades of White Trash”.
Audio clip – Jack harris and Ted Web from 970, WFLA, a local Am
station talking to Warren Sapp.
Brent says Sapp is lying about not being in Tampa, as Marcus Jones
told them that he’d kick Sapp’s ass, and was at the same function
talked about in the clip. (October 19, 2007)
Bubba thinks Warren hates white people; he said he hopes Ted Web doesn’t die.
Audio clip – Minasota coach arrested for child pornography.
Audio clip – paterno despised Sandusky, Bubba thinks it’s easy to say that now.
Brent said he’s never swinging again; he apologized to Manson for not
listening to him.
A sociologist claims that a happy life means a long marriage, but sex
with a different person.
Woman who got her asshole tattooed.
Steve in Jersey asked what Brent was the nail in the coffin, Brent
said it was calmination of things that all came to ahead one day.
Eighty-four year-old man smoothered by woman who sat on his head.
Ned talks about what happens when a fat girl sits on your face.

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