Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18th, 2010 by Staff

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Bubba Army. This is Blind Lawrence scribing the daily recap.

Bumper music provided by Chaz:
Hootie and the Blowfish – Only Wanna Be With You
The Wallflowers – One Headlight
Lenny Kravitz – American Woman
Santana Ft. Rob Thomas – Smooth
Los Lonely Boys – Senorita
Stone Temple Pilots – Seven Caged Tigers
Shinedown – Fly From the Inside

Segment 1 – Scene Opens tonight

The show started off with “I Only Wanna Be with You” by Hootie and The
Blowfish. Bubba said the bumper music was provided by Chaz, Ned thinks
Chaz is a fag, Bubba thinks he’s either pandering, or he’s cool, he
then went over some sports scores, he then asked who is going to
Scene, he said Kevin Hayslett is letting him have his limo for the
evening, Ned was heard cracking open a beer, he said going to Scene is
a long trip. Bubba then talked about The Red Macea, he said they’ll be
delivering some food there, Spice said all the in-fighting killed
Ybor. Bubba said if he lived in Tampa and wasn’t who he is, he’d be
Bubba-ed out, Spice said he just changes the channel, Brent said he’s
Political ad-ed out; Manson said he just throws that stuff away. Bubba
wonders how foolish does Tommy look for coming in, he said Lasker told
him the outlaws are having dinner at Cheap, he said try to tell 61
bikers they can’t come to the club, they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, followed by “One Head Light” by The Wall Flowers, Bubba said
he’s not that crazy about them, Ned said they’re boring. Bubba then
went over what they’ll be doing on the show for the next couple of
days, he said he’s going to attend the Saturday Night Bristol
Tennessee, he said he’s always wanted to do that. Chris in Ontario
thanked the guys for helping him stay awake, he asked if the guys will
visit, Bubba said if they come back to Satellite, they should go
there, Edmonton and Calgary, he said his publicist was up his ass
about the first access on the check presentation, we then heard a news
clip about that from the Tampa CBS affiliate, Bubba and Manson said
they really like Police Chief Caster, Bubba likes how she’s no
nonsense. Charles in West Virginia asked about Strike Force, he thinks
Pantera was more excited about Bubba getting yelled at. We then heard
a clip of Reggie Roundtree talking about the various donations, he
said “Bubba’s Army” at the end, Spice said it’s tough to get some
ad-libbing in there. The first email of the day said Tommy owns
Kennedy, the emailer then recapped a story about getting screwed out
of some money. Another emailer said they hear Bubba talking about
Metro PCS, Bubba thinks it’s available at any location. Another
emailer said they heard a song from the Paper Tongues on the radio,
Spice said they’ll be back in the studio soon. Another emailer asked
about the type of gun Bubba has, Bubba thinks the deal is over.
Another emailer said he loves his ball watch, Spice said it’s a nice
watch. Another emailer thinks Bubba pushed the racial issue with the
Cheap story, Bubba said he disagrees with the guy, he said there’s a
lot of racial profiling that happens unjustly, Manson thinks the
server not talking to Twenty-five directly is him being racist. Spice
said he get a bunch of emails from people recounting their stories.
Another emailer said Bubba and the guys did great with the donations,
Bubba said he’s just the gathering place. Another emailer said they
could use more Spice and Miller, Bubba said they should rework it so
that Spice is on both sets of Bubbapalooza. Another emailer said that
there’s no law on sex with Animals in Florida, Brent said they shot
that bill down. Another emailer said he runs some Valves, a lot of
NASCAR guys run that. Another emailer said the Marine Brent is
supporting has a bill for the children of Cocab and Curtis, Brent said
you’ll be voting on Tuesday. Greg on protection said he works for a
company with a pamphlet that says who they should vote for, saying if
you didn’t vote for the selected people, your job will be on the line;
Brent said that should be illegal. Bubba said that Dr. Laura is
thinking about leaving radio, he thinks she’ll go to Satellite, he
thinks Sirius will be dumb enough to pay her a bunch of money, yet
they get paid nothing. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 – Guy arrested for pictures of 15 year-old girls

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Bitch, I Told
You” shirt, followed by “American Woman” by Lenny Cravits. We then
heard a news clip from the Fox affiliate about the BTLS Foundation,
Bubba thinks they should play music under the news. Dave in West Palm
said it would’ve been interesting to find out Tommy’s take on stuffing
toilet paper in other toilets, the guy said he hopes Scott Greenstein
realizes the impact, Bubba said it’s probably not going to happen,
Dave said Twenty-five never got into the married girl thing, he said
they put a picture of Beth up on, he then described
the picture, as Bubba hadn’t seen it yet. Bubba said that they were
getting off the plane to Calgary, a big breasted blonde woman smoking
a cigarette was there, he said heather gave her the death stair and
took a picture, he said on Saturday, Twenty-five came to his room and
said that the woman’s husband got so drunk, she got
Twenty-five and gave him a blowjob, Manson said it’s weird, he thinks
the guy might not have been passed out, he thinks the guy might be
sleeping with one eye open, Ned thinks it’s steamy, he’d be giving the
guy an ear flick. Bubba read an article about Dr. Laura planning to
give up her radio program at the end of the year, he thinks that means
she wants to go to Satellite Radio, Spice said he can’t blame her for
not wanting to say her peace, Bubba hopes they don’t pay her too much
money, he thinks it will happen, he wonders how well baking pies
translates to radio, he then read an article about some fifteen
year-old girls getting arrested for indecent exposure, the man who
took the picture got arrested for possessing the picture, he said he’s
all about not taking a picture of a 15 year-old girls’s boobs, Manson
said there’s no way you can tell how old a girl is if she flashes you,
Spice thinks it’s a break from the job, he said they’ve all seen the
15 year-olds who look 20, Bubba wonders who was driving the car, he
then shamed Bill Camerin for allowing this to happen, he wonders if
this is Mayberry, he then went on to say that he’s got some TV stuff
to play, Spice thinks Tommy got his ownership taken away from him.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Crazy Cynthia, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza New
Orleans, followed by “smooth” by Rob Thomas. Bubba said he’s got two
more clips to play about the check presentation, we then heard a news
clip about the checks, Bubba likes how he’s no longer known as a shock
jock. Cynthia said she needs mental help, she said her son’s birthday
is coming up, she asked about the Salad Tossing segment from the 98
Rock days, she said she’s 45, the coocoo sound effect was heard in the
background, Ned said he was all in when she said that her dogs were
crapping all over the house, she thinks Brent was just getting
started, saying he was just coming into his name, the guys cracked up
at her hitting the buttons on her phone, she said she’s only had four
years off, she said she has a magic jack that freaks out, Bubba thinks
he’s seen that commercial with Billy Mays, the woman said that Billy
convinced her to buy the product, Bubba began hitting the buttons on
the phone, the woman likes how Bubba is real, her shot of choice is
Wild Turkey 101, Bubba hit some more buttons, the woman said she heard
some stuff on her end, he told her Ned would like to come over, the
woman said he could do that, she said the dogs aren’t an issue, Manson
was cracking up when Bubba was hitting the phone buttons, Bubba thinks
Ned is so in, Ned said he’s out when it comes to rats, the woman was
heard talking to one of her dogs, she said her dog was a Bassett
Hound, Bubba said Ned really likes baby talk, the woman said she’s
recorded some of Ned’s old bits, Bubba thinks Ned will do a live set
nude, Ned said he’ll do some lines of cocaine from one end of the
trailer to the other, but it won’t be a straight line, as he has to go
around the dog poop, ned said he’ll put the dog out of its misery, ned
told her to pipe down, he said he’s been known to ball gag people.
Bubba asked Ned if he’s ever had to dodge a bunch of dog shit, have
hot sex with a woman, then shoot the dog, Ned said he’d like to do it
again; the coocoo sound effect was heard under the call. The woman
said that ned can shoot the dog if he pays her $90 to do it, Bubba
thinks maybe the sex will blow his mind, she said she’s five foot
four, about 140 pounds, she said she died a few years ago, Ned said
yes to the stretch marks, the guys cracked up when bubba hit some more
phone buttons, Ned said he was way in when she said she’s a redhead,
he asked if he could choke her out with her magic jack. Bubba asked
when was the last time she got laid was, the woman said December of
2009. Bubba then went over the parameters, Spice said he feels like
killing her, Ned thinks he could bring some PCP. The woman said that
someone was knocking on her door, Bubba told her to answer the door
nude, it turned out to be someone walking a dog, he thinks she’s
irritating them, Ned said he’s teetering, he then yelled for her to
shut up, she then got Eviled, Bubba thinks she’s too lippy. We then
heard a clip from Channel 10 about
Twenty-five getting screwed at Cheap, Bubba thinks even the setup is
bad, he cracked up a little when Melanie said Broderick’s radio name
is Twenty-five Cent. We then heard a news clip from Channel 28 about
money not getting turned over, the guys cracked up when the reporter
said Ethiopian cooking, Manson thinks it’s sand, Spice thinks Cheap
had a bad day yesterday, Bubba said that Cheap owes $190,000 in sales
taxes, you can go to to see a complete list of
companies that are behind. Jessey in Port Charlotte said Bill Camerin
is a good cop, Bubba said he’s sure he is, however he thinks the man
involved was entrapped, he hung up on the guy. Rocky in Georgia said
you should see the stuff he sees going down the road, he said the
driver shouldn’t be messed with. Bubba and Ned got on CB while the guy
talked, he hung up a few seconds later, Bubba thinks he has to out CB
the guy, he then asked what the latest is in the Devon James lawsuit.
We then heard a clip from July 26, 2010, where Bubba talked to Nick
James, where he tells him he’s crazy, Bubba said the judge through the
case out yesterday. We then heard a news clip about the case getting
thrown out, Bubba replayed the clip of nick talking about the judge,
Manson thinks they’re pretty stupid, Spice thinks Nick James is such a
dildo, Bubba said he feels for the Mom, he then plugged what they’ve
got coming up on the show for today, he said that George and Cindy
Anthony’s lawyer quit them. We then heard a news lip about Brad Conway
saying he can no longer represent the Anthony family, Spice said he’s
losing interest daily with this case. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Drew Rosenhaus and Hulk Hogan

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Primary races
show. Bubba came on saying they should play some Caylee Anthony stuff,
we then heard “Caylee’s Mom” from “Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 7”
track 1, and “The Clemulus package” disc 1, track 11. Bubba said a
fallen hero will be brought home today. The guys then talked about the
Bloggo case getting a mistrial, Brent thinks it’s a waste of money to
retry him, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice loves how
Bloggo didn’t make a case, Manson thinks someone in the court liked
Bloggo’s hair. Bubba said he’s got Drew Rosenhaus on the phone, Drew
said he’s comfortable with football, he said he had to bs his way
through the baseball situation, he said he saw the Bucs play against
the dolphins, he said he was on an airplane, which was what all that
background noise was, Bubba thinks Jeremy Shockey reinvented himself
when he came to the Saints, Drew said today is Jeremy‘s birthday, he
said Sean paten is a great Coach. Bubba asked Drew about Brett Farve,
Drew said he thought it would be a given. Bubba congratulated drew on
getting TO with Chad Johnson, he thinks Cincinnati is a great place
for him, he thinks TO has some football left in him. Bubba asked how
Plaxico is,
Drew said you can’t put the cart before the horse, he thinks he’ll
continue his NFL career; he said he’s a free agent once he’s re
instated. Bubba asked about Tim Tebow, Drew thinks Tim is a better
player than people give him credit for, he thinks he’s not one of the
greatest passers, but he can get it done. Bubba asked about the
Detroit Lions, he thinks they’re the laughing stock of the league,
Bubba likes how drew is in his own element with football, Drew said
it’s a lot of fun. Bubba thanked him for coming on, he asked that
Brent book Drew for some other time went he’s not busy, Brent said
tracking that guy down is tough,
Bubba then went over Drew’s track record, Brent said Alabama has a lot
of good players, they have a lot of holes in the defense. Rich in
Tampa said he was going towards the skyway, he saw some guy walking to
the top, he said the guy was dressed nicely, he said he was just
giving the heads up. Dave said he owns a few restaurants in Manatee
County, he said they get some calls from people who ask about getting
tips added, he thinks Cheap is scamming people. Bubba took a call from
a guy who said the Mexican guy was turned around, Bubba wonders if
they can arrest you for walking on the bridge, Manson thinks he
remembers seeing something like that. Bubba thinks Hogan is on the
warm line, he said Hogan left him a message about an iPad. We then
heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, Hogan said he has some marks in
Toronto asking why Bubba won’t go there, he thinks the guys blew the
doors off the place, Bubba said the Canadians are almost more
appreciative, he said they nearly filled the building, Hogan thinks
the Canadians will fill up the Sky Dome, he said Stew Hart used to
stretch him. Bubba said he got a text from someone saying that Hogan
is driving people crazy with his flip camera; Hogan said he kept the
protective thing on; Jennifer had to tell him he forgot to take the
plastic thing off. Bubba thinks the roast on Pam Anderson was stiff,
Hogan said she kept telling him that she’d leave, he’s glad Brooke
wasn’t there, he then said that he went to the Genius Lab to get some
help with his phone, he said the people at the Genius Lab won’t answer
the phone, Spice as a nerd said this wasn’t Hogan. Hogan had no idea
what iTunes was, Spice joked that Hogan is a simpleton. Bubba told
Hogan he’s getting Hogan a Twitter account, he then asked Hogan about
going to Scene tonight, Hogan said he didn’t remember, Bubba thinks
Hogan throughout the information with some yellow pills, Brent said
it’s on 211 and Third Street, Spice as an old guy said he needed to go
to the West Shore Mall. Bubba called up his friend Joe from ATNT, he
got a message saying the number one should be dialed before the area
code, he thinks Hogan saying Genius lab is great. Joe came on a few
seconds later, he said he could help Hogan out with it; Bubba goofed
on Hogan talking right into the phone. Joe said they open at 10:00, he
said they’ve sold about 3.4 million iPhone. Hogan’s dog was heard
barking in the background, Ned yelled for the dog to shut up, Bubba
thinks Hogan’s dogs are mean for biting people, Brent said he’d like
to get film of that, Hogan thinks only 12 people will be at Scene
tonight, Bubba told him Sluggo is working on his Twitter account. We
then heard “me and Hogan” from “the Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track
16, “bubba Show classics Vol. 1 and Vol. 5”, tracks 22 and 17,
respectively. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – chuck Liddell on the phone, Madison the Transsexual

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said chuck Liddell is early, he said doing Bubba’s show was a fun
morning (February 23, 2007). Bubba said Chuck is hooking up with Kelly
from Prosource, chuck said his supplement is helping out other
athletes. Spice asked how chuck would recover, chuck said he tried a
hyperbolic chamber, Chuck said he did that once. Bubba asked about
chuck fighting Teto Ortiz, chuck said he’ll have to get with Dana
about that. Spice asked about when Dana retired chuck for him, Chuck
said Dana is his friend. Bubba asked him what he’s doing, he thinks
“Entourage” was fun, Chuck said it was. Spice asked where his head is,
Chuck said he’s focusing more on friends and family. Bubba then gave
his prediction for UFC 118, Spice wondered if it’s a slap in chuck’s
face to think they can fight a guy like the Natural. Bubba asked about
a fight between GSP and Anderson Silva, Chuck said it would be an
interesting fight, he said GSP is great at taking people down. Bubba
asked about Brock Lesner, Chuck said he thinks he’ll get better and
better, Spice thinks chuck and Teto had bad blood after their fight,
he asked who else Chuck didn’t like, chuck said he likes most of the
guys in the sport, Bubba thinks Teto is a dick, he then asked about
Fadore, chuck said he’s a great fighter. Spice asked about Strike
Force, Chuck said it’s a great build up to UFC. Bubba asked if Chuck
has respect for Rich, chuck said yes, Spice thinks it’s a weird moment
when he was asked to get his cast signed; Ned thinks chuck was
touching himself during the interview. Bubba took a call from a guy
who said he works at the Genius lab, he said the term is Genius bar,
Spice did his nerd character, this had the guy cracking up a little,
Manson thinks none of the people at the genius bar have ever been to
an actual bar in their lives. Madison in Calgary came on, Bubba asked
him if he liked going on stage, Madison said it was great to be there,
he said no one even knew he was there, Spice said it’s a dude trying
to become a chick, he said he’s not fooling him, ed thinks it’s a 4,
with breasts it’d be a 4.5, Madison said a lot of people asked for a
picture, Spice thinks it’s a sexual, Manson asked if he even has a sex
drive, Madison said he doesn’t masturbate anymore, Spice thinks
Madison will look like the teacher from “south Park” (Mr. Garrison
underwent a sex change, but reverted back to being a man a few years
later). Madison thinks Bubba is cute, Bubba thinks no one thinks he’s
cute, he said that the only reason heather likes him is because he has
a few zeros after his name, Spice thinks Madison won’t be a good
looking woman, he said the last surgery he’d pay for would be to cut
off his own penis, Madison said he digs the show, ned suggest Madison
send him some nudes. The guys then talked about the Misty Cummings
situation, Manson thinks it was a runaway. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Manson said he’d like to give some whoutouts to some Canadian
people, we then heard Manson’s “Canadian idiot”, Bubba told him not to
do any more beef jokes, Manson said the booing was strange to him,
Bubba cracked up at some of the clips in the song (
A clip from the south park movie, Peter Griffin from “family Guy”
saying “Canada Sucks”, and Chris Jericho saying that he’s glad he
moves to the states). Manson said it was hard to sing it over all the
boos, Spice said he had to follow that, Manson said he couldn’t wait
to get off the stage fast enough, he then thanked some people for
coming out, Bubba thanked Scales for coming out to Heather Wiz and
Brent’s Booger’s wedding, Ned said he had to fight the customs on his
way back. Cliff came on, he thinks Sluggo answered, as it said “Tliff”
on the screen, Cliff said his name is Clifford, but he hates the name,
because of the stupid red dog, he asked about Bubbapalooza new
Orleans, Bubba said you can email them for tickets, Cliff said
Howard’s website was locked out. Kent in Calgary thanked the guys for
coming to Canada; he said it was a hell of a show. April in Tampa came
on; Bubba said he’s very selective. April said she’s 23, she said
she’s not fat, she said she played Volley ball in high school, she
said she’s about 150,
Spice thinks she’s fat, Ned thinks if she was athletic, she wouldn’t
be fat, she said she’d bring her husband, she got Eviled a few seconds
later. We then heard a news clip about what happened to Haily
Cummings, the guys goofed on the news coming out, bubba thinks it’s
white trash to hold a birthday for someone who has been missing, he
thinks this is like a “south Park” episode, he thinks Howard is
turning into him, Brent likes how he’s putting pictures up on the
website. Spice thinks they should have a scumbag party, Bubba said not
at his club. Christin in Sarasota said she listens every day, she said
she’s 31, she’s married, but she’ll bring her hot girlfriend, Spice
asked if she’s fat, Christin said no, she said she reps drugs, Bubba
said she’ll be on the guest list, he said he has to poop, he said you
cherish them as you get older, Spice is shocked Bubba takes twenty
minutes to poop, Bubba said he out grew the poop stick (the poop stick
was an old ruler that Bubba would use to examine his poop. this
discussion appears on “bubba Wanna Corndog?” disc 2, track 21).. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba live on the Toilet

Spice came on saying bubba was n the bathroom, he said they’re
wrapping things up, he told ed to be superficial when giving Scene
tickets to various female callers. Carry in Tampa said she would love
to go, she said she’s 29, she weighs about 138, she’s about five foot
five, ed thinks it’s borderline, he said she’ll be going to Scene,
Bubba said they couldn’t be handing out passes, he was hurt grunting,
Spice said he does what needs to be done, Ned thinks it sounds like
Bubba is in the third round of a title fight, Bubba said he has a lot
going on, he said he can multy task. Spice went over the five signs
that she’s into you, Bubba wonders if they’re a bunch of zoo keepers,
Ned wonders if Bubba has a python wrapped around him, we then heard
“dueling Der Ders” from “bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 14, Spice
said he tossed out the dating thing, Bubba thinks he has one more
attack coming. Spice asked bubba if it was the best bowel movement, we
then heard Brent’s “In my life” sounder, Bubba said this one is
stinky, he said it looks like hamburger helper, he said they should
wrap it up about now, he told Spice to play an Ober bit, Spice said
that ned wants to give tickets to the fattest girl on the line. We
then heard Manson’s bit about mark Ober giving a guy ten years for
killing his newborn daughter. They then ended the show a few seconds

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