Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11th, 2010 by Staff

Today’s recap is dedicated to Hulk Hogan, as today is his 57th
birthday. Happy birthday Hootie!

Blind Lawrence with the recap.

Bumper Music provided by Jabberjaw:
Jay Z / Linkin Park – Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lyin’ From You
Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
Kanye West – Power
The Killers – Somebody Told Me
Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
Usher ft. Pitbull – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
Neon Trees – Animal
Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba said the
music was provided by Jabberjaw, he then plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show, he said if you’re a woman and you bring a
girlfriend, you can go to Scene night club, he then plugged the men of
Playgirl, he then said they’ve got something at the BRN, Ned said he
sounds a little rough, as he’s been rehearsing for Bubbapalooza. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Blind Lawrence, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba said ladies only if you’d like tickets to the Penthouse
Club or the Scene night club opening, Spice said he’s got a lot of
people hitting him up with invites. Bubba thinks Ned will be at Scene
at 8:01, from 11:00 on, it’ll be open to the public. Blind Lawrence
came on wishing Hogan a happy birthday, Bubba asked him when he first
talked about Tyler, Lawrence said Friday October 3, 2003, Spice thinks
it was a random bit of info, he then asked Lawrence if he has an issue
with Bubba denying him entrance at Scene, Lawrence said he’d like to
talk about it tomorrow, Bubba told him he could go with his blind guy
glasses and poker stick, Lawrence said he hopes he wasn’t taking any
of Joe the Supermark’s Thunder, Bubba thinks no one can take
Lawrence’s talent from him. Lawrence asked if he could touch up Joe
the Supermark’s Hogan tattoo, he thinks it wouldn’t look any worse
than it already does, Bubba told him he’s done tattooing, he should
stick to being the guy who knows a lot about the show. Lawrence said
he’ll be in tomorrow, he said he’ll be showing up at Side Splitters to
support Miller, he said if Miller can make a blind guy laugh, more
power to him. Spice thinks if your blind, the radio is your best
friend. Bubba gave some Penthouse tickets to some female callers; only
one caller got a VIP pass to Scene. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Bubba’s Gun Collection

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary.
Bubba went over some sports scores, he asked Spice how Aubry is doing,
Spice said great. Bubba thinks they should do a Tampa Politics show,
he said that they don’t do call-arounds; Spice thinks they can’t do
anything in seven minutes. Bubba said that the flight attendant is
getting a lot of traction, Spice said it’s funny to see how he went
about it, he said this guy snapped, Manson said he did it in
spectacular fashion, Spice said the thing is, the guy was drinking et
Blue juice. The first email of the day said it would suck if the guy’s
weren’t on in Miami. Another emailer said he has a friend who found
out his son has cancer, the emailer asked for the audience to donate
blood, Bubba said if you live in Jacksonville, there’s a bunch of
places where you can donate, he said the kid’s name is Mason Novell.
Another emailer said they were excited to see Bubbapalooza, but
because of a death in the family, they can’t make it. Bubba said this
will be his third time in Canada, he said he’s got his stuff packed,
Manson said he’s excited, Ned said it’s a lot of people, Bubba said
they’ll be over 4,000 people, he said he’ll be torturing Tom the
Treeman, Dave said they’ll get some stuff on sight the day of show,
Manson joked that a terrorist will hold up a plane with a plate of
tacks. Bubba said when he went to Chicago, the woman at the Airport
found his bottle of cream, he thinks the TSA workers are taking some
of that stuff home, he thinks Spice has some new Bubba jokes, he said
that he should probably do a Stew Hart run-in and hit him with a
Wiffle Ball Bat, he then said he felt like a terrorist, as he has a
safe room, he said he has a bunch of them, Brent asked if any of his
guns are for sale, Spice is shocked that Bubba is loaning guns, Bubba
thinks Spice isn’t good enough to own a glock, he then asked for
Twenty-five to get his gun bag, Spice said he respects guns so much,
that he wants to stay away from them, Bubba said the 380 is the kind
of gun he likes, we then heard the sound of Bubba’s gun clicking,
Bubba said there’s nothing in there, Manson told Spice to put the gun
in his mouth, he remembers the time when Bubba gave the Hotel clerk a
gun that was unloaded, he said you don’t point a gun at someone. Spice
said back in the day, he went to take a nap, Bubba had a shotgun
pointed at him, Bubba said it’s all ribs, Manson said it’s small,
Bubba said that you can’t dry fire it so much, Spice wondered how
people it stuff sideways, Bubba said they never do. Spice said the
reason why he doesn’t have a concealed weapon is the class aspect,
Bubba said that Night Shooting Sports will throw in a 22 for free;
Bubba thinks he has about 30 guns. Spice wonders what the purpose is
of having all these guns, Manson thinks Bubba will get shot down
selecting the gun, Bubba thinks he probably shouldn’t be talking about
this, he hopes no one in his family is standing in front of the purp,
he said he’s mad at Spice now, as he got him on Steve in
Saint Cloud said he loves carrying a gun, he thinks Bubba doesn’t have
enough guns, Manson wonders how small the caller’s penis is. Eric
thinks cross loading a shotgun is a great idea, he said his Grandpa
taught him that. Bubba went over the shots from his gun; Spice wonders
if Bubba is shooting an alien from “Men in Black”, Brent said you can.
Bubba then played some gun noises, Spice goofed on Bubba, Manson as
Tyler said some stuff, Brent said he once went to Bubba’s house; he
answered the door in his underwear with a gun pointed at him. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Rafael, Hogan, gay flight attendant quits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
said that The Killers is one of Heather’s favorite groups. Another
emailer said they can’t wait to see Bubbapalooza Calgary, Bubba said
he’d like to find the guy and shake his hand, as he’ll be flying to a
funeral the same day of the event, the guy asked if he could donate,
Bubba said that it needs to be in the form of a check. Another emailer
asked if the meet and Greet will be set up, or will they be mingling
around, he said the room is pretty large, Manson said Meet and Greets
are a blast, Bubba said he doesn’t like signing shirts. Another
emailer said if you modify a firearm, is it a federal charge. Another
emailer said they understand Bubba can’t help everyone, the emailer
said Bubba picks and chooses who he helps out; Spice said you can’t
help everyone. Another emailer wondered if is shut down,
Spice said no. Another emailer asked if the EPA got involved with the
tires during the J stunt, Brent said no. Another emailer asked if
there’s a club in Canada, Bubba said they might do something after.
Another emailer asked how much the meet and Greet will be,
Bubba said it will be $75.00; all you’ll need to do is show a ticket.
Terry in Manitoba said he’s on his way to Calgary, he said it’ll be a
17 hour drive, he said the first five rows were gone in five minutes,
Manson said that “Canadian Idiot” is a tribute. Bubba hoped big dick
doesn’t edit it, he then asked for Rafael to come in, he then cracked
up at Rafael when he entered the studio, he asked Rafael if he hates
him, Rafael said no. Spice said the other day they had a creative
meeting, he said Wednesday is Dress up like your favorite female
artist day, he said Rafael wasn’t in on it, Bubba thinks he makes for
a hot chick, he said he’s the Latin Jessica Simpson. Spice told him
his fly was open, Rafael said that was part of the dress, he said he’s
on a high protein diet. Bubba asked if Rafael has had some feedback,
Rafael said yes, Rafael said he’s standing here like a girl, yet their
getting off the subject. Bubba told Rafael if he’d like to stay in his
girl garb he can, Spice as Ras said he can see Rafael dressed up like
a bitch. Bubba asked Sluggo if he’s bossed Rafael around, Sluggo said
no, he said he wasn’t in on it, Manson said he likes his look. Bubba
asked Sluggo the last time he got laid was, Sluggo said a few weeks
ago, Bubba asked what his name was, he then told Rafael that he’s part
of the show, Rafael said Yay, this had the guys laughing. Spice said
Rafael’s mannerisms speak of him being gay, Rafael said Ned excites
him, Ned told him to pipe down, Rafael said they flip flop, Ned said
it was preposterous. Rafael said Ned likes him fully shaved and lubed
up, Bubba thinks this is getting too weird, Spice thinks this is
relationship drama. Rafael said they kept in touch, ed said some phone
calls, Bubba thinks ned doesn’t give him a lot of problems when Rafael
is around, he then told Rafael to go dub some tapes or whatever it is
that he does. Miller came in, he then plugged his show tonight at Side
Splitters, he thinks he’ll hit the stage at around 9:00 tonight. Bubba
said that Hogan is on Twitter, he’s at RealHulk_Hogan, he then dialed
Hogan up, Spice wonders if Hogan looks good or bad for 57. We then
heard one of Hogan’s many bumpers, followed by his rendition of “Happy
Birthday” from “the Fat And The Furious” disc 2, track 13. Bubba told
Hogan he’s at 2300 followers on Twitter, Hogan said he’s done some
sneaky stuff back stage, Bubba told him he could put his junk in
there, it could be edited out, Hogan said his call-around has changed
to 9:30, Bubba thinks he met Hogan when he was his current age. Spice
asked him what his best age was, Hogan said somewhere in the 40’s, he
thinks when he goes in for surgery, he’ll record it happening, he said
he keeps breaking pieces of the bone, he thinks this will be the last
surgery. Bubba told Hogan he’s on Twitter, Hogan said he’s on
Facebook, he said he needs a chicken sandwich on the iPhone, he asked
if he could use a land line with his call-around, he thinks he’ll be
done around (:00 or so. Bubba said the jet Blue story has taken off,
Spice said there’s a full animation recreating the scene, you can see
it on We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba sounded
bummed out when he discovered it was the AP guy he doesn’t like, he
doesn’t think anyone would want to slide down the emergency exit when
it was needed, he said he’ll never let the guy say his name on this
show, he said when they edit the stories, they should edit out the
guy’s name. We then heard another news clip about that, Bubba said
mark Willson will be at Scene night club. We then heard a clip of
Steven Slator talking about what happened, Bubba said if he turns into
too much of a smartass, he’ll take a shit on him, Spice said he’s
facing seven years, Bubba thinks the guy is being too coy. We then
heard a clip of Keith Olberman talking about the story, Bubba said
this would make him want to fly Jet Blue more, he said the person who
caused the issue is supposedly making the rounds Manson thinks she’ll
sue for emotional distress. We then heard the animation, Bubba
described what was going on in the clip, Spice said you can see it on James in Tampa said they love his show, the guy said if he
does do the Bond fire, make sure he has all the loop holes covered,
bubba said he wants Mark to get him, so he can solidify that Ober is
all about selective prosecution, Brent said a second degree felony
demands jail time, Spice thinks they should do it the exact same way
MJ did it, Bubba said the excuse Mark Ober gave was that he owned what
he burnt, Brent said just the opposite is what’s in the State Statute,
Bubba said he wants Ober to come have to arrest him, he then asked Ned
about the Man Groves in Pasco County, Ned said it’s a nice area. Bubba
said that it’s gotten to the point where cops will dress up as gay
guys, Brent said he’s heard that it’s a gay section for years, Ned
said he likes to look for Seashells. We then heard a news clip about
two guys who got lost in the Man Groves, Spice thinks they were super
high, Bubba said it’s not deep at all. Jimmy said not only will the
fans be bummed out, think of the kids, Bubba said he’s thought about
it, he then told ned that Gary Grubs called him, we then heard his
voicemail message from yesterday, Spice thinks Gary is 37 sheets to
the wind, Bubba said you shouldn’t make fun of him. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Madison from Calgary, Mr. Skin Interview

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some stuff at, followed by “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. Bubba
thinks this is the girl Ned parodies a lot, ned said she’s barely
legal. Bubba said that the internet was slow, Dave said the computer
viruses are a losing battle, he said the guys love to look at porn,
Spice said he’s thinking about selling his porn collection. Madison in
Calgary came on, saying he’s a transgender woman, Spice said he can’t
wait to see him on Friday. Madison said it’s been a lifelong battle,
his chromosomes were messed up, he said he was born a boy with a
penis, Bubba wonders if a hermaphrodite really exists, where someone
is born with both organs, he thinks it’s a gene problem. Madison said
he still has his penis, he said he has real hair, he said said his
FaceBook page is, he said he can only say so
much as a woman. Bubba asked if he had to go to a shrink for the right
reasons, Madison said yes, he said he watched a sex change on TV, he
then described how a penis is changed into a vagina. Bubba asked if
he’ll be able to be penetrated, Madison said it could happen, Spice
thinks it’s a lot to go through, Bubba said he got a profile not found
message. Madison said he’s not in a relationship, he thinks he’ll turn
into a Lesbian, he said he doesn’t like his penis, Spice said the guy
isn’t fooling anyone, Manson wonders what a man made Vagina would look
like. We then heard a clip of Madison on YouTube talking about his
switch driver, Spice sarcastically said that it won’t be hard to pick
him out in the crowd. Madison said he dresses very Conservatively, ned
thinks you can’t dress this guy up, Spice said the guy isn’t going to
fool anyone, Madison said the videos he does are stupid, he said those
are real glasses, Spice said he’s been looking for a transsexual,
Madison said he has no respect for anyone who still has the junk,
Spice thinks Madison was better when he was Andy, Bubba said he’d like
his Andy back, he told Madison if ned got drunk, he should watch out,
ned thinks the guy’s face could stop a truck. Mr. Skin came on, he
said it was 11 years ago yesterday, he said he was in a studio
apartment, he said all his notes were over the 80’s and 90’s, he said
his first actress he did was Linda Carter going topless and doing
mushrooms. Bubba said one of the first things he masturbated to was
“Nunzio”, he said he used to time it so that the family wouldn’t be
home, he wondered if “Entourage” is almost over, r. Skin said it sucks
when a show is going off the air, Spice said that show gets him, Bubba
wonders if Mr.
Skin comes up with his little lines, he said he likes the blonde
daughter on “Nip/Tuck”, Mr. Skin said it was the woman who played
Eden, Spice said she’s on his hit list. Mr. Skin suggested “Day of the
Dead”, as she has some butt shots. Bubba asked if Jessica Simpson has
done a nude scene, Mr. Skin said she’s on his top five of girls that
he’d like to see do a nude scene. Spice asked about Kady Mixon, Mr.
Skin said she’s never done a nude scene, he said “East bound and Down”
is one of his favorite shows. Bubba asked if he gets some info before
the movie comes out, Mr. Skin said they’ve got pr companies that
release the stuff. bubba thanked Spice for turning him on to “East
Bound and Down”, Mr. Skin said it was brilliant, he said he was so
impressed by it, he wonders if they’ll be able to do it again, he said
he doesn’t really like it when actors try to be athletes, Spice said
he likes when Kenny powers throws the pitch, as it’s horrible. Bubba
asked if Sarah Jessica Parker has done anything, Mr. Skin said she
hasn’t, he said the other girls have been nude on that show, he said
he tries to put real stuff on the site, he said Jennifer Love Huet did
have a little bit of an underwater scene. Bubba asked about Megan Fox,
Mr. Skin said more guys want to see her nude. Bubba thinks that
Angelina Joelee used to be popular, Mr. Skin said she’s got 13 movies
where she’s been nude, he said you’d expect that from someone from the
UK or France. Bubba thinks Sandra Bullock has shown some stuff, Mr.
Skin said before she was famous was “fire In The Amazon”, he said at
the 50 minute mark, she’s in a wild, sweaty sex scene. Bubba wonders
what Jessey James was thinking, he said the tattooed up girl Jessey
was with will be in Dayton, Mr. skin said she has a hot body, bubba
said it’s hard for him to get passed the Nazi stuff, he then said that
he likes Demi More, Mr. Skin said she’s in two really good movies –
“About Last Night” and “Strip Tease”, he then went over some of his
favorite actresses, he said his all-time favorite scene was Febi Kates
in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, he said they’ve got about 17,000
actresses. Bubba asked about Julia Roberts, Mr. skin said in “Pretty
woman”, there’s a scene where her breast is visible. Bubba asked about
some up and coming stars, Mr. Skin said he likes the woman who played
Kelly Palmer on “King of Queens”, he said she made her nude debut on
Hung last Sunday. Bubba thinks the hottest scene is Haley Barry in
“Monster’s Ball”, Mr. skin suggested you get the European version.
bubba asked if she got some money for being in “Sword Fish”, Mr. Skin
said she does those 38 minutes into the film. Bubba thinks they should
have an award for this kind of stuff, Mr. Skin said he loves Betsy
Rustle, he said she’s been nude in five movies, he thinks she looks
beautiful. Bubba asked about Punky Brooster, Mr. skin said she grew up
to be “Punky Boobster”, he said there’s a movie where she’s in a braw,
he said a lot of the girls on the site are child actresses, Bubba
thinks Mili Cyrus could get a lot of money, he thinks she’s been
throwing it out these days, he said Brooke Shields was nude in “Pretty
Baby”, Bubba wonders why we allowed that to be seen. Bubba said he
watches some of the shows with his step daughter, he said that Mr.
Skin is one stop shopping, Mr. Skin said he listens all the time,
bubba said Mr. Skin has a great prep service, Mr. Skin said it’s, bubba thinks it’s another way for him to make money.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tucker Carlson calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page. Bubba came on saying Tucker Carlson will be on in a few minutes,
he thinks Ned’s bit is just cheap heat. We then heard “Deep Fried”.
Bubba thinks Jabberjaw thinks she’s still working for MJ, he said that
Spice is lining up Tucker, Brent said The Daily Caller has their own
reporters, Bubba said they should make a Dayton appearance one of
these days, he thinks they’re doing really well there,
Brent said he’d like to see a Fliers Basketball game. We then heard
Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Tucker said he was in Vegas, he thinks it’s
one of the most depressing towns he’s ever been in, he said he doesn’t
play Craps, he thinks he’s the only white guy to play “Pie Gow”. Bubba
asked Tucker his thoughts about The white House getting mad at the
President left, Tucker said the people who are mad about global
warming are some annoying people, bubba said he encounters people who
want to put God in his life, Tucker said our Country was founded on
oral Sex, Brent said that he read an interview with Newt Gingrich’s
second wife Bubba thinks his girlfriends are disgusted by having to
wipe his ass, Tucker said he likes the term T-rex arms, he then
questioned why Bubba is doing a show in Canada, he said Canada just
gazes South, bubba said Ned owns property in Canada, he said he
freaked out a reporter in Canada, he said he’s the kind of guy who
will bring his gun to the abortion clinic, Brent said he read that
Anne Culture canceled her appearance in Canada. Tucker said Canada
doesn’t have freedom of speech, he said they could get arrested for
some of their comments, bubba wonders who they’d have to offend,
Tucker called them the Wall Mart of hate speech, he said he’s like the
Target of hate speech, he said Canadians hate Jesus, so they won’ have
a problem, he suggested Bubba attack the Frogs, bubba said they picked
Calgary as it’s near the Oil patch, he said maybe he could handle
Toronto, Tucker said Canada is like America with dogsleds, Bubba
thinks Tucker should just stop, he then said they’re all a little
worried about customs. Tucker grunted at this, he said he got pulled
over by some cops, bubba said they’re just flying in, he said they’re
going to bring the biggest R rated show to the biggest PC Country,
Tucker suggests Bubba have a helicopter, he said Canada is like a cold
North Korea. Bubba said that Linda McMahon won, he said he’ll grant
her an interview, he asked if she has a chance, Tucker said yes, he
thinks if she wasn’t who she was, she wouldn’t get in, he said he’d
vote for Linda, he said Jessey Ventura was a total disaster in
politics, Spice said it’s hard to draw the line between Politics and
Wrestling. Tucker said he likes the State of Maine, bubba asked him
where he’d live when he retires, Tucker said he’d spend the spring and
summer in Maine, he’d spend the Winter in Florida, and the fall in
Washington, he said that you could invade Canada with some down
pillows. Bubba asked Tucker his thoughts on Kathy Caster, Brent said
she’s not a good representation of the party, Tucker said if one is
still defending Obama, one is a moron, he said he’s never tried
Adderall, Manson said it’s really good, Bubba thinks Adderall will
take him to the next level, he thinks if Tucker takes it, he’ll be
incredibly happy, Brent said Adderall won’t make you pick your face
off, ned said he’s tried snorting Adderall, it doesn’t work for him,
Spice said Adderall keeps him awake during racing talk, Tucker wonders
how long can you keep it going, Spice said nine months so far, Bubba
said heather gives him an Adderall when he’s getting freaked out,
Brent said it makes him feel better, Spice said there’s no downside to
it, Bubba said he’d defend Adderall, he said that he gave an Adderall
to someone, he said that if they took it during College, they would’ve
been a road scholar, he said your body will never get used to getting
up at 3:45 AM, he thinks it’s better than being unemployed, Spice said
if being awesome is a downfall, he loves it. Tucker asked Bubba to be
honest with him, he said Bubba might get thrown in a work camp, Bubba
said they’ll be honest over it. Brent said Canada has some strange
laws, he said he’d be happy to be arrested in Canada, Bubba thinks it
would be great if everyone was arrested, they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Dayton listeners, Fantasia Barrino’s attempted suicide

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Miller’s appearance at
Side Splitter’s tonight. Bubba said he has a bunch of people from
Dayton on, he’s thinking about putting them in rotation with the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he thinks “We don’t suck In Dayton bitch”
could be a new offering, Spice thinks Bob and Tom could kick his ass,
Bubba thinks that’s not the case, Manson said they would fake laugh
him out of the room. Bill in Dayton said it’s a pleasure to talk to
them, he called Bubba his chubby little friend, he thinks the club
would be slammed, the only advertisement they get is word of mouth.
Bubba asked if bob and Tom could be anymore of a laugh track, he
wonders how they’re so popular, Bill thinks a lot of it is that
there’s nothing to compete with. Bubba said he’s never watched a full
episode of “American idol”, he asked who Fantasia Barrino is, Spice
said she was one of the people on the show who never really did
anything, Bubba said we’d be in a better world if she killed herself.
We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks the guys pick out
clips from the AP guy just to rib him. Woody in Dayton said Bubba
needs to get up here so they can see him, Bubba isn’t sure what
happened. Brian in Dayton said he loves the show, he met Bubba a few
years ago. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Olive Garden 911 Call

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza Calgary
being streamed on Bubba thinks the guy in the bumper
music really needs to slow it down, he then said he’ll be making a
check presentation at 4:00 pm on August 17, he then said one month
from today, they’ll be in New Orleans, he thinks it could be the last
Bubbapalooza ever, Spice hopes it’s not the case. We then heard the
911 call about the guy who got attacked at the Olive Garden, Bubba
cracked up when 911 called Olive Garden, Manson thinks maybe the Dad
needed a smacking, Spice said this is one where you’d like to stick
around. We then heard Manson’s bit about mark Ober giving a guy who
killed his baby daughter 10 years. They then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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  1. Tim Kutsin

    You`ve got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!
    There is nothing (i repeat NOTHING) wrong with Bob & Tom
    If you`re that insecure with your show, then you should revamp it.
    Let`s go down the list shall we???
    Manson and Neds songs are humerous, but parodies
    B&T songs are original
    You tell the trith and call out those who are asswipes
    B&T just try to add a little humor into this piece of crap we call a country
    We have comedies and dramas (and reality) on TV
    You and Howard give us the cool real shit that`s happening in our world and B&T give us humor
    Get over it and move on
    besides, i thought MJ was your Bitch

    Loyal listener of BUBBA (and BOB& TOM)

  2. steve

    That f..k tucker should take his head out of his ass . He does not have a clue about Canada.You can make all the jokes you want and trust me you will not end up in jail we do have freedom of speech here as well.Pretty much everything that came out of that jack asses mouth today about Canada was a lie. Can’t wait to see you guys in Calgary.

    A firefighter brother from Canada who
    agrees MJ IS GUILTY

  3. Justin2k

    Accept Honky Tonk Man’s challenge you fat bit**!!!!

  4. Cdub

    I used to live in the Greater Cincinnati area B & T SUCK!!! Its just regurged half Baked jokes and lame Comedy with cookie cutter/Plastic personality..I mean The old Red-Neck Mondays and No-Panties Thursdays are better than Kneel & Bob—> I mean Bob & Tom….Chad

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