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August 8th, 2012 by Staff


Facebook friend of the day is Frank Miller of Palmerton, Pennsylvania.
The dude in the cow costume emailed the show, Bubba questioned if he
should even read the guy’s message.
Bubba met with Hammil yesterday to finalize “Bubba Saw 3”, he likes
how almost everyone has a slate microphone.
Emails: Guy isn’t sure how to break the news to some girls that he and
a friend aren’t twins, woman wants to do comedy, Bubba is uninformed
on the space program, Bubba’s dream lineup should include Phil
Hendrie, Aaron Lewis interview was fantastic, guy is getting a
divorce, marble and stone caring class will give Bubba the polishing
device he needs, chicken dip is fantastic, guy thinks he beat Bubba in
high school football, and the guy in the cow getup thought he was
putting the show over.
Manson’s “Pump Some Rounds”
Twenty-five is a little bummed out he and Ned missed Tranny Tuesday.
Thomas C. Cox thinks Ned’s computer is the worst to clean.
Audio clip – HIV Positive man confesses to sexual asault while working
as a Disney whaiter.
Audio clip – man accused of sex with girls and dogs.
Bubba thinks Twitter should be regulated.
2012 Olympics.
Audio clip – Obama has signed a bill about people protesting Military funerals.
Bubba thinks that all of the hack radio guys have ripped him off in
regards to having Shirley Phelps on their shows.
Negative Mike thinks the 1st Amendment isn’t about complaining to the
Government, he doesn’t like the protests at Military funerals.
Bob said it’s about the service members, not the Government, he said
that there are restrictions on freedom of speech.
Jeremey said he likes the law.
Donnie in Valrico said he’s one of the Dildos that disagrees with the
law, he’s former military, Bubba thinks the guy is disrespectful to
his fellow servicemen.
Caller says the Constitution was written on one sheet of paper.
Top 5 Countdown – Latin.
Bubba stopped and started the song to read a translation.
The first song got an approval from Ned, Twenty-five and Manson, Tara
didn’t like it.
Bubba started reading the lyrics to the next song, he thinks Manson
will chop it up like he did with “Rude Boy” (September 09, 2010).
The second song got an approval from Bubba, Twenty-five and Tara, Ned
and Manson denyed it.
The third song did not receiving an approval, Bubba, Ned and Manson
didn’t like it.
The fourth song was disapproved by Bubba, Tara and Manson.
The fifth song was disapproved by Bubba, Twenty-five and Ned.
Ned’s Load – “Get Your Sheep On” (“Public Enema #1” disc 2 track 2,
“Ned Only” track 2, “Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 2” track 2, and “Ned’s
Misc Hits Vol. 1”, track 21).
Bubba explains why NASCAR drivers don’t eat at restaurants a lot.
Manson’s “bubba Rude Boy Remix”.
Ned talks about three ways he’d like to have.
Audio clip – Terel Owins joins the Seattle Seahawks.
Bubba and Brent predict his future with the team.
Bruce from Planet X has a suggestion for one of Ned’s threesomes.
Audio clip – AJ Allmendinger talks about his suspention.
Dan said he’s been taking Adderall for years, it clearly says what it
is on the bottle.
Audio clip – man wants the death penalty after getting convicted of
raping and killing a 19 year-old.
Audio Clip – Zero Dark Thirty Trailor.
Stewart in Charleston disagrees with the guy who wants to die; he
thinks they should just give him life in prison.
Audio clip – Naked priest arrest for DUI.
Bubba started to play a talkbreak where he talks with Peter from the
local Catholic Church, then decided against it.
Woman admits to having sex with a neighbor, left her kids at home.
Twenty-five pulled up her mug shot, bubba thinks Ned wouldn’t want to
hang out with her, he thinks she’d steel his Meth.
Bubba thinks Rick Scott is the most hated governor; he would love to
stay as far away as possible from the RNC when it’s in town.
Manson’s “Rick Scott” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 19”, track 5)
Bubba played what he thought was Camio’s version of “Word Up”; Ned
told him it was Korn.
Ned’s “50 shades of White Trash Parts 1 and 2”.
Bubba said that was by request, Ned said Part 3 should be coming out soon.
Audio clip – Michael Dunkin hospitalized.
Audio clip – Copycats of the Aurora shooting.
Manson has seen “The Dark Knight Rises”, said there’s no way you can
get out of the IMAX.
Mike said they’re part of a theatre chain that has a sign about weapons.
Bubba has a new wrap guy, he thinks Steve from Voodoo Wraps went off
the deep end, he said his head is moving like a slot machine, he
talked with Twenty-five about going out tonight, he then decided
against it.
Audio clip – Abortionists see ugly black babies being aborted as a service.
Lee in South St. Pete thinks Bubba is afraid to go to South St. Pete,
Bubba said he lives there, he gives everyone on his team crap.
Manson’s “Aboriton City” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 1” track 2), and
“sounds Like Abortion” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 11”, track 10).
Manson’s 9:40 Segment “blue Bloodlines”.
Luis in Washington said we have 11,000,000 people who are living off the system.
Audio clip – Nudest convention.

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