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Top Stories:
School lunches called a national security threat
Wild deer is Fla. boy’s best friend
Supreme Court says fetish videos depicting animal cruelty deserve free speech protections
Police: 89-Year-Old Fires Gun At Intruder
Jazz Age L.A. hotel reborn as a haven for pot
New iPhone Discovered in a Bar: Clever Marketing Ploy by Apple or Big Mistake?

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, bugs, new building

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing. Bubba said the
bumper music was provided by Gale, he then said he said he was mad at
him yesterday, he apologized for yelling at Spice, he then recapped
what happened, Gale kept interrupting him during a meeting, he told
Gale to tell the TV guy to say he’s late, he then recapped some sports
scores, Ned sad he hates the bugs that you can’t see, Bubba said he’s
tore up, Manson said they hurt, Brent said they’re the worst in Paris
Island, as you have to stir them up, Bubba thinks it’s a dick move,
Spice sarcastically said it’s no wonder why they’re having a hard time
finding recruits. Brent said that had he talked back to one of the
Sergeants, he would’ve had to do pushups in the bug pile. Bubba said
that he thinks Spice and Tasha were going to have sex in the building,
Spice denied it, Bubba thinks he’s lying, he said he doesn’t have the
energy to go to the new building and have sex, he said that Tasha is
24 and is horny, he thinks she was counting all the rooms, he said
they’re working on a beach, he thinks it’s too big. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – CP Trav, Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour this Friday, then into “Paint It Black” as bumper music. Bubba
said he’ll do some trivia for tickets, he told the listeners they
don’t really know the show. CP Trav came on, saying he got tickets to
the late show, he said he’s in Tampa. Manson asked Trav if he drives,
Trav said no, he said he listens to both shows, Spice thinks it sounds
like Trav is dying, saying it’s like a permanent 911 call, Bubba
goofed on Trav saying “Stuff happens”, he went on to say that he’s
going to get hammered for his birthday, he said he’ll have two Sex on
the Beaches, Spice joked Bubba will have a bar tab of eight dollars.
Bubba went over some birthdays, he said Brutis the Barber Beef Cake is
in good shape, he then potted up the audio of someone running for
Governor, Manson thinks atheists are really cheap. The first email of
the day said they can’ find the boopity or derder section,
Spice said it’s in the media section. Another emailer said Bubba can’t
put every illegal in the same bag, Bubba told the emailer he’s taking
his comments way out of line. Another emailer said they’ve been
listening for a few weeks, the emailer said it’s a breath of fresh
air. Another emailer included some information on the song “Southern
Cross”. Another emailer said check out “Killing Me Softly” for pics of
heather Graham. Another emailer thanked Bubba for the K2 segment, the
emailer said their kid called Social Services for having them smoke
pot, Bubba said it’s bad parenting, Spice said he thinks he threatened
his Mom with Social Services, Manson said Spice was counter
programming his Mom back in the day. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers play pagan and Potheads Trivia, court discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the free download,
sign up for the newsletter to get it. Bubba said he’s got pagan
Potheads tickets, Spice said the video for “smack my bitch up” is a
great video. Bubba said there’s a pot friendly hotel, he had some
difficulty finding the audio, Ned said he was freaking out, he said
it’s the worst rave in history, Bubba finally found the audio he was
looking for, he thinks 80% of the listeners hate him, he thinks 92% of
them want marijuana legal. Jay came on for Brent and Manson trivia,
Bubba asked him what is Brent’s wife’s name, the guy didn’t know,
Brent said Bubba lobbed a softball. Scott came on, he said Amanda, he
got the tymbal, he did a Rick Flair “Woo” sounder, Bubba joked that
Rick was on the phone, Scott asked for the 7:30 show. Rob came on,
Spice asked what sport does Manson’s daughter play, the guy said
volley ball, he got buzzed. Jeremy came on, he guessed Soccer, he got
the tymbal for that, Manson said she got a hat trick a few weeks ago,
he said for years, Berlin hated Trace, Bubba said Berlin is like a
mini Donna, Manson said Trace is just a pain in the ass. Bubba said he
knows that Sam Simon is mad about a situation; he said if you’re
breaking the law, Freedom of speech is no good. We then heard a news
clip about a guy who sold Pit-bulls fighting, he was arrested for
that, Bubba said Sam Simon’s argument was that if dog fighting is
illegal, so should video of it. Spice said they stand behind the first
amendment every day, he said they’re not stupid about it. Bubba said
they never got their day in court over the FCC, he said Randy Michaels
said that they would’ve had to have been found guilty, he said no
single broadcaster has ever taken it to court, Brent said Fox did, but
the court didn’t rule in favor of them, as Fox said the wrong thing.
Bubba said what they did was protected speech; Brent said the FCC is
supposed to notify you when you’ll be getting a violation. Bubba
recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few days;
he thinks Lasker looked like a pregnant baboon while high on Salvia.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Wall mart
appearance this Saturday. Bubba said he wanted to kick Grant’s ass
yesterday, we then heard the Full house theme, Manson said that show
was an abomination, Bubba said he’s never seen the show, he then read
an article about Jodie Sweetin having to pay child support, he thinks
MJ’s case can’t hold a lot of water, he said usually the little bitch
is on the short end of the stick, Manson said all they did at the
Power Pig back in the day dumped on Q105. Bubba said that Natalie
Maines is very vocal about the West Memphis Three situation, he then
read an article about Terry Hobs having to pay Natalie‘s court costs,
he said it’s always about someone getting their feelings hurt, he
thinks being called a murderer is much worse than being called a
midget, he said they can’t get their case dismissed, he thinks it’s
the Bubba factor, he thinks it’s mark Ober and Barry Cohen. Brent said
that he has an audio clip of south Park. In the clip, Randy is
apologizing to Tom Cruise for getting called a fudge packer, Manson
said the case should’ve been dismissed instantly, Bubba thinks South
Park is one of the most genius programs ever. Tom said in order for
the lawsuit to be dropped would be to get Muhammad in the town. Spice
said that the Radical Muslims are mad about him being dressed up in a
bear outfit. Bubba said he’s waiting for a judge to come in and say
its over, Brent said he likes the judges who chide the lawyers. Bubba
said he wishes they were girls, as Jim Carrey gave jenny McCarthy
$25,000,000, Spice thinks the language seems like black mailing, he
said that Jim locks himself in a room with a statue and prays to it,
the guys think it’s boring. Bubba thinks they need an abortion city in
California, he then read an article about a woman who got arrested for
killing her newborn, Spice yelled guilty after the name was read.
Bubba said they should just drop the kid off at the fire Station,
Brent said it’s not a crime, Spice said he’d be hard pressed not to
ask questions. We then heard “Abortion city” from “bubba Show classics
Vol. 1”, track 2. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Cock Fighting, Captain Janks calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the free download when
you sing up for the newsletter, then into a news clip about a Pit-bull
attacking a Yorkshire Terrier, we then heard “dueling Der Ders” under
the news clip, then into “Pit-bulls are Crazed”. Bubba said he loves
911 calls; he said he’s got Oprah clips. We then heard a clip of a guy
saying he pays a cop‘s salary, we then heard a news clip about that.
Bubba thinks 911 guys should be more realistic. We then heard a news
clip about a Cock fighting ring, Bubba said you shouldn’t be doing it,
he said he doesn’t’ find it a big of a deal as dog fighting, Manson
said that it’s still bad, but not as bad, Spice said it’s different,
Ned said cock fights are bloody, he said usually one ends up dead.
Bubba said we kill billions of chickens a year for consumption. Brent
said while he was in Japan, he saw the Mongoose VS the Cobra, Bubba
said their wild animals, he said he’s not trying to downplay cock
fighting, Manson said they have video of chickens dying. Joey said
it’s on different levels. Donnie in Clear Water said that the big
issue between dog and chicken fighting is the direct reflection; he
said that chickens don’t attack people. Captain Janks came on; he said
he came up with some calls, Bubba thinks he should get a ruling on
Janks calling in to his show a lot. Janks said he’s got two calls, a
host was asking about guns, Bubba said it’s a pussy ass move. Janks
said he got his sound effects ready, Spice wonders if it’s an old
call, as the host died in 2009. In the call, Janks said he has a gun
and he’s not afraid to use it, we then heard a sound effect, the guy
told him to put in his mouth and do it again. Janks said they have a
telethon for CP, he said he called in as Kathy Lee Gifford. In the
call, Janks as Kathy, saying he’d like to make hot, monkey love to
Howard Stern, he got hung up on a few seconds later, the hosts talked
about it, Bubba said they were covering their asses, he told Janks
they need to work on editing. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Michael Waltrip calls in

Bubba thinks the bumper music is a little depressing, he said that
Michael Waltrip is on, Michael said he’s plugging his Showtime show,
Bubba likes what they do, Michael said they’ll take you behind the
scenes like you’ve never experienced, he said it’s important to show
the people the intensity of the sport, he said you feel like King Kong
when you press the button for the radio. Bubba said it was a few years
ago, he remembers when Reutimann got bumped. Michael said he’s heard
David on radio, he said that it’s like shooting someone and
apologizing, he thinks the Tony Stewart crash was on Carl Edwards’s
tab. Bubba asked him who the maddest he’s ever been, Michael said it
was lake Speed back in 1993 or 1994 in Michigan, he said he saw some
guy wearing a helmet, he said he punched it and got in trouble for
that, he said he’s thankful to win the Daytona 500, he said he also
enjoyed winning at Talladega, he said he’d like to race this year.
Bubba said they’re good friend with Ronnie Caps, Michael said he’s a
lot of fun, he said you see some guys who you don’t know about when
you see them on TV. Bubba said he was hanging out with Tony Stewart
once, Selzy challenged him to get in a funny car, Tony said he was
claustrophobic, he said you can’t appreciate the intensity of the
beginning of a NHRA race until you’ve seen it, he wonders what the
sketchiest tracks are, Michael said Dover. Bubba said he thinks he’s
heard him on Speed before, he said Michael has said some turns freak
him out, Michael said it’s all about remembering where you are. Bubba
said Michael McDonald took a hell of a ride once, Michael said the
guys do a great job at putting them together, he said that his ad
would often tell him that you could easily be eating your next meal
through a straw. Bubba said that they’ve made a lot of progress since
Dale Earnhardt’s death; Michael said he’s had some bad crashes in his
career. Bubba asked him for his best senior story, Michael said
walking around the shop, he said they went fishing, he said he would
often tell Michael that he’ll win in his car, he said Dale knew more
about cars than he did. Bubba asked him who would his top five picks
for the hall of fame would be, Michael said he likes to see every year
who gets selected. Bubba said the best thing NASCAR did was stop so
much testing, Michael said you’ll have days we’re you’ll finish 15th
or 20th. Bubba asked if there’s a difference between the spoiler and
the wings, Michael said no. Bubba told him to put him on his
call-around if he wins, Michael said he’ll come find him, Brent said
he’s a nice guy, Bubba said he only had to dump Michael for saying
shit, Brent thinks it’s not a problem. Bubba thinks if you’re
Religious, the words “God Damn” and “Jesus Christ” are offensive, he
said they could’ve made cupcake a bad word, he said he can say that,
he so those words offend him, he said he’d be thrown out of radio if
he said any of the words he can’t say. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into a news clip about the Casey Anthony murder case. We
then heard “My
Trunk” from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9”, track 9, and “the
Clemulus Package” disc 1, track 16. Bubba said the lines are packed,
he said one guy has even holding for an hour and Twenty-two minutes.
Joe in Jacksonville said all the women killing kids is why he doesn’t
want an American wife. Cylus said Michael Vick should be lucky, he
said he would’ve locked him in a cage and had dogs kill him, Manson
said he would be disbarred, Cylus said that his dog is a service dog,
he said treats the dog like his own kid, he said this stuff makes him
feel bad. Bubba told him to take a breath so he can talk, he said
pit-bulls are byproducts of their upbringing, Manson said he wouldn’t
put a two year-old on the ground with the dog. We then heard B-Fudd’s
bumper, Bubba read that B-Fudd’s comments are that Pit-bulls are nice,
B-Fudd said that his friend has a Pit-bull that is really nice to him,
Bubba thinks they should have some music playing when B-Fudd calls in,
Fudd thinks Pit-bulls need some girls, we then heard the Sesame Street
theme music, B-Fudd cracked up, he then sang along with the song, he
said Pit-bulls are nice dogs that will hump your leg, he then asked
what is ranking is in the Bubba Army, Spice said he’s in the very
special forces, Bubba said he’s in the kid section, B-fudd said Hammil
is his bitch. Portor said the St. Pete times has a story about service
dogs, he called Manson MTLS, Bubba had no idea what he was talking
about. Portor said the show has become so contrived; he said he could
sit in Bubba’s chair and run the board. Bubba said they’ll invite
Portor down to the show, he said he’ll offer him a 30 minute show from
9:30-10:00, Spice said he likes the idea, Bubba told Portor we’ll see
how special he is. We then heard a clip of Oprah talking to Octomom,
where she said she canceled food stamps, Spice said she didn’t answer
the question, he said the lime light has given her the paycheck,
Manson wonders how she was planning to take care of her kids before
the media stepped in, Bubba thinks more kids would be an issue, he
thinks she’s trying to be a media darling, he got caught off guard
with something in the background, Manson thinks it’s a donkey, Ned
said he’d be interested in watching her partake in a donkey bar.
Manson asked that we never have to speak of her, Bubba said she’s
disgusting, he thinks they should charge her for child endangerment,
he thinks she doesn’t have much of a support, he said she’s a redneck,
white trash bitch who doesn’t have a husband, Manson said most people
can’t stand her. Bubba said they’re all disgusted by her, he hopes
that she goes away, Manson said it’s grading whatever it is, he thinks
she’s the head idiot. Bubba asked Brent what happened to Santino
Marella, Brent said he’s stuck on a plane, he said they should talk to
him, as he and Jim cornet got into it. . We then heard a news clip
about cops beating up a student, Bubba said he’s heard about this,
Spice said he saw it. Bubba said some guy left his kids in a car while
he went to a strip club, ed said that’s why you lock the windows and
doors, Bubba said it’s the sickness of America, he said his Mom would
leave him in the car with the radio on, Manson said his Mom did that,
Spice said you probably shouldn’t leave a three year-old and a nine
month old in a car, Bubba thinks it would be cool if the guy’s wife
would do tricks, he said that he and Jeff Bird once had a girl with
them named Candy, Jeff went first, Bubba ended up farting on her while
she was doing something, Jeff cracked up, he thinks she was a rat, he
then said that Tiger and his wife are done, Spice sarcastically said
he’s shocked, Bubba read that the first girl got a $10,000,000
settlement, he said that Tiger has it backwards. We then heard “White
wife of tiger” from “bubba show classics Vol. 12”, track 3. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various clips, Bubba ponders getting high

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Wall mart. Bubba was surprised to see Kelly Osborn on TV, he wanted to
see her again, Manson thinks she looks a little better, Spice said he
posted his thoughts on Twitter, he got blasted for his commentary, he
said he doesn’t like seeing commercials at the beginning of videos.
Bubba apologized for the clip being from TMZ, he complained that you
can’t get passed the commercial, he said he can’t stand TMZ, Spice
said this is home video. Bubba said he’d tell his kid to get out of
bed, he said her money couldn’t dry up fast enough, he said it pains
him to say this, but he said Kim Kardashian is looking hot, Spice said
he can’ stand her, Brent said maybe some weirdo gave her some jugs,
Bubba said Australian TV is crazy, Spice said there’s no front to the
Spanish girls’s desks. We then heard a news clip about a six month old
who got abused by his seventeen year-old, Manson said he’d be charged
with murder if the kid died. Brent said the courts can interject for a
life and death situation. Bubba asked if they’ve got a new boopity or
der der, Spice said he’ll have something tomorrow, he then asked who
Massa is, Brent said he’s a guy who was groping and tackling his
staffers. We then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said he hates it
when people say harassment differently, he then got sidetracked with
Lee Moody from Bay News 9 talking about cats, Spice thinks it’s the
worst program ever, we then heard the Price is Right music for a
little bit, bubba said he couldn’t higher her fast enough, he said if
a woman lit up a joint, that would turn him on, he thinks heather
smoked pot in College, he thinks he shouldn’t be saying that, he said
Amanda gave him a pot browney, he said he fell like he was at a Pink
Floyd show, he thinks he would get some from Pantera, Manson said
Bubba would be in a world of hurt, Spice said a vaporizer isn’t a good
place to start, Bubba said he’d like to get very high. Spice thinks
Bubba would get so high; he’d never want to do it again. Bubba said he
needs to invite Jimmy Kleavis to his birthday, Spice he’d love to see
footage of him getting tour up. Brent said with a vaporizer, you’re
inhaling a vapor, Manson thinks Bubba should get high on the Satellite
show. Bubba asked Brent to bring in the vaporizer, so he they can have
flavored tabaco, he said people can’t die off of weed, Manson said
Brent might pass out. Spice said he’d like to play a 911 call, where a
guy was really stoned, he commented that he thought he was dead. We
then heard the 911 call about Oak Street; they then ended the show a
few seconds later.

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  1. Sherry From Chesterfield

    Hey Bubba,
    I’m a school bus driver near richmond and have enjoyed listening to your show between my morning runs. this morning i attempted to tune in as usual only to discover u werent being broadcast on y101. I called your show to find out why and was directed to your web site. I was told all the information concerning the richmond situation would be there. I can not find anything on the subject. Can u direct me to the right location and explaine why your Richmond listners had no advance warning of you leaving us.

  2. Eric

    Your show was not broadcast on Y101 in Richmond this morning. What happened? Will there be another richmond station picking up your show?

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