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Top Stories:
Father accused of beating girl resists removing life support
Eric Massa Now Facing Harassment Complaint from Former Aide
8 year old brings heroin to school
Crist getting an earful on teacher tenure bill
Smelly litter box mistaken for meth lab, neighborhood evacuated
Designer found dead in his luxury NYC apartment
Chris Brown headlines Richmond census rally
Regulations sought for foster kids prescribed psychiatric drugs
3 bodies found inside Miami duplex

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, IRS Discussions

The show started off with audio of the Rays game. Bubba started off by
saying that today is the day before you take it with no lube from the
Federal Government, the guys think the IRS is a shakedown, he then
went on to recap some sports scores, Brent said that Mr. Skin will be
on talking about “Howard Stern’s Hottest nudes”. Bubba recapped what
they’ve got coming up on the show for today, he then plugged Spice’s
appearance at Penthouse for “The Cougar hunt”, Manson thinks they’ll
need to check id. Bubba thinks all of Hogan’s bikes are at Jim’s
Harley, Ned thinks Hogan has a bike gang; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Fast-food discussions, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bon Jovey shock collar
Karaoke, then into “Alright now” as bumper music. Bubba said he’s
providing the bumper music today, he thinks Ned wants to over ride
everyone with his Miller Lite, Manson said the first two songs were
good, Brent said they’re still doing Farm Aid. James said he used to
watch Bubba Ray Dudley, he thinks Dudley was very disrespectful, Bubba
thinks he deserves it, he thinks the kick was something he shouldn’t
have done, he said it called for him to just distract him and leave.
Jim asked Bubba about losing weight, Bubba said it’s one hour of
Cardio, Brent said you can’t do it without doing Cardio, Spice said
around 40 minutes will do it. Manson asked how old the guy was, Jim
said he’s 31, he said he hasn’t had a ham burger in months. Spice
explained the Double down from KFC, Bubba said food to him is like
Marijuana is to Manson, Spice said he likes how the restaurants will
have to put nutritional information on the menus. Jackie in Columbus
said he can’t hear the show on regular radio, he asked if Dudley was
for real, Bubba said yes, he said he doesn’t want to turn this into a
morning zoo kind of thing, he wonders if he can say mouth pumping on
regular radio, he told the listeners to not mark out, but to chill
out. The guys then plugged the Bon Jovey shock Collar karaoke event
tomorrow, Spice said they’d like to get some more participants, as
someone could fall through. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour on April 23. We then heard “Our song” from “Bubba’s new and Misc
hits Vol. 5”, track 11, then into “American Woman” as bumper music.
Bubba plugged the latest stuff on; he thinks he’s going to
race his car next weekend, he then thinks he should take that weekend
off. Spice said Bad Boy Bill is a house DJ, Bubba said Bill was a part
of the hit mix five, Spice said he’d love to make fun of that name,
but he can’t. Bubba said he got his first handbag with Julian
“Jumping” Parez, Spice said he’s still in Chicago. Bubba wonders how
Venue will advertise it without him; Spice said that he’s seen some
fliers. The first email of the day said he’s a toll collector and
loves the show. Another emailer thanked Bubba for the news from
Richmond, the emailer isn’t surprised over the news, the emailer said
Richmond is full of Civil War reenactors. Bubba wonders why guys like
to pee outside; Spice said it’s getting in touch with nature. The
Butler emailed the guys thanking them for the Special Forces shirt.
Another email said that the reason why Teto Ortiz won’t be fighting is
because Jenna had a miscarriage. Another emailer thinks Bubba should
pull the tampon out of his underwear, the emailer thinks Bubba won’t
get renewed, Bubba thinks he hasn’t said “Take a long walk off a short
peer” since 1972. Another emailer said he has severe nerve damage, he
said his doctors have always tried to walk him through the pain
medications are, Bubba said he’s talking about Florida, Spice said the
guy has missed the point, Bubba said he was talking about the people
who doctor shop. Brent said he’s lost two of his good friends to pain
medication – Test and Zack, the man who married him and Amanda.
Another emailer asked when the Friday Am Show will be replayed on
Sirius, Bubba said he saw Tim the other day, but forgot to ask him
about it, Brent said he’ll email him about that. Another emailer had
an attached photo of a guy named Mel who helped the emailer out after
seeing the muddflaps.
Scott in t. Meyers said Tucker was on Hannity’s show last night; Bubba
said it’s very disturbing. Jimmy said he enjoyed Hogan’s show, Bubba
said they’re working on it; Jim went on to say he really enjoyed the
Ned Dragons shirt. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – The Catholic Church, Tiki Barber, Chris Brown

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for free downloads when
you sign up for the BTLS newsletter, then into Lenny Cravits as bumper
music. Bubba plugged Brent and Spice’s appearance at guns and Hoses in
Jacksonville, he said they’ve raised over $1,000,000, he said Ned is
scared by all those cops being there. We then heard a clip from CNN
where a priest says it would be a felony if the Pope covered it up, he
said he should step down, Spice thinks the guy needs to wrap it up,
Manson said the guy has made child touching so dull, Spice said
Catholic mass is long, he said a Baptist mass is much more exciting.
Bubba said if he was touched, he probably wouldn’t come forward,
Manson said that stuff can really mess with a kid’s head. We then
heard “Thank God I’m An Altar Boy”. Greg came on, saying he was really
BJ, wondering why he was banned from calling in, Bubba thinks the
medication makes him crazy, he said he’s playing a pro wrestling show
with his life, Ned thinks he’ll do a job in the middle for his
Pancreas. Bubba said he’s tired of these former athletes who are good
looking, but are scumbags, he then read an article about Tiki Barber
leaving his wife for a younger woman, he thinks this could be egg on
the face for NBC, Manson said trying to deal with twins is hard to
deal with alone. Spice said the guy couldn’t stick it out, Bubba said
Tiki is mad about his Father, Ned said twins bring the party down,
Bubba thinks the girl in the photo isn’t all that hot, he then read an
article about a boy who got his testicals bitten off, Spice guessed it
was a Pit-bull, we then heard the tymbal. Bubba wonders why dogs love
ass, Manson said anything that smells nasty, they like, Bubba thinks
it’s on the owner, Spice and Bubba did redneck voices saying the
Pit-bull doesn’t normally do that. Spice said if he was at his
friend’s house and something like that happened, he’d have to pull the
guy aside and inform him on the stats, Bubba thinks once you testicals
are gone, you can’t have sex, Spice said your testicals house your
moxy and swagger. Bubba thinks the people of Richmond need to burn a
time out with Chris Brown, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice
did his “Bitch I told you”, saying she should’ve filled out the
Sensis, Bubba thinks Chris should name his album and tour “Bitch I
told you”, the guys cracked up when the reporter said Chris didn’t
fill out his Sensis, Bubba thinks everything in Chris Brown’s life
should start off with “Bitch I told you”, Manson thinks maybe he can’
do it. We then heard “Chris Brown Song” from “bubba’s new and Misc
hits Vol. 9”, track 7, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Lisa Lampanelli on the Tonight Show, Boopity story

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bon Jovey Shock Collar
Karaoke, then into “Another One Bites The Dust” as bumper music. Bubba
said everyone is driving him crazy over the tickets, he said he
wouldn’t want to go; Spice said he looks good for his age. Bubba then
went over some birthdays, he said Pete Rose is a great guy, he asked
Spice about blood in his stool; Spice said everything checked out, he
thinks he might have an ulcer. We then heard a clip of Lisa Lampanelli
on the Tonight show, where she discussed Nick Cage, he thinks they cut
the portion of her goofing on his house, Bubba said Lisa is really
good, he thinks the crowd reaction is real, Spice thinks Bubba was on
to something with his Palin commentary. We then heard the clip of
Palin doing stand-up on the Tonight show, Bubba thinks it was post
mixed in, Spice said it sucks they have to listen to her comedy, Bubba
then bounced back and forth between the two clips, saying how the
crowd is distant when Lisa was on, ned said “We get it, the Sarah
Palin audio was fake”, Bubba thinks they had to pipe in the laughing,
he then read an article about Andy Dick getting in trouble for
entering someone’s house, we then heard the 911 call about that. Bubba
thinks Andy Dick is looking for a Mike Waters man pile, he said he’s
waiting for a situation where someone walks into his house like this,
Brent said you could place him under a citizen’s arrest, saying that
he would get shot if he was in Florida. Mike in Miami asked about what
is happening in court tomorrow, Bubba said he doesn’t have a court
date, he said he can’t get into the depositions, he said they’ll be
asking the questions this time, Manson thinks they should all go.
Bubba said they’re always trying to dethrone the all-time boopity,
Bubba said the army can stumble across some great stuff, he said he’s
looking for the all-time greatest er der der story, he said you can
get Bubbapalooza tickets, or your choice of merchandise. Brent thinks
the snake eating the baby would be the greatest Der der der. We then
heard the champion of Boopities. We then heard a clip about the
whistle tip, Bubba said he never experienced that, the guys cracked up
at the people in the clip, Bubba thinks they have a runner up. We then
heard the redacted portion; Manson said it’s more entertaining, we
then heard the champion of boopities. Bubba decided to vote on the

1. Bubba – Current champ
2. Spice – champ
3. Manson – champ

We then heard the 911 call about the snake eating the baby; Bubba was
cracking up at the clip. We then heard “Snake Snake Snake” from “bubba
Show classics Vol. 10”, track 14. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s new bit, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the sow’s Twitter
page, then into Journey’s “Anyway You want It” as bumper music, ned
thinks the song is queer, Bubba thinks ned wants it to be sexually
ambiguous. We then heard a promo stating Brent was part of the fun
police, Bubba cracked up at this. Ned resighted some of the words to
the song; he said he was high on blow. Bubba said Manson has a new
offering about the Catholic Church. We then heard the song, “One
Hundred Boys”, which parodies “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The
Proclaimers, where Manson acts as a Catholic Priest, describing sex
with boys, Bubba sang along to the song, Spice was laughing ass off
during it, he said he hates how it’s catchy. We then heard Hogan’s
bumper, Hogan said he kicked out, he said he heard the CD of himself,
he thinks he really sucked, he said that would be like telling Bubba
that he’s a radio guy, but he should now do the rings in the Olympics,
he said he gets it now, he said it hit him yesterday, he thinks it
wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t heard himself. Bubba asked him if he
was ready to do it again on Monday, Hogan said yes, he said doesn’t
want to go over to Orlando, he said he’ll miss wrestling, Bubba thinks
he’s just talking stupid. Hogan thinks he and bubba have never had an
argument, Ned asked that they move passed him hitting Brooke’s car
(January 13, 2007). Bubba told Hogan he emailed him, Hogan then read
it, bubba thinks Hogan shouldn’t read it on air, he said Hogan had the
look that said “help me”, Hogan said he was nude in the shark tank,
ned said he probably won’t be able to get that visual out of his head.
Hogan thinks Tim was just being nice, Bubba said the opening was
horrible, Spice said the intro could’ve stretched to nine minutes.
Bubba recapped how the intro should’ve gone, Hogan said it was
perfect. Spice said it seemed like Hogan cut a promo, only to notice
there’s no wrestling ring. Bubba said there was more sizzle than
steak, Manson as macho Man told him he needs someone real to help him
out with stuff, Hogan said Tim told him they need a girl in there,
Spice suggested Chyna, Bubba told Hogan he had to dump him for saying
something. Hogan said when he’s there, Spice is always working, Bubba
thinks Hogan really had it back in the day, he thinks Hogan should’ve
left her the first time they met, he thinks Hogan should’ve listened
to Andre, Hogan told bubba to stop, Bubba then did his Andre the giant
voice, he wonders if Linda was a rat, he thinks she’s a wolverine,
Hogan said he’d off himself at Fabrizi house, Bubba thinks Fabrizi
would do it for him. Bubba asked if Hogan heard the promo Dudley cut
on him, Hogan said no, Bubba thinks Hogan should’ve found god when he
got married to Linda. Hogan said that he had to change his number, as
Linda called him over wrestling, he said she wanted to give him ideas,
Spice thinks she has a lot of moxy, he thinks the changing the number
would be the smartest things he’s ever done. Bubba said Linda is mad
that she’s no longer relevant, Hogan wonders how they got on that
subject, he said Tyler is a trip in the ring, he said he’d like to
teach him how to drop kick, he then said he gave his electric golf
cart to Steve from Steps Towing, who then donated it to charity. Bubba
said that he’s like Hogan, as tomorrow he’ll be in court, Manson said
that would be like OJ calling Fred Goldman; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Mr. Skin calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
Tour on April 23. Bubba said the Broncos traded Brandon Marshal for
the dolphins, Brent said it’s well worth it. Wendy the Plummer was on,
saying she’s been in bed for a while, she said she got her special
forces shirt, she said she smoked for about 30 years, Bubba thinks the
doctor had something to do with it, she said she’s thinking about
putting Ned’s face, Spice thinks she won’t have sex again. Wendy hopes
she can have sex again, she said she wants to get rid of the cradle
and keep the play pen, Spice figured out what she ment, Ned thinks he
can still get a girl pregnant, he said he’s got some stds, Spice
thinks she’s getting turned on. Bubba asked her who she’d have sex
with; Wendy said she’d take all of them. Bubba went to Mr. Skin a few
seconds later, Mr. Skin said he listens to the show all the time,
Bubba said he was refreshed to see how normal he is, Spice said he’s
charming. Bubba asked how big is, Mr. Skin said when it
started in August of 1999, it was him and one tech guy, it’s gotten
bigger, he said he gets to do this for a living. Bubba explained Mr.
Skin’s gimmick, where he points out all the nude scenes, Mr. Skin said
he doesn’t’ do dudes, Bubba thinks gay guys would go there, he then
said that Mr. Skin has taken all the stuff from Howard’s archives and
has made something, Mr. Skin said the guys at Howard TV contacting
him, he said there’s 15 years worth of hot chicks, he said they’ve got
best natural breasts, Mr. Skin said the shock the pussy footage was
unbelievable, he said the morning after the Super bowl of 2004 was one
of the busiest days ever. Bubba asked Mr. Skin who his favorite girl
is, Mr. Skin said Victoria Zdrok, bubba said Spice dated Akira, Spice
said he wouldn’t say dating, Mr. Skin said she’s smoking. Bubba asked
who the biggest name on is, Mr. Skin said Alyssa Milano.
Bubba asked who the new hot girl is, Mr. Skin said that Megan Fox is
the one people would like to see nude. Bubba thinks you can’t stump
Mr. Skin, saying he’s like Rain man. Spice said he liked Demi Moore in
G.I. Jane, Mr. Skin said she was naked in that movie, saying she
showed her breasts, Bubba said he saw her two Super Bowls ago, he said
she was really beautiful, he asked if Sandra Bullock ever did a nude
scene, Mr. Skin said she did one in a movie called “fire On The
Amazon”. Bubba asked about Kristen Davis, Mr. Skin said it wasn’t
heard best day, he said she’s been naked on TV; he said Sarah Jessica
Parker has never gone nude on TV. Bubba asked him about new stuff, Mr.
Skin said there’s a movie called “Afterlife”, he said is naked the
first few minutes of the movie, he said they get advanced copies.
Spice said he got good props in the movie “Knocked Up”, Mr. Skin said
everyone saw it, he said that movie will never die. Bubba asked how
big the staff was, Mr. Skin said he had to trim the fat, he said
they’ve got 30 employees, Bubba said it’s a great success story; he
then plugged his Howard TV special. Mr. Skin said he does hundreds of
shows, he said he loves listening to the show, Bubba said they’re
happy to be under the Howard umbrella, he then said ned has a new
offering, ned said it’s a parody of “Don’t Stop Believing”, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – No Net Ned

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Ned’s 12 Inch Meaty
Mandingo (with a side of man sauce)”, then into “Baba O’riley” as
bumper music. Bubba thinks it’s strong, Ned thinks it should get an
intro violation, Bubba said he can’t wait to have his own radio
station, he then asked Ned if he’s ready for his No net Ned, Ned said
it’s late in the show, he thinks eight people are left in the crowd.
Bubba then ran Ned through the settings, Ned thinks he should sing it
on the first setting, he then said some stuff as Bubba ran him through
the settings, he told ed it takes some time to get through the
settings. Ned said his song is called “Don’t Stop the Breeding”; he
then played some sound effects, Ned thinks Bubba is trying to rattle
him, Spice thinks the show is almost over. Bubba thinks Ned isn’t
happy, he apologized for short spacing Ned, the music stopped, Ned
said he quit, he said this is like Evil Knievel on over the Grand
Canyon. The music fired up again, he stopped a few seconds later, he
then asked the peanut gallery what they were laughing about, bubba
thinks Ned wants to be with Stan and Haney. The music fired up again,
Bubba was giggling, ned told him to jump off a bridge. In the song,
ned sings about how white trash can’t stop breeding, Bubba thinks it’s
really good, he thinks the whistling is like Guns and roses. We then
heard the tymbal, ned said under the circumstances he was given, it
was good, he said he’d like a bonus – Blueberry yum yum from Pantera,
Bubba said Pantera isn’t at the show today. Ned said he was spun down
to zero, he said when he brings it, he brings it. Bubba asked the guys
if they had anything, Brent said nothing. Bubba thinks the mid days
guys are thanking Ned, Ned called them jobbers. Manson plugged The
Pagan Potheads tour, he gave the green light to give tickets away on
Twitter, they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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