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Top Stories:
Elian Gonzalez, 16, appears in Young Communist uniform
Professor killed in home invasion
Group Sex Ad on Craigslist Too Good to be True, Man Arrested
Woman run over by her own SUV
Inmate: Chloroform Was Used To Put Caylee To Sleep
Milwaukee Buck’s “Andrew Bogut” Breaks His Arm While Going For A Dunk!

This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Special Forces

The show started off with a clip of the Rays winning, Bubba and the
guys discussed the games. Bubba recapped some sports scores, he then
said he was out of TNA by 6:45, he said traffic was horrible, as
someone had a car fire, he said Tom is a hell of a guy, he said he has
the worst breath ever, Manson thinks Tom doesn’t do anything cool,
Bubba thinks Tom has bird breath, he then plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show tomorrow. Ron came on with an answer to the
question of why Bubba isn’t all that good in Richmond, he said people
outside of Florida don’t care about Florida, Bubba feels location
isn’t an issue. Ron said he’s been turning the show off more and more,
Bubba said he can’t help that, he said he has certain things he has to
talk about. Ron thinks Bubba is turning into a commercial for TNA,
Bubba said it’s something that’s happening in his life, he thinks he
should ask the guy to not listen to the show anymore; he thinks the
guy isn’t a fan. Ron thinks the show is an infomercial for, Bubba told the guy to drive into a ditch and die. Spice
said he really likes the Special Forces, Bubba said they’re giving
them away, Manson thinks you should be able to yank a star off, Spice
thinks Donna will go to the crafts store and buy some stuff. Bubba
said he had a list of the and people, he
listed some names, Ned thinks they’re jobbers, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays and Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Bikes For
Badges on May 22. Bubba said that today’s music is provided by Miller,
he thinks the music is pretty good, Ned was heard cracking open a
Miller Lite. Bubba went over some birthdays; Spice coughed and said
scumbags when describing Ronde and Tiki Barber. Bubba said he
remembers where he was when Mike Tyson got knocked out, we then heard
some Hall and Oats, he then sang along to “you’re A Rich Girl” for a
few seconds, Spice said he could listen to this stuff, Bubba wondered
what the song “Man Eater” is about, he thinks it means gold digger. We
then heard some more hall and Oats songs, Bubba thinks they had a lot
of problems with women, the guys cracked up when ned thought “your
Kiss” was fist, Bubba thinks being the base player of the band has got
to be a fun gig. The first email of the day asked people to vote for
her in a Hometown Hotties contest, Bubba thinks its Spice’s template.
Another emailer asked Bubba if he’s changed from Hooters to the Wing
house, Bubba said he likes it. Another emailer thinks the show is too
white for Richmond, Bubba thinks it doesn’t make any sense, he said he
can’t explain why they’re getting their asses kicked in Richmond, he
said black people have thicker skin, he said white people suck, he
thinks the show should be on an urban station, he then told James out
of Seattle that they can’t expand, James came on saying Bubba was
great, Spice said they’re like a baseball team. James said that
Richmond sucks, he said the guys should be on in Arlington, Bubba said
Cox won’t do anything, he said the show sucks. Another emailer thanked
Bubba for the hookup for Douglas Wheels; Bubba then went over the
stuff they make. Another emailer said the show has to stay in
Richmond, Bubba said they don’t control their own destiny, Manson
thinks people wait until the show is off the air. Another emailer
asked about the dye cast, he thinks he’s sold half of them, Ned asked
for Bubba to make a dye cast of his Excalibur. Another emailer said
Twenty-five has good taste in music. Another emailer said Bubba is one
of the best show, Bubba said they don’t determine this stuff. Another
emailer said they’ll make the 7.5 hour ride on their motor cycle to
see the guys. Another emailer said for the past couple of years,
they’ve been wanting to eat a bullet, the emailer said the show has
ment a lot, Bubba thinks they should use that as a template, he said
after you’ve listened for a while, you get hooked on stuff like it.
The last email of the day said they smiled when Bubba talked about Red
Line Oil, Ned said he sold one of the cases Bubba gave him, they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Mining discussions, the people from cal in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pink Bubba Army
phone skin. We then heard Ned’s “Nothing On Nothing” from “Ned’s
parody songs Vol. 1”, track 5. The song parodies “Nothing From
Nothing” by Billy Preston, and focuses on the time when Bubba was on
in Macon Georgia, and the ratings came back saying the show had a 0.0.
We then heard some Stevey Wonder as bumper music; Ned said it was a
good song. Bubba then describes a video of Andrew Bogut, the center of
the Milwaukee Bucks falling; Spice said it’s one of those things where
it gets worse every time you watch it. We then heard the clip of the
guy yelling in pain, Spice said some of the guys walk up to him, but
end up walking away. Bubba described what happened in the clip, he
thinks the guy is done, he thinks the guy won’t play the rest of the
year, he thinks basketball is the only sport where you can get as
close to the action as possible. Spice wonders if you can hear Joe
Theismann’s injury, Manson said he couldn’t get it out of his mind.
Bubba said Velvet Skye was interviewed by Kevin Vargas, we then heard
the clip, where Kevin refers to Bubba as the bloated tick, Bubba told
Kevin he’ll stretch him for that, Velvet said she’s never heard of
him, she said she finds Bubba disgusting. Kevin asked if she’d go for
a guy named Spice Boy, Velvet thinks it’s a gay name. Bubba asked if
Spice has seen Chelsea Voneric, he said she’s been the one who has
been pushing out Flair. We then heard a news clip about an Atheist
group who don’t like praying before meetings, Bubba thinks his high
school principal had a great plan, after the pledge, you had a one
minute of silent’s, Manson said they did that at his school. Bubba
said he’s almost lawsuit free, he said he’s got one more to go, he
then said it’s sad to see what’s happening with the Coal Miners, we
then heard a news clip about that, Bubba said he feels for the miner,
he thinks we should mine it from the top, Manson said that would
destroy the mountains. Coalminer Bill came on, he said he used to call
the Satellite show, he then described that it’s constantly moving.
Spice asked about airtight pockets, he wondered if they have a panic
room, Bill said they’re might be, Ned thinks the guy is a jobber. Eric
said that with all the pollution that comes out of mining, strip
mining won’t work. Bubba took a call from two people on the same line,
Jay said they were calling in regards to bill 187, he said that he’ll
end up selling 75% tabaco, Brent said it’s out of control. Spice
wonders if the guy can cook the books, the woman said that this bill
will put head shops out of business. Bubba wonders if they’ll outlaw
anything, Spice thinks he’ll have to go back to making smoking devices
out of toilet paper rollers. The woman said that some pipes are about
$4,000, Bubba said this is a field good story, the woman said the cost
to enforce the law is ridiculous. Brent said the reason why this is
being pushed is because is a former crack head. Ay said you can visit
their website at: Bubba said that historically, crack
heads don’t have the money to get really expensive devices, he then
said that at one time or another; every state will be faced with a
Medicinal marijuana vote. Jay said there’s a meeting tomorrow at 111
West St. Augustine in Tallahassee, Spice told him not to get stoned
before the meeting. Bubba thinks it goes along the lines of Ned’s “the
Chronic”, which we then heard. This bit is from February 19, 2010, and
is on “bubba show Classics Vol. 13”, track 10. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Note: During this song’s first performance, Bubba prematurely hit the
tymbal sounder, drowning out one of the words. Thus, this song had to
be recut about twenty minutes later.

Segment 4 – hot and ugly teachers, Casey Anthony

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in New
Orleans. Bubba wonders how many Grandpas are in the NFL, he then read
that Brett Farve’s daughter gave birth; he thinks Mcnab would’ve gone
to the Vikings. We then heard “Queer For Brett Farve” from “Bubba Show
Classics Vol. 2”, track 1, Bubba cut it off a few seconds later, Spice
thinks Jim Carrey will be funny again, Bubba said he can’t take his
act anymore, he thinks he’s the only guy in the building who hasn’t
seen “iron Man”, Brent, Spice and Manson said they didn’t’ see it.
Bubba said he cried during The Blind Side, Spice said he saw “Alice In
Wonderland in 3D”, Bubba thinks he’s a pussy, he told Spice to cal him
when his penis comes back on. We then heard a news clip about
Stephanie Ragoosa turning down a plea deal, Bubba thinks Spice will be
called as an expert witness, Spice thinks she should’ve taken the plea
deal. Bubba read the list of hot teachers who slept with students, he
said that Lafave was number one, Spice thinks Letourneau is the one
that got the ball rolling, Bubba thinks they should make this a
rotator on the website, he then read from the list of ugly teachers,
Ned thinks it’s steamy. We then heard a news clip about Casey Anthony,
Bubba thinks she should come clean, Brent thinks she’s looking to
weasel her way out of the needle. Bubba said if she flips before the
parents flip, it’s all going to be bad, he told Anthony to get out
while the getting was good, he said there’s book rights, he then
goofed on the reporters in the clip, he thinks they deserve to be in
prison, Manson explained what chloroform was. We then heard “Caylee’s
not In The Cradle” from “bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 5. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Captain Janks, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “Big Fat Bubba Blows”. Mark
in Richmond said he’s listening to the guys, he said the signal is
great, Bubba said the signal isn’t an issue now, it’s that the show
sucks, the guys then goofed on his accent. Captain Janks came on,
Bubba told him to keep the calls going, Janks said he called Glenn
Miller, saying he was Gary Dell’ aBate, he booked him to go on Howard,
Bubba thinks Janks is out of control with that, he asked how Howard
handled it, Janks said Howard did great, he said he liked Bubba’s
interview, he said Glenn attacked Robin, he thinks the guy is out of
his mind, he said you end up feeling bad for Daniel Carver, Bubba
thinks the guy just wants the stage to say his stuff. Janks said when
he talked with Glenn, Glenn said he didn’t like Bubba, claiming that
Bubba attacked him first; Bubba said we only have compassion when the
Olympics are on, he told Janks to do more Gene Lasker stuff. Janks
said he abused pain killers, he said he’s off that stuff. Bubba said
Cory Haim had about 551 pills illegally. Janks said he took about six
to eight 80 mgs, saying that after awhile, your body builds up a
tolerance to that stuff, Ned said he depends on pills, he said his
paperwork is laminated. Lance said he’s near Abortion City, he said he
doesn’t agree with Glenn Miller, Bubba said there’s just as much white
trash causing problems, he said we need to stop blaming a race, Brent
said this guy does all the things you don’t want. Bubba said it’s not
an Ethical problem, it’s a government problem. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who got ran over by her own vehicle, Bubba wonders
how that happened, Spice thinks she’s stupid. Bubba thinks the Toyota
situation is a shakedown, he thinks they should stop the story when he
heard the woman was 67, he thinks this should be on the World’s
Dumbest Videos, he thinks you’ll have to enter a code in the car, he
thinks the other problem is that she’s a vacationing snowbird, he
thinks her condition is stupid, Spice as a doctor recapped how it went
down, Bubba thinks it’s a blessing. Mark on protection said he’s an
out of work construction guy, he said he has a real problem with his
back, he said he can get all the pills he’d like, Bubba said that’s
the problem, Manson thinks the illegal drug dealers would be screwed,
Bubba thinks our insurance costs would go down, the guy said you have
to pay cash, he said he tells the doctor what he takes normally.
Manson asked the guy how much it costs for him, the guy said about
$1,000; he said it’s about $13-$15 a pill. Bubba asked the guy what he
makes a week or a month, the guy said he can make about $5,000 a week,
Bubba told him when he gets caught, it’ll be jail time, the guy said
he’s slinging about 500-600 pills a week. Bubba thinks if we revert to
the Neil Boortz Fare Tax plan, he said there’s no way to get around
it, he thinks they should make food tax exempt, he thinks if people
have 35% of their money, it would stimulate the economy, he thinks the
special interest groups are preventing this, Brent said it’s because
of the tax attorneys. Bubba said he’d like to live on an island,
Manson said he’ll join him, Bubba thinks Ned will die before all this
happens. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Fart Validation

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Pagan Potheads
tour. Bubba said people are mad over his ideas about prescription
pills. Chad thinks Bubba is right, he said the guy was paying for his
own pills. Bubba thinks this would help out the insurance company,
Manson said the drug companies would lose a lot of money, Bubba said
they churn the pills out every day, he said the big problem is the
stuff that is legal, he suggested they make Sudafed prescription
based. Bubba said he’s all about government not taking over our lives,
he thinks we have some no brainer stuff. Jeff in Miami said he knows
someone who has to take a bunch of pills; he said there needs to be a
regulation on Pharmacies, Bubba thinks that should be encompassed with
the National Data Base. Manson said the nightly news is advertisements
for pills. John said Bubba is right, he said he takes what he needs,
he said he doesn’t sell the rest, he said people are going to ruin it
for people who have real issues, Bubba thinks the guy is on pills now,
John ran down the pills he takes, he hung up on him a few seconds
later, he thinks we’re an over medicated Country. John said ten years
ago, he hurt his back, he said the system failed him, so he had to
sell them. Bubba wondered what system he was talking about, the guy
said he had a good job, he got hurt at work, saying he went through a
divorce; Bubba thinks it’s a crutch in life. Spice said he had to
fart, we then heard the bumper; Manson said Chas was in the bucket,
Spice didn’t like when Chas blew on his ass. Bubba thinks they should
explain the fart validation, he said Spice has the most gas than
anyone at the show, he then went on to recap how it went down, Spice
said he used to do it like Terrance and Phillip, Brent said they’re
the only show that does it, Bubba thinks the idea will be stolen by
other shows. We then heard the bumper, Bubba said Dave establishes who
will be on deck for the fart validation, Spice apologized for
interrupting the drug talk. Bubba thinks Ned doesn’t have very good
bowel control, he thinks a fart could turn into Tootsie Rolls, Ned
said if Gene Simmons was on, he’d have him as the validater. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Pagan Potheads discussions, various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba
was about to plug the Pagan Potheads tour, but he then gave the
Orlando listeners a tymbal for the ratings, he then plugged the Pagan
Potheads tour, Manson said it’s in the Crown Plaza hotel, he said the
show is very offensive, he said they had four people walk out, he said
they’re proud of that, he said it’s a hard show to promote, we then
heard the jack Nickelson sounder, Manson then listed some people who
might be offended by the show, Brent said all you have to do is laugh
along with the rest of the crowd. Bubba thinks only potheads that
don’t believe in God should go to the show. We then heard a news clip
about a guy who was looking for sex, he ended up going to the wrong
house, Bubba was cracking up at the clip, he thinks the guy should be
arrested, Spice said the guy is lucky that she’s 18, Bubba said if he
went to either Donna or Heather’s house, it would’ve been a blasting.
Bubba thinks the guy should try internet porn, the guys cracked up
when the reporter said that the d was a fake. Jill in Richmond said
she’s been in the medical field, she said you can tell the difference
between the people that were hurting or the ones that were faking, she
said your driver’s license is written down regardless, she said her
husband buried seven people who overdosed on pills, Bubba had to dump
her for cursing. We then heard a news clip about a guy who got
arrested for killing his wife, Bubba thinks local T is horrible, Spice
thinks the guy in the clip sounds like B-Fudd. Bubba rewound the clip
to the part where the guy was crying, he thinks Donna would’ve called
it in 1.2 seconds; he thinks they should put this up on We
then heard a news clip about Elian Gonzalez joining the communist
youth Union, Bubba thinks the song they did was really bad, Spice
thinks it’s “send Back The Cuban boy”, Manson said he doesn’t remember
the song. Bubba thinks he’d be nothing here, Spice said Castro could
never treat him like one of the others, he told the Cuban listeners to
turn the station if they find the song offensive. We then heard the
song, which parodies “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” by John Denver,
where Manson says they should just send him back; he suggests that if
they want to keep the boy, just cut him in half. This bit is not in
the catalog. The bit was dumped out of a few seconds later with the
Price is right theme, Spice said he got the quickest email complaint
ever, Bubba said it was way more offensive than he originally thought.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Manson’s Elian Gonzalez song and new bit

Bubba took a call from a guy who asked Bubba to play the song, he then
decided to throw it over to South Florida, he said the listeners got
screwed out of 1:40 of the song, he thinks they should do the majority
like they normally do, he thinks it’s bad that they’re doing better in
Dayton than Richmond. The end result was 11-0 to play it, we then
heard the song. Bubba came back saying the people voted for it, Spice
said it was pretty catchy, he then said Spirit airlines is raising
prices, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba thinks people
should rebel against Spirit airlines, Spice thinks you should just
FedEx your stuff, Bubba said Hogan taught him that trick. Samuel said
he heard the song, he thinks it was kind of week, Bubba thinks the
only thing week was his phone’s signal. Manson said he has a new
offering, he said he hadn’t used the song for ten years, he said his
new offering is about the Catholic Church, “thank God I’m An Altar
boy”. The song focuses on an Altar boy’s time in the Catholic Church.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. jetso9

    Thank god i’m an alter boy is the best parody I have ever heard. Wish my brainwashed inlaws could here this.They would hate me more…They won’t talk too me because what I say about the pedophile church.. Manson you are the best…



  3. peggy sipes

    Where can I find Manson’s “Thank God I’m an Altar Boy”?

    My boyfriend was in a meeting and missed it!! Help! Thanks

  4. chad

    manson you are flat out the funniest parody writer/singer I’ve ever heard. “Altar boy “is the absolute best. I give it “two priest pickles up!”

  5. Joe Ruggiero

    guy’s I need this song my wife missed it!!! Thank God I am a Altar boy!!!! manson you are the greatest

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