Vacation Week

July 20th, 2009 by

Bubba, Ned, Brent, Manson, Spice Boy will be back on their regular schedule Monday, July 27th. Tune in to hear the controversial political opinions, sports interviews, stunts and the women. The FCC will have to work overtime when we come back.

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  1. Jeff Howell

    hey guys – finally got on a computer that will allow me to view your site… and now you are on leave, i hope you guys have a great vacation… i will be leaving iraq at the end of the month and so look forward to hearing your show again… these past 5 months without you guys in the morning sucked….
    My best to all of you…

    Jeff Howell

  2. Steve B

    I complain about the lack of vacation I get and if I ever got the chance to take more, I would. That said, I must really like the BTLS show because of how annoyed I get when they go on vacation. They deserve it as much as me, and maybe more since they make so many work hours go quicker for me.
    Enjoy the time off. I would. I miss Tampa. DC blows.

  3. Ryan Lee

    Sup guys. How come I can’t find the new(ish) Manson tune called “Hypnospice”? Haha. Bubba hated it, but it was still awesome :p Is that going to be on iTunes? I can’t find it anywhere.

    Take care,


  4. Chris Shizzle

    PLEASE give a mention to your Okeechobee Florida listeners. We are growing…..and we need some god damn respect! (respect only you can give us) Love you guys and keep up the good work.
    PS..the funniest bit ever, and the one that got me started, was the Ned calling the Mattel Toy Company (Barbie Car). AND the Florida Wildlife call Re: The JEWFISH. GREAT SHIT!!!!!

    And the Catholic Town call……

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