Vacation is Almost Over

July 11th, 2009 by

Bubba, Ned, Brent, Manson, Spice Boy will be back on their regular schedule Monday. Tune in to hear the controversial political opinions, sports interviews, stunts and the women. The FCC will have to work overtime when we come back.

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  1. Patrick Dollins

    Last week’s “Best of’s” were cool..don’t get me wrong..I mean there were some hillarious bits worth hearing again that had me laughing my @#$ off.
    But Monday is going to rock! Bubba & the gang are back and I’m sure there is plenty to say about the last week…the MJ Memorial..everything else that went on.
    I listen to WHTQ 96.5 every morning because The Bubba The Love Sponge Show is the best show in Orlando.

  2. tim conant

    hey fellas whats up ? Trucker Tim here . going to surgery next week from the acc. in march so hopefully ill be back listening and truckin soon . LnR tim

  3. Todd Schnitt

    ….Faaantastic!(Sigh, Scratches Pubic Hair like covered head) All this talk of this other MJ character on the news still weeks after his death and ahhh so much fame and fortune…(Light Bulb Appears over head..approx 4ft from the ground)..Faking my own death would be a bad Idea even if I did recieve major coverage on TMZ…I will not give up and become a circus freak!! But how am I supposed to get people to hear me…its impossible from down here!!

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