Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today’s recap is dedicated in memory to Cyrus from Philadelphia, who
passed away last night from a bad heart, RIP.

Blind Lawrence here with the recap.

Today’s bumper music provided by Al-Qaeda:
Rolling People – The Verve
It Ain’t Like That – Alice in Chains
Still Unbroken – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Ain’t Coming Home – Silvertide
The Good Life – Three Days Grace
Mountain Man – Crash Kings
Find the Real – Alter Bridge
We Die Young – Alice in Chains
Gimmie Back My Bullets – Kid Rock w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd
Light It Up – Rev Theory

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with audio of the Rays losing (4-0). Bubba said
that the music was provided by Al-kida; Ned said he loves him; he’s
trying to crack him. Bubba went over some sports scores, Ned chanted
“Blow pack Blow” over the Packer sounder, Brent sad to give up a 63
yard punt return is pathetic, Ned sad the packers looked like crap,
Bubba then went over the stats for the football picks, he then plugged
what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few days, he said
that Rachael’s in Orlando backed out of the Twelve Boobs of Christmas,
Spice wondered if that frees them up for another club. Bubba said that
Tom Bean can golf, Ned said that’s because he wears a golf shirt
everywhere he goes. Bubba said he posted on Twitter one of his shots,
Manson said that was impressive. We then heard a tymbal for the Bubba
Army golf team; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various callers, Cyrus from Philadelphia RIP

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s website.
Bubba noticed Ned scrambling into the studio, he told him to at least
ask him if he wants ice House, ned said it’s much more fun to steal
stuff, he then said the golf trophy looked nice, Bubba said they
should put the picture of it up on btls.com, he then said that
something must be going on, as Big Dick made a comment to Chaz, he
then went over the people he likes around there. Big Dick came in, he
said that he didn’t know what the issue was, neither did Chaz, he said
everyone here is great, Bubba said Pantera is like one of Jerry’s
kids, Manson said he’s like the mascot, Ned said that sucked. RJ said
he runs the Chida in Sarasota, Bubba said he’s ready to throw his
iPhone through the window, Spice thinks that Bubba will have to go to
the Genius bar. Pork Chop asked a question for 1800AskBrent, he asked
who he should vote for McMahon or Blumenthal. Bubba dialed him up,
Bubba recapped Pork Chop’s question, Brent said Blumenthal lied about
his service in Vietnam, he thinks she’ll be able to do more with tax
payers. Bubba took a call from a guy who said he was listening to
Howard’s show, Cyrus from Philadelphia passed away, Bubba said they’ve
got some many good people who listen to them, he said it’s sad when
they lose one. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – East Bound and Down review, emails

Bubba thanked Al-kida for the providing the music, he said they were
going to do trivia, but they decided against it, he then talked about
a guy who through the fastest pitch with the Reds, it measured about
105 mph, Spice said the guy wasn’t Kenny Powers, he then said that he
was disappointed with “East Bound and Down”, he said they had like
nine scenes of cock fighting. Bubba said it was a disappointment, the
only part he liked was the last two or three minutes, he said that he
watched the first episode with Heather, Spice said he liked it as it
was a funny show. Bubba said the next episode will be the make it or
break it for him, if it’s not good, he’ll cancel. We then heard a clip
of the guy pitching; Bubba thinks the guy recorded it as he was
watching it from his house. The first email of the day said she’s a 30
year-old woman who loves the show. Another emailer said that Howard
has mentioned some stuff about his contract, the emailer asked if
they’ve started talking, Bubba said there’s nothing to speak of, he
thinks the more he talks about how there’s nothing to say, the more
he’s talking about it, Brent said he can’t comment, Bubba said he’s
not even going to talk about it. Another emailer asked when they’ll
have the Gallagher segment on air; Bubba said they’re looking for
emails. Another emailer said they loved how Charlie Crist was on the
show; the emailer asked if she could participate in the Twelve Boobs
of Christmas Bubba said yes. Another emailer suggested Bubba look into
Bono’s organization, as less than one percent goes to where it needs
to go. Another emailer said the news channel in Miami has a hot
weather woman that makes the channel worth it; Spice said he’s sent
Bubba some pictures of her. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails, Twenty-five’s Foreword, Sam Brown Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaArmy.com. Bubba
thinks Al-kida really likes the music he selected, he said that
tomorrow they’ll be starting the 48 Hour Minor challenge, Spice said
they’ll be locking Auggie and Tuddle in the green room, taking
everything out, they’ll be feeding them through the door, the only
drink they’ll have will be Red Bull and water. Dave said they want to
torture them for a little bit, he suggests a speaker in the room,
Manson suggested they play Soulja boy for two days. Kim in St.
Petersburg said she’s never been to the Super boat show, she’s a
single Mom and doesn’t get out much, Bubba wondered what kind of cell
phone she has, Kim said she’s driving. Tiffany said she would love the
big hotel experience, she loves things that go fast, Friday is her
26th birthday, she’ll be taking her husband. Angie said she would love
to have the hotel; she’d love to take her husband, as he just got out
of the hospital after getting bit by a dog. Tammy came on saying they
would’ve loved to have gone for the hotel, Bubba told her to stay on
hold. Teresa said she’ll take either or. Another emailer said there
was a movie in the 90’s called “The gods Are Angry”, the emailer
described the plot of the movie, he then suggests a Religion where he
worships a Miller Lite bottle. Another emailer wished more people
could think outside the box. Another emailer said she’s looking for
some pictures. Another emailer said they’d like to be at the Florida
game, the emailer admonished the Dead Spin guy. Another emailer said
bubba is just hearing what he’s reporting, the emailer said it’s more
than just ideas. Another emailer said that Bubba staying on free
radio, saying the show is now lower than Bob and tom, john boy and
Billy etc. Bubba said the show was fine back in the day, he thinks the
emailer is a jackass, Manson thinks none of the morning shows the guy
mentioned aren’t going to cover Catholic priests, Bubba said that Cox
never tells them what they can’t talk about, he said he’d rather have
little affiliates, rather than having 150 plus stations and being
fake. Another emailer asked if there are any applications, Bubba
thinks Beasly as the best one, the IRadioNow one. Another emailer was
about “East Bound and Down”, Bubba said he’s giving it another week.
Another emailer said that when they were on in Kansas, Manson said it
was the Fly 92.7, Spice said he remembers that station, as the owner
threatened to kick his ass, Brent said it was over how many spots they
had to do, he said the guy said the n word over the phone frequently.
Bubba remembers when they were on in Shreve Port, after they played
Ned’s call to the Catholic Church (“the Fat and The Furious” disc 1,
track 8, “ned Only” track 9, and “Ned’s Crank Calls Vol. 3”, track
17), the owner of the station ran out, called the engineer and played
rock music, they never resurfaced. The guys cracked up at Bubba saying
“I wanna vacuum”, he asked Spice how much time does Spice have, Spice
said that’s an old one from Elementary school. Matt said you can pick
up the show on Radio companion. Twenty-five Cent came in, Spice
wondered if he should read it from the beginning, Twenty-five said he
went to Popeye’s on Sunday, he said he’ll read it the way the guys
would like it, Bubba told him it’s any way that he’d like to read it,
Twenty-five said he’ll read it the pretty Boy Swag way, Spice thinks
that’s Twenty-five’s way to have the guys not clown him. We then heard
the beat, Twenty-five then read his foreword to the beat, he described
his first encounter with the show, Bubba cut in saying it supposed to
be about him, he then grunted as Twenty-five read on, the timer was
then heard, he then got buzzed. Bubba thinks he’s heard enough, he
said Twenty-five is a quick learner, Ned said it was brutal. We then
heard “Cubby boy Swag”. Michelle came on for boat passes, Bubba said
if they get more passes, they’ll offer them to the existing winners.
Tiffany said she’d like to go to a boat race, she said she’ll be
bringing her husband. Sam Brown came on; Bubba said that Spice played
a demo tape for a guy from A&M. Sam said he’s fine with Spice
representing him, he said he won’t go with 60%, he thinks 1% would be
fine. Bubba said he can’t throw away time, he told the guys to just
work it out now. Sam said he won’t agree to anything at the moment, he
said 30% of millions is a lot of money, the guys say he has nothing at
the moment. Bubba thinks there’s a reason why Sam has made it, as he
feels Sam isn’t all that smart, Sam said he has a 139 iq, Spice said
that he’ll charge him 5%. Bubba said they googled him, nothing came
up, he said he’s the Gene Lasker of Country people, he said they’re
done with him; he ended up getting the Evil treatment. The guys think
Sam is a moron, Spice thinks he left more money on the table than Axle
Rose. We then heard a clip of one of Sam’s songs; Bubba thinks he’s
the dumbest guy to ever call, he thinks Retard Tommy could cut a
better deal, he thinks the title is pandering (“cowboy’s Dream”). They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Bubba gets a speeding ticket, Ned’s Foreword

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance a
Lumber Liquidators on October 16 in Ft. Meyers. Bubba said that Spice
has been working with the people at 97X for a suite for the Papa Roach
show this weekend, Spice said they’ve also got tickets for the Sublime
show, Bubba said he’ll give those tickets to women only, he then
recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show for the day, he said
that Pat Tillman’s brother was on Bill Marh, he then said that he was
going through the mail from Hertz about a speeding ticket, he said
he’ll fight it on principle, he said this is all about big brother,
Spice wonders how Bubba will fight it, Bubba said he’ll never go back
just based on this. Spice said there’s a new law about the Black
Berry; he said all he wants is his privacy. Bubba then read his letter
about the speeding ticket; Manson thinks it’s easy to phony up. Bubba
called up Kevin Hayslett, he picked up a few seconds later, we then
heard his bumper. Bubba recapped his situation, Kevin doesn’t like how
they charged the car, he said as soon as he admitted guilt, the points
will e used against him, Bubba said he was never given an opportunity
to defend himself. Spice asked what the rules are; Kevin said they can
put cameras in public without your knowledge. Bubba said they’ve got
Ned’s foreword ready to go, he asked ed if he needs a music bed, Ned
said he’ll do it dry, Bubba wondered if they have the Poetry corner
music bed, Dave said he’ll look for it, Ned thinks it’s long gone,
Bubba wonders if Carl has it. Ned then read his foreword, he figured
he’d pile on with Twenty-five, he thinks people won’t be interested in
how he and Bubba first met, Ned thinks people would be interested in
some of his stories, he thinks he’s got better stories, Bubba thinks
he’s getting dirty. Ned said he didn’t have a Dad like Doug Clem; he
ends up saying Doug is the reason for everything in Bubba’s life. We
then heard “The Doug clem Fan Club” from “bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 25, followed by “Doug clem song” from “Bubba show classics
Vol. 11”, track 15. Bubba said the website has a bunch of content, he
thinks Ned is a dick, he said the ongoing theme is that he’s had the
biggest dick of a Dad; Brent thinks Ned will look like the biggest
idiot when the book comes out. Bubba said that he got his absentee
ballot, he said Brent his helping him out, he then said he’s received
some article about Bristol Tennessee turning the cameras on during
race weekend, Spice thinks that will hurt tourism. Bubba said he’s
going to be the guy to find out how unconstitutional the case is. Bob
said he works for a rental car company, Bubba decided to put him on
protection, the guy said without prior written approval, you can bill
all charges to the card you use for payment. Debbie said that she was
up there, Bubba wondered if she’s a bomb threat caller, Debbie said
that she’s on a Black Berry, she then said that she got a ticket,
Bubba said it’s a money shakedown, he wondered what will stop them
from taking a picture of every car. We then heard a news clip about
Mark Longway’s funeral, Bubba said this was the saddest thing he ever
heard, he said they’ll be doing something for the family. Bill said
this happened to him a year ago in Texas, he was told to call the
department in Arizona, he was told that if he called within 30 days,
it would’ve been taken care of. Bubba said they’ve got Tommy Frazier
coming up; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Tommy Frazier Calls in

Bubba said he’s got Tommy Frazier after a local story, he said that
Tommy reached out to Brent, saying he’s a fan of the show. We then
heard a news clip about charges not being filed on the man who killed
another man in front of his daughter, Bubba thinks all roads lead back
to Mark Ober, Brent said if you brandish a weapon first, it’s a
problem. Tommy Frazier came on a few seconds later, he said he’s lived
in Nebraska for four years, Brent said Tommy was the third over-all
recruit. Tommy said he wasn’t asked for quarterback, he said he felt
his abilities were that of a quarterback, he said Notre Dame came
looking for him. Bubba thinks guys can’t plan against guys like Tommy,
Brent said it’s an option type deal that is ran. Bubba asked about
Steve prior, Tommy thinks Steve never came to his house, he said Carl
rank came to his house, he said they didn’t want him as a quarterback.
Brent asked if Bobby Bowden came after him, Tommy said he did, but
they had Charlie Ward. Bubba asked him about being a top five guy,
Tommy said there’s a lot of stuff going on, he thinks it’s still going
on today. Bubba asked about women, Tommy said he took all five, he
then said he’s happily married, his wife might be listening. Spice
asked about the education side of things, Tommy said he never took his
education for granted. Brent said Washington has Jake Locker, he said
Washington won’t win the Heisman; Tommy said there’s a lot of Politics
involved. Bubba asked if Tommy was mad when he got pulled, Tommy said
it was planned, as he had missed seven to eight games because of a
blood clot. Bubba wondered if Sapp was flapping his gums to Tommy back
in the day, Tommy said Sapp is still doing it, he said he hates being
called Thomas, Warren called him that, then asked him where he’s been,
Tommy told him it was about where he was going, he then called Warren
a fat ass. Bubba said he likes Ray Lewis, Tommy said he loves that
guy, Bubba said that Ray can still bring it. Tommy said he has a seven
year-old son, he said the kid is a beast, he said his younger Brother
works at a high school, he doesn’t’ get back to Florida because of
work. Spice said people have compared Tommy and Tebow, Tommy thinks
he’s better than Tebow. Bubba said Tebow got rewarded with what Tommy
used to do. Spice asked how good it felt to get the 75 yard run
touchdown; Tommy said that proved he was good enough. We then heard
the clip of Tommy running 75 yards. Bubba said that Tommy bitched out
Brent’s Gators, Brent said he knows it, Bubba thinks Steve was
regretting not taking Tommy, Tommy said he had some great fullbacks.
Spice likes how they’re banging out the music, Brent said he was
smashed and pissed when he saw this, Bubba joked the band was playing
the extended club mix, he then said that the Atlanta Constitutional
wrote a bad article about him, Tommy said he had a blood clot he
didn’t know about, he said his whole leg had a blood clot, he didn’t
have a chance to work out, Bubba said that would really bum him out if
he couldn’t play because of the blood clots, Tommy said if you got
hit, you could possibly bleed from the inside, he said the CFL is more
entertaining than the NFL, he then explained why, saying how the field
is longer, Bubba said that’s why Warren moon was so great in the nfl.
We then heard a clip of Frazier at the 95 orange Bowl. Bubba asked
Tommy about coaching, Tommy said he loved it. Bubba asked what he’s
doing these days; Tommy said he’s doing his own motivational speaking
company, he said we’re a very forgiving Country. Bubba asked Tommy who
he likes, Tommy said he likes Tampa Bay, he said he loves Doug
Williams. Tiffany came on, Bubba said she claims to be the tuba
player, she said that she was a nerd on campus. Bubba wonders if any
other radio show would put Tommy on with the tuba player, Tommy said
that he went with someone he was attracted to; he said he’ll send a
jersey and football. Bubba said he still has a bunch of stuff to get
to; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various News

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/BtlsRadio). Ned said he never liked Nebraska, he
said he’d like to put the jersey up on EBay. We then heard a news clip
about some parents fighting at a football game, Spice said there’s
nothing like a good cat fight. Bubba said they’ll be doing a Bubba’s
Baddest Dude contest, a Baddest Bitch contest, he suggested the two
women fight it out at Bubbaween, he said two Dads fought each other at
the race track, he cracked up when the reporter said the shirt was
evidence, Spice said if they could get a race war at Bubbaween. Kate
in Orlando said it’s her Husband’s birthday on Thursday; she’d like to
take him to the boat race. Bubba said that George Blanda died
yesterday, we then heard a news clip about that. Bubba told Spice they
can wrap the show up with the Colbert audio, he then decided to do
that, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Steven Colbert Audio

Bubba thanked Al-kida for the bumper music, he then thanked whoever
got Tommy Frazier on the show, Brent said Chaz did that. Bubba said
he’s at the end of his rope with his iPhone, he gets a message saying
that a Sim Card isn’t found, Spice said he tried to fool the guy by
saying he never got it wet, he got discovered with that. Bubba said
he’s a genius when it comes to radio, he thinks his phone is just
junk, he thinks Genius is like a new wrestler Vince has. Bubba thought
that Steven Colbert worked for John Stewart; Manson said Bubba got
some of it, Brent said Steve did a bit about Migrant workers. Spice
said he was picking fruit, he said no American would do it. We then
heard a clip of Colbert talking about working as a farm worker, Bubba
said it’s kind of funny, Spice said a congress guy was cracking up;
Manson said it’s a tough crowd, Bubba said he loves it, Manson said
Colbert is brilliant, the guys were cracking up during the clip, Bubba
said Colbert is genius. Richy said Colbert is funny, we then heard the
timer, Spice wondered how hammered the guy is, the guy said he’s not
hammered. RJ in Georgia said he’s picked cotton, it’s not fun. The
timer was heard in the background, he then got the Evil treatment. Jim
said even if American wants to pick the fields, they couldn’t, as
we’ve contracted the fields out to other people. We then heard “Ober
Commercial – Fireman” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 16”, track 17.
They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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