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Top Stories:
Polanski asks Swiss court to free him from custody
Medical examiner: boy died of rare lake infection
Obama wants a longer school year for U.S. students
Submarine Carrying 5 Tons of Cocaine Seized off Guatemala

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into some
Kid Rock as bumper music. Bubba thinks he’s having issues with his
output jack with his iPod, he thinks it’s only coming out of one
channel; Bubba likes it being on one side. Bubba thinks this year is
flying by, he asked if anyone watched the game, Brent said it was
boring, Bubba thinks next week’s game will be exciting, the guys like
the announcer, Brent thinks Carolina’s luck has ran out. Bubba
recapped some sports scores, Ned had to correct him when Bubba said
Aubry is batting a thousand, he was zero for zero. Bubba said he hit
the snooze button twice. Bubba asked the guys if they’ve seen the
Susan G. Koman Bubba Army shirt, the guys said yes, Spice read the
history on it. Bubba said Hogan has been driving Steve from Sting Ray
Chevy crazy, he thinks Hogan should be a private detective. Bubba said
half of his day was devoted to Hogan; he said he’s like Hogan’s
handler. Bubba said they’ve got Dave Moore on the show today, Spice
said the guy before Dave was horrible. Jim said he called about four
months ago when his brother was given anal cancer, his brother died
yesterday. Bubba asked him how old was his brother, Jim said 36, Spice
said he would be mad if the doctors told him six months, yet he ended
up dyeing in three weeks. Bubba asked Jim what the symptoms were, Jim
said his brother would have blood in his stool, Spice said stories
like that really work him up. Bubba said the guys were really sorry
for his loss. Pat said he saw the family on the news; he thinks Tyler
looks like Tony Stewart. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – The guys have some jerky

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Raw dollar
preview, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard some
Toby Grey as bumper music. Bubba thinks the rotators are numbered, he
thanked the web guys. Bubba said he couldn’t find the comment section
on TBO.com, he thinks MJ and the guys are posting stuff. Bubba said
the only thing MJ will be covered on is when he files the lawsuit.
Bubba thinks the mix for the tonight show is horrible. Bubba doesn’t
find the name perky jerky to be funny, the guys get it, but aren’t
that amused by it. Bubba said he’s heard that the ratings for Leno
have been horrible. Bubba said TV is incredibly fake. Bubba wants to
do a late night talk show, if someone came to him with that idea, he’d
get fired. Bubba gave Ned some of it; Ned had a tough time getting it
open. The guys clown Big Dick for having a tough time opening the
package, Brent said it’s like a science lab. Bubba called for 25 to
come in to try it, he said he’s got a whole case of it. Twenty-five
came in, he liked it, Bubba had no idea what Twenty-five just said.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Football picks, racing discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, then
into some messages from the fans. Bubba wants to track down Chip;
Bubba thinks he ripped off some stuff from them. Bubba thinks they
should do a formerly fired show. Brent said someone owes Spice money,
Bubba figured out it was Jug head, Spice thinks the idea isn’t going
to happen. Bubba thinks the Rebecca and Holly show would be something.
Bubba replayed the clip from earlier; the guys still have a hard time
what he’s saying. Bubba said this week was a great week for picks.
Bubba thinks John Gruden is money, Brent thinks he gets around 1.5
million dollars. Bubba wonders what they should do for the end of the
year, Bubba said he used to take one or two days a month off, Spice
said when the Packers would lose, Bubba wouldn’t work the next day.
Bubba said there have been times when he wants to call in sick. Bubba
said they should make Tyler’s picks on Thursday a standard. Bubba said
the schedule isn’t very consistent. Bubba said Metro PCS gives you
what a cell phone used to be, he likes how they don’t have contracts.
Bubba said he was very happy at how the channel 8 footage turned out.
Bubba said Tony was nice enough to get Tyler and Michael to a
developmental driver program. Bubba said he’s trying to help NASCAR
out. Bubba wonders why people hate him; they then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – New at BubbaRaw, Bubba on channel 8

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said they’ve got three pairs of Metallica tickets, Bubba said they’ve
got a few Ned Hardly shirts left. Bubba wishes he could play the Party
on the Cross on the air. Bubba said there’s a video clip of blind
Lawrence feeling Jabberjaw’s breasts. Bubba played “dueling Der Ders”,
he said he can’t explain it. Bubba played Twenty-five describing his
breakfast from earlier. Chris said he and his kids used to race cars
at a park, the owner of the track would kill them at racing. Bubba
said it has nothing to do with money; it’s how good your equipment is.
Bubba said Captain Thunder knows nothing about quarter midgets, we
then heard a clip of Brent snoring, he sarcastically thanked Spice for
playing it, he thinks giving Spice his own button bar was a huge
error. Chris in Jacksonville said he’ll be doing the breast cancer
awareness walk, Bubba told him where he can get it. Bubba accidently
potted up “Dream Weaver”; Bubba said he remembers when the song came
out. Steve said someone needs to bust Spice in the back of the head
with a Wiffle ball bat for being a dick during racing talk. Bubba
wants the guys to wash it privately; he doesn’t want it to come across
like bragging. Bubba took a call from a woman who saw the segment on
the show; she thinks it wasn’t bragging at all. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – emails, Matt Yocum on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. Bubba
said he’s got three sets of Metallica tickets, he said he’s tempted to
bring back old stuff. Jeff thanked Bubba for getting him turned on to
Sting Ray Chevy. Bubba said Spice does a great job with doing a car
salesman, Spice then said he wasn’t sure on the trade-in. We then
heard the clip about Bubba’s quarter midget racing, Spice thinks it’s
more of putting tyler over, Brent said it’s a positive story about
racing, ned asked Bubba to play it so he could get his four minute
nap. Aston asked if Bubba is giving away Metallica tickets, she said
it doesn’t’ matter where the show is, Bubba Eviled her a few seconds
later. Jennifer in Ft. Lauderdale said it doesn’t matter to her where
the show is. She said she’s listened to them sink they came on 93
Rock, Bubba asked her the name of the program director, she said it
was Kevin, Bubba said he wanted to give it to her, she got it. Bubba
said they’ll FedEx her tickets. Samantha was on, Bubba wondered if
she’ll have a baby sitter for Saturday night, she wants to send them
pictures, Bubba said the nude pictures are for Spice, he said he’ll
have to think about it. Samantha said she’s five five, 36 double D, a
six size panty, she described herself as looking like a coke bottle.
Spice said he likes Steps toeing, but he doesn’t like tow truck
drivers. Bubba said he’d like to see someone do a toeing task force.
The first email of the day asked what is wrong with the Orlando
market; she gets sick when Bubba talks about leaving the Orlando
market. Another emailer said he would drive to Texas if Bubba would be
there. Another emailer said they’ve been listening since they started
on Sirius, the emailer saw a btls license plate. Another emailer said
they drove from Chicago to Pittsburg, Manson thinks it’s a hall.
Another email said he saw a picture of Tim Mcreedy, he thinks Tim was
wearing a Tyler Clem T-shirt. Another emailer asked about the Billy
Mays for Cocaine bit, Bubba thinks it will be on iTunes by the end of
the year. Another emailer said they’re sick of the haters complaining
about the deal. Bubba thinks they should track up to Canada one of
these days. Another email was from Matt Yocum about him getting
married. Another emailer said Mike Church has his own self-contained
studio, Bubba said Mike used to give the show crap. Bubba said this
just proves that anyone will do anything for a job. Bubba said he’s
seen pictures of the studio; it’s in his basement with no
merchandising. Bubba said he has half a mind to call some people,
Brent said mike church and Mancow have done the same thing. Bubba
thinks they have a bumper for Matt, Bubba got sent to voicemail, he
thinks he misdialed. Bubba called him, he picked up, bubba
congratulated him, Matt thinks Bubba doesn’t know his wife. Matt said
he’s just drafting behind Bubba, Bubba told him he could have the
upstairs bedroom. Bubba said Matt turned the air off, which really
pissed off Tony Stewart. Bubba asked if Matt’s wife is pregnant, Matt
said she’s not, he’s known her for ten years. Bubba said Tony’s crew
chief doesn’t mess around. Bubba asked how good Darien Grub is, Matt
said the only knock on him is that he went to Virginia tech. Matt said
once race can shake up anything, he said Chad Kanouse is fired up.
Bubba wonders why Dale JR. is struggling so much, he thinks it started
when they did the Car of Tomorrow. Matt said it’s a lot of events, he
said Dale’s schedule is like a big cycle. Bubba asked if Jeff Gordon
is thinking of retiring, Matt said it wouldn’t be surprising if that
was to happen. Matt said Richard Petty made more money than he did on
his last tour than he did during his whole career. Ned likes when Matt
wears eyeliner, Matt said he doesn’t do it. We then heard a clip of
Brent snoring in the background, Matt thinks Reutimann is doing great,
we then heard the bell in the background, Matt asked if Ned was
snoring, Bubba said Ned just passed out. Bubba said he doesn’t see
Danica Patrick in NASCAR, Matt said he sees it happening, but not in a
while. Bubba asked him about Mayfield, Matt went through the results.
Bubba said for a while, he was on Mayfield’s side; Bubba then flipped
the script when it came out that the tests were false. Matt said that
this is a sport where someone could get hurt. Bubba asked Matt his
thoughts on Vegas in December, he thinks mark Martin will be third,
second place will be Tony Stewart, first place will be jimmy Johnson.
Matt said he wishes Florida State’s football coaches would just retire
before they tarnish they’re legacy. Bubba said there’s no reason why
Hendrix shouldn’t be winning. Bubba asked Matt about Jeff Burden, matt
said he’s a really funny guy. Bubba hopes matt got a pre-nup, matt
said he follows Bubba. Matt asked about Tucker, Bubba said he’ll be on
tomorrow; he loves it when Tucker is on the show. Matt said the one
thing that is missing is the inside jokes with the various drivers.
Matt said he might be on in the next two weeks, but he can’t talk
about it. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Metallica tickets

Bubba said he’s got some girls on for Metallica tickets. Jessica was
on, she said her phone was about to die, Bubba apologized for having
her on hold for so long. Bubba asked her to give him her number to
call her back. Bubba thinks they don’t have any listeners left after
putting Matt on. Bubba called her back. Jessica said she’s
twenty-five, she works at the Hooters in Clear Water, Bubba got a
little bummed out when she said she’s taking her man to the show.
Jessica said she’d massage herself over the phone for tickets, Ned
thinks she has a zoo over there. Bubba likes a girl saying beaver. Ned
said he’s a big beaver fan. Bren said she loves the show, she said
she’s skipping class for this. Bren said she’s from Maryland, she said
she has a boyfriend; Bubba said all the hot chicks are taken, he
wonders why girls with big breasts are steamy. Spice asked if she’s a
whore, she said no. Spice said he heard about a kid who got murdered
at university of Tampa. Ned thinks Bubba is creepy. Bubba played an
audio clip about a guy who hung a weight from his penis, Bubba told
Ned to settle down. Bubba said some guys have stuck their penises in
pool pumps; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba Army Breast
cancer awareness shirt. We then heard “China Grove” as bumper music.
Bubba had Dave Moore on the line; Bubba said he met Dave’s cousin in
Pittsburg. Dave said he tried to block Reggie White, it didn’t work
out. Dave said if you tried cutting Reggie, he’d go into Bible verses.
Dave said they played him twice a year, Dave said they called it
Reggie idis. Dave said he does radio with Gean Deckerhof, Bubba asked
how Gean is doing; Dave said he’s doing great. Dave said you have to
ask questions people don’t want to hear. Bubba thinks Gruden is doing
a great job with commentary. Dave said Gruden kept him awake during
meetings. Dave said the thing he’s good at is blocking. Brent said he
was watching something on ESPN, he wonders about kickers. Bubba asked
who the wackiest kicker is; Dave said kickers have their little
regiments they have to do that you can’t disturb. Dave said Gramatica
was good, but every time he got a field goal, he’d run around and
scream in Spanish acting like he just won the Powerball. Bubba asked
Dave if he thinks they should’ve kept Jeff Garcia, Dave said Jeff is
one of those guys you either love or hate. Dave thinks it was a
conversation on Jeff’s end. Bubba thinks Alvin Harper was the biggest
bust ever. Bubba asked Dave what he’s doing these days; Dave said he
now owns an Insurance company. The website is” MooreResources.com.
Dave said he was drafted the last year in the seventh round draft,
twelfth overall, he said Bruce Allen was his first agent. Bubba asked
him about various coaches, Dave thinks dungy is the biggest fool ever,
he thinks Sam Wice was one of the greatest coaches; Bubba wants to
practice half time. Bubba asked about Favre, Dave wonders if Bubba is
back on the Favre homo wagon, Dave said Favre is one of those guys.
Bubba asked him the best and worst quarterback, Dave thinks Dan Marino
is one of the best quarterbacks, he said Dan would often skip out on
stuff, he said he once found an ash tray in his locker. Brent said he
almost got hit by a football at a game. Bubba said people gave Dilfer
crap, Dave said he’s gone on to do great things. Bubba thinks Sean
King turned out to be hapless. Bubba thinks Tim Tebow will catch on;
Dave thinks he’s a great athlete. Bubba thinks leftwig is done, he
thinks he’s pathetic. Bubba said he’s surprised that Winslow has been
quiet while in Tampa, he said when they interviewed him; he was
nothing but a gentleman. Bubba asked about Paul Groober, Dave said he
doesn’t live in Florida anymore, Bubba joked he’s having se with
moose. Bubba asked about Hovan, Dave said Chris is frustrated. Bubba
thinks Gruden is enjoying his current gig. Bubba asked about Notre
dame, Dave said they should be winning games. Bubba wonders if Gruden
would consider the job, Dave think he won’t do it. Bubba wonders how
well Island Way Grill has been to him, Dave said Frank from salt Rock
Grill really helped them out. Bubba asked Dave his best time was
running the 40 yard dash he said it was around 4.8. Bubba said Gean
gets excited, Dave said he’s entertaining, Dave said it’s hard to get
gen to settle down; he said we need to win some games. Bubba wants to
have him on every Tuesday; Bubba said Dave is a regular guy. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Dave’s number is: 727-323-0206

Visit his website at: MooreResources.com

Segment 8 – Bubbapalooza audio clips, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the bubba Army Breast
cancer Awareness shirt. We then heard “Cars” as bumper music. Bubba
said every time he hears this, he thinks of Manson’s version of it, he
sang a little of it. Bubba said he’s got some issues with Ned, he
asked him why he asked for fourteen cases of Miller ice House, Ned
said he’s got a get together coming up. Ned thinks it’s cool to have
beer trucks come by every day, Bubba said they don’t have time to do
that, he told Ned the trucks only have so much space. Bubba asked if
the fans have seen Ned’s lighting for Bubbapalooza, he thinks it looks
good backstage, Bubba said everything is up there. Bubba thinks they
need to change the lighting, Spice said it feels like a night light is
on. Bubba played a clip where Ned went on stage and sang a little of
Twenty-five music, Bubba said all he can see the top of Ned’s head,
and a hammer with a dildo on the end of it. In the next clip, Ned sang
“Radio Star” from “Ned’s Parody songs Vol. 2” track 16, and “the
Clemulus Package” disc 4, track 28. Bubba said Ned can work a
microphone, but he looks like crap, Ned thinks it’s bad camera work.
Bubba said everything this one guy shot was perfect. We then heard a
clip of hammil singing “power Pig hello I’m Burning”, Bubba wants a
studio version of it. Bubba said Hammil has incredible stage presents.
Brent said that was the stiffest tacks in the back ever. Bubba thanked
the fans for coming out, Bubba thinks they should crank it back up. We
then heard Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan said they need
some people to help him out, the boat still has wine bottles on it,
someone hit the gong. Hogan described the boat; we heard the bell,
followed by Brent’s snoring. Bubba wonders if he should get a hold of
Coats to investigate. Bubba thinks Hogan is in a bad mood, Hogan said
he’s just worn out, we then heard the gong mixed with Brent snoring,
followed by the bell, then a combination of the bell, the gong and the
snoring. Bubba told Hogan he broke Steve down, Hogan wants a vet,
Bubba told Hogan he wouldn’t be able to fit in it. Hogan wondered
where Sting ray Chevy is, bubba told him where it was, Bubba called
Hogan a jobber. Hogan finally got the address; he repeated it a few
times. Bubba said none of the numbers match up, he said they’ll have
to sell Hogan’s car under the name. Hogan said people can sniff the
seat. Bubba told Hogan he’ll take him down there, Hogan wants a gun,
as Jennifer was a cop. Bubba said he just signed a deal with Shoot
Straight; he thinks Hogan will try getting some free stuff out of it,
bubba thinks Hogan should at least take him to his shows. Ned wishes
the Texas hangman was there to hang him. Bubba thinks Knobs will go
longer than Hogan, Spice asked that Knobs not answer. Bubba said he’s
got four meetings after the show. Bubba said he’ll get Hogan to go to
Sting Ray on Thursday, Hogan said he’s done with yellow cars, bubba
thinks he should go back to NWO. Bubba thinks Hogan is shot out of a
cannon, he said Steve told him that Hogan called him seven times; he
said Hogan interrupted Steve during an important conference call.
Bubba said he would call Knobs, but the show would run to 1:15. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. sue miles.

    your guy answering the phone sucks………………get a new guy!he sucks. who is he, GOD! you would think so! fire his ass!

  2. Manson

    This was one of, if not the, WORST BTLS shows ever. The racing and football snoozefest were brutal! Poor spice and me just about died of boredom.

  3. Anthony Greene

    I-4 what? I-4-Life, Brother!

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