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September 25th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba is upset over the outcome of last night’s football game; he
thinks Roger Gadell should be fired
Caller said he watched the game last night, Bubba said even John
Gruden was baffled.
Audio of the call in question.
Dock, the fabricator of the stars came on; Bubba said he loved the sign.
Craig in Venis tried some chicken dip; he bought a container, brought
it home, then went back to the store to buy 11 more containers.
Derick said he’s a life long Packers fan, he said he’s done with the
NFL for now.
Tim in Ft. Meyers said he watched the call on YouTube, he thinks the
wite ref doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Brent thinks Roger Gadell is the worst comitioner in sports.
Emails: The chicken dip is great, and corporal punishment goes from
county to county.
Mike in Jacksonville said he’s a Seahawks fan, he gets why Bubba is so upset.
Bubba thinks this might be worse than the Superbowl 40 call.
Pig, a FTE asked what all this madness is about, he’s been on the road
and is out of the loop, Bubba explained the replacement refs.
Doug doesn’t get how everything is looked at the way it is.
Audio of the call from the Packers radio station affiliate, WTMJ.
The NFL wants more money.
Allan in Tampa said it was an interception, but it was pass interference.
Peter thanked a guy he used to work with for getting him hooked on to
the show, he wonders if the part-time refs are getting paid off to rig
the game, Bubba wouldn’t put it pased them.
Dustin wondered if they’re allowed to change the call in the booth,
Bubba said yes, every scoring played is reviewed, he then read some
tweets concerning the game.
Audio of the final play.
Bubba wants to get John Gruden on the air to talk about the call; he
then read a text he got from Tom Bean.
Steve thinks this just shows how important the real refs are.
Todd wonders what it’ll take to get Roger Gadell fired; Bubba said
he’ll look into it.
Bubba said he can’t remember another time when the players could use
the ref’s calls as a reason for a loss.
Andre said the owners put Gadell in there he thinks they should
boycott the NFL, Bubba said that would never happen.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “30,000 Hundred Million” (“Bubba Show Classics
Volume 18”, track 1).
Bubba thinks Manson was the visonary with that song.
Tara said that she has the number for the NFL.
Jerry thinks the refs are two steps above the high school football refs.
Bubba read from the rule book about ball control.
Audio of the post game press confrence.
Salty Dog said it’s Football 101.
Dean said it’s just a bad call, Bubba thinks it’s one of the worst
he’s ever seen.
Bubba gave some information about some of the replacement refs.
Audio clip – Warren Sapp calls Brandon marshal a retard on the Dan Patrick show.
Audio clip of Brandon marshal responding to Warren’s comments, listing
all the stuff he can’t tak to Warren about, Bubba wants to get Brandon
on the show.
Ned’s “Why I Hate Warren Sapp”.
Manson has anew offering – “the Talking Tara Clem Doll”.
Bubba cracked up at the music in the background. The bit features
various clips of Tara; bubba thinks a lot of what Manson does in bits
are just Manson’s deepest thoughts. The bit even features a Bubba
doll. They even offera Twenty-five and Spice doll, but they don’t say
anything. A Tarlick doll is offered at no charge.
Audio clip – Kanye West sex tape.
Manson’s “Kanye West Through the Ages – Clinton” (“Bubba Show Classics
Vol. 11”, track 18).
Audio clip – film maker of anti Islamic movie is wanted dead, Bubba is
glad they didn’t burn the Koran.
Audio clip – Chris Brown in court, Bubba has lost all respect for Rehana.
Manson’s “Chris Brown song” (“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track
7, and “The clemulus Package” disc 3, track 17).
Dave said you can’t be a citizen in two states.
Teacher arrested for sex with two students.
James thinks Chris Brown is a douche.
Man has chest pains after killing another man.
Bubba said that Naughty Alysha got himm turned on to “Dextor”.
Quarterback gets part of his ear ripped off.
Manson’s “Talking Tara Clem Doll”.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show for the next few days.
Audio of Sal and Richard from the Howard Stern show talking with
people about Obama and Romney.
Bubba thinks the election is just a popularity contest, he thinks
doing this with white trash would be funnier.
Russian man gets his penis bitten off by Racoon.
Florida man accused of donkey sex.
Jeremey in Tennessee isn’t surprised with the way america is going.
Buba thinks they should have a pre qualifiing question set before you
can even vote.
Glen thanked Bubba for playing the clip, he doesn’ want to vote, Bubba
told him to vote third party.
Danny the Jew thinks the donkey guy will have a show after Honey Boo
Boo, Bubba thinks that show being number 1 is the problem with our
Marselo said he heard about a town in Columbia where males have sex
with donkies once they’ve reached puberty.
Ned’s Load – “What If?” (“Bubba Wanna Corndog?” disc 2, track 5). The
bit features Faggot Terry (an openly homosexual man), and Black Bitch
(An African American woman who used to work at Clear channel)
discussing the possibilities if Jesus was a Quadrapelgic.
Man has sex with dog, then slices it’s throat.
Man tortures and kills his mistress, then feeds her dismembered body to his dog.
Man runs over model girlfriend.

Radioio.com Show

Bubba doesn’t get how people don’t get his schedule, as soon as he
gets on the air; people are blowing his phone up.
Robert Englund, the man who plays Feddie Cruger will be on the show
today, Bubba said if not, it won’t upset him, he then read about the
movie “Lake Placid 4: The Final Chapter”, he joked he doesn’t need
him, he said he talked to this guy when he was on in Chicago.
Bubba thinks the Packers got fucked in last night’s game; he then said
they have a five minute policy for guests.
Emails: Seahawks stole the game from the Packers, and a listener’s
daughter is being molested.
Tara said that Robert Englund was supposed to be on at 10:50.
Benny and the Jets said he’s in upstate Ny, he’s looking at pictures,
the one that everyone is talking about is MB Gennings being held.
Robert Englund on the phone, he always waits a little to check out
football, they don’t have a team in Los Angeles, he’s a big Don Shoola
fan, he thinks neither the Angels or Dodgers will get in, he’ll have
to root for the Giants.
Bubba said everyone knows Rob as Freddie Cruger, Robert said he’ll be
going to London, he’ll then be doing his 77th movie, he said Freddie
is good to him, he’s played everything from Fathers to mad scientists,
he then described the movie as well as his character.
Bubba asked robert kills anyone in the movie, Robert said he doesn’t,
he thinks he’s now becoming Vincent Price; he then listed his favorite
shows on TV.
Bubba said his Mom watches “Boardwalk empire”, he saw an interview
with Steve Buscemi, he called it the best interview he’s ever seen, he
said he loves that guy.
Robert said that growing up, choosing the arts almost made you a sici,
he remembered the first time he met Steve.
Bubba and robert talked a little abou the show “Dextor”, Bubba then
talked about his friend Alex Young.
Bubba thinks Rob is very radio friendly, he said he’s better than Ann
Willson; Tara likes how he’s professional.
Manson’s “Talking Tara Clem doll”.
Bubba stopped the bit midway through to announce he had to piss, he
asked for the guys to pick it up.
Bubba came back saying that he couldn’t get into “Breaking Bad”, he
thinks the people who watch it have a lot of time on their hands.
Tara said Hurricane has some old pictures of Dave Man, Bubba said he’s
a great actor.
Brent explained the show “Homeland”.

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