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Top Stories:
FBI Questions Local Businesses In Terror Probe
All Children’s Hospital security guard arrested on charges of child pornography
New breed of python in the Everglades?
Too many snakes to catch them all
Child’s 911 call saves family

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – John Gruden discussions

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into “Who
Are You?” as bumper music. Bubba said this is the story of their
lives. Spice said he can appreciate The Who, Brent thinks they’re
better than The Rolling Stones. Bubba and Brent think Gruden has found
his niche with commentary. Bubba advised Gruden to not take the Notre
Dame job. Bubba said Bob Murry texted him and said J.T. The Brick said
some positive things about them. Bubba said if he gets home before
3:00, he feels guilty. Bubba is convinced that Spice lives at the Clem
Gym. Wayne in Tampa said Gruden’s five million he gets from the
Buccaneers is safe until he coaches. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubbapalooza Tickets, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “Won’t Get Fooled Again” as bumper music. Bubba asked ned
something, Spice said he wasn’t in the studio. Bubba plugged the
Janessa Brazil appearance on BubbaRaw.com. Bubba thanked the guys from
Channel 10 for their work. Bubba told the guys something off mic; we
heard the music for a little while. Bubba plugged the Ned hardly
shirt, he said they’ll bring whatever they have left to Bubbapalooza.
Bubba said he’ll take page out of Dana White’s book, in regards to
tickets via his Twitter account. Bubba said some people have returned
the tickets to do various events. Bubba wonders if some fans have put
tickets on EBay. Bubba said this was the first Bubbapalooza Janie
Cakes can’t make it. Spice and Bubba think they could sell their work
shirts. Bubba said he was a CVS the other day, he saw some Supreme
Protein bars at the counter. Bubba said he also so them at 7-11, Brent
said Hogan raids his office every time he’s there. Bubba said they
were going to do the top five countdown, but the charts haven’t
changed. Bubba said if he hears the new Black Eyed Pees song one more
time, he’s jumping off a building. Bubba plugged what they got going
on, tomorrow will be Tucker Carlson, Thursday they’ll have Ace
Frehley, Sunset Thomas on Friday. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Bubba thanked Dave Rice for the air checks. Bubba said Jabberjaw
starts back tomorrow. Bubba gave her a timble. Bubba gave some love
out to Bronco Rick, he thanked him for getting him some new seats for
his golf cart, Brent said it won’t be long before Bubba starts rolling
like Deion Sanders. Bubba thinks it’s embarrassing he has a golf cart,
Spice likes them, he sees them a lot at nudist colonies. Bubba said
they did it all for $350, Bubba asked him to call him. Bubba said
he’ll be getting a limo for Friday night, Spice thinks he’ll go there
to check it out. The first email asked for Kevin Hayslett’s
information, Brent gave it 7274431562. Another emailer said radio in
Chicago is pathetic. Bubba said he’s been asked about Canadian
syndication, Brent said the rules have changed. On the wrap-up show
yesterday, Gary said that you can get fined for some whacky stuff.
Brent said the CRTC is stiffer than the FCC. Another emailer said he’d
like to smoke some weed with a vaporizer, Brent said a vaporizer takes
the smoke right out of smoking pot. Bubba said he’s taken a few hits
off of Spice’s hookah, he likes it. Brent described how it works,
Bubba thinks it’s like doing helium, Bubba said he wouldn’t mind
trying it. Another emailer thinks Manson should send some clips of
Trace to Friday Night Feets. Another emailer said he can’ find
information on the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba said it will
happen soon. Another emailer complimented the guys. Another emailer
thinks Jay doesn’t’ understand that the guys would do great in
Georgia. Another emailer said she’s seen a bunch of Bubba Army stuff
around California, Bubba said people in California know what it’s all
about. Another emailer thanked the guys for Bubbapalooza tickets.
Another emailer was a copy of an email sent to MJ. The emailer raked
MJ over the coals. Another emailer liked Janessa Brazil’s Sunday night
show. Bubba said some Mexican guy was jumping on Mimi Nozbitch’s car.
When she came back from picking up some dog food, the guy had a
forklift under her car. Bubba thinks they should send INS down there;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – B-Fudd calls in, various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLs foundation.
We then heard some messages from the fans, then into Ned’s “So What
I’m The Hulkster” from “bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track 19. We
then heard “867-5309” as bumper music. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper
and brought him on. B-Fudd went into his Scotty Ferrall impersonation.
B-Fudd asked about the murderer who was on a field trip, he said they
finally caught the guy. B-Fudd said he was all pumped up for
Bubbapalooza, Bubba said Spice will more than likely chill out with
his iPod, Bubba and Brent play PSP. B-Fudd said he pops some vikes,
has some drinks. Spice read from B-fudd’s Twitter about a movie he
liked, Spice said the movie is about him. Spice is amazed B-Fudd’s
speech problem translates to his spelling. Bubba said he doesn’t look
at B-Fudd as creepy, Manson said he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone
with him. We then heard a news clip about Stone Temple Pilots front
man Scott Weiland, he had to be rushed to the emergency room. We then
heard “Sex Type thing”, Bubba said he feels bad for Pantera. Spice
said you’d be amazed if you saw the people that come out for his
Guitar hero appearance. Bubba thinks the kid playing Guitar hero is a
nerd, he thinks he won’t be a rock star. Bubba said he has a new rule,
stay out of the house. Bubba said he offered $5.00 for every lizard
they caught. Bubba said the teeth of a lizard don’t hurt at all. Spice
said “Congratulations, you are a fag”, a callback to an episode of
“South Park” that focused on Guitar Hero, Bubba cracked up at this.
The guys suggest he reads a book, as opposed to playing Guitar hero.
Bubba called the kid a nerd. Bubba said the kids are really good at
the Wii. The guys really like the Wii, it gets some activity. Bubba
said heather asked him about an animals thing. Bren said it’s October
24, 2009, you can go to petwalk.org, type in Amanda Hatley. Bubba said
he was channel surfing, he saw a bit of John and Kate Plus Eight, he
doesn’t get it, Bubba wonders what makes the show so special. Manson
said they’re everywhere, Brent said they’re celebutards, Manson said
it makes him want to shoot himself in the face, Brent said he’d
wrestle the shotgun away from Manson. Bubba said five years ago, white
trash would be ignored; now things have changed. Spice asked if the
show was any good, Bubba said it was horrible. Bubba said it pays to
glorify white trash. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Obama on letterman audio, various discussions, Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into a bumper for “Dueling Der Ders”. We then heard some Journey as
bumper music. Bubba is shocked to learn it’s on BubbaRaw.com for
download, Spice thinks you have to be a subscriber to get it. Bubba
went through the site; he wasn’t able to find it. Bubba thinks they
should put it on BTLS.com. We then heard Twenty-five’s entrance music.
Bubba thinks he could use it for White Trash callers. Bubba had
Twenty-five in the studio, Bubba asked him how the date was, the guys
cracked up at his music. Twenty-five said they hung out, he said they
got high and had sex. Bubba asked Spice as Twenty-five’s girl about
sex, he asked if Twenty-five will ever get back. Bubba thinks heaven
didn’t get her job back, Twenty-five said no. Twenty-five said he’s
never smoked cigarettes, the guys couldn’t stop laughing during
Twenty-five’s music, Bubba said you eventually like it. Spice as
Twenty-five’s girl grilled him with questions, the guys couldn’t’ stop
laughing. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he taped the session, Twenty-five
said no, Bubba thinks it didn’t happen. Bubba wonders what the guys
were thinking when he did it, Manson said when Spice did it in the
studio, he was on the floor crying. Bubba asked Twenty-five if he
kisses girls, he said no. Bubba said he wants to get Vince Russo on
the air. We then heard some clips of obama on letterman. Bubba said
obama knows how to work. Bubba thinks no one can do any better on
policy, Brent said the country would’ve been worse off had we had
McCaine in office. Spice wonders what Palin would’ve been doing if she
was vp, bubba likes how you don’t hear much from Biden. Bubba took a
call from a woman who said she loves the show; Bubba thinks it’s
irresponsible to take fertility drugs if you have kids already. Bubba
thinks the guys are trying to drive her away. Bubba said to prove how
messed up Dayton is, Bob and Tom are beating them. Bubba thinks the
signal is horrible, the woman said it’s not that great. George in
Baltimore said he heard something disturbing, Hogan called some guy,
he left him a message, the guy said it was on Elliot’s show. The guys
think the Complete sheet is like the training wheels for morning
radio. Manson wonders if Obama’s kids are led in by the secret
service. Bubba thinks Michelle Obama is strict. Bubba read an article
about it, Bubba had a tough time hearing it, Spice said he sent the
thing to Big Dick, Bubba hopes dick is burning it to CD. Bubba got the
link, he got the clip to play, it was Hogan. Bubba thinks it’s a rib,
Spice agrees. Bubba thinks Elliot is a hack, Bubba said he knows Hogan
shouldn’t be taken seriously with that. The guys like Obama saying he
was black before the election. Bubba said he thinks Brent is like his
dad at times. Bubba called Hogan; we then heard one of his bumpers.
Hogan said he’s still in los Angeles, he said he’s walking around the
airport. Bubba asked him about the message we heard earlier, Hogan
said it was Dr. Unger, he said he did that as a rib, he did that a
year ago. Bubba replayed the message, Hogan said they’re just friends,
Hogan thinks it’s a Hogan impersonator. Bubba said what he knows about
Russo isn’t good; Hogan said Vince ruined the wrestling business.
Hogan said Russo wanted to fire him before he even met him. Bubba said
there has to be some psychology in every match, Bubba thinks Randy
Orten has the “it” factor. Spice wonders if the tattoos help or
hinder, Hogan said his first answer would be no, but after seeing it,
he’d say yes. Bubba said he heard Edge’s injury isn’t looking so good,
Brent said he could be out for eight months. Hogan said he was asked
to make that call as a rib. Bubba said they’re going to send the
interview, Hogan said he really likes Jericho. Hogan said he does that
with Tyler all the time. Bubba said he wanted to get a hold of Hogan
for validation. Bubba asked how Brooke is; Hogan said she’s doing
well. Bubba said he knew it was Hogan just pulling a rib. Bubba said
he’s been with Hogan many times, Bubba said he hates when someone asks
him to say hello to someone on a phone. Spice said you can tell by the
tone that Hogan is kidding. BJ in Phoenix said he liked the clip. BJ
asked about Vince Russo, he said he’s heard that Vince complained
about WWF. Bubba said he has the number of the place that gave Mimi a
hard time, Spice tried but got no response. Bubba wants to get the guy
on the air. Bubba said he was flipping through the channels last
night; he landed on Ricochet with Denzel Washington, Bubba thinks his
stash in the movie looks corny. Bubba read that as aig stabilizes,
another bailout is underway; bubba thinks we’ve already done this.
Bubba said if they lost a bet, they’d go to jail. The guy don’t get
how online poker is illegal, yet credit default swapping is. We then
heard Manson’s ‘bailout Money” from “bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol.
8”, track 1, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 2, track 15.

Segment 6 – Dr. Unger calls in, manson’s New bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s SayNow
page. We then heard The Knack as bumper music. Bubba said they have
Dr. Unger on the phone; Bubba went to him a short time later. Bubba
replayed the message; Unger said it was just a rib. Bubba thanked him
for coming on. Spice thinks he has the Mexican’s number. Spice was on
the phone with the guy, he wouldn’t go on, Brent thinks the guy knows
something, Spice said the guy knows. Bubba thinks they should have Ned
call him to get him on the air. Ned got voicemail, bubba asked for
people to go down there and try to get him an interview. Manson said
he has a new offering about MJ, the guys think he was bullying her.
Bubba thinks MJ will have a hard time proving his case in court, Spice
is bummed out that MJ’s listeners haven’t confronted them, Bubba
thinks the listeners are over him. The bit has MJ interviewing Taylor
Swift; it starts off with combing his pubic afro. Bubba said if his
hair was like that, he’d just shave it. Manson as MJ said he sees a
troll. In the bit, Manson as MJ interviews Taylor, asking her about
being a teenager. Bubba said they’ll expose you for who you are. Bubba
said they drive MJ insane. Bubba said had they not been around,
Jabberjaw wouldn’t have had something to go to. Bubba said the bit is
obvious parody, Bubba thinks Brent will get something about this.
Bubba said he’s almost jumped off a bridge. Bubba asked Manson if he’d
allow MJ to babysit his kids, Manson thinks he’d let him, but he’d
probably get distracted with himself. Spice thinks MJ uses corny
words. Bubba said you have to have thick skin if you’re going to be a
public figure, Bubba thinks the bit is driving MJ crazy. Bubba thinks
Mj is beside himself. Bubba thinks MJ wouldn’t have taken the abuse
had MJ just let it go. Bubba said for some reason, people can’t touch
MJ, Spice finds MJ’s hypocritical. Bubba thinks this bit is crazy.
Bubba thinks Manson is the darkest one of the group, he thinks Manson
doesn’t do the conservative tip. The bit ends with Manson as MJ asking
if the carpet matches the drapes, ending in a hang up. Manson said he
needs a shower after that, bubba told Brent to get his pencil ready;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers, Denzel Lewis on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
thought he already played a message. Bubba said his late model will be
on display at sting Ray Chevy. Mike asked how old Taylor is, the guys
said nineteen. Bubba put the guy on hold for a few seconds; the guy
thinks the bit was real. Bubba thinks the guy is a jackass. Robby said
he’s glad the guys are on the air, he liked hearing Bubba on Cowhead’s
show. Bubba thinks Cowhead should drop the music from his show, bubba
said Cowhead doesn’t’ need Pink Floyd to support the show. Vinnie said
he was a previous MJ listener, the Taylor Swift situation was what
took him over the edge. Bubba said Indiana rates second for meth
usage. Bubba said he doesn’t like to go through hoops getting some
medicine. Bubba said supposedly, meth is one of the most addictive
things ever. Bubba wishes they had Grady Judd’s number to comment on
it. Brent thinks the money for marijuana prisoners should be
redirected to meth heads. Spice said he’s looking forward to his
generation taking over. Bubba said he doesn’t’ have a problem with the
guys smoking weed, bubba thinks he can tolerate the guys better if
they’re high. Bubba thinks it’s a problem when Sudafed is one molecule
off from meth. Bubba took a call from a guy who thinks they should
legalize marijuana. Angie said her husband is a recovering meth head,
they make you show an ID if you buy Sudafed. Bubba called Denzel, he
picked up. Bubba read the article to him, Denzel was surprised he made
it in there. Bubba asked him how many labs has he busted in a given
year, Denzel said anywhere from 90-120. Denzel said the labs are very
mobile, an ounce to two ounces per cook. Denzel said what they’re
doing is working in groups. Denzel said a package of Sudafed is worth
a quarter gram of meth. Denzel said the state of Indiana is supposed
to have a centralized data base. Denzel thinks Sudafed hcl should be
illegal. Brent said there’s two kind of Sudafed, one you can pick up
and take to the main register, the other you have to get a
prescription for, ned said the first one is the one that doesn’t work.
Bubba wondered if the cookers are users, Denzel said that is the case.
Denzel said meth is the only drug that can be regulated. Brent
wondered why you can’t find LSD anymore, Denzel said it’s in various
areas. Denzel said they haven’t seen GHB in a long time, bubba
wondered what it was. Denzel said its drain cleaner and floor
straightener mixed together. Bubba asked him about running for
sheriff, Denzel said three people have declared they’re spot, he’s not
in a rush to get there. Brent said he’s heard that the reason why
mushrooms aren’t around much is because of the feed of the cattle.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – the guys comment on the news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com. We then
heard Ned’s “Bubba Took Your Number one Spot” from “Bubba’s new and
Misc Hits Vol. 1”, track 3. The bit spoof’s “Number One Spot” by
Ludachris, and bags on MJ for his falling ratings, as well as his
physical appearance. We then heard “Only god Knows Why” as bumper
music. Bubba said he hates to do a bunch of MJ stuff, but its fun to
bag on him. Bubba sang along with the song for a little. Bubba took a
call from a guy in Jacksonville thinks we need more Government agency,
bubba played Twenty-five’s music under him, bubba Eviled him a few
seconds later. Tom on protection was on to talk about something Bubba
played Dueling Der Ders over him, he then got Eviled. Mico said the
local morning show there is boring. Bubba said they found the guy in
Hady, we then heard a clip about that. We then heard a news clip about
the judge who is looking to get the guy who killed Officer Roberts. We
then heard a clip about a snake being found. Bubba said we’ve got a
big snake problem in Florida. We then heard a news clip about the
African Rock python is on the loose. We then heard a news clip about a
deaf rapper. The guys crack up at the guy’s voice, Bubba thinks he
sounds like one of the guy’s from The Facts Of Life. The guys think he
sounds better rapping than talking. Spice thinks the whole rapping
community is deaf. We then heard some Soldia Boy. Manson wonders how
you can rap but can’ talk. Bubba asked what it means to superman a
woman, Spice said he can’t say what it means. Brent said it would be
interesting to play both artists. Spice thinks MJ is a mark. Bubba
thinks he’ll follow MJ around, Bubba called him a pussy. We then heard
Manson’s bit about MJ’s interview with Taylor Swift, they then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Martin S.

    Please give us deuling der ders and 25′s intro music. Its 4 am and I just remembered you guys talking about it yesterday when I woke up to take a leak. Now I can’t go back to sleep cuz i’m looking for these 2 songs on your sites. Please let us know when and if they will be offered. Thanks

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