Tuesday, September 21 2011

September 21st, 2011 by Staff

BRN stunt man “Augie” painted a picture to surprise Bubba with it. “Augie” called in to explain. See the picture here:

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  1. Bennzzzo

    This would’ve been funnier (and accurate) if it had JOE the spin instructor banging Heather instead of Dball…

  2. Chuck D

    LMFAO !! Great work Augie!! Can you put a solo cup cup holder on D-ball’s loaner moped?

  3. Andrew


  4. Mike


  5. Sever

    Who’s at the window? Is that a bone or a bow?

  6. Chip

    Great art work. You should auction it off for Bub’s charity. Only thing missing from the picture is Bubba eating Chicken Dip on the curb!!!

  7. Willie McGillicuddy-Jones

    Hysterical! Go, Pack, Go!

  8. kerry

    me army, great

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