Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Tyler was 9 and 7 this week with his football picks.
From now until they are out of stock, you can get a free iPhone cover
with any purchase over $30 at Wired Up Brent will be getting his wires
taken off on Friday, to be replaced with rubber bands, he’s enjoying
the weight loss, Bubba seemed kind of bummed about that.
Emails: The WWE is marking out to Susan G Koman, and various listeners
mark out to the chicken dip and shipping from BubbaArmy.com.
Audio clip – Little league coach arrested for exposing himself in front of kids.
Kevin in New Mexico thanks Bubba for getting him through a tough depression.
Joel said Smoke grabbed Kevin Harvick’s wife’s ass, Bubba tought it
was hilarious.
Joe said his Dad coaches little league; Bubba said he questions
coaches who have sleepovers with various kids.
Chris said he’s dumbfounded as to how low the little league coaches bale was.
Who at the BRN would be trusted to pick up their kids in an emergency?
In this situation, all the kids are 10, and the parents can’t pick the
kids up for some reason.
1.      Brent – Bubba and manson both said yes.
2.      Hurricane – Bubba yes, Manson no.
3.      Thomas C. Cox – Bubba and Manson both said no.
4.      Chaz – Bubba and Manson said no.
5.      Pantera – Manson said no, Bubba said yes.
6.      Carl Harris – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
7.      Jarrid – Bubba and Manson said no.
8.      Woodsman – Bubba and Manson said no.
9.      Criag the Bulldog – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
10.     Danny – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
11.     Russ – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
12.     Hammil – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
13.     Tom Bean – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
14.     Tara – Bubba and Manson said yes.
15.     Ned – Bubba said yes, Manson said no.
16.     Bubba for Manson – yes
17.     Manson for Bubba – yes

Bubba thinks Tyler would love to hang out with Manson and his kids, he
said that Trace would love to go across the street from the track, he
then recounted a story where his friend Brad told him to shoot a wild
hog, he got flashbacks over it.
Caller thanks Bubba for hooking him up with tickets for this passed Friday.
Audio clip – DCF worker, Andrew Thomas said he’d use his clean urine
in exchange for sex, after a female client’s urine came up positive
for drug usage.
Former President George W. Bush was given a series of warnings about a
terrorist attack, but none of them were taken seriously, Bubba then
read a timeline about that.
Wired up Brent said Dwight D Izenhower was dead on in his farewell address.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Bush’s War Speech” (“Best of George W Bush
Bits” track 1, and “Political CD” track 7).
Various stories involving teachers having sex with students.
Audio clip – Woman shoots husband, she thought he was an.
Audio clip – woman robs man at gunpoint while having sex with him.
Bubba ran down some of the stories he has, Manson thinks half of the
nation is on bath saults.
Audio clip – Man bites off half his girlfriend’s face.
Audio clip – Man gets beaten up with his own fake leg.
Tara thinks this would be a situation for Ned’s “50 Shades of White
Trash”, Bubba then recapped how Ned would do the story; Manson thinks
you can’t write that stuff.
Obama Hope artist recommended to serve time for tampering with evidence.
Audio clip – 43 people arrested for attempted sex with a minor.
Prince harry’s woman arrested for fraud.
Bubba doesn’t have a problem with the Kate Middleton photos.
The guys wonder how they determine a king and queen in England.
John on protection said that there’s a lot of pictures similar to the
one with kate Middleton on Google maps.
Tara with an update on the kate Middleton case, the magazine was fined $2600.
Hooker turned tricks in her home while her baby slept near by, says
she’s adicted to money, Tara sarcastically thinks she’s a great Mom.
Audio clip – Grechen Carlson pranked by former Obama supporter.
More violence overseas, attacks are committed by lone people, not the Taliban.
Bubba wonders if Obama even cares about what is happening.
Jackey thinks this is just how the cia got started.
David asked if another Country trained our police officers, bubba
thinks the wheels have fallen off if another country tries to help us
with attacks.
Bubba said he was done with this topic, he then read na article about
a man who raped a duck.
No Net Ned – “Something About A duck”.
Audio of Lyndsey Lohan’s Mom on Dr. Phil.
Audio clip – teacher was dealing drugs on school property.
Bubba asked if the listeners have ever had to rush to the hospital to
deliver a baby, he then read an article about a woman who was killed
on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby.
Audio clip – Romney caught dissing Obama supporters.
Manson finds the whole ting ironic – the first time a Politician is
honest it’s off camera, and what he says is a scandle.
Bubba said he was watching the news yesterday, ichelle Obama was
talking to some students at the University of Florida, he doesn’t like
having the President’s wife telling him to focus on those who are less
forchunet, and needs Government to step in and help them out, he
thinks people should just get a job that supports you, he thinks this
country is broken and no one can fix it.
Ned’s oad – “Wasting Away in Fucking Afhanistan” (“Bubba Show Classics
Volume 17”, track 25). The bit concerns the current war in
Afghanistan, and parodies “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffett, and
features clips of George Carlin from his 1992 HBO special “jaminin’
New York”, all of which are excerpts from his monologue about the Gulf

Radioio.com Show:

Bubba said he came across a box of Bubba Army iPhone covers; you can
get those for any order over $30 at BubbaArmy.com.
Spanish counciler quits her job after homemade porno leaked online.
Rene is impressed with the speedy delivery of BubbaArmy.com, she’s had
three kids and has Double D boobs, she even banged them against the
phone, she thinks Ned is rubbing off, she said her husband has
T-bagged her before.
Ned said he finds her boring, he said that he counts cards of women
giving road head, he then falls asleep.
Rene said she lost her virginity to a black guy, Ned thinks she’s
spoiled forever.
Bubba talked about having sex last night, he thinks his cock is now
known as a worm.
Aaron in kentucky said the show is apart of his life, Bubba told Ned
this is the guy wo always talks about drag racing, he then said he
needs some money back from Justin Humpfrees (a Bubba Wonka winner).
Token in Brandon asked if Ned will do a specialty show, Ned said every
week this guy blows it for everyone, he doesn’t answer to anyone.
Bubba then asked someone to remind him next Tuesday to tell Ned to do a show.
Audio of the Spanish counciler rubbing herself.
Atlanta Falcons player arrested for DUI.
Bubba said he’s blindsiding Manson with something, Manson was high
doing karaoke in his studio; Manson said no one else has to be
subjected to it.
We then heard Manson singing “Man in the Box”, Bubba said he’d like to
hear Donna sing, Manson said she’d never do it publically.
Bubba said that if some people would leave Sirius, they might have a
chance to come back, he said it’s all wishful thinking, he said he’s
been told by certain people that if certain people left, the Bubba
show would be their first phone call, anson said he’ll see it when he
believes it.
Bubba thinks he can’t realy sing, Manson said he heard Bubba sing in
“Bubba Wonka” (“bubba show classics Vol. 15” track 10.
Man arrested for punching a pizza delivery man, as the delivery man
“Forgot my fucking garlick knots.”
Guy mails himself to his girlfriend.
Ned’s “bubba wonka” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 15”, track 10). The bit
is a parody of “Willy wonka And The Charley Factory”, with Bubba
playing willy.

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