Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Bubba opened the show talking about what happened the morning of 9/11.
Jerry the ing had a heart attack last night; Bubba doesn’t like how
when something real happens with wrestling, people still think it’s
part of the show.
Bill in Orange got some chicken dip yesterday; his wife tried it, her
eyes rolled in the back of her head.
Emails: big articles on football, listener loves the dip, Bruce asked
if he could get some Buba Army stickers, guy said he knows more about
the show then people who partake in Bubba trivia, Lee county is
covered nicely with the chicken dip, and swingers looking to get
people their age to appear on the show.
Earnest Gram will be on the show today promoting a pep rally.
Audio clip – Woman dies while in labor on the way to the hospital.
Audio clip – Judge orders sex change operation for killer, Manson
thinks it’s a crock.
Tom asked if the guy has the sex change, where will he serve the time?
Audio clip – Pat Robertson tells a man to move to Sauti Arabia so he
can beat his wife.
Audio clip – 911 cal where a ad killed his two kids, then was going to
kill himself.
Twenty-five said if he was the operator, he wouldd’ve been saying “Wrap it up”.
Audio clip – Taliban wants to kill Prince Harry.
Bubba read some information about the guy who killed his kids, and
then attempted suicide.
Shakira sextape, Wired up Brent said he’s looking for it, the guys
cracked up at Brent talking with his mouth wired shut.
Bubba read an article about ford’s newest car coming out, we then
heard a tymbal for the company.
Audio clip – 96 pills found in a woman’s vagina.
Guy accidently shoots himself in the penis, he originally lied to the
police about what happened, Ned thinks the guy was masturbating with
The guys talk about a bull vs a muel in the drug community.
Larry on protection said they had a LEO who would cycle the tazer; the
guy loved the sound it would make.
Eva longoria wants to open a steak house exclusively for women, men
will still be welcome.
Audio clip – Kim Kardashian wants to freeze her eggs, Manson suggests
she get sterelized, Bubba thinks they should cut her uteris out, Ned
thinks she’s a whore.
Bubba said the last thing we need is another kardashian in the world,
he thinks only the sex tape got her famous, Manson thought you had to
be famous to have a sex tape, he thinks Robert Kardashian is a
scumbag, and Kim is a whore.
Audio clip – Kanye West used to watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape during sex.
Caller wishes Kim would freeze the eggs; he doesn’t want Kanye to reproduce.
Twenty-five said he doesn’t like Kanye West anymore.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Keep Us Stoned in America” (“bubba Show
Classics Volume 21” track 2).
Ned’s “Neditorial – Kardashians” (“Bubba Show classics Volume 20, track 14)
The guys cracked up at Brent’s rejoiners.
Bubba is going to give “Breaking Bad” a few more episodes before he
gives up on it intirely.
Jessica Simpson has taken some of the baby weight off.
Manson has a new offering about Mitt Romney.
Bubba told Ned that Mike’s Pizza brought a bunch of brownies by today.
Old man arrested for watching porn with his pants down on a flight.
The guys talk about flight attendents, Tara remembers when tey used to
make flight attendents weigh 120 pounds or less.
Katie said that she was traveling with a friend; she ended up putting
a blanekt over a guy and took care of him.
Trish said that she has a restaurant story, Burns got rid of the door
in the dessert room, too many people were having sex there.
Bubba doesn’t get the appeal of Burns.
Audio clip – man gets ran over by car, then attempts to take a baby.
“Rax City” by Tyger is played, as Manson parodies it in his new offering.
Manson’s newest offering – “rich Welthy Dick”, the bit focuses on Mitt Romney.
Audio clip – woman gives birth at home, then wraps it up in plastic,
sticks it in drier to die.
Bubba thinks if the baby is still alive, then shame on the guy for
believing the woman for saying she was giving birth to a stillborn.
Brad said he gets Ned and Manson mixed up, he then said Mitt Romeny
donated the money his Dad left him to his Dad’s school.
Manson said the Republicans give him more content, Obma has been the
most boring president they’ve ever had.
Audio from the September 11, 2001 show that was heard on 98 Rock.
Brady wondred if the rest of the world would take Bubba’s stance, Ned
said this topic was killing his buzz.
David asked if he could vote for Ned, he wants to put him down as a
write-in candidate.
Manson said there’s a $700,000,000 memoral for 09/11.
Kentucky store in hot water over an Obama punching bag.
Bubba thinks we’re an insane country when it comes to who we put in
office; he likes how France does elections.
Earnest Gram on the phone, he talked about Fresco’s in St. Pete.
Audio of Jessica Simpson talking about dropping her bby weight.
Josh wonders why Brent sounds so pissed; Bubba explained that you
can’t be happy when your jaw is wired shut.
Ned and Twenty-five played with pornographic cards during the show.
Ned’s Load – “Free To Smoke marijuana” (“The Todd Clem Project” disc
2, track 14, and “Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 2”, track 24). On the iTunes
version, this track is called “Smoke Pot”.
Bubba won’t be getting an iPhone 5, he thinks they whored Siri out, he
thinks it’s a bust.
Audio clip – Steve Win wins lawsuit against Joe Francis.
Audio clip – Elvis’s bible sold for $94,000, his soiled underwear had no takers.

Radioio.com Show

Bubba got an email from Andy who works at Miller Welds, the device is
only 30 pounds, but it can weld a lot of stuff, except for aluminum or
magnesium, it’s called a Mig Tig Stick combo, he called it “the Big
Blue Box that rocks”.
Any order on BubbaArmy.com today from now until Midnight will get a
pink and black Bubba Army wrist band.
Janie Cakes and bubba have patched things up, his Uncle Jerry is visiting.
Bubba said he’ll be getting the chance to go to a Fighting Irish game next week.
Wired up Brent said he’s changing his pick to the Fighting Irish as
opposed to Michigan.
Nick in Ohio said he’s been following Bubba since he was on in Ohio;
he loved Bubba back in the day when he was on the station, he doesn’t
like how they don’t get an hour of uncensored material.
Bubba said he didn’t know anything about the female guest they had on,
he said he understands that yesterday sucked.
Nick asked if they can download the FM show as one big segment.
Bubba said they’re working on some stuff, he said they’ll have Bubba
channel 3 soon, which will have the morning and uncensored show back
to back.
Nick asked the guys at least say good-bye to the audience, Ned tooled
on the guy a little, Nick said he’d be happy with Bubba telling them
to fuck off.
Bubba listed some more people who ordered stuff on bubbaArmy.com.
Caller told bubba to enjoy the Notre Dame game.
Tonight is Tyler’s first baseball practice, Manson thinks it could be
like Berlin’s first soccer practice when she was 9; she just stood
there and cried the whole time.
Emails: Bubba is missed on Sirius, guy enjoys the show, but the change
has soured his opinion, listener questions how Bubba can consider
various forms of medicare, ssi etc entitlement, and Michael Bradly
asked about the christmas party.
Manson’s “Rich White Wealthy Dick”.
Bubba listed some more people who ordered some stuff at BubbaArmy.com.
Caller with a Bubba Army story Bubba said the sticker will not hurt you.
Audio clip – John mayor in a ponsy skeem?
Audio clip – cop hit at Obama rally.
Bubba wonders how much it costs to keep Air Force One in the air.
Mike in California loves the show.
Bruce from Planet X said he’ll be ordering when he goes to a computer.
Wired up Brent said it’s almost $200,000 an hour.
Bubba read some more names of people who ordered from BubbaArmy.com.
Audio clip – woman pulls gun on Congressman in parking lot.
Smitty said that Obama did an appearance for $43,000 an hour.
Bubba said bye to the audience, giving Nick from Ohil a few smooches,
he then closed the show by listing some more names of people who
ordered from BubbaArmy.com.
If you’d like to attend the christmas party, email Wagz@btls.com.

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