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Top Stories:
Obama’s speech to students: Work hard in school for a good career
Sex-assault case involving 12-year-old at Disney
Jailed for wearing pants
NFL’s Merriman arrested, accused of choking Tila Tequila
Association cuts resident’s water pipe

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, weekend recap

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into some
“Pop Evil” as bumper music, Spice said the song “155” is crossing
over. Bubba said he’s heard complaints from fans about why they took
Friday’s Satellite show off. Manson said he watched the FSU/Miami game
over the weekend, Bubba said he noticed that Spice posted on his
Twitter page he ran into Mike Alstott’s wife. Bubba recapped some
sports scores, Bubba said he didn’t get a chance to watch any
television over the weekend. Manson said he didn’t get in until almost
midnight, Bubba said the kids could’ve easily burnt the house down.
Bubba said B-Fudd is already racked up. The guys groaned when Bubba
said Bubbapalooza is coming up, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – college Football discussions, emails, B-Fudd Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard some messages from the fans, the into “you Ain’t Seen
Nothing Yet” as bumper music. Bubba asked Ned if he’s into College
Football, Ned said he’s kind of into it, Brent said navy made a huge
error missing the two-point conversion. Bubba said that if Charlie
Wice sits in the top of the booth, like he did in Hawaii, things will
be different. Bubba recapped some more sports scores, Brent said
Georgia was horrible. Bubba thinks Oklahoma is finished, Ned said he
really loves the team Wack. Bubba said Indiana State has the biggest
losing streak ever, he asked Spice to Google it just to be sure. Bubba
thinks Florida State is done, he thinks Bobby Bowden should just hang
it up. Chris in Jacksonville asked about a good Swingers club in
Tampa, Brent said there’s a club right near the forum. Brent said
Manson has drum sticks by the bell. Bubba said he was going to race
this weekend at Kenny Kenny’s, but it got canceled. Bubba wondered if
Spice and Tasha would like to go to a race track with him, Spice said
no. Bubba reminded Brent that since the football season has started up
again, he’ll be coming over to watch the game. Bubba read some emails,
the first email of the day said they’d like tickets to Bubbapalooza.
Another email said the fighter girl they had on Friday was hot, the
emailer wondered if she’d ever do Playboy, the guys said she wouldn’t.
Another email said they saw Rev Theory at Crue Fest, the emailer said
it was a great show to see in concert, Spice said the local stations
won’t play them. Brent said boxing is far more dangerous than MMA.
Another emailer asked about Melisa Midwest, Bubba wants to get an
update from her. Bubba said the scar over his eye looks worse than
others, he said he got it from an automobile accident. Another emailer
said he said he was mad when Howard brought Bubba on board, he said
he’d now like to apologize for not listening to the show sooner.
Another emailer said the how gets him through the workday. The last
email of the day thinks Bubba looks retarded in a picture of him with
Knobs and Hogan. Ned thinks Bubba looks like a waterhead, Ned said its
water on the brain. Bubba played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on.
Bubba asked B-Fudd if he’s gone to bed yet, he said he hasn’t, he
tried to call into the Satellite show on Friday, B-Fudd said he got
his US Money and his Canada Money. B-Fudd told a story about going
somewhere with money, the guys cracked up a little, Spice thinks it
was one of the worst stories he ever heard. B-Fudd said they’re giving
the key to the city to Glen Beck, the guys crack up at B-Fudd’s way of
saying city, B-Fudd made some fart noises into the phone, he then
laughed a little, then hung up. Bubba said he went to Caddy’s
yesterday, he wants to have a Ms. BTLS Wet bikini contest there. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – News clips, Obama’s speech to children discussed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com. Bubba went over some racing information,
Brent said each driver’s point count is set to five thousand at the
start of the Paylood to the dream. Bubba thinks Channel four in
Jacksonville has the worst audio ever. Bubba thinks it will take two
minutes to tell the story. We then heard the clip, Bubba thinks it’s
good they’re giving you the data, he wonders how anyone can kill eight
people with a baseball bat, Ned thinks the guy who did it is a badass.
Bubba doesn’t like how the female anker is drowned out by an audio
feed, Dave wonders why ankers have to stand so close to the generator.
Bubba thinks Zanex is in the water at channel four, he thinks that’s
why everyone on their sounds slow. Bubba said the reporter has no
idea, Bubba thinks they’re can’t be more than one guy who did it. The
guys crack up a little at one of kids’s names. Jamey in Georgia said
the guy who called the cops was just charged with eight counts of
murder. Terry asked about Obama dressing students in class, Bubba said
he had no idea what she was talking about. We then heard a news clip
about that. Spice said it’s a feel good speech, Manson said the kids
don’t pay attention anyway. The guys wonder who really cares, Bubba
thinks the controversy is because obama is black. Spice thinks the
Republican Party has lost their minds, Bubba said all too often, a lot
of Good republicans get looped into a bad category. Bubba said they
need someone to say enough is enough. Spice said the parents that are
keeping their kids home are only part of the problem. Bubba said the
problem is that Obama has the “it” factor, and people can’t take it.
Bubba said there’s no reason to pick apart every single thing Obama
does. PI Joe in Tampa said he’ll think Obama will last only one term,
Bubba told him to shut up a few times, Joe wondered what kind of guy
hangs up on him, Bubba ended up Eviling him, Bubba said he doesn’t
come to his job and disrupt things. Bubba thinks the guy hates the
President, Bubba said he has no problem with obama making a speech to
the youth. Manson thinks Obama’s policies are horrible, he has the
right to speak to our children. Bubba said people who don’t like Obama
only like blacks in the Olympics. David in Tampa asked if the guys
caught the Tucker Carlson textbook documentary, he really liked it.
Kristen said she thinks it’s about respect, she said the president is
an authority figure. Sean in Jacksonville said his son asked if he
could watch the speech, he said that he thinks he should watch it and
make his opinion about it. Manson said his family laughs at how
ridiculous people are for making their kids stay home. We then heard a
clip about a judge who put tape over a defendant’s mouth. Spice said
he finds nuns hilarious. Bubba asked if the guys ever got the soap in
the mouth routine, Bubba said it would end up giving him the squirts.
We then heard a clip about a cereal flasher in Orlando. Bubba wonders
how broken our society is. Bubba said a black guy never exposes
himself to girls, Bubba said it’s a white trash crime. Justin thinks
everyone who hates Obama is a racist, Brent said that wasn’t the case,
Bubba said he wouldn’t have a problem with the president giving a
speech to children. Justin wonders if leaving school early will cause
a problem with the first amendment, Brent explained it to the guy,
Bubba asked him what he really knows, Bubba said attendance is
required, Justin said listening to the President isn’t in the
handbook. Spice asked the guy why he wouldn’t want his kids to hear
what obama has to say, Justin thinks asking children to come up with
some questions to the President is a problem. Bubba ended up Eviling
the guy a few seconds later, they then went to commercials a short
time later.

Segment 4 – Obama’s Speech, Bush on September 11

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BubbaRaw.com, then
into some messages into the fans. We then heard “Sweet child O’ Mine”
as bumper music. Bubba said Tony does really well in Richmond. Bubba
thanked the guys for posting on twitter. Manson wonders if he’s a bad
parent if he has his son drives him home, Bubba impersonated what
Manson might’ve sounded like last night. Bubba said they need more
chicks on Saynow.com. Bubba took a call from a guy who said it’s
frustrating to listen to people like the last caller, Bubba said he’s
just tired of the Counter programming. Brent thinks the Republican
Party should listen to Megan McCaine. Spice said they do not love
Obama, this is a non-issue. Mike in Lakeland said his daughter’s
school sent him a letter, saying they’re not going to show the speech,
Bubba wonders what school it is, Mike said it’s Sikes Elementary.
Bubba said growing up, they didn’t have a choice, Bubba said we’ve
become a nation of talk backers. Steve wonders when will Spice be
fired, Bubba said he has a lifetime contract, the guy is bummed out
that Spice goes to home Depot, Spice thinks the guy is a loser, Bubba
Eviled the guy a few seconds later. Bubba recapped Spice’s origins.
Bubba took a call from a guy who said he agrees with Bubba. Mat in
Richmond said it’s great he can hear the show, he said he’s a teacher,
Bubba wonders why their waiting to show the speech. Bubba thinks it’s
about Obama being black, Matt thinks it’s the case. Bubba said it’s a
sad state of affairs when this is the big thing, Spice said he’s so
glad that Bush didn’t’ talk to the kids, Brent said he was doing that
on September 11. Bubba thinks waiting nine minutes to react to 9/11 is
ridiculous, the guys discuss what should’ve happened. Bubba said if he
stopped talking for nine minutes, it would seem like forever. Bubba
went over the stuff Bush could’ve done in nine minutes. Spice wonders
what the kids we’re thinking when Bush was informed about 9/11. We
then heard Manson’s “bush Titanic” form “Manson’s Greatest hits” and
“Best of George W. bush Bits”, track 4 on both albums. The bit depicts
Bush as the captain of the titanic. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Chris Brown, “the Token Ass Nigga” calls in, Spice’s Alstott story

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into “Thunder Struck” as bumper music. The guys discuss Michael Moore,
Brent said he’s probably not going to like Moore’s latest movie. Jim
asked about Obama’s pastor, Brent explained it to him, Jim wondered
where the African American community was when the Richard Mctear
situation, Bubba ended up getting Eviled a few seconds later. Bubba
said this is all over Obama talking. Chris Brown, the Token ass nigga
called in, he thinks the situation is wild. Chris used to call back in
the 98 Rock days, he would say nigger whenever Bubba would pause.
Chris said he’s sick of his black people not taking care of their
kids. Chris said he never had a Dad, his Mother raised four kids by
herself, he said she did a great job at doing so. Chris shamed Manson
for having his kid drive him home, he said its typical white stuff,
Chris said Spice is a great guy. Ron in Jacksonville said we should
give Obama a chance. Spice said he was at a club on Friday, he saw a
chick looking at him, the girl took his picture, Spice said he didn’t’
know who it was, Bubba joked Ned uses camera flash to blind people,
then knock them out. Spice said after she took the picture, Steve
Duemig said something to her, the girl said she was taking pictures of
douche bags tonight, Steve told Spice that was Mike Alstott’s wife.
Spice said she didn’t know who he was, she got up and gave him a
ration of crap, Spice said he’s not hiding anything. She asked what
the problem is with Alstott, Spice said he has some personal problems
with him, she wondered how he can say what he’s saying, her
girlfriends ended up dragging her away. Bubba said he has a lot of
respect for the Buccaneers, Spice thinks Mike is in China. Spice isn’t
sure if he wants to get into it or not, he thinks he probably
shouldn’t have taken the high road. Spice said he knows Mike was with
another woman. Bubba asked if the guys saw where Oakland cut Jeff
Garcia, Manson said Garcia is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,
the guys think they should bring him back. Bubba asked Spice to be
gentlemanly about the Alstott situation. Bubba said they’re the bad
guys for playing the clip where Alstott attempts to read a coke
commercial. Bubba said Spice’s girlfriend had sex with John Lynch, he
was part of the party. Bubba said Alstott hit on heather, Bubba thinks
they should give Alstott the benefit of the doubt. Bubba sarcastically
said that Alstott knows how to deliver a message. We then heard the
clip, where Alstott had difficulty reading a commercial, Spice
periodically interjected to walk him through it, we then heard “mike
and Dave” from “Best of bucs bits”, track 23, where Dave Moore, voiced
by Spice, assists mike with some aspects of the game, from getting his
helmet and uniform on, running in a direction, to running a play,
originally aired September 25, 2000. Bubba said he was going to
commercials, he said he thinks Alstott is on the air, it turned out to
be a fake. Chris said his ex girlfriend used to strip, she stripped
for Mike Alstott. Yana in Tampa said she used to work at Thee
Dollhouse, she was there the night the Bucs came back for their Super
bowl victory, she claims Alstott tore her shirt off. Bubba joked he
had audio of it, which was actually audio of when Tonk the bare was in
the studio (May 9, 2008). They then went to commercials a few seconds

Steve Duemig hosts a sports talk show on 620, WDAE in Tampa, Fl from 3-7 PM.

Segment 6 – Various callers, Aunt of rape victim audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Canadian
stuff. We then heard some messages from the fans. Bubba said tony
Stewart will be on in about twenty minutes. Jason in Ohio said he’ll
be working the D20, he wondered about Bubbapalooza in Pittsburg, Bubba
said he’ll get him tickets. Matt in Largo said he used to work with a
woman who went out with Alstott, Bubba thanked him for calling. Bubba
said they first found out about it from one of the 98 rock girls. Joe
in Spring Hill thinks Bubba panders to the black vote, Bubba said he
doesn’t pander to any votes, Joe said its called ratings. Joe said
it’s all about diversity. Joe said he’s going to give them his Jimmy
Stewart impersonation, he dragged it out, he explained to Manson how
Jesus exists, he said it’s like throwing all the ingredients to make a
cake in a closet. Manson said he doesn’t believe in anything, Bubba
said he wanted to hear his Jimmy Stewart impersonation, Bubba ended up
Eviling him, Bubba doesn’t get the guys cake analogy. Bubba asked for
people to quit fighting a war that was almost two hundred years ago.
We then heard a clip of the Aunt of the eighteen year kidnap victim.
Bubba said there’s so much money to be made on that story, Brent
thinks she should lobby for stiffer penalties on rapists. Bubba hopes
she comes across as a tough woman. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tony Stewart Calls in, Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Van Halen as bumper music.
Bubba thinks Tony will give him a ration of crap for being late. Tony
said today is the eleventh or twelfth day he’s been home this whole
year. Bubba said tony has a big log home, Bubba wondered if they’ll be
doing mini bike races, Tony said they could do that. Bubba said that
now, Tony can do whatever he’d like. Bubba asked about Tony flipping
last week, Tony said that’s not how it happened, he got upside-down
twenty-five laps into it. Bubba asked him if he’ll be back for the
Chili bowl, Tony said they’re struggling with it. Bubba explained why
he calls Donnie shots the Flying half breed, Tony said he’s had cool
drivers all through his career. Tony said they’ve got two different
engine packets. Bubba said only a guy like Jimmy Car can keep tony’s
team together. Bubba thinks Darien Grub is money. Tony said he’s only
gotten fired up just once on the radio, it was over someone on the
track. Bubba plugged the Praylood to the Dream for tomorrow night,
Tony said you can’t get a ticket. Tony said one of the guys canceled
because his aunt passed away. Bubba asked who they’ve got, Tony said
they got Cruise there, bubba said they’ve got Reutimann’s mind screwed
up. Bubba recapped a situation between Reutimann and Tony, Tony
thought it was funny. Bubba said Jeff Gordon has done a great job, Ron
Caps has also been doing fairly well. Bubba said Tony wouldn’t want to
go in a funny car, Bubba said Tony didn’t even do a qualifying burn
out. Tony said he went ten miles under the speed limit during his
rooky test. Tony said it’s like the movie “Driven”. Bubba remembered
the time when Tony was drinking some water while he was driving, Tony
said he was thirsty. Tony thanked bubba for getting him a Pizza maker.
Tony said his Dad’s nickname was Nelson PK, he said that working on
his Dad’s car was like a prison sentence. Bubba recapped the lineup
for the Praylood to the Dream, Brent said you don’t have to be a HBO
subscriber to see it. Bubba thinks Reutimann doesn’t have a plane, we
then heard an excerpt from Bubba’s interview with David, from August
28, Reutimann thinks he’d win the Praylood, Bubba said Tony owes him
some money over a coin toss. Bubba asked how Ryan Neumann is, Tony
said he’s holding up nicely. Tony said if they don’t win the race,
they might as well not be there. Tony said a guy he knows has to use
small words. Spice asked about Tony’s personal life, he asked him if
he sees himself having kids, Tony joked he’d like to steal Tyler.
Bubba said he had some great things to say about Jeff Burt, Bubba said
they had a lot of good things to say about Tony. Bubba said Mike Arny
texted him, telling him to wrap it up. Bubba said there’s more to tony
Stewart than people think, Bubba said he’s very proud of Tony, Bubba
said heather has the biggest crush on Gootch Patterson, Tony’s gas
man. Bubba plugged the event, Bubba said tony is doing well on dirt.
Bubba likes how they show you the behind the scenes moments. Bubba
said he can’t bet against Tony, bubba said he was winning a race the
other night, only to be spun out by Pookey Reutimann. Bubba asked tony
if he likes his belt, tony said it’s probably one of the coolest
birthday presents he got, Bubba had to dump him for saying something.
Bubba chided Manson for making something while tony was on the air,
Bubba said the guys are idiots for not finalizing something, it’s the
music from “Deliverance” replaced with der der, the guys were laughing
at this. Bubba hit the outrow, only to have Dave tell him they had one
more segment left, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – the guys analyze a Country song

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into
Manson’s “Dueling Der Ders”. Bubba said the bumper music is thrown
back at Spice, Spice said he can’t see the message in it, Ned really
loves the song, Ned said its bad ass. Spice thinks the song is about a
male prostitute, he thinks the song is gay. Brent wishes dick Cheney
had shot the writer of the song into the face, Ned thinks the song
jobs out Dale Earnheart. They then ended the show a few seconds later.

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