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September 4th, 2012 by Staff


Today’s Facebook friend of the day is John O’Conner of Philadelphia, Pa.
Rays beat the Yankees 4-3.
Twenty-five saw The Black Hawnkies over the weekend, wants to have
them on the show.
Tara visited Warsaw over the weekend, says she’d rather go to Afghanistan.
Bubba asked if Mike’s Pizza stepped it up today after last week, Ned
said he got his fix.
Bubba sent some pictures and video of him and his girlfriend seeing a
dead manatee under his dock, Ned thinks it came back with a broken
Bubba played “Pinball Wizzard”, Ned sang “Cinball Wizzard”, this led
to Bubba talking about a national Enquire article he saw about John
Rick said that Manatees don’t have blowholes; Bubba said that it is in
fact a blowhole.
Tara Googled manatees, they donot have Blowholes, Bubba asked for the
guy to cal him back so they can apologize.
Emails: Chicken dip, listener suggests Ned do more “Monday Night
Football” songs, a man who’s wife was on “Wife Swap” will be on the
show on Thursday, guy wants to expose his ex girlfriend who falsified
a rape charge to a Navy guy, listener asks what movies the guys
recommend, JT in Michigian loves the service at BubbaArmy.com, and
listener asked if the Macho Man bit where he raps with various songs
is on iTunes (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 6” track 17, and “Manson’s
Greatest Hits” track 3).
Caller in South Carolina says they have a Publix there.
Bubba played audio of his dead Manatee discovery.
Brent pie faced himself over the weekend; he was dehydrated and had
only one drink at the Gator game he attended, so he cannot talk for
four weeks.
Bubba played the Monday Night Football theme and talked about Ned
going to the Winghouse.
Ned’s Monday Night Football set list:

1.      Bears VS Eagles
2.      Chargers VS Cheifs
3.      Chargers VS Jagwires

Bubba was flipping through the channels last night, a guy listed
“Frank Sinatra’s ball washer” as a job on a show, the woman said she
didn’t know Frank played golf; the guy came back with saying that
Frank never did play golf.
Sean in Ft. Meyers came on, only to self edit without saying a word.
Tim in Ft. Meyers said that he took sme Marine biology classes in
College; Bubba was looking at the anus and vagina.
Bob confirmed what the other guy had said.
Robert said that his other-in-law used to eat Manatee.
Audio clip – College freshman commits suicide.
Top 10 pet names women don’t want to be caled:

1.      Babe
2.      Sweetcheeks
3.      Snookems
4.      Baby doll
5.      Baby girl
6.      Muffin
7.      Ducky
8.      Baby cakes
9.      Sexy pants
10.     Pudding

Bubba talked about “Breaking Bad”, thinks it’s starting off slow.
Audio clip – Gentleman’s clubs didn’t attract visitors during the RNC.
Audio from August 24, 2012 where Bubba said that the only places that
will do good during the NC would be the restaurant and hotel
Manson and Ned have swopped segments for the month.
Manson’s 7:40 Segment – “Fondled by Travolta”.
Allan in Maryland told Bubba he can’t give up “Breaking Bad”, thinks
it’s the best show on television, he then said hello to Carl Harris,
he used to work with him years ago.
Bubba thanked Greg from Social security for helping him out with his
situation he talked about last week.
Manson’s “John Tarvolta song”.
Sean said he had a similar experience at the DMV, Bubba says he’s over
the whole political thing.
Pictures of Bubba in St. Lewis up on Btls.com.
Thomas C. Cox has been to the St. Lewis Arch before.
Scott in St. Lewis talked about the Arch; it’s one and a half times
bigger than the Sttatue of iberty.
Caller said that Michael Clarlk Dunkin died over the weekend; Bubba
said he heard about that.
Audio clip – Principal arrested for prostitution sting.
Audio clip – Michael Clark Dunkin dead, Bubba wonders if Chaz is
having a bad day.
Ned has a new Neditorial; it’s a recap of Mitt Romney’s speech at the RNC.
Various clips from the 2012 RNC in Tampa.
Bubba thinks Clint Eastwood was lost during his portion of the RNC, he
said he likes Clint from his movie days.
Audio of Romney’s exceptints speech.

Ned’s “neditorial – Mitt Romney’s Speech”.
Bubba came back gilgging at Trace, Manson’s son’s voice work; he then
thanked Ned for the Neditorial.
Audio clip – Simon Cowel saves some people on a sinking boat.
Audio clip – Leeann Rimes with a Twitter issue.
Audio clip – Green Day cancels tour do to Billy Joe Armstrong getting
Audio clip – Eddie Van Halen cancels some dates.
Bubba recapped Brent’s injury over the weekend.
Caller asked about OctoMom getting fired from Celebrity Boxing, Bubba
said she pulled out of the Tara fight, he thinks Octomom is
represented by the same woman who represented Devon James.
Ronnie said the Simon Cowel thing was because he just happened to be
on his own ship, he then tried to make a joke about Bubba taking a
picture of the dead manatee, Bubba hung up on him.
Audio clip – woman arrested four times for playing AC/DC too loud.
Tara talked about going through the Atlanta airport with Bubba Army gear.
Bubba talked about the football teams he was going to help out earlier
this year, the Buccaneers wrote them a check, it turns out that now,
the team got robbed from yet again, it was while the Buccaneers were
making a check presentation for the first time this happened.
Ned’s Load – “The Loan Wolf Anthem”.
Excerpts from “Two Broke girls”, Bubba thinks it’s a little dirty for
primetime TV.

Radioio.com Show

Bubba said that he had to take a sit, he then recapped the time he
shit his pants while driving home (“Bubba Wanna Corndog?” disc 1 track
22), and then the time he he shit in a box (“Public Enema #1” disc 1
track 20).
Tara talked about her husband’s Dad’s accent; he can’t say his “P”s,
so he often says “Boob your bants.” she then told a story about the
guy not knowing what the term “Blowjob” ment.
Ned’s “Neditorial – Mitt Romney”.
Bubba is bummed out that Buddha sent him some treats, however it was
just a T-shirt, he put it in the fridge, he told Janie Cakes she needs
to get her shit together, he then wonders why a Politician says weed
isn’t a big deal, suggests that politicians try it before judging it.
Emails: When will Wagz have the master list done for the Christmas
party, listener asked about a Ned bit, listener wants to get in touch
with Russ concerning advertising, listener liked hearing Hogan on the
replay, listener doesn’t like Canada, listenr likes Bubba’s style,
listenr loves the merchandise on bubbaArmy.com.
Bubba talked about the first time he met Hogan, Linda told him to go
on the Bubba show and plug The French Hen, he then talked about his
weekend, he thinks finding the dead manatee brought the party down to
a hault, he then recapped the time when people thought he was a
The guys talked about their favorite Bubbapalooza moments, Bubba
didn’t like New Orleans, he lost $17,000 from it.
Justin asked when Tony Stewart will be on; Bubba said he’ll be on soon.
Audio clip – 125 students investigated for cheating in College.
Manson would cheat if he had the chance.
Bubba said that he used to sit with his feet together, he would write
his answers on the shoe, he would bring baby whipes to clean them off;
he then talked about one of his friends who had size 15 shoes.
Bubba said he cheated his ass off in College as well as high school.
Allan in New jersey said that his teacher use to have the students
come up to them after the test, he would often cheat from the student
who was next to him, he would look at the smartest students dess
during the whole test.
Bubba talked about the time he faked a car accident in an effor to get
out of a test.
Audio clip – woman talks about putting a bottle inside of her.
Audio clip – woman puts bottle inside of her, Bubba thinks she’s ugly.

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