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Top Stories:
Eight slain in mass murder in Georgia
Boy, 9, leads police on high speed chase
Police find bone fragment near CA suspect’s home
Ronald Cummings Faces Intense Questioning From Nancy Grace
Bikini-clad teacher Tiffany Shepherd turns to porn

Segment 1 – Richmond’s new signal starts tomorrow, Twitter, Sports
Scores, and Bubba Raw 4

Bubba started off the show asking Spice when REO will be coming in;
Spice said it’ll be October 30. Bubba said tomorrow is a big day for
the Richmond listeners; the new signal is taking effect (101.1 to
100.9). Bubba said the St. Petersburg election is today, he asked for
people to vote for Bill Foster. Bubba recapped some sports scores,
Spice said he tweeted, he thinks Bubba has gone crazy with it, he said
he feels board if he does it, Bubba said the fans love it. Bubba said
he had a Miller 64 and hung out in the pool, Bubba thinks Spice should
step it up. Spice said he’s new to the Twitter application on his
iPhone, Bubba said he knows how to take a picture and put it on his
page. Bubba got caught off guard with Chris Browne, Bubba thinks he
looks like a punk, Brent said Larry King is a mark for everyone, Bubba
wishes he could interview Chris; Spice thinks the show would be
canceled. Spice said at least Nancy Grace harps on the same case for
months, Bubba said the people ask him where you can get Fein, the
website is getfein.com. Bubba said id Carpet Cleaner is helping them
out with some stuff, Bubba said he changed the order of clips on Bubba
Raw 4, Bubba has heat with Spice, Manson said Spice is a mark for
Twitter. Brent said he saw J.T. the Brick on TV; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba Raw 4, emails, Beauty Queen

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into some
messages from the fans, then into Boston’s “rock and Roll Band” as
bumper music. Bubba wants to make it so that fans can communicate with
them on air. Bubba said he has to go to the dentist today, Bubba likes
the thing that spins around your head, he said it’s better than the
old fashion way. Bubba said he erased the original worker order for
Bubba Raw 4, Bubba thinks Miller is pissed. Bubba said he got a
picture of him at the race, Bubba said he doesn’t’ have Sluggo’s email
address. Bubba had Miller in, Bubba said he put Rat Coffin first,
Bubba said he tried to do bit, girls bit girls, etc. Bubba said you
want to come out strong, Bubba thinks people would turn it off if they
saw Lummox VS Zit in the early portion. Bubba went over the order of
the DVD as he made it; Bubba thinks they should sell the clips of Tonk
the Bare. Bubba has the DVD laid out as follows:

  1. Rat Coffin
  2. Bree Olson
  3. Human Resources
  4. Janessa Brazil
  5. Clem Gym workout
  6. Tom the Treeman Fireworks
  7. Tonk the Bare
  8. Eat a p…..
  9. Heather Vandeven
  10. Fat Casper Belly Button
  11. Baund Fire
  12. Lummox VS Zit
  13. Easter Egg Hunt
  14. Blind Fold Wiffle Ball bat
  15. Squirt the pussy
  16. Tact Dodge ball

Bubba read some emails, the first guy asked about the Bubba AP iPhone.
Another email wonders why the guys hate for Ted Kennedy. Bubba thinks
a Sugar free Redbowl with a Fein is what he likes. Another emailer
loves Bubba’s attitude. Another emailer asked about stuff appearing on
iTunes, Bubba said it takes about nine months. Another emailer said
they used to skate by Bubba’s pad. Bubba said he’s just started peeing
in a jug, Spice said he’s all about peeing outside. Bubba read about a
fashion designer who got put in jail for touching girls. Bubba said
you have to be smart about having your kid becoming a model. Bubba
said if you do this, you shouldn’t send your girl to a fashion
designer alone. Bubba thinks they should make being a beauty queen is
illegal, Spice is glad that ms. Teen South Carolina is hot and stupid.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Bubba’s news Audio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard “Run
Through The Jungle” as bumper music. Bubba said they’re almost out of
the ned hardly shirts, Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up. Bubba
said they’re doubling up the fireworks on tom for next week. Bubba
said they’ve been getting a lot of emails from women asking about the
Twelve Boobs of Christmas, Bubba said they’re getting stuff together.
Bubba said one of his guys from Prosource.net sent him some stuff,
Manson said he’ll try it. Bubba said he’s interested in getting a
stacker. Bubba said he’ll be in Huntsville, Bubba thinks they should
get an affiliate there, seeing as how he goes there so much. Bubba
said he always cringes when he has to play something out of
Jacksonville television, Bubba doesn’t like how the woman in the clip
is a few feet away from the microphone. Bubba got distracted by the
clip jumping so suddenly, Brent thinks someone should be fired for
that. Bubba wonders why white Trash end up in 911 calls. We then heard
the news conference about that; Bubba thinks the guy is the Grady Jud
of Georgia. Bubba had examples of white trash calling 911, we first
heard the snake guy, then the one from earlier, Bubba thinks they
sound alike, Bubba thinks the processing makes everyone sound alike;
Bubba thinks meth messes with your vocal chords. Bubba said at least
black people don’t get involved in situations like this. Spice thinks
the guy freaking out is the best, Bubba thinks the guy is having an
excercism. We then heard Manson’s “Snake Ate your Baby”; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – B-fudd Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some Canadian merch,
then into some messages from the fans. Bubba said today at Two,
Richmond is getting the new signal, Bubba thinks it will be a
traditional radio thing, Bubba and Spice did some sound effects. Bubba
played B-Fudd’s bumper and brought him on, Spice thinks he’d rape a
woman. Bubba asked if he would rape a woman, B-Fudd said no, Spice
thinks differently. Bubba said B-Fudd is into Twitter, Bubba said he
reads what B-Fudd writes, B-Fudd said he has 135 followers, Manson
said Welcome to America. Spice thinks B-Fudd’s spelling is as good as
his speech, the guys had him spell watching, he did, Spice told him it
was walking. Spice read that B-Fudd thought Ted Kennedy was a great
guy, the guys have trouble making out what he was saying; the guys
think he said the Southern whites movement. Bubba asked B-Fudd about
Chappaquiddick, he didn’t know, Spice said this is why he doesn’t like
Kennedy. B-Fudd said he likes Bubba more, Spice said they leave
Chappaquiddick out in Kennedy’s tributes. Spice said B-Fudd likes
Michael Jackson, B-Fudd said he doesn’t like the guy, he likes the
music. B-fudd said half the time he doesn’t’ read the stuff he wrote.
Bubba asked B-Fudd about Bobby Kennedy, B-Fudd said he tried to take
down the mob, he saw it on the History channel. Bubba asked B-fudd who
John F. Kennedy was, the guys clown B-fudd for his speech, the guys
think B-Fudd was saying Groucho Marx. Manson thinks if B-Fudd had
directed JFK, the movie would’ve been better. Bubba asked B-Fudd the
name of the movie that featured Kennedy getting shot. Bubba asked
B-Fudd the name of the guy ho shot Robert Kennedy was, he didn’t know,
Bubba told him it was Sirhan Sirhan. Bubba thinks they should hook him
up with Russian Brides, Bubba said they haven’t had a lot of takers in
having sex with B-Fudd. Spice found Tom the Treeman’s Twitter page,
Spice read it as tom, Bubba said Tom doctor shopped, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Misty Cummings

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans, then
into some Rev theory as bumper music. Bubba thinks they should update
the rotator, Brent said he found the Rev theory pictures on the
rotator, Bubba thinks the website is to complicated, Bubba goes
through the stuff he wants taken off the rotator. We then heard a clip
about Ronald Cummings on Nancy Grace, Bubba thinks channel four in
Jacksonville has horrible processing. Bubba thinks his son can write
better than Misty Cummings, Bubba thinks she did it, Manson thinks
it’s a crime she’s allowed to have kids, Bubba accidently played a
clip about officer Roberts, Bubba thinks Nancy Grace is a hack. Bubba
mocked Nancy’s speech pattern, Bubba really likes something Howard
sent him. Bubba thinks the kid is dead, Bubba said Ronald has a
checkered past, Bubba thinks if she is still alive, she’s probably in
better hands. Bubba thinks Misty killed the kid and are covering it
up, some drug guys took her, or it was white trash related. Bubba said
he can’t wait for the Anthony trial to come to an end. Bubba wants
Spice to sit in on the Ragoosa trial. We then heard Manson’s
“Ragoosa’s so Horney” from “Bubba’s New and Misc its Vol. 3”, track 6,
parody of Two Live Crew’s “me so Horney”. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – California kidnap suspect

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Facebook
page, we then heard “All Along The Watch tower” as bumper music. Bubba
said with the new signal in Richmond, there’s no excuse for them not
to suck. We then heard a clip about the California kidnapping case;
Bubba said he can’t think of what they should do to this guy. Bubba
goes over the guy’s record; the guys think he’s sick, Brent said the
problem is the guy stayed in prison for ten years. Manson thinks
rapists can’t be rehabilitated, Brent said the sentence is too light.
Bubba thinks they should build more prisons, Manson said he’d pay a
five hundred dollar prison tax. Bubba thinks they should send the
space shuttle three times les a year, Bubba thinks space is stupid.
Bubba thinks every state should have a prison, he was about to list
the crimes he has zero tolerance for, he then stopped to read some
more of the article, the guys don’ think religion. Bubba said they’ve
done stuff they’re not proud of; ned said he’s not like that in any
way, shape or form. Bubba thinks the guy wasn’t disciplined properly.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some CCR as bumper music. Bubba
gave a shout out to Jeff Hess, you can go to ballwatch.com. Tammy
thinks al rapists should be castrated. Bubba wonders how she can trust
a man after being raped twice; she said you can’t trust anyone. Bubba
played Hogan’s bumper and brought him on. Hogan said he got raped in
the divorce; he can’t even put his underwear back on. Bubba said Brian
knobs will be on Thursday, Hogan thought Brent ran the show; Hogan
thinks Bubba is the talking head. Hogan said Brent is the reason why
Bubba is back on the air, Bubba threatened to call up Linda. Hogan
said he was raped for 23 years, Bubba said Hogan raped himself. Spice
read from Nastyknobs.com, Hogan said he got a DVD of himself, Vince
sent it to him for his approval. Hogan thinks he was in the fog from
1984-2009. Bubba wondered what Hogan’s biggest party is; Hogan said it
was in New York. Bubba asked Hogan to beat the phone against J-bird’s
breasts; she didn’t want to do that. Hogan asked if Tyler will ever
get into the ring, we heard the coocoo sound affect a few times, Hogan
thinks they should put spinning rims on Tyler’s car. Hogan thinks
Bubba sounds board today, Bubba said he has to go to the dentist;
Bubba said Hogan asks for no medicine while there. Bubba asked him if
he likes the pain, Hogan did some noises for a few seconds, Bubba
thinks he’s shout out of a cannon. Tom on protection wonders about
building prisons, he wonders what happens if a child toucher throws a
cup of poop on you. Ray said he was waved down for a Bubba Army shirt,
he met Tyler’s grandma Linda, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for BTLSFoundation.org,
then into Ned’s tribute to Michael Vick. Bubba told people of St.
Petersburg to vote for Bill Foster today. Bubba played a clip of Megan
Fox doing a psa; Bubba thinks she doesn’t look good, Bubba thinks
she’s heard of him. Bubba said he didn’t retire from the Power Pig
until October of 1996, we then heard a clip of tongueless Bret saying
a line from “Silence of the lambs”. Bubba said he liked “Seventeen
Again”, the guy’s clown him for this, Bubba said he doesn’t go to the
movies a lot. We then heard a news clip about a nine year old kid who
led police on a chase. We then heard a news clip about ms. California,
Bubba thinks her comments weren’t that much of a problem, Brent said
she’s lying about why she was fired, Manson thinks she should get into
porn. Bubba read an article about a teacher was fired, she is now in
porn. Bubba wants to get an interview with her. Bubba read that the
effort t in Afghanistan, the guys think we should get out, Bubba
wonders what we’re doing over there. Brent said you can see a
documentary called “The Fixer”. Brent said all we’ve done is just to
make the Taliban stronger. Bubba thinks they’ll never find Bin Laden,
Bubba thinks he’s dead, Brent thinks differently. Bubba said one of
his guys texted him and said they went to school with Megan Fox, Bubba
called the guy up. Ceaser said he’s hanging out, he said he’s a
Senior; he said he’ll be wrestling in the 149 weight class. Bubba
wonders how Eric will do this year, Ceaser thinks he’s tough as nails,
Bubba said he’s mean as a snake. Ceaser said she was in his fifth
grade class; they sat across from each other. Ceaser said he has a
girlfriend, she’s babysitting. Bubba wants to get him down to Gracey
Tampa. Bubba wondered what happens when he and Eric role, Ceaser said
both happen. Bubba wonders what would’ve happened had Dan Tailor
wrestled Eric, Ceaser thinks Eric would’ve mad Dan cry. Bubba thinks
Eric is mentally deranged. They then ended the show a few seconds

2 Responses

  1. lisa p.

    Could you please post this to Weds show notes? I wrote in before about 2 weeks ago and you didn’t publish my apology because i think i sent my first email with a different email address that i no longer have.
    Basically, what I said before, was that I met a woman at my gym who was talking to someone on the phone about Jeff Clark and his daughter Camry. She told me some things about him from knowing a neighbor and teacher. We also talked about another man who lost custody of his daughter as well as some of the low-lifes I have known. When I wrote my email slamming him, specifically about abuse and white supremacy, etc. I thought that’s what she told me about Jeff Clark. When this woman read what I wrote, she was furious when she saw me the next time, and told me to send in an apology since half of what I said was not true. I wrote the apology and thought it was posted. When I saw this woman for a third time, she again said she wanted an apology posted and I saw that it never made it before.
    So, I know this guy has his faults, but what I wrote was not completely true and I don’t want his daughter to be hurt by lies, etc. I am sorry for what I wrote.
    Lisa P.

  2. lisa p

    Sorry if this is a duplicate but having computer problems. I’ll be short this time… I wrote the email about Jeff Clark a few weeks back. I thought the information someone had given me was about him was correct but the woman who told me this stuff said I had confused two different men she was talking about. Most of what I said about him is apparently just rumors from a neighbor and a teacher and not fact. Just gossip. Anyway, I am sorry for writing this and for the damage it might have caused.
    I wrote an apology previously and you didn’t print it because my apology came from a different email than the original posting. This email is also different from both of those emails. I change emails a lot. please post this on wednesday’s posts since i heard this topic again today with Jeff Clark calling in. I didn’t get the whole thing but heard his daughter and don’t want her to read what was written before.

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