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Top Stories:
ESPN fires Steve Phillips after ex-Mets GM admits affair with production assistant Brooke Hundley
Police: Drunk Mom Found With Kids in Backseat
Student attacked with ax
US raids free child prostitutes
Obama’s Florida trip pushes solar energy
Family, Friends Say Goodbye to Slain Girl
Lafave files for contact with kids

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores, coming up on the show, the origin of dildo, regiments

The show started off with Boston’s “More than A Feeling” as bumper
music. Bubba thinks he didn’t pull the ball for the bumper music
yesterday, Manson thinks it didn’t happen. The ball landed on Bubba,
we then heard the Monday Night Football music. Brent said he watched a
little bit of the game, as the Redskins are horrible, scoring less
than 17 points. Bubba said Hogan will be on today, he thinks the top
five will make them mad today, he then described what will be going on
for the next few days, he thinks “Bobbing for Sex Toys” sounds better
than “bobbing for Dildos”. Brent said dildo isn’t a bad word, Bubba
wonders what it stands for. Spice read that dildo is possibly named
after an island; he said he never thought he’d be reading up on this
stuff. Bubba thinks the Ferret has been dropping the ball lately, he
hasn’t heard anything from him. The guys discuss what they do to get
some rest, Spice said eight or nine years ago, the most hardcore thing
they used to do was a high power energy drink. Ned thinks Bubba should
get a prostate exam, Bubba said he already got one. Spice wonders how
bad eggs are for you, Bubba said they’re probably not the best thing
for you, he thinks Manson eats like a bird; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs Of
Christmas®, then into some UTwo as bumper music. Bubba reminded the
Miami and Orlando listeners that they’ll be in their respective cities
on November 20 and December 4. Bubba doesn’t know what’s up with
Froggy from Elvis’s show; he hasn’t gotten back to him. The first
email of the day commented on the groom dying on his way to the
wedding. Another emailer said a family friend was in a house fire,
Bubba wished the guy a speedy recovery. Another emailer said he had
problems with his Stiletto, he likes how Tom Tailor set him up, the
guys complimented Tom for his work. Another emailer said his grandson
had used the computer, the kid had accessed Asian porn, he wonders how
he should handle it. Manson thinks you should put a parental block,
Dave said he’d just move it to the kitchen. Another emailer suggests
Bubba donate the money for the Anthony’s interview to Kid Finder,
Bubba said it’s the last thing they’d like to donate to, as they found
the kid. Another emailer likes how 93rock.com has become very Bubba
friendly, Bubba thinks it’s because Kevin Vargas is in control.
Another emailer said she has large boobs, she thinks she needs a lift;
Bubba said she could do that. Another emailer asked Bubba to check out
something on Skip and Mica, Spice said he really enjoyed the segment.
Another emailer wondered why Hogan doesn’t have any book signings in
Florida, Bubba thinks he’s scheduled for Florida. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Hulk Hogan calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Blind Melon as bumper music,
we then heard Hogan’s bumper. Bubba said he would’ve gone with Hogan
to New York, but he had to attend Jay Campbell’s funeral. Hogan said
the title of the book is “Hulk Hogan, my life outside of the wring”.
Spice wonders what else is in the book, Hogan said Bubba followed him,
Bubba said he and Eric were really concerned about Hogan. Hogan said
he would run in the wrong direction, Bubba thinks Hogan had to
reprogram himself. Hogan said Brooke told him it wasn’t a lot of good
times, Bubba said the good stuff would be turned into something bad as
soon as he arrived. Hogan said he had to leave some people behind, he
said he doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone in the book. Bubba
said he would go to Hogan’s house, he said it was musical beds, as
Hogan would sleep in various beds, as Hogan was so miserable. Bubba
thinks that Linda hasn’t been popular since the divorce. Hogan said he
hasn’t even hit the shower yet, and he’s got 30 minutes to get going.
Bubba asked him about wrestling Rick Flair, Hogan said he’s excited.
Hogan said he doesn’t want people asking him questions, he said Bubba
knows about it. Bubba said BJ from Arizona was on, Bubba told him not
to say what it was; BJ wonders if it will shake the foundation, Bubba
thinks BJ will be masturbating. BJ said his pancreas is rejecting him,
Bubba said he’s that mean of a guy. Bubba took a call from a guy who
said he can’t leave Sirius, some truckers are circulating something
that asks for bubba to be thrown off Satellite. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Kathleen Ford clips, Nate from Tampa calls

Coming out of commercials, we heard Manson’s “Hogan and me” from “the
Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 16, “bubba show Classics vol. 1 and
5”, tracks 22 and 17. The song spoofs “happy Together” by The Turtles.
Bubba plugged the 12 Boobs of Christmas®, he apologized to Brent
after mentioning that you can add fein to jack Daniels, he then
wonders what it would’ve been like had they done that. We then heard a
news clip about Kathleen Ford, Bubba said he’s getting heat for it,
but she chose to use the words. The guys think she shouldn’t have
apologized, but it’s too late now. Spice said her missing the debates
really hurt her credibility. Bubba said he even when he tries to do
good things, it turns around to bite him in the ass. We then heard a
news clip about guys dressed in chaps and jock straps for a gay rodeo,
Bubba thinks it’s something for Ned. Nate dog came on, he said
Kathleen Ford fell into the trap, he thinks she should’ve owned it; he
thinks it’s similar to Imus. Bubba said Imus had a long history of
insulting blacks; the nappy-headed hoe comment was the final straw.
Nate said they’re not done with her, Bubba thinks Davis has used his
race to get him a job. Bubba said he won the African American vote, as
he stood up for people, he said he’s mean to idiots. He went on to say
that he gives more exposure to Michelle Williams on, the other black
stations won’t put her on, Nate thinks its high jacking the race.
Bubba said Nate is strong and is straight forward; he likes how he’s
able to speak for himself. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 5 – Top five countdown, top 40 from back in the day

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into Coven as bumper music. Bubba asked Spice if he’d
like to do the top five, Spice said yes, Spice as Butt-head asked for
Bubba to turn it off. Bubba messed up and played the top five
Christian bumper, he played the right one. Bubba doesn’t like how the
artist puts himself over, Manson thinks self grandizing bullcrap.
Bubba wonders how a guy can sing like that, he thinks the song is pure
shiz with a z. Spice said Lady Gaga isn’t a lady at all, he thinks he
could pull up a picture. Bubba wonders who makes her so special, he
wants her and Amy Winehouse to get on a plane that crashes asap, Spice
thinks she was a stripper. Manson said she was on SNL a few weeks ago,
he didn’t like her outfit, Spice said he’d like to slap her. Bubba
said he’d like to go to jail by numb chucking her. Spice said having a
butterfly knife was cool, Bubba thinks it was for pussies. Spice
thinks she’s a hermaphrodite, Bubba said she’s a not very well hung
man. Spice likes Kings of Leon, Spice said they’re about to break up
to do issues. Bubba asked that one of the guys stop whining and sing,
he told the guys not to give Manson any parody ideas. Bubba doesn’t
like Mili Cyrus, Spice called this a guilty pleasure, Bubba likes her
when she’s the blonde chick. Bubba said he kind of likes the song,
Spice said it’s one of those songs, Manson thinks she lip sinks, Bubba
wants her to sing a song about her getting laid, Spice told him no, as
she’s only fifteen, Ned said he likes it. Manson said he’s going to
play this at his Halloween party, Bubba said that’s why he’s not
going. Spice said he gave Bubba a CD of a mash up, Bubba doesn’t know
what it’s about. Bubba wonders how they could have Notorious BIG,
Spice said they just took his lyrics and matched it with the beat.
Spice asked Bubba if he likes it, Bubba said it’s better than the
original. Bubba wonders if there are any more good white people who
can sing, Spice said the guy is Arabic; bubba thinks they all sound
like fags. Bubba wants the guys to slow down and man up. Bubba went
through his iPod; Spice thinks it makes Jay Sean sound much better.
Bubba thinks there should be a band of guys on heroin, Manson said a
lot of great bands did heroin. We then heard “Need You tonight”, Bubba
likes how you can understand the guy, ned thinks the guy is sexy.
Bubba thinks The Knack charted, Spice disagrees, Bubba said that at
least they’re white. Ned thinks Simon and Garfunkel is old school,
Bubba said he could turn stations around, he asked for The Eagle
(Classic hits station in Tampa, FL). Manson thinks Bubba is playing
the same clip every time he goes back to the new song. We then heard
some Rush, then into Hoodey and the blowfish, Bubba likes how the guy
is a cool black man. We then heard some Michael Jackson, Bubba said he
liked Jackson before he was a kid toucher. Bubba took a call from a
guy who said Artie said he’d like to work for Bubba if Howard retires.
Bubba said they’ll all be loyal to Howard. The guys crack up at bubba
saying it was white people saying. Bubba said he’ll be going to his
high school reunion over Thanksgiving; he thinks Spice will be bald by
Christmas. Bubba said that at least men can relate to “Jack and Dian”.
Bubba thinks STP charted, Manson thinks “interstate Love Song” is one
of the greatest songs ever, this got Manson and bubba singing along
with the song, Bubba said he has Goosebumps hearing Manson sing. Bubba
asked Manson to sing to a different song; Manson said it couldn’t be
done, Spice thinks Jimmy Hart could drum like that. Bubba thinks
Manson could sing some Matchbox 20 to him, Manson thinks he can’t do
Rob Thomas. Bubba thinks he didn’t have his protein shake; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Joe the Supermark calls in, various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs Of
Christmas®, then into manson’s “stocky’ from “bubba show classics Vol.
10”, track 15. We then heard some Nickelback as bumper music, Bubba
said he’s been drinking some tea, he thinks he’s going to have a nice
bowel movement. Bubba played Joe the superamrk’s bumper and brought
him on. Bubba told Joe he’ll be surprised, Joe said he heard it, he
thinks he knows what it is, but he’s not saying. Bubba thinks Joe is
trying to out cool him. Joe laid out his schedule for the day. We then
heard a news clip about a woman confessing to raping her eighteen
month old daughter. Bubba wonders how broken you are to allow this; he
likes how the cops had to tazer her. Bubba thinks something like this
should be punished by death, Brent agrees. Bubba thinks the kid
wouldn’t have much of a memory, he thinks his first memory was when he
was four or five. We then heard a news clip about a janitor who
stabbed a priest, Spice thinks the guy is doing a movie trailer. We
then heard a news clip about a soccer coach who got arrested for
having sex with a fifteen year-old girl, bubba thinks it’s brown
trash. Bubba thinks they cheesed up a story, he thinks it’s the
pussyfication of America for not talking to your kids. Bubba read that
Bob Greasy got suspended for his comment, he thinks it’s the
pussyfication of America, we heard the clip where Bob joked that one
of the Nascar drivers is eating a taco. Bubba thinks bob is flapped up
during the apology. Bubba thinks there’s no subject matter you can’t
talk to your kids about, he then said he has to poop real bad, Spice
told him to go do it, Bubba doesn’t know what to do element wise. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba has some people look at his crap, Hogan on the today show

Coming out of commercials, we heard Ned’s “White Trash Baby”. Spice
came on, he said bubba is having a serious issue in the bathroom, he
said it’s an adventure to him, Manson thinks he’ll have to go outside
to pee, Ned said Bubba stinks it up. Bubba was on; Spice thinks he’s
on speaker. Bubba wonders if he should take a picture of it, he hopes
it doesn’t break up. Bubba had one of the guys come in and smell it,
the guy almost gagged. Bubba announced if anyone wants to come in
without covering their noises, he’d pay them $10. Bubba thinks he
could run a track meet, he wants Jabberjaw makes her smell stuff like
that, Bubba brought big Dick in, he got him out of there, Spice
suggested Miller be locked in the room for ten minutes. Bubba had
Miller sniff it, Bubba closed it, he told Miller not to flush it, he
called it a master piece, Bubba thinks he plugged it up. Bubba came
in, Spice didn’t want to rub against him, Bubba said Heather is going
in for a colonic today. Spice thinks some of it has trailed in, Bubba
thinks Spice hates him. We then heard a clip of Hogan on the today
show. Bubba thinks it took him ten hours to pass some corn he had for
dinner. Bubba stopped the clip to say that the gun Hogan talks about
in the book was registered in his name. bubba said Hogan has been
talking to macho man, Spice thinks you can’t just throw it out there;
bubba told him there are no follow-up questions. Bubba likes Hogan had
mentioned him on the Today show, he asked the listeners to buy Hogan’s
book. Bubba called Cowhead, he got sent to voicemail, he freaked when
he almost put Cowhead’s number on the air. Spice thinks Dave Moore
might be going, as Jay worked for the buccaneers, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Cowhead calls in, Skip update

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Spice said Cowhead was on, Bubba asked him if he’s going to
the funeral, Cowhead said he might go after his show; he thinks Keith
will give him the day off. Bubba wonders why it’s so long; Cowhead
thinks they’ll have a regular funeral, then some kind of party.
Cowhead said out of all the guys they worked with, Jay was the nicest
guy. Bubba said the old Power Pig people were cool; he didn’t like the
sales people at 98 rock. Cowhead remembers when bubba shot paintballs
at a Virgin Marry stain. Bubba said he talked nice about Jay when he
was alive. Cowhead said one of the Power Pig guys killed a Mexican.
Spice wonders if Guido killed someone, Cowhead said a homeless guy
pulled on a bike n front of him. Bubba thinks Cowhead is a violent
man, Cowhead said he lightly brought him going to the World Series,
she unloaded on him. Bubba told Cowhead Hogan has big news; he said he
could text him about it. Manson as macho Man said Cowhead has always
been there, the last time he saw him was Brian Adams’s funeral. Skip
from yesterday called in, he said it was a rough day yesterday. Bubba
asked for a recap, Skip said a guy came in and checked Mica’s
temperature, she got lime disease, he asked the guy to leave, the guy
took off with her, one of his friends called him to say she hit his
car. Skip said he needed to call the divorce lawyer, Bubba told him
he’d hook him up if he’d remember her name, the guys don’t think he
cares, ned thinks he’s a fag, Bubba Eviled him. The show wrapped up a
short time later.

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