Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26th, 2010 by Staff

This recap goes out to Blind Glen in North Carolina, as today is his
special day. Happy Birthday Glen!

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today provided by Ned

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Segment 1 – Sports

Bubba said the music was provided by Ned, he then said he’s shot out
of a cannon, he asked if anyone watched the Governor debate, he said
he’d like to drive up there and punch rick Scott in the face, he said
all that guy does is turn stuff into an attack. We then heard the
Monday Night Football music, the guys thinks the Cowboys are done;
Brent said that Brett Farve told the NFL that wasn’t his penis. Bubba
said he’s getting concerned with the election, as Rubio is up in the
poles, he said he needs to get everyone out to vote, Brent suggested
registering as an absentee. Bubba said he hates losing and looking
stupid, he said that he knows the numbers, he thinks Alex Sink will
win regardless, he said he’s in the market for a P30, Chevy step van,
he can’t say what he’ll be using it for, he thinks his email is messed
up, he told ATNT to take the iPhone and shove it, as it locks up on
him. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Various Callers

Bubba came back plugging what they’ve got coming up on the show for
the next few days. Jay said he watched the debate, the only thing he
didn’t like was how they didn’t really give an answer, Bubba said that
Alex came across more believable, he liked how she told Rick to not
talk about fraud, he said that the Political show will be on this
Thursday, he said no can accuse them of pandering, as they endorse
people from different parties. Chris said what everyone is forgetting
about Charlie is, that he can’t go across party lines; Bubba said
Charlie going against Senate Bill 6 put him in a bad light with the
Republicans. We then heard Madison’s bumper, Madison came on saying
the promo rocks, he said he’ll be on the highway this Friday, he said
he needs to order the Hockey jersey, he said that he kissed a girl,
Manson told him not to cut his penis off, the line was then
disconnected. Frank in St. Petersburg said he’s disgusted with MJ,
he’s helping “The Hiccup Girl” getting a lawyer, Bubba thinks MJ is
just biting off of him; Spice said she’s a wannabe gangster. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Madison calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam Ant.
Bubba said that the Bubba Army should keep going with Paul and Ron, he
said all Bob and Tom do is have comedians, he thinks the TV show is
done, he said they should just focus on what got them to the dance, he
said he’s still looking for a P30 van. Spice said David Weathers is in
the newest “jackass” movie, Bubba said they’ve committed to four new
movies. We then heard a news clip about the hiccup girl, Bubba said
that had they been on the air, he would’ve suggested suicide, Spice
said she’s 15. Brent came on saying Burney McCabe followed the statute
to the letter, he said her Mom was on MJ’s show yesterday. We then
heard Madison’s bumper, Madison came back on saying the signal keeps
cutting out, he said he’s going through with the sex change. Spice
asked when it happens; Madison said it’ll be November of next year.
Bubba suggested the first person to have sex with Madison would be a
listener from the show, he then said he was watching something last
night that said trucks are getting their windows smashed and stolen,
he suggested turning the truck off and take the keys, Manson said that
when he drove a truck, he was advised to keep it on, as it’s more
efficient. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – New Brent songs, emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba thinks Ned is all over the road, Ned said its good
stuff, he thinks Hatley is ignorant, Brent said he doesn’t listen to
that stuff. We then heard “Monday Night Brent”, Spice as Michael
Jackson said these songs were funny. We then heard “Jetsons Hatley”.
Britney in Tampa came on; she said that her Dad is the owner of a van
company. The Mom came on saying its Shumate trucks; Bubba thinks it’s
not too far from where they are. Bubba said he hasn’t talked about
racing that much, he said when he races there isn’t much to talk
about, he said Tyler has won five times, he won the Usack national
championship, he then said that the Bluff Tennessee people are trying
to make him look like the bad guy, he said they’re reversing the
script to make it seem like he was being anti the track, he said if
you’re a true race fan, you need to experience the Bristol track, he
said he’ll be sending this to the people. The first email of the day
thinks Bubba is wrong on this one, as it was one of Ron’s kids that
were involved in the situation; Spice said he’s heard differently, he
then read an email that was a response from Paul, saying they’re not
going to talk about it, as it’s a comedy show. Bubba said they’re into
being real, Spice thinks they’re pussies. Another email was a copy of
an email to Paul, Paul wrote back saying legally they can’t talk about
it. Another emailer said that Ned is the man with his songs; the
emailer said that they were looking at Steve Branzick’s page. Another
emailer asked for the schedule at Homestead, Bubba said they’ll be
there on Friday November 19. Another emailer asked if Paul and Ron
ever took shots at Michael Jackson. Another emailer said they’re
turning in their PR1 status, them not commenting on Branzick’s death
is a problem, the emailer said they’re joining the Bubba Army. Another
emailer said people are getting hung up on. Another emailer said that
they used to have Steve Branzick talk about little boys, Spice said
when they joke about dudes with Ned, at least they’re of age. Dave in
West Palm said they’re not busy, he said some bitch phone screener,
the guy suggested Bubba go after them. Another emailer said that
they’ll buy Bubba’s gold; Bubba said he’ll just sell it at Old North
East Juilers. Another emailer said she’s one of four kids who was
mentally molested; the Mom blamed her for the man committing suicide.
Bubba dialed up the number, he got a busy signal, Spice said the bio
is still there. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various Miami callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween at Scene.
Bubba came on saying the show might go until Noon, he thinks all the
stations will pick up the whole show. Harold on protection said Young
Ron always had a story about his friend being a kid toucher, he moved
out of the state. Peter in Hollywood said there’s a place called
Anthony’s Coal fire pizza, they have a pie called the Ron and Paul,
Bubba thinks the Bubba Army should order pies from them, he then
described his pizza: double meat, double sauce, double cheese, he said
it’s a man’s pizza, he said that it starts with Pizza joints. We then
heard Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”. Bubba tried to call Paul and Ron, but got
a busy signal, he thinks they should just send Manson’s song to them,
which we then heard. Chad in Hollywood said that he went to Anthony’s
Coal Fire Pizza, he asked for it Branzick style. Bubba said the NBA is
outlawing Concept 1 shoes, he thinks they should let all white guys
wear them, he thinks they should try them out. Nick in Miami said that
Ron talks about showering with his kids at the age of 15, Bubba thinks
Paul is like the Pope. Lisa on protection said she listened to them
for years, she remembers Ron saying he bathed with his kids. Bubba
said when you get the girls calling in, you’re done, he said they’re
like Pit Bulls, he said he’d like to play ball with Clear Channel
again someday. Sarah said she used to work at 790 The Ticket with
Steve Branzick, he got married to a man after he turned 18, Bubba
thinks a lot was going on years before. Aubry in Georgia thanked Bubba
for being an advocate for standing up to child molestation. We then
heard a clip of Frank Caprio telling obama he can take his endorsement
and shove it, Brent said Obama didn’t endorse him, as he might lose.
Jacky said that Ron would also sleep in a community bed with his kids,
Spice said if it’s shtick, it’s creepy, Ned wondered if he had an
alarm in his hall way. JC said she’s in Miami, she listens to Bubba
and NPR, she saw a car with Bubba Army and asked about it, Bubba said
it’s sad that they have to beg, borrow and steal to bet on himself, he
thinks asking people to vote for Charlie will be a litmus test, he
thinks it could easily bite him in the ass, he said meek should just
tap out of the race. Spice said theirs is a glary called “is Ron Gay?”
Bubba asked that Ned not see it, he thinks it would offend him, Ned
said it was disturbing. Bubba thinks no other radio show would put
their balls on the line, he said the one thing the show is guilty of
is being loyal, he thinks that the Bubba Army lays back and relaxes,
and only springs into action when needed. Brent said they need help
from two markets to not get Rubio in: Miami and Jacksonville. Bubba
asked for people to vote next Tuesday, he asked Manson if they have a
chance, Manson thinks a lot of people will be last minute. Ed in Miami
asked if the guys will be bringing merchandise down, Bubba said no. Ed
went on to say that Neil Rogers bitched about not getting a billboard;
Bubba said he would love to have Neil Rogers on. Andrew in Miami said
Paul and Young Ron just aren’t entertaining. Bull fighter said Ron
used to get offended whenever someone would goof on him for bathing
with his kids, Bubba thinks maybe they’re not supposed to be in Miami,
Spice said he’d question the whole operation. Steve thanked Bubba for
getting this stuff out in the open. Mark in Sarasota said about two
weeks ago, he got a call about voting. Bubba read an article about a
guy who went looking for his wife, he was banging on the wrong door,
the guy inside grabbed a gun, the man from outside grabbed a fire
extinguisher, and threw it through the window, he was shot in the hip,
he thinks it’s a clean shoot, he thinks he’s guilty of being a bad
shot. Tammy on protection said Branzick has been there for five years,
Spice ripped into her a little, she said Ron’s kid is now a baton
twirler. Bubba said that people who listen to radio shows for ticket
give aways are pathetic; he said they talk about the Dolphins, but
it’s not the crutch of the show. Amber came on saying she loves the
show, she was looking for something like Howard, she said Paul and Ron
are lame, Bubba thinks the jury is out on them, she said that
Branzick’s wedding was on TV. Carol said her daughter was assaulted,
Bubba asked her what kind of phone she’s on. Carol said her kid was
molested three years ago, she said you also have to take into account
how they feel, she then said that in the Bible, it says you’re better
off killing yourself, Ned said he’s going to kick the phone screener’s
ass. We then heard the coocoo sound effect in the background, Carol
said it doesn’t’ size or shape, she referred to Paul and Ron as Ron
and Ron, bubba thinks she needs to be looking for the bolder. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Jungle Boogie” by Cool and the
Gang. Bubba came on plugging Bubbaween, he told Ned he has his 100 hot
wings ready to go. Christina in South Carolina said she was so happy
to find Bubba on her radio, she said the other night she had a dream
about the show. Tamika in Miami said she loves the show, “The Boopity
song” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 23 was heard in the
background. Bubba said Manson has often said that a show on an urban
station would work, Spice as a black woman said some stuff. We then
heard Ned’s “Crack ho sister’ from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 15”,
track 3. The song parodies “Hey Sole Sister” by Train, and is about
Ned being with a crack addicted woman.

Note: This is the Fm version, the Sirius version appears on the afore
mentioned album.

Corey in South Florida said he loves the show, he thanked his Uncle
for getting him hooked on the show, Spice wondered if this was LL Cool
jay. Bubba said that blacks get it; he thinks whites are a bunch of
pussies who get offended easily. We then heard Ned’s “White Trash
Baby” from “bubba show Classics Vol. 12”, track 15. The song parodies
“Ice ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various Callers

Bubba said earlier he mentioned he was looking for a truck, he then
plugged Bubbaween, Spice said he’ll get ripped. Bubba said his iPhone
locked up on him yet again, he asked Ned about cutting back door
deals, Ned said he just likes that. Alana came on saying Ned was
cracking him up, she said not all Mothers drink their breakfast, she
said that was a reference to the previous caller, she said whatever is
going on with Paul and Ron should be investigated, she thinks Steve
didn’t do good enough, she said anyone who touched her kids would be
the victim of “A Hunting Accident In The Everglades”. Sparky on
protection said Ron is a customer of a store he works at, he thinks
none of Ron’s kids will ever see female pleasure, as he calls them
sweetheart names, Spice thinks they shouldn’t say that, Bubba said he
feels bad for the kids, Sparky said Bubba is the kind of guy who turns
things over. Bubba said the Bubba Army is closing in, he said Ron and
Paul inherited everything from Howard Stern. Ram in Miami said he
likes the guys being real, he said he tried to call the Paul and Ron
show, the phone screener said that Bubba will be off the air in three
weeks. Bubba dialed the number, he ended up getting a busy signal, he
thinks maybe the Bubba Army has gotten to them, or they’ve all busied
their phones, ed thinks their scared. Mark in Tampa said he’s a
professional white guy in his 30’s, he said he’ll be voting for Alex
Sink, he said that he doesn’t’ want to throw away his vote on the
Senate race. Brent said that Rubio will have to cow tail to the
Democrats, Bubba said he finds Rubio to be scary, he wonders if
corporate has stepped in with Paul and Ron. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various Miami Callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember Our
Heroes” shirt. Ned said that Steely Dan are some good artists, he then
thinks differently. Bob in Ft. Lauderdale said there’s nothing like
the show, he found out because of a Bubba Army sticker, Ned yelled for
the guy to close his car’s door, Spice wonders if he’s putting on the
ski mask while talking at the same time. The guy said he could send
the guys a petition to get Mark Ober out of office, Brent said it’s a
State wide thing. Bubba asked if some places in Miami could sell Bubba
Army bumper stickers, he thinks it’s more than what Cox is doing for
them, he ten got caught off guard with Christine Paul, Brent wondered
if she’s black, Bubba thinks Brent has black girls on the mind for
some reason. Auggie the stunt guy came on, he said he’s going to Scene
to drink all of bubba’s alcohol, Bubba said he was afraid of that, he
said he hasn’t gotten his garage door opener yet, Bubba said he’s
pissing him off. Mark in Miami said the show is going nowhere, he
tells everyone he knows to listen to the show, Spice thinks he’d get
shot if he went through Kingston. Eric in West Palm said the guys are
right on with Paul and Ron, they haven’t’ had anything that is worth a
crap in ten years.
Chad in Ohio asked that they send a camera crew to Ron and Paul’s
studio, Bubba said he doesn’t want to do that, he said he’s trying not
to screw with them on company property, he thinks if he cuts a deal
with Clear Channel, he could easily replace them on big 106. We then
heard Ned’s “Young Fag Ron”. They then ended the show a few seconds

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