Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today provided by Carl Harris:
Lets Get It Up – AC/DC
Twist of Cain – Danzig
Why Go – Pearl Jam
Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
Train in Vain (Stand By Me) – The Clash
Long Way Down – Goo Goo Dolls
Die With Your Boots On – Iron Maiden
Bring the Noise – Anthrax and Chuck D
I Won’t Back Down – Johnny Cash
Beer in Mexico – Kenny Chesney
I Don’t Want to Change the World – Ozzy Osbourne

Segment 1 – Coming up on the show

The show started off with “let’s Get It Up” by AC/DC. Bubba came on
saying the music was provided by Carl, he thinks it’s a pandering
deal, he thinks Brian Johnson sounded like Marge Simpson, even before
the cartoon came out, Spice said if he was Viagra, he’d buy the rights
to the song. Bubba thinks Jacksonville made a huge mistake in not
drafting Tebow, the guys then went over some scores. Bubba asked Spice
if they’ve got some tickets to give away, he mentioned Dane Cooke,
Spice said no, as he had canceled his show, Bubba thinks they were
quite the visionary in thinking he was a dick, he then wondered if Jim
Rome would be opening up for Sublime, Brent thinks that would sell
some tickets. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Female Callers

Bubba asked Manson if he was watching something on TV, it was a High
school football clip, the guys were cracking up at it. Auggie the
stunt guy came on, Bubba thinks he’s the most passive big guy they
know, he then goofed on him a little, he thinks Auggie is stupid,
Auggie said the guys make him feel good, Bubba thinks Auggie is so out
of breath that he can’t laugh correctly. Tracey in Charleston said he
loves the show, Bubba thinks they have a sleeper cell in Charleston.
Evin came on looking for tickets; Bubba thinks he should’ve done girls
only. Bradley said he was calling about the tickets, Bubba said girls
only. Heather in Orlando said she’d like to go to the show, Bubba said
he wants to make sure he packs the show with hot chicks; she got the
Evil treatment for not giving her stats. Amanda came on looking for
tickets, she said she’s five foot five, dark hair, 120 pounds, Natural
jugs, he’s 23, Bubba gave her tickets. Tanya came on looking for
tickets, she said she’s 31, five foot four, 96 pounds; she’ll be
taking her Sister, as she’s single. Brooke in Tampa came on looking
for tickets, she said she listens every day, Bubba thinks they should
do some Bubba Trivia, he asked what his wife’s name is, she said
Heather and got it, she didn’t know Tasha’s name, Bubba decided to
give her the correct answer anyway. Brooke then asked to talk with
Ned, Ned asked if she had a spare ticket, Bubba thinks Ned should take
her back stage, Bubba joked that Ned does IV Viagra; Brooke said she’s
a medic. Mike in Ft. Meyers said he was at lumber Liquidators, Spice
guessed the guy was black, Mike said he is, Bubba pointed out the guy
wearing a blue outfit, he told the guy to hold on, as they’ll be
sending him some stuff. The guys wonder what it would’ve been like had
Carlin worn what Eddie Murphy wore in his “Raw” special, Bubba then
recapped a story where he met George in 1989, he said George talked to
everyone before a show. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 3 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance on
October 23. Bubba asked if Twenty-five has his foreword done, he then
said that tomorrow is a red letter day, as it’s the first day to
register for the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he said a winner will be
selected from each personal appearance, Brent said it will start
tomorrow at Six am. The first email asked Bubba to expose the Sean
Hannity’s charity; Bubba said that he’s talked about that before.
Another emailer said they got some Bubba Army stickers at Earny’s rib
place. Another emailer said they heard Ned’s “Black Guys” parody, the
emailer wished Dave the best of luck, Dave said the new guy is going
to be great for when Bubba flips out on him. Another emailer said the
guy who won $650,000 smacked the stripper on the ass a few times.
Another emailer said they run the Bubba Army Charleston FaceBook page,
Spice said they’ll be a link on btls.com for that. Another emailer
thanked Bubba for some advice with his pizza suggestion; Spice wonders
who would take the time to email the show with this. Greg in Sarasota
said Earny’s rib side road shack did his son’s pre football game meal;
they had to re-arrange the menu because of the Bubba Army. We then
heard a news clip about a doctor who put seamen on a patient, Bubba
thinks just the doctor’s name speaks volumes, Spice thinks she must’ve
been hot, Bubba wonders why he did that. Ned thinks the guy should’ve
putt some Metallica on as background music, we then heard a bit of
“Seek and Destroy”. Bubba thins the reporter is interested in going to
the Doctor; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various Stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Immigration Song” by Led
Zeppelin. Bubba described who they have on the show for the people of
Charleston; we then heard a clip of a woman saying her Political
opponent she gave big fat bonor instead of “Big fat Bonuses”, Bubba
thinks that’s a woman Ned would like. Dan in New York said that he was
involved in an accident, Bubba said that if that was him, he would’ve
ran the guy down, then put on “Fire Flies” to calm himself down. We
then heard a clip of Deion Sanders taking about how he’s number 34 on
the 100 best players, Bubba wondered if they could get him on. Bubba
took a call from a guy who asked if the woman had a tramp stamp, would
it be considered a tease, he then got the Evil treatment after
discussing a sliver in his finger. Bubba thanked the construction guys
at the new BRN; Ned expressed an interest in the scissor lift. Bubba
then read a story about a guy who was accused of having sex with a
dog; he wonders what’s wrong with people. The guys then went over the
top 100 football players; Brent thinks Derrick Brookes should be ahead
of Deion Sanders. . Jeff in East Tennessee came on, Bubba said he got
his second speeding ticket in the mail, he said he now has pictures;
he said the highway’s speed changes. Jeff said his friend’s fifteen
year-old son was sexting a girl his age, “Dueling Der Ders” from
“Bubba show classics Vol. 11”, track 14 was heard in the background,
Jeff said the kid would have to register as a sex offender, he thinks
this would be like Romeo and Juliette. Bubba then explained the
various songs they play when a story is featured, he then said that
Devon James will finally be exposed for being the fraud as to who she
is, Spice said she’s one of the people who claimed to have had sex
with Tiger Woods, but it never panned out. Bubba said that Mr. Skin
has something on hi site that says Devon will be charging $25.95 for
her sex tape with Tiger Woods, Bubba said he’ll take some of that
money, Spice isn’t sure if he even believes the guy who is
impersonating Woods. Leo on protection came on saying the cameras are
big where he is, Bubba thinks they’re going to take the place of a
human, he said it’s just a big shakedown; he then went over Tiger
Woods’s divorce. Jason in Charleston welcomed the guys to South
Carolina, he said he’s been spreading the word; he thinks the guys
will fit right in. Benjy in Charleston said he was in traffic and
heard Ned talk about the scissor lift. Bubba thinks Octomom is stupid
for not doing porn for ten billion dollars, Spice said everyone has a
price. Bubba asked Spice if he’d do gay porn for a million dollars,
Spice said no, he said he’d go $10,000,000 for it not to be released;
Ned thinks Spice isn’t a $10,000,000 piece of ass. Bubba through the
question over to Brent, Brent said a minimum of $8,000,000. Manson
said he doesn’t need that much, Spice thinks they should take it back
to the time when Manson was hauling rocks, Manson said he’d rather not
have gay sex, he said he’d do it for free if he had to save his kids,
Ned said at least $1,000. Dave said he’d go for $2,000,000. Spice said
if he won Powerball, all he’d do would be to call bluffs; Bubba thinks
it would be like a Sixty Minutes story. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various callers, Confederate Flag

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s Twitter
page (Twitter.com/BtlsRadio). Bubba came on saying he has a double
shot of bits, he said Manson will be first, then Ned.

1. “She’s the octomom” (“Bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 10,
and “The Clemulus Package’ disc 4, track 4)
2. “white wife of tiger” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 12”, track 3)

Bubba came on plugging the “Remember The Hoeroes” shirt, he said he’s
still working on a clarification with Shoot Straight, he then talked
about Junior Seau, we then heard a news clip about that, Bubba wonders
how the AP guy gets work. Odd asked the guys if someone came up to
them asking to be the pitcher or catcher, Bubba said it was make
believe. Ray thinks nobody knows who Spice is, the guy got the Evil
treatment, Spice said they should just move on. We then heard a news
clip about a Libris museum closing, ed likes how he denied it, Bubba
thinks CNn made the right pick with the reporter, he wonders how
Libris got so rich, Brent said his house in Vegas was unbelievable,
Bubba asked for a real man on the interview, Spice said he had a lot
of pianos. Darrel said his daughter had her heart broken over a puppy,
the guy then explained the story, ed told him to hurry it up, Bubba
suggested the guy just go to SPCA, he told the guy to not let the 12
year-old to run the show, he said sometimes it’s good to tell your kid
no, he said that he sees it a lot at Wall mart, if a kid is told no,
the kid freaks out. Rick in Braington came on; he got a ticket because
of the red light cameras. Raul in Miami said the guys are doing a
great show, he said he ended up getting fired two months after he got
married, Bubba said he hasn’t used the Mexican Trash treatment, but
he’s only one of three people listening, he then compared their radio
career in Miami to that o the Titanic. Brent thinks Palin will run for
President, he thinks Ron Paul will run, but the media will out him.
Bubba hopes the Bubba Army of Florida can get Charlie Crist in, he
then wonders why the Blacks live in Brownsville, he thinks it’s
racist, he said if someone wants to fly the confederate Flag, that’s
on you, Manson said there’s no reason, Bubba said he’d like for a
black guy to fly the confederate flag, and say they liked the art
work. Brent said it’s not illegal to have racist views, Bubba proposes
a flag for black people; he thinks they can’t play a lot of the bits
they’ve done about the Confederate Flag. Millie in Miami came on with
the radio cranked up, she said she’s the number four listener in
Miami, she said she’ll be voting for Charlie Crist and Alex Sink, she
said if we get Rubio, we’re in trouble, she then gave a shoutout to
Ned. Bubba wondered what’s up with Farve, Brent said he did it to a
jets employee, Spice thinks she just wants to hang on to her career in
sports, he said that she’s not cooperating, he and Brent said that
they’ve both talked to her, they feel she’s very calculated, Bubba
thinks that she’s done. We then heard “I’m Farve”. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Alex Snitker calls in

Bubba said he’s got Alex Snitker on, Brent said this is a good guy.
Bubba said he’s a Libertarian Candidate, Alex said that he’s been
shunned, Brent said all third parties are kept out, Bubba thinks the
only thing the Republicans and Democrats agree on his how to screw the
third party. Alex sad that you can visit his website: Snitker2010.com.
Spice thinks he’s not going to win, he wonders if this is a stepping
stone for the next election, Alex said that he didn’t take into
account the blackout. Bubba wondered why people should vote for him
over Rubio, Alex said that he’s constitutionally consistent; he said
we need to end the drug war to stop immigration. Spice said Alex gives
talking points, he likes how Alex gets to the point; Alex said that
the government doesn’t create jobs. Bubba asked Alex his Foreign
policy, Alex said what we’re doing right now is done the wrong way, he
thinks we need to bring the troops home, he thinks we need to get rid
of the foreign aid. Bubba asked about the FCC, Alex thinks you need to
go back to the consumer. Bubba said he’ll have Kendrick on, Alex then
asked why Kendrick doesn’t’ talk about the Fare Tax. Bubba asked him
if he was one for Charlie, Alex said he’d go along the same lines.
Bubba asked about gaming and prostitution, Alex said that as long as
you’re not infringing on the rights of others, you should be fine.
Bubba asked about Marijuana, Alex said that we should just legalize
it; he said if you can’t keep it out of prisons, we won’t be able to
keep it off the streets. Bubba wondered why the Republicans and
Democrats argue over immigration, rent said the Republicans want cheap
labor, while the Democrats would be too open. Alex thinks we don’t
need to give someone who is here illegally any rights. Bubba wondered
why we can’t get the Fare Tax going; Alex said that all the parties
want to do is keep themselves elected. Bubba said the three things
that would save us:

1. Term Limits
2. No more Lobbying
3. Fare Tax

Alex suggested we also bring the troops home, he said the three things
Bubba mentioned was that lobbying can be done by private citizens, he
said he would welcome the chance to have him, Charlie and Kendrick in
a debate. Bubba plugged the Bubbaween event on October 29, Spice said
they need participants. Bubba said last night they had a meeting at
Scene, he ended up walking out of it, as Fabrizi is insane, he said he
wants to do “Car Blonch Tuesdays”, he said he’s boycotting it, he said
that it costs them $1,000 a month for air conditioning and bouncers,
he thinks the place will be closed by February, Spice wonders why
Bubba is talking about it, Bubba said that he’s mad over it, he said
he needs to be in bed by 9:00. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 7 – Bubba VS Fabrizi

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt. Bubba congratulated Danny Sams the third, he then
called up Fabrizi, he said he’s not happy. Richard picked up, Bubba
said that Richard boss hogged his way to get the event done, he thinks
they should burn a time out, Richard said it’s done, Bubba said
Richard is stupid. Richard said that they’re just giving back to the
customers, Bubba thinks he’ll lose his ass, Spice thinks they won’t
have any customers, ed said he’ll just go there on Tuesday nights, Ned
asked if he could just sleep in the club, Bubba told him he couldn’t,
Richard thinks Ned is the most leveled headed guy there, Spice thinks
Richard is out stroking him, Bubba thinks he doesn’t even own the
club, he said there’s no way to make the money, he said he’s over it,
he then hung up on Richard, he thinks if he sold what he has in Scene
now, that would be more than what he has. Spice said he got a press
release sent to him about Joe the Supermark, Bubba thinks Spice will
have to talk him off the ledge on this Fabrizi thing, Bubba thinks he
should go in, turn the music off and get everyone out, he thinks they
mapped it out so that the club opens when he goes to bed. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Joe the Supermark Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbaween. Bubba came
on saying Joe the Supermark is ready to go; we then heard his custom
bumper. Joe said he’ll be fighting in the main event of Celebrity
boxing, he said the website is CelebrityBoxing.tv, he said he’ll be
fighting Bert Genner; he said everything after that is negative. Bubba
asked him how much weight he’s lost, Joe said when he first got to the
gym, the scale didn’t work, he said he’s now 240 pounds, Bubba said
that’s a positive thing, Spice said he’s still 240, Joe said he’s six
foot two, Spice thinks maybe he’s that tall when he has his wrestling
boots on. Joe said he spent forty-five minutes in the bank, as the pen
was used differently, they ended up cashing the check, Spice joked it
was all over that for $12, Ned thinks he’ll never get the tapes at
this point. Bubba said the tapes can’t be sitting in someone’s car, as
they could melt, Joe said the tapes will be in fantastic condition,
Bubba told him to get the tapes to him. Bubba wonders how the ups
store can’ take a ups number, Spice thinks maybe Joe wasn’t doing
something right, Bubba thinks Joe is that busted for money, Joe said
it’s $136 to ship it, Bubba thinks Joe is calling to say he doesn’t’
have the tapes, he then asked Joe to listen to him on this one, he
thinks the tapes represent an extension of Joe, he thinks Joe’s Mom
doesn’t want him to send the tapes out, he thinks it’s her way of
controlling him, Manson thinks she’s destroying the tapes as they
talk, Bubba said he needs to call her up, he thinks the tapes are
going in the fire place, Spice said they got no dice on Joe’s Mom. Joe
said she never answers her phone. Bubba wondered if she’s driving Joe
insane, Joe said she’s teaching him a lesson by doing this, he said he
doesn’t need to learn this, he thinks she’s going to be insane, he
said he doesn’t really need her. Bubba wondered why everything is so
difficult with him, Joe said he just wants to make things simple, the
bell was heard in the background, Joe said he’ll just keep the tapes,
he wondered why nothing is easy with him, he then admonished Bubba for
writing the check with a different pen, Bubba then hung up on him, he
then said he’s done, he wondered how that got turned around on him,
Manson said the tapes are Joe’s last hold of power. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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