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Top Stories:
Man jumps from Skyway, body found in burning car
Big Baby Gets Health Insurance
South Florida DJ arrested after turning himself in to police with dead body in car
Couple arrested after making 8-year-old eat soap
Burke Back In Court After Returning To Radio
Even churches are laying off employees

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports scores

The show started off with “Ring of Fire” as bumper music. Bubba said
the bumper music for today was selected by Brent; he called Brent a
mark for Johnny Cash. Bubba thinks only he, Manson and Tyler picked
the dolphins to win, he thinks Kevin Vargas is mad over the Lightning
beating the panthers last night. Bubba said he’ll have to break at
around 9”55, so he can give Kathleen Ford equal time. The guys have a
hard time determining how much vacation time Bubba would get from the
affiliates; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Bubba gets heat with sluggo

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard Temple of Dawn as bumper music, Bubba really likes the
song, he thinks the song is for him. Bubba said he weighed in at 282,
Spice wonders if it’s good, Bubba said no, the lowest he ever got was
249, Spice thinks Bubba would look weird if he was 220, Bubba thinks
he would look good, Manson said that would kill his career. Bubba read
an email from a guy who sent him a Bubba Army plate; Bubba thinks Ned
will put it on his car. Bubba said he’s thinking about doing the Hogan
garage sale, he doesn’t know where to hold it, Spice said they could
always use EBay. Manson said he hates garage sales, Bubba said his Mom
used to have a garage sale every summer, she’d make about six to seven
hundred bucs. Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show;
Bubba likes how Sting Ray Chevy is advertising in Orlando. Bubba wants
to put the farewells to Jay on BTLS.com. Bubba went over the rankings;
he said he’s over Sluggo, calling him stupid. Bubba wondered if he
speaks in binary code, Sluggo said he put the wins vs. the losses,
Spice wonders how they all have seventy-six losses. Bubba wondered why
everything is so tough for Sluggo, Sluggo said he’s learning the
system, Bubba told him to leave the studio, Bubba thinks this has
ruined his day, he wonders what Sluggo does, Bubba called him a lazy
idiot, he then called Twenty-five Cent in, Bubba asked Twenty-five if
he went to the porn awards last night, Twenty-five said he went, he
recorded some stuff, Twenty-five said Miller is going through some
stuff. We then heard Twenty-five’s theme music, Bubba wondered if he
talked to Bree Olson, Twenty-five said he didn’t’ see her all night.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, Mike Tyson clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “Bubba
wonka” set. Bubba thinks the Ferret was a dick in yesterday’s meeting.
We then heard a clip of Brett Favre talking about the Vikings, Bubba
thinks he’ll get his legs broken when he goes to Lambeau. The first
email of the day said they got “Power Pig Hello I’m Burning” stuck in
their head. Another emailer said what Bubba did on Friday night was
the right thing to do. Another email said Bubba did the right thing,
having the gun ready is the right thing to do. Bubba said Spice was
being a dick about it, he said he could have Dave pull the tape, Bubba
said he’s just going to stop talking to him. Another email thinks
Bubba talking about the handicapped couple, the emailer thinks Bubba
needs to pay attention in church; it was signed by Mat Loyd. Another
emailer liked the Brent meltdown; the guys don’t like the term “sweet
peace of poontang”. Another email thinks one of the callers from
yesterday’s show sounded like a child molester. Bubba took a call from
a guy in Canada, he called in with the BTLS Radio name, he still
hasn’t gotten his Bubba Army care package yet. James in Tampa said
Bubba does a great job. We then heard a clip of Mike Tyson on Oprah
discussing his daughter’s death. Ned thinks Robin gibbons is a
lesbian, Bubba thinks Tyson’s life spiraled out of control when his
trainer died, he thinks he’s going to pinch one off. We then heard
Manson’s “MTV Cribs – Mike Tyson” from “bubba show classics vol. 6”,
track 21. In the bit, mike has a big pepper mill, a bed the size of a
tennis court, a rock climbing escalator, a race track, his own garbage
truck, and an animal preserve. The bit ends with Mike yelling at the
MTV Cribs guys, threatening to eat Carson Daily’s heart, and use Kurt
Loder’s small intestine as fishing line. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Shannon Burke news clip

Coming out of commercials, we heard some messages from the fans. Bubba
thinks the listeners are pathetic. Bubba thinks he should be ashamed
for putting it on the air. Ted in Michigan told Bubba about some
moonshine, he then asked about a cub scout who took his eating utensil
to school. Bubba said they had an article about a scout master who
hung himself upside-down and masturbated, Manson said that’s one of
his favorite talk breaks ever. Bubba thinks Bob and tom are about
sixty years old. Bubba said November 20 will be when they’ll be in
South Florida. Bubba also plugged Toys for Tatas, Bubba said 2001 is
one of his favorite places, that will be on December 18. Brent said
the 12 Boobs of Christmas® will start this Monday, Brent said
December 4 is the cutoff date. We then heard a news clip about Shannon
Burke, Manson thinks they’re putting Burke over. Bubba wonders which
one is better; Manson likes “I Shot a Dog with a Hand Gun”. Spice said
it sucks to be looped into this story. Bubba said they never put their
hands on the hog, they just broadcasted it, Manson said there’s a big
difference. Bubba thinks a substance abuse show should be hosted by
Ned, Ned thinks he’s overly qualified. We then heard Manson’s “I Shot
a Dog with a Hand Gun” from “Bubba Show Classics vol. 10”, track 9.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Manson’s new bit, Skyway discussions, barrel racing VS
English horses

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the show’s twitter
page, then into Hammil’s “Power Pig hello, I’m Burning”. Bubba said he
had to dump something out. Bubba said he didn’t make the Metallica
show, he heard it was great; he has no interest in going to a UTwo.
Bubba said a newspaper got his frequency wrong, they said 103.5. Woody
in Tampa said it’s another day with some salt, Bubba hung up on him.
Bubba said Manson has a new offering, “Crying in the Green Room”,
parody of “Smoking in the Boys Room” by Brownsville Station. Bubba
said he was home yesterday with some tires and stuff like that, Bubba
thinks they had a murder/suicide on the skyway. We then heard a news
clip about that. Bubba said jumping off the skyway would be the
absolute last way he’d kill himself. Bubba said he’ll show the
audience just how long six and a half seconds is, he did that short
time later, he said it’s a long time to think about it, Ned thinks you
should belly flop. Bubba said he’d like to be the guy who talks to
someone who is about to jump, Spice thinks he wouldn’t make things
better. Bubba remembers a time when a guy jumped off a bridge with his
dog, the dog lived. Manson said if you’re about to commit suicide,
stay at home and shoot yourself in the head. Bubba said Heather was on
the way home from Julia’s new hobby, barrel racing. Bubba took a call
from a woman who suggested Julia get back into horse racing; Bubba
said he wants to be in a sport with a clear cut winner. Bubba said
Donna was on the line, Bubba said Donna normally calls into bust
balls. Donna said she likes barrel racing, she thinks it’s much better
than English, Bubba said he’s glad Diana died. James thinks Bubba
should get some more info about barrel racing. Brown from Get R’ Done
Productions called in, he said English looks stupid. Bubba thinks the
$200,000 English horse just trots around, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – rush Limbaugh buying a football team, more troops in Iraq

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for
GradyClothingCompany.com. Bubba said a bunch of his friends want to
see the Brent meltdown on BubbaRaw.com, Spice as Deion asked for a
password. Bubba wondered why AC/DC doesn’t do iTunes, Brent said they
just haven’t allowed it. Spice said there’s a lot of money involved
with throwback money. Bubba said he doesn’t like Limbaugh at all; he
respects him as a broadcaster. Brent said the ground swell won’t be
that big, Limbaugh has shown interest in buying the St. Lewis Rams.
Bubba said Rebock provides the throwback uniforms. Bubba wondered if
California Cation is still on the air. Bubba read that Ted Kennedy
admitted to sleeping with almost a thousand women, and that he paid
more than $10,000,000 to keep it quiet. Bubba thinks Camelot is over,
Spice thinks it’ll die on the vine. We then heard a news clip about
obama requesting more troops, Bubba wonders what they’re doing over
there, he wonders if the politicians think troops are like disposable
diapers. Brent said there’s no metric to winning. Bubba said even if
you win, you don’t. Bubba said there’s no way we can take the Taliban
down completely. Spice thinks bush closed his options when he said we
have to fight over there, so we’re not fighting over here. Bubba
wonders if anyone has the balls to ask obama about coming home. Bubba
thinks Manson was quite the visionary when Manson did a song about
Kennedy. We then heard Manson’s “Ted Kennedy Has Brain Cancer” from
“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 4”, track 3, and “The Clemulus
Package” disc 4, track 27. The song parodies “I’m Henry the Eighth, I
Am” by Herman’s Hermits. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 7 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the upcoming “bubba
Wonka” set. We then heard some messages from the fans. Bubba thinks
they should do an experiment on Friday, try it without him, Manson
suggested they take the day off and let Bubba try the show by himself.
Bubba said Manson is the richest guy in the room, Spice said Manson
has cash. We then heard a news clip about churches that are laying off
people, Spice wonders if the priest is counting money from the
collection plate, Bubba said no. Erin in Virginia said you can’t have
the bubba show without him. Erin said she can only listen for twenty
minutes, she lives in Northern Virginia. Spice asked her for nudes,
Bubba chided him for doing so. Erin said she had a baby a few months
ago, her boyfriend walked out before the baby was born, she said he
was arrested for probation violation. Bubba asked her why she’d have
unprotected sex with a guy like that, Erin said she’s thirty, she said
she dated the guy for three years, Spice wonders how you break that
news to a chick that you’re wanted for murder. Kelli said he’s a long
time listener, he’s glad the show is back. Kelli said he found out his
Ex wife didn’t stop her daughter from having sex with an older man for
four years. Bubba said he would be beside himself, Spice told him he
has to question his motives. Oatmeal out of Virginia said he got that
name because of his last job. He asked if any of the guys have an el
Comino, Ned said he has one. Oatmeal said he worked at a job with fire
and water restoration, some old guy went to Florida, he brought his
oil in from the garage, he put his oil in the oven to warm it up, it
ended up blowing the door off the oven, burning the house down, Ned
was laughing about it. We then heard a news clip about a baby who was
denied insurance, do to his extremely high birth weight. Bubba said he
was only 7 pounds, Spice wonders if he was sure. Bubba said the
Michael Jackson song was recorded in 1983; Spice thinks Paul Anka
struck a gold mind. Bubba read that the new Michael Jackson album will
have bonus material; Bubba thinks Manson will have parodies of
Jackson’s spoken word poems “Planet Earth”. Bubba thinks Michael
Jackson sounds like a little girl. Brian in Tampa said Bubba did the
right thing on Friday night, he said his cousin runs a horse ranch.
Skip in Virginia said he’s a Bubba mark in Richmond. Skip said he
started listening to the show on Sirius, he rarely laughs his ass off,
the show has done that for him, he said he knew Hogan back in the day.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Dave Moore on the phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BTLS Foundation.
We then heard some Paul Anka as bumper music. Bubba said he wants to
drive Dave Moore insane with the bumper music. Bubba played Dave’s
bumper, he thinks the song was a build up, Dave said he’s 39. Bubba
read that Favre used to take a vike, puke it up, fish it out of the
toilet, clean it off and reconsume it. Dave said once you get into the
season, you’re in survival mode. Bubba wondered how much time there is
to study, Dave thinks Gruden had the most complicated playbook, he
said there was a lot of lining up. Dave said he would try and figure
out who to block, only to have the ball snapped. Dave went over how
one of the plays would go down, he said Rader is a toss, but that was
only under Gruden. Bubba asked Dave his thoughts on the new
quarterback, he thinks we should’ve started with him from game one,
Dave said he has a tough duty. Bubba wonders if the Bucs have a little
bit of the Gruden offence left, Dave said yes. Bubba asked how would
you stop a defense, Dave suggested the 3 4. Bubba said a lot of people
are talking about Clayton, Spice went through his stats. Dave said
he’s got some of the best natural hands ever; he thinks he needs to
break the slump he’s in. Dave said if you get paid to be a pass
rusher, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Someone bumped into the
bell, Dave said he has to stay inside out. Bubba thinks Favre is
really turning it up, he reset the clip for Dave, Dave said he heard
it, he said Favre had some talent back in the day, Bubba said it’s a
him VS Ted Thompson kind of situation. Dave said Ted is praying Favre
retires or goes away. Dave said they counted on Favre more than the
running game. Bubba asked Dave who ended up being his best friend,
Dave listed off some people, Bubba thinks Mike is too dumb to realize
that Dave is his friend, Spice as Dave said he hated Mike, and that he
was just using him. Bubba wonders what we’ve got coming up; Dave said
they’ll be playing against Carolina. Dave said you can run the ball at
third down; it makes it easy for the quarterback. Bubba thinks the
dolphins are for real; Dave said the dolphins did a great job running
the ball. Bubba thinks one of the guys on Oakland is pathetic. Brent
said the Saints have stopped the jets, Dave said he’s going on the
Giants, Bubba bet with Brent fifty dollars. Bubba thinks Detroit will
win four games this year. Dave asked how many screens does Bubba have,
Bubba said he’s got five. Bubba wonders who will win more games this
year, Lions or Buccaneers; bubba thinks Lions, the guys cracked up at
that. Bubba asked Dave, he thinks they’ll be even. Dave thinks this
has got to be killing Gene Deckerhoff, Spice thinks he’s a steal trap.
Dave said he’s going for the fastest receiver. Bubba said we’ve never
had a really good wide receiver. Dave said his company covers every
insurance company, bubba likes progressive, he said they’re user
friendly. Bubba said he got denied from Chub, Dave went over his info:
727-323-0206. Spice asked how long Jack Del Rio has; Bubba thinks Tim
Tebow would work out great on the Jaguars. Bubba thanked Dave for
coming on. Bubba said this ends the show for the affiliates; he’s
sticking around for the Kathleen Ford interview, which will be heard
only on 102.5, Bubba’s flagship station.

Segment 9 – Kathleen Ford in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard some “Voodoo Child”. We then heard
a Carl Harris produced bumper. Bubba said you can watch this on
BTLS.com, bubba thinks this is the only time he’s been only local for
a long time. Bubba said he thinks the delivery vehicle in radio is
much better than the other places. Bubba said he originally had a
debate in mind; he then scrapped it, as he thinks it’s better to
address them individually. Bubba said he wants her to give him her
mission statement. Bubba said he lives in St. Petersburg, he votes; he
wishes people would stop playing partisan games. Brent said he’s a
registered Independent, he thinks the Republican Party is too far to
the right for his liking. Kathleen said she has some concerns with
high property taxes, she said Foster voted for higher taxes; she said
we’ve never had enough officers on the streets. She went on to say
that the crime rate is higher than Tampa and Miami combined. She
thinks City hall should use money to keep people safe. Bubba said he
has a problem with the good old boy network; he doesn’t like the no
chase policy. Kathleen said there are certain situations where cops
can’t chase people, she said some methods are effective, such as speed
sticks and boxing the individual in, she thinks we’re doing a bad job
in catching criminals. Bubba said he doesn’t get how Davis is in
power; he thinks he can speak for African Americans who won’t need a
spokes person. Kathleen said she’ll eliminate positions like that; it
will save the city a lot of money. She thinks we can use that money
for other things. She said she didn’t notice any issues for her, she
said Davis has had a bunch of lawsuits levied against the city of St.
Petersburg. Bubba thinks no section of people wants someone like that.
Bubba hopes one of them cuts Davis out, he said he’ll be the bad guy
for her. Bubba thinks it’s talking down to the African Americans, he
thinks it makes them look week. Bubba asked about construction and
permenting, Kathleen said she knows what that’s like. Kathleen said
she had to pull a permit to get her windows and doors put in, she said
it’s about getting to the meat of the cocoanut. Bubba said it’s not
pro business, Kathleen said she’s done some construction law, she
knows what it’s about. Bubba wonders why some people who worked for
her have gone to Foster; Kathleen said it’s not true. Brent asked
about the St. Petersburg police, Kathleen said she’d like to look at
the resources. Bubba asked her about voting against every budget;
Kathleen said it wasn’t true, she said she proposed the rollback tax
rate. She thinks it should be transparent. Bubba said the knock on her
is that she has an unbelievable temperament; a woman called her a
bitch. Kathleen thinks people are intimidated by her, she thinks
that’s why people like her. Bubba said he doesn’t like her in regards
to her thoughts on the Rays, Kathleen said she’ll sit down and talk
with anyone, there’s a contract the city has with the Rays. Bubba said
he’s seen teams that have broken their contracts. Kathleen said what
she doesn’t want is, the citizens of St. Petersburg getting extorted.
Kathleen said she’d like to think outside the box, she said a contract
is very important. Bubba asked her about the reserve fund, bubba
wonders if she’d dip into that money. Kathleen said if the city
experiences a disaster, there’s going to be problems, she said we don’
need fund balances. Kathleen said she’ll take money from any party;
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 10 – more with Kathleen Ford

Coming out of commercials, we heard a bumper for Kathleen Ford. Bubba
said regardless as to who it is, they’ll both encourage people to get
out and vote, Kathleen suggested you read about the candidates. Bubba
said Bay Walk used to be cool, now it’s taken over by punks. Kathleen
said you can’t have protesters blocking the entrance, Bubba said he
used to go to restaurants and movies there. Kathleen said we don’t
need to subsidize, she said we need to restore Bay Walk. Kathleen said
it’s up to the tax payers if they want to subsidize a not for profit
company. Bubba thinks they put the trop in the worst place possible,
Kathleen thinks it’s part of the problem, she said we all love
baseball, all her brothers played little league, she said she was a
little league Mom for both of her kids, she said we’re ten years into
a thirty year contract. She said we need to look at various things
with sports. Bubba asked about her plan for curb side recycling,
Kathleen said we need to watch it, she said their sanitation
department came up with the black plastic tubs. Bubba wonders what the
difference is now, she said Baker lost fifteen points, she said she
tried to warn people about him, she said the city lost fifteen million
dollars; she said public safety is still number one. Brent said it’s
somewhat lower, bubba said his car got broken into at the bowling
Allie, he thinks the no chase policy puts a damper on things. Kathleen
said they have a computer program. Bubba thinks she was endorsed by
the fire fighters, she said her Dad was on the stand, Bubba said he
was looking into the fire fighters endorsement; he thinks Brent looked
into it more. Kathleen said the first time she ever heard of a release
policy was when she went to a pba, the other officers would donate
their time, she thinks her endorsement from the fire fighters was
because of her support for them, she thinks it was the tipping point.
Bubba said it’s between her and foster, he wants to know if the union
guy is going to do that, Bubba said he has a problem with someone
getting an endorsement but not doing much work. Kathleen said she
thinks it’s nothing like that, she said it’s like covering for the
other person’s shift. Kathleen said it’s up to them. Bubba asked if a
fire chief is her chief, he’d be working for her, Brent said the Union
President is someone different than a fire chief. Bubba thinks
Chrisman has been the meanest on her, Kathleen said she talked to him
about it; he said he never said that. Bubba thanked her for coming in,
Bubba said you can go out and vote on November 3, Kathleen said her
website is kathleenFord.com. Kathleen thanked Bubba for letting her on
the air, she said the people of St. Petersburg have a chance to vote
her in, she said we need to repeal gram leech, she said it needs to
happen from the top, she wants national leaders to represent the local
people. She said that when the economy was going down, people were
more concerned with trop relocation. She said that St. Petersburg is a
good city; they need to change it to make it better. She said she has
a background in science, she said we need to educate our kids; she
said we have too much to lose, but a lot to gain. Bubba wished her the
best, bubba said they’ll have Foster on Thursday with the same
template; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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