Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today’s recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music for today provided by Manson

Segment 1 – Sports, Joe the Super Mark and Bubba back on the good foot?

Bubba started the show by saying the music was provided by Manson, he
then congratulated Aubry Huff for beating the Braves last night, Spice
said he’s really happy about that, Bubba still thinks Aubry will come
to Tampa, Spice thinks differently. We then heard the Monday Night
Football music, Bubba thinks the Vikings have big time heat with Farve
today, Brent said the game didn’t start until almost 9, because of a
rain delay. Bubba thanked Mike’s Pizza for stopping by, he said that a
Breakfast pizza is a great way to start the day, Spice said he saw
that Taco Bell is coming out with a breakfast menu, he then said that
The Rays game will be on TBS at 7, he then said he talked with Joe the
Super mark last night about something, Spice wondered if they patched
things up, Bubba said that he might call in today or on the Satellite
show, he said that Joe had a FaceBook page, he said that Joe has old
shows that they don’t have, he said that they’ll remaster them. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Joe the Super Mark in the Special Forces, various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Sting Ray Chevy on October 23. Bubba came on promoting Sting Ray Chevy
in Plant city, he thinks Wing House and Miles Automotive will be
distribution points for the shirts, he then said he didn’t know there
was a Special Forces section on Btls.com, Spice said he didn’t know
that. Bubba thinks Joe is making a contribution, he said that Joe
transcribed the shows back in the day, Spice said Clear Channel didn’t
give them the resources to archive the whole show, Bubba said that a
lot of important people are in the hire levels, he said that Blind
Lawrence contributes, he thinks he got drunk in Calgary and gave Carl
and Big Dick half stars, he thinks he should make Joe a one star, as
Hammil and Russ are in that category, he then said that James
shouldn’t be in it, the guys then voted to make Joe a one star. Bubba
then went over the new roster of Special Forces, we then heard a
tymbal for Joe’s contribution, he then told big Dick he needs to do
his foreword today, he then went on to say that he had a blowout on
his bike. Mike in Dexter Maine came on the line, he said it’s around
38 degrees in Maine, Bubba told Dave he has something to look for when
he goes to Vermont. Mike said it was great to hear Tucker on the show,
he wondered why Tucker has his views; Bubba said that’s because Tucker
is drinking the Fox Cool-Aide. Bubba took a call from a guy who asked
why Bubba didn’t include Tyler in the mix, he said that he would have
to incorporate everyone’s kids, he said if he was to die, the show’s
property would go to them, with a licensing fee going to Tyler, he
said they’re already working on “bubba Saw 2”, it’ll start November
30, and will go to December 2, he thinks Tuddle will be there, Brent
thinks Gene Lasker and Tuddle would be a home run, he then plugged
Spice’s appearance at the Penthouse tomorrow night at 10:00. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various news

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Stuck in the Middle with You” by
Stealer’s Wheel. Bubba said that Mike Surgery and Keith Nozbich are
now three stars in the Bubba Army Special Forces, he then said he’ll
be racing this weekend, Ned likes how they’re Kenny E Kenny shows.
Bubba said that they’ll have tony Shafer on tomorrow; Brent said the
Government took his book, now the redacted copy is out. We then heard
a news clip about Courtney Brantley’s charges getting upgraded; Bubba
likes how it’s not an Ober production. We then heard a news clip about
a kid who came home with a KKK mask, the guys think the guy in the
clip is a rube. Bubba told Spice the party was over with K2 getting
axed, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice said by K2 being
illegal, he’s getting driven back to his drug dealer, he said that
we’re about three weeks away from states legalizing weed, he said
we’re a bunch of being controlled by old people, Spice thinks they
should’ve named it “Awesome”, Bubba wishes a news station was more
like them, he then recapped the time he and Brent were at a Doctor’s
office, he saw hot girls bring in drugs, Spice wonders what it would
be like if Devon James had this job, Brent thinks no drugs would get
sold, as she’s a pig. Spice said his Mom doesn’t want marijuana
legalized, Bubba said he has offerings from Ned and Manson about
Marijuana. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Tuddle VS Tom the
Treeman at Bubbaween. Bubba came on saying that over the years,
they’ve talked about how pot has been given a bad name.

1. Manson – “You Better Not Smoke Pot” (“Bubba’s New and Misc Hits
Vol. 6” track 10, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 12).
2. Ned – “Smoke Pot” (“Ned’s Parody Songs Vol. 2”, track 24. This
track is also on “The Todd Clem Project” disc 2, track 14, but is
titled “Free to Smoke Marijuana”).

Bubba came back on plugging his Sting Ray Chevy appearance on October
23, he’s thinking about getting a Chevy the next time he buys a car.
Brad in Ft. Meyers said he’s a distributer, he said they call K2 Mr.
Nice Guy. Jeff in Miami said he makes his own stuff; it costs him only
$2 a gram, he said its way stronger than pot. Bubba asked what’s up
with Mili Cyrus, Manson said you can find anything at Wall mart with
anything with Hanna Montana on it, he then railed against Billy Ray
Cyrus a little. Bubba said that Alex Sink has a two minute ad about
Rick Scott. We then heard a news clip about four states legalizing
marijuana, Bubba thinks California is a little too quick getting it
legal, he then goofed on the announcer a little, he wonders why we
love amongst stupid people, Spice said all Nancy Regan did was bang
the President, Brent said he was in high school in the 80’s, he got
that “Just say no” thing got beat over the head. The first email of
the day said someone mentioned Bubba Army after Tony Stewart won his
race. Another email had a picture of a guy with a makeshift Bubba Army
setup in Sports Illustrated. Another emailer said Scene is awesome.
Another emailer asked if they could get tickets for Bubba’s Meet and
Greets on Saturday November 20, Bubba said they’ll have tickets soon.
Another emailer said they loved “East Bound and Down”, Spice said it’s
back on track. Another emailer said they loved listening to the Bubba
Saw segments. We then heard a news clip about the Parents Television
council complaining over Mili Cyrus’s new video, Spice its very
Britney-esque, Bubba said it’s creepy with her Dad being in control of
it, the guys think she’s a whore. We then heard the video, Bubba
wonders if she’s still a virgin, Spice and Manson don’t think so,
Bubba said at least the video is sexy, as the song sucks, Spice thinks
she’s getting jugs the day she turns 18. Bubba said if his step
daughter was doing this at that age, he’d ask her to not do it. Jerry
said he was called by a polling company that was representing rick
Scott, Bubba said Alex Sink is buying two minute advertisements. Jerry
said it was odd that a company would represent themselves as an
Independent company, when they’re supporting Rick Scott. We then heard
the commercial for Alex Sink, Bubba likes how they make it look like a
story, Brent said its genius. Bubba said he only wants to talk to
registered Republicans who will not be voting for Rick Scott, they
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Pit Bull Attack, Big Dick’s Foreword

Bubba had no idea what song Manson had selected, Manson said this was
Jack Black, Bubba said it sounds like hammil and Manson doing a song
on stage, he then cut the song off, Manson said he had a feeling Bubba
wouldn’t care for it. Dawn said she won’t be voting for Rick Scott,
she said she’ll be voting for Alex Sink, she thinks Sink is a better
selection. Alex said he’s sick of the corruption across the board. Ken
in Venis said he’s been a registered Republican, he said he’s gotten
more liberal the older he’s gotten, Bubba then dumped the guy for
saying shit, he ten complained that he had to dump it. Matt in Clear
Water said he’s voted Republican his whole life; he’s going to vote
for Alex Sink. Nate in Sarasota said that he owns a Pit Bull, Bubba
said he’s just going to play the news clip about that. We then heard a
news clip about a pregnant woman getting attacked by two Pit Bulls,
the guys got distracted with a helicopter sounder, Bubba then figured
out it was the generator, the guys then goofed on the people in the
clip, Bubba thinks it’s a Haitian B-Fudd, he thinks the Pit Bulls were
quite the visionary for attacking her, Manson suggests we just put
10,000 Pit Bulls on the Mexican border, Spice then goofed on her while
Bubba asked about the attack, he wonders if this is Green Acres, as
the cops had to put a message on a telephone pole. Bubba took a call
from a guy who said the place where the woman got attacked isn’t the
best of neighborhoods, he said a Rot Wyler attacked some people in
their own home,
Spice thinks they’re just as equally as bad. We then heard “Pit bulls
Are Crazed” from “bubba show classics Volume 14”, track 13. Mike came
on saying it’s how they’re bred, Spice then goofed on the guy’s accent
a little, “Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba show Classics Vol. 11”, track
14 was heard in the background. Bubba asked for big dick to make his
way to the studio, Spice wondered if Dick’s foreword will be positive,
Bubba thinks Dick wrote it while he was high. John in Braington said a
three year-old was attacked while on the playground; Bubba asked him
if he has a speech problem, John said yes, Bubba said he likes Speech
impediments. John said he has a hard time saying something with a “S”
in it, Spice said the guy has better English than Gene Lasker, John
asked for a job, Bubba told him to stick to slinging poop. Lawrence
asked Bubba to stop talking smack about the Haitians, he said that
wrestler will kick Bubba’s ass again, Bubba said it’s disturbing that
we’re taking care of Haitians, he told the guy to keep the jokes to
him. Big dick said he wasn’t high when he wrote this, Spice thinks it
will be really negative. Dick said that he did a historical
perspective, he said he’s making it different than the other
forewords, Bubba thinks Dick would be a lazy wolf, the guys then
goofed on Dick as a Wolf, Bubba wonders how they got into the big dick
impersonation he doesn’t even do, dick said Cowhead started the Hey
man thing, Bubba then goofed on him saying that he’s miserable, Manson
said he would’ve rather seen Big dick in “Castaway”, Bubba said they
never get into big dick’s love life, ned thinks he’s a sexual, Dick
said he’s seeing someone, he then told them that’s all their getting,
he said he knows how this goes, he then read his foreword, he said if
you heard tapes from back in the day, things were different, he said
that Bubba would play music, Ned told him to put some passion in it,
Bubba thinks the way dick is reading it, it sounds like someone just
died, Spice then goofed on him, Bubba told him to get excited about
it, Dick suggested they just have Spice read it. Dick said that in
2005, he was fired by Clear channel, Bubba called him, Ned thinks dick
has a spoon full of peanut butter, Spice thinks Bubba has some great
information; he then goofed on dick saying the timing wasn’t right, he
said he’s been with bubba since November of 2006. Bubba said that dick
used to be rich, Spice said Tuddle just IM’d him saying he could do a
better foreword, and he’s known Bubba for six months. Bubba wonders if
dick is a segment producer, Dick said that he’s learned a lot and owes
it all to Bubba, he said he remembers the Cross prank, Bubba got
distracted with a Kit Kat commercial, Spice said he hates being with
people when he has a Kit Kat, as he has to split them. the guys
cracked up when Bubba said that he, Cowhead, Whity and Dick are good
team members, the guys cracked up at Whity Pippin in scuba gear for
two feet of water, he thinks the book won’t be about all that much, he
then said dick has been handing out free Pizza stuff for 14 years. The
timer was then heard as Dick read his foreword, Spice as Big dick said
“the end”, Bubba wonders how you would spell the little noise, Dick
then did it, the guys cracked up at that. Bubba sarcastically thinks
TNA has their business template down, Spice said they’re trying to do
what Vince does. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Manson’s new bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s appearance at
Lumber Liquidators on October 16. Bubba came on saying that while he’s
at lumber Liquidators, they’ll have some deals on some floors from
12:00-1:30; he thanked the people of Ft. Meyers for supporting them.
Manson said that he did the “Queer for Brett Farve” song, he said now
they can update it. We then heard the song, Bubba pointed out how it’s
the same template. The song starts with the guys talking about Brett
Farve’s penis, bubba said he’s not putting it over, Spice thinks it
was bubba’s dream situation, he cracked up when Manson played the clip
of Farve saying he had his hands full, he thinks Farve just should’ve
retired. We then heard a clip of Farve leaving a message, Spice then
goofed on him saying that it’s a set up. Bubba said the clicking sound
in the clip is another cell phone, he thinks he’s calling the woman
from a land line or another cell phone, he thinks that’s his friends
and family phone ringing. We then heard a clip of Farve getting
interviewed about his penis pictures, Bubba pointed out him locking
up, Manson thinks Brett was distracted because of this; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Joe the super mark Calls in

Bubba said they’re looking for participants for the Baddest Dude and
Baddest Bitch contest at Bubbaween, Brent said they haven’t’ done it
since October of 2000. Bubba then plugged what they’ve got coming up
on the show for the week, he said that the guy from 30-30 ESPN will be
on the show, Spice likes how Hershel Walker starts out every day with
750 pushups, Bubba said he’d get distracted while doing that, he said
that Tim Richmond died of aids back in the 80’s, Spice is shocked it
happened. Bubba went over some bumpers, he thinks Blind Glen died, he
asked for an APB on him. We then heard Joe the super mark’s bumper.
Joe came on, Bubba said Joe’s Mom got the FaceBook page for him, he
said he missed Wrestling because he was fighting with Juley, he said
that he just begs her to stop, he said his Mom set up the Face Book
page just to get more Wrestling appearances, Spice told him he needs
to relax on that. bubba said that Joe never listens, Spice wondered
who would want to share their girlfriend with their Mom, Joe said he
takes his Mom’s car to work, he said he’s hard headed, Bubba thinks
Joe was miserable when she left, Spice thinks they want him to mess up
so it makes for interesting content, ned thinks Joe is turning into a
dick, he asked for good old Joe, Spice said Joe used to be cheerful.
Joe said he asked his Mom to not set up the FaceBook page, but she did
it anyway, he said he doesn’t even use it, he said Juley spends her
time on FaceBook, Spice thinks Juley is up to no good, bubba said he
feels bad for Juley, Joe said his Mom is always negative, Bubba thinks
she doesn’t like the show, Joe said he’s never met his Dad. Bubba
thinks they should just move on with this subject, as he said it will
result in a horrible situation, he said Joe always brings him down, he
said he could get tapes of how Joe used to be, he thinks Joe and big
dick are hanging out together, he said that he called him yesterday,
Joe said that he was happy after the call. Bubba told Joe he needs to
conform to what Juley wants, Joe said he needs to see his Mom, Bubba
said there’s a happy medium from being all in and keeping her at a
safe distance, he said he’s not a therapist, he thinks Joe is
dependent on his Mom, Manson told him that a car is only $500, Bubba
told Joe to cut the cord, he said he’s far behind on his bills, Ned
suggested canceling the cable and saving it for a car, Bubba said he
can’t do that, as he’ll miss wrestling. Joe said that after he dies,
he’ll give all of bubba his tapes, he said he didn’t want to say his
last name as it’s a secret. Bubba then read the article about Hershel
Walker posing nude, Spice likes how he has leafy greens for dinner.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Wrapping up the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the “Remember the
Heroes” shirt. Bubba said he gets about five or six emails asking
about the Twelve Boobs of Christmas, he thinks it increases your
chances of winning if you show up at a personal appearance, he said at
least one person will be selected from each one, he then explained the
on line registration, he then went over his calendar of events from
now until the end of the year, he said the Scene Night club Twelve
Boobs of Christmas appearance has been moved to the Wednesday before
Thanksgiving, he then said he’s got some stories he’d like to cover,
Ned said they should just go. We then heard Manson’s bit about mark
Ober fining a man $110 for beating a dog with a hammer. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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