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October 2nd, 2012 by Staff

Recap by Blind Lawrence:


Rays won last night 5-3.
Bubba said Tara’s birthday is in two days, she’ll be 41.
Even though the Rays won, they’re out of the playoffs.
Bubba said that he’ll have a new offer on BubbaArmy.com, if you make a
purchase of an item that is cold weather related, you’ll get a work
This Saturday, ord is doing a “Ford drives away hunger” promotion; the
cream machine will be there.
Ned got his brownies from Mike’s Pizza.
Chinese man defies the Government’s order for him to move, becomes
part of a paving project.
Eal removed from man’s anus.
Man on trial for semen in water bottle.
Emails: Bubba Army license plates, various listeners disgusted with
free cell phones, and a guy suggested some art work for Bubba.
Bubba merch might be on Amazon.com, including the new album “50 Shades of Me”.
Woman gets arm bitten off by gator.
Prosecuter bites man’s leg.
Dark Match Patt O’Brian said he was looking for a rope to hang himself
with; his bride wants to go to the beach to get some shells, Bubba
thinks it’s on him.
Two guys fight over a cab in New York; Bubba said he’s seen that happen before.
Kanye West sued over song sample.
Al said there are five state troopers on the Sunshine Sky way, Bubba
thinks someone has jumpped.
Kanye West song in question, Ned was heard asking that the guys get to it.
Spirit Airlines and their bagage fees.
Caller suggests people just box up their stuff and send it to the
address, Bubba said Hogan taught him that, he’s been doing that for
Ned’s Load – “No Net Ned – Mean”.
Bubba played some music from The Black Hawnkies.
Scotty Pippin filed a lawsuit against some media outlets that claimed
he was broke.
Boyscouts have dropped some names concerning molestation.
Man masturbates on a woman in NY, gets no jailtime.
San Antonio woman sent to prison for orgey with niece, the niece
completely made the story up.
Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about his many afares.
Hong Kong man wants to pay someone $64,000,000 to turn his Lesbian
daughter straight.
Lora in Charleston said she remembers some friends growing up, the Dad
had pornography everywhere.
Milionair messes nose up with a bunch of cocaine.
Danny Bonnaduce bitten by a fan.
The Black Honkeys in studio, Bubba requested for Brother Phil to
describe each member and have the respective performer play a little
of what they do.
Bubba wishes they woulod’ve played at his wedding.
Brother Phil looks like Peter Wolf.
Phil described his career of music, he then taked about doing a show
with tone Luc very soon.
The Black Honkeys then did some songs, Bubba thinks they’re going to
have a great time at the party, Manson marked out to the horns.
The Black Honkeys then did their version of “Chain of Fools” by Aritha
Franklin; this one had Nicole, a female member on vocals.
Bubba asked iff they could do “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”, Phil said
tey do a lot of medlies, they then did an original called “Blow Your
Mind”, with “Carwash” mixed in.
Big Popper on the phone, he claims to be Phil’s brother, the guys
talked a little, Phil said he was sorry he hasn’t called him sooner.
Sheldon said the band is awesome, he said they played at his wedding,
it’s never a better party, he suggested the guys bring out Big
Danny the Jew said he’s pumped to go to the party, he said it sounds
great on the internet.
The Black Honkeys then closed their set at the show with “Everyday
People” by Sly and the Family Stone.
Everyone in the studio said the band was great, Phil suggested they
all go out for breakfast.
Manson’s 9:40 Segment – “bubba Survivor” (“Manson’s Greatest Hits”,
track 1). The bit is a parody of “Survivor”. Ned is upset with Brent
for not getting any nuts for them. Spice is sick of Brent’s
play-by-play of Sugar Bowl games featuring the Gators, Bubba has a
bigger spoon than anyone else when it comes to eating rice, Ned
admonishes Brent for cutting a promo on everything on the island,
Bubba, Spice and Brent want to vote Manson off, Spice wants to vote
Bubba off, Bubba gets lonely and talks to Hogan on a cell phone he
made out of a clam shell, and Brent finds a mango that Ned had
recently fucked, Bubba thinks the mango tastes great.
Various callers praise The Black Honkeys.

Radioio.com show:

Bubba thanked Wendy Jule for ordering frm bubbaArmy.com.
Mike in south Carolina said The Black Honkeys were great, Bubba said
they’re going to rock at the Christmas party, he then plugged the
upcoming “50 Shades Of Me” album, it’s going to be a six disc set,
five of the 1500 coppies will have a golden ticket, wich will give the
winner a chance to go to the christmas party.
Mike said college Game Day is coming to his town, Bubba told him if he
could get Ned’s face on TV, he’ll get a free copy of the album.
Shane in Portland said he’s been looking for a 2X hoody; he’s not a
dumbass like the phone screener said he was.
Music from The Black Honkeys, Bubba thinks the Christmas party was
lacking atmosphere last year.
Bubba encouraged people to go to Facebook.com and like The Black Honkeys.
Michelle in Ohio said she sent an email to go to the party, but it
didn’t go through, she’s bought a bunch of stuff and attended
Bubbapalooza, she wondered what would happen if a detractor got a
godlen ticket, bubba said he can’t control who gets a ticket, if they
get in, someone will get in and either get their ass kicked, or blend
in and hate when they get home.
Brent thinks the new album will be available the week after this
Friday, Bubba thinks they should call it “50 Shades of Ned”, as Ned is
almost 50% of the album.
Aaron in Kentucky was on hold to talk about NHRA; Ned said he tries to
repress those memories.
Aaron talked about NHRA, he didn’t get his stuff until Friday, Bubba
said Aaron owes him some money, Aaron then gave a NHRA update with Ron
Ned was heard smashing the gong and yelling “Shut the fuck up, we
don’t give a shit.”
Aaron said that he couldn’t go to the party if he won a ticket, Ned
said “I told ya this guy was an asshole”, Aaron then said that if he
does win, he’ll promise that he’ll be there.
Bubba said he’s happy for Scott Ferrall going to CBS Sports radio, he
said he’d like to pay homage to him, Scott will be on 50 radio
stations doing overnights, he wants to get Scott Ferrall on the IO
Joe in San Francisco said he met Scott a few years ago; Scott had
nothing but great things to say about him when he met him.

Ferrall montoge:

1.      “Ferrall In the Delivery room” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 5” track
6, and “The Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 4. The bit features manson
as Scott doing a play-by-play of when 34C, Scott’s wife gave birth.
This bit first aired October 08, 2007.
2.      “Ferrall Sex ine” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 5” track 9, and
“Manson’s Greatest Hits” track 12). The bit has Ferrall doing phone
sex with a homosexual. First aired May 10, 2007.
3.      “Ferrall at The White House” (“Bubba Show Classics Vol. 5” track 8,
and “Political CD” track 12). The bit is a roundtable of Howard Stern,
Bubba, and Scott Ferrall at the White House meeting with George W.
bush, who wants to get the Republican message out to the satellite
4.      “Ferrall nterviews Jesus” (“Bubba Show classics Vol. 5” track 7,
and “The Kabuki Project” track 13). The bit features Ferrall talking
with Jesus, who is played by Spice. First aired September 08, 2006.

Ned told the people to step it up in regards to liking the Black
Honkeys are on Facebook.
Bubba thinks Lawrence is upset that Bubba doesn’t put cynthia on the
air anymore, he hopes he is wrong.
Emails: Ned’s bits are hilarious, great to hear Brent back on the air,
guy thinks Lawrence full of himself, and a guy thinks there’s no more
bubba can do with Blind Lawrence, if he can’t get over it fuck’em.
Deadwood Al said Wagz is the man.
Bubba talked about the new deal on BubbaArmy.com, Ned said he’ll jerk
off in the package.

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