Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30th, 2010 by Staff

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Segment 1 – Auggie Calls in

Auggie came on saying that today was “Car Blonch Tuesday”, he wondered
when he can do a show for the new situation, Bubba told him whatever
he’d like. Auggie asked Ned if he likes his bull, Ned said he loves
it. Bubba said that since Dave left, they haven’t had a new album on
iTunes; it’s up now, “Bubba Show Classics Volume 17”. They then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 –

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas. Bubba came on saying that they’ll be starting the giveaway
on Monday, he then plugged the toy drive at Jim’s Harley Davidson this
Sunday, Ned wondered if he could just sit on the bike, on the flat
bed. Bubba called up Steve from Steps towing, he ended up getting
voicemail, he said they’ve pulled Ned out of the ditch for years, Ned
thinks he should be at the front, he doesn’t want to be in the back
sucking up all the smoke. Bubba said that he has an open day tomorrow;
Spice said that the whipped Lightning isn’t available in Florida. Mike
in Arizona said he’d like to be branded with a Bubba Army logo, Bubba
said he has a place for that, he thinks a metal fabricator could
easily make one for them, he thinks the guy sounds like a Tuddle
Hammil crossover.

“Bubba Show Classics Volume 17”

1. “Sharif Grady Jud Song”
2. 1800AskBrent
3. Brett Farve Voicemail
4. Bubba Theatre – Bubba Dreams
5. Calvin Kline’s Transgression
6. Chicken Dip Update
7. Chubby boy Swag
8. Katy Perry Sesame Street
9. My Name is Farve
10. Name That Really Gay DJ
11. Loved the Way You died
12. Brent Jetsons
13. Bubba 19
14. Bubble Bursting
15. Catholic Altar Boys
16. Hulks’s Shells
17. Monday Night Hatley
18. Ned Councils Twenty-five
19. Koran Burning Filibuster
20. Rebble Bear Call
21. Rubio Killed The Radio Star
22. Straight Talk
23. Talking About Myself
24. That’s Right I Said It – Mosks
25. Wasting Away in Fucking Afghanistan
26. Young Fag Ron
27. Young Ron Breuer
28. Shitter At The Fare

They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails, RJ in the Woods’s final call

Coming out of commercials, we heard “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue
Oyster Colt. Bubba said he’s got some people lined up, he said that
Baba Booey will be at Scene on Thursday from 7:00-9:00. The first
email of the day said that the guys are available on the TSL
application, Bubba said the new situation will start on Monday January
10. Another emailer asked for more information with Jim’s Harley
Davidson’s toy ride, Bubba said it starts at 10, you can register at
JimsHD.com. Another emailer said they worked for a company almost like
Apria, Medicaid paid for a lot of the supplies. Another emailer said
they met Joe from Florida sheds, the emailer likes how the shed comes
the way you like it. Another emailer said that don from the Don and
Mike show is back on radio; Bubba said he’s happy for him. The last
email thanked Bubba for the suggestion of Mike’s Pizza. Dock in
Sarasota said they’ve made brandings, he said they could ship it to
them; he said the name of the company is called “Dragon Tales
Customs”; Bubba thanked him for the call. We then heard RJ’s bumper,
he came on saying he’s done taking his Vietnams for the day, he then
said that he was with a woman he’s known for eight years. Bubba asked
him if they used protection, RJ said he’s fixed, he said back then, a
Vasectomy was $800, he then said the woman needs serious help, he
checked herself into rehab a few days ago, Spice said the guy was
killing him, he then rang the bell a few times. RJ said he got charged
with being a drunk pedestrian, Ned thinks it’s a horrible story, Bubba
thinks if they should ban RJ from calling in. Mike in Michigan thanked
the show for what they’ve done; he asked if you can get previous
content, Bubba said he can’t say at the time. Mike asked about
Bubbapalooza, Bubba said they’ll do them if they feel they’ve got a
big audience. The audience voted on RJ either staying or going, the
end result was 11-3 for him to go, Manson thanked the listeners for
that. Bubba sad he needs some of that whipped Lightning. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Various stuff

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Baba Booey’s
appearance at Scene Night club this Thursday. Bubba said that Tucker
Carlson will be on today at 9:10, he said that on Thursday, Kevin
Hayslett and Aubry Huff will be coming in. Peggy in St. Petersburg
said you could get it at Total Wines. Ed in Naples said that it should
be available in Suite Bay’s Liquor store. We then heard a news clip
about a judge flipping out over a sentence, Bubba thinks the guy is a
dying breed. We then heard a news clip about a man who confessed to
raping a child, the guys goofed on the name of the town, Bubba wonders
if their sending up smoke signals, he then read that a guy shot his TV
after seeing Palin on “Dancing with The Stars”, Spice said that’s the
wrong thing to get mad about, he thinks the TV was just a warning shot
before the guy pointed the gun at his wife, Bubba and Spice did a
recreation as to what that might’ve sounded like. We then heard a news
clip about a woman who was paralyzed after getting pushed into a pool
at a party, Manson thinks the guy got out just in time, Spice thinks
it would be a deal killer, Brent said it’s still on, Bubba said that
her medical bills hare huge, and if they got married, they wouldn’t be
able to get Medicaid, he then said that he and Heather got into a
fight last night, he’s thinking about calling it off, Manson said he’d
go through with it, but then leave her in five years. Brent said that
was a tough one, he then said he’d stick with her, he said he’s doing
it now. Bubba said that if the woman allowed him to get some ass, he’d
stick with her. We then heard a news clip about David Cassidy’s DUI,
Bubba said he missed some of it, he then asked ned about sex with
paralyzed people, ned said it’s not bad, you can do whatever you’d
want, he considers it a bonus. Spice said he knows someone who had sex
with an amputee, Bubba said he’s not going to say the name, the guys
cracked up as to what that would sound like. Kat asked if the roles
were reversed, Spice said Bubba can barely perform now, he thinks
Bubba would be unbearable if he was in a wheelchair, Bubba said that
people have a sense of self entitlement, he said he’s over it, he
thinks maybe it’s him, he said that he’s just over it, Ned told Bubba
to throw her under the bus. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 5 – 2010 Bucket list revisited

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “toys for Tatas” on
December 17, followed by “Ants Go Marching” by The Dave Matthews Band.
Bubba said that Tuddle will be on the streets of Orlando this Friday.
Jeff thinks that if Bubba was in a wheelchair, it wouldn’t be the
same. Bubba then said that everyone with an iPhone has had to go to
the Genius Bar, Bubba thinks all they do there is talk down to you,
Spice said he had dropped his phone, the screen got messed up, he said
he went to The iHospital, he said everyone was friendly, he said it’s
4530 West Kennedy BLVD in Tampa, Manson said it’s brilliant. Spice
said that Fat Casper’s brother runs it, Bubba said that if Fat Casper
was in charge, he’d run, he then read a story about an 11 year-old
girl seeing a murder/suicide. We then heard the 911 call about that,
Spice said that whenever he hears a call with someone who has died,
it’s scary, he thinks 911 operator has got to be the worst job, Bubba
likes how the woman is cutting a promo, he then read that two women
were arrested shop lifting, the people were stuffing the merchandise
in their fat. Bubba took a call from a woman who said that she’s been
listening since they first came on in Orlando, the woman suggested the
guys go to Orange Avenue. Bubba remembers some places in Orlando, the
woman said Club Wanna closed years ago, she said the show isn’t the
same without him, she said she works for a news paper company, Spice
told her that it won’t be around in a few years. We then heard a news
clip about the Casey Anthony defense team, Spice said it’s sad that
there’s three different prosecutors for the case. Bubba thinks the “My
Trunk” bit is the stiffest one of all, he then said he was looking at
the bucket list for 2010 (December 15, 2009), he thinks none of it got
accomplished, he then said this is probably one of the more
controversial bits they ever did, Spice said he can’t imagine anyone
thinking she’s innocent, Bubba said this is all news that has been
reported, he thinks Gaylord Palms canceled because of this. We then
heard the song from “bubba’s new and Misc Hits Vol. 9” track 9, and
“The Clemulus package” disc 1, track 16. We then heard a news clip
about Steve Johnson blaming God for dropping a pass, Bubba thinks the
guy is an idiot, he thinks the guy is still sucking in his pot smoke.
Todd said the song was brutal, Bubba said he feels for the kid. We
then heard a news clip about a hostage situation, Bubba thinks it was
because the Packers lost, he then told one o the guys in the clip to
get over it, Spice cracked up at that. We then heard a news clip about
Willie Nelson getting arrested for Marijuana possession, Bubba said he
could care less. Bubba said he has the bucket list for 2010, Spice
thinks he could carry his over. Brent said he’s working on a book,
it’s not fiction, he’s about half way through de hording himself, he’s
not below 185, he went backwards on beating depression. Bubba then
went over Ned’s list, Ned didn’t accomplish anything on the list,
except for his sandwich. Bubba then went over manson’s list, he thinks
Manson accomplished what he wanted to do, he said the Pagan potheads
worked out for him, Manson said he did nothing for the community.
Bubba then went over Spice’s list, nothing was accomplished, Manson
thinks that’s a bad double header. Bubba then went over his list, the
guys cracked up when he mentioned losing 40 pounds, Manson said that
if Bubba stays below 300 pounds, he’ll be fine. Bubba said he was able
to vacation with just him and Heather, and Canada Bubbapalooza were
accomplished, he said that he’s 2/10, Spice said getting these done is
tough, he thinks they should do five things from now on. Jeff said
that he read some letters to Casey Anthony, he said the guys are doing
a great job. Bubba asked Spice about Brazers, he said they’ve got a
lot of porn, Spice said his internet isn’t up, he said he’s porn less,
Brent said he’s got plenty of stuff, the website is Brazzers.com.
Bubba said they need to get into the Hogan A&E special, Spice said he
was tired of the E network special. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 6 – The guys explore Cream

Bubba said that Tucker Carlson will be coming on soon, he then said
that some people from GiveMeCream.com came by, Ned thinks he had that
domain years ago but forgot about it. Spice tried a little, Ned was
heard making some noises, he said he’ll try some, he said Spice was
standing over him, Bubba cracked up at Ned saying his mouth was
hungry, he then said he’ll cream himself, he said cold cream is better
than warm cream, he thinks Ned will commandeer the cream, Ned thinks
the black can is bigger than every other can, Spice suggests they do a
body shot, Ned said no to that, Bubba cracked up at Ned with cream all
over his face, he then gave himself some Cream, Ned thinks Bubba’s
trick with his mouth was amazing, Spice said for some reason, you’re
supposed to not have it in the fridge. Bubba then goofed on Ned
ordering from Chad, Ned thinks he’ll eat all the cream and go to the
hospital to get his stomach pumped, this had Bubba laughing his ass
off, Bubba thinks it makes them loopy. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Tucker Carlson calls in, Marc Dobson

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Twelve Boobs of
Christmas winners, followed by Tucker Carlson’s bumper. Tucker said
that he had about 30 people at his Thanksgiving, Spice wishes his
house could hold 5. Bubba asked Tucker how much Swanson stuff he has,
Tucker said he has a lot of Microwavable turkey, he said he just roles
with it, Brent said he heard that Tucker’s Mother’s name is Swanson,
Tucker said that the last name is Swedish, he then told the guys about
Bubba’s Wikipedia page, Brent said anyone can edit it, he then read
Tucker’s Wikipedia page, Tucker said this was torture, he said he
doesn’t listen to people at times. Bubba asked Tucker about tricking
the Hawker.com guys into thinking he was Keith Olberman, he said his
email is keith@ketholberman.com, he said he has a license to practice
journalism. Brent said that the movie “the Yes men Fix the World” is a
great movie, Tucker then said Keith is a pare shaped girl, Brent said
Keith was great with Dan Patrick on ESPN, Tucker thinks bubba is just
saying that, he thinks Keith is out of control. Bubba said that
someone emailed him saying that Tucker should write the foreword to
Bubba’s book, Brent said the editor of the book has written some
books, Tucker thinks it’s great, he said that he’ll want Royalties.
Bubba said that he’s very skeptical of stuff, as his TV deal got
yanked out from under him, Tucker wonders why Bubba would want to go
to TV, Bubba thinks he’s making sense, Brent said TV is way over
thought. Bubba said that he has Mark Dobson on hold, Spice said the
videos are amazing. The guys cracked up when they discovered Manson
had fallen asleep, Brent said if that was him, he’d be fired. Bubba
said that he enjoys Sex on the Beach, Tucker thinks it’s a girl drink,
Bubba said it shows the sensitive side of him, he then asked Tucker
about gays in the Military, Tucker said he’s all for it, he said that
some people don’t have to meet certain requirements. Brent said the
marine core discriminates against women, Bubba said he agrees with
Tucker on this, Tucker thinks as soon as Bubba hangs up, Bubba will
diss Keith Olberman, he then plugged DailyCaller.com. Jamie in
Massachusetts said that he heard Howard talking about Ronnie, he said
Howard is upset that Bubba lost the Miami station, Bubba said the
guy’s accent is messing him up. Mark Dobson came on, he said he’ll be
going to the Keys on December 26. Bubba said that Manson was
impressed, mark said even he’s impressed with his talents, he said
it’s about timing, he said he’s on seven months, he’s still learning,
he said he’s played music for 20 years, this is a new thing for him.
Bubba asked if he could do a little performance for them, mark said
they could do it, he said the drums are louder than his vocals, he
said he’d love to come to the studio, Manson said he can’t wait, he
said he was totally out. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 8 – Marc Dobson performs via phone

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Toys For Tatas” on
December 17. Bubba asked where Cocoa beach was, Spice said it’s near
Orlando. We then heard a clip of Derik Anderson having a meltdown
after the game, Spice thinks he sounds like a dick, Bubba said this is
a classic turn around. We then heard a clip of David Cassidy getting
arrested for a dui, Spice called him “lazy eye”, Bubba wondered if the
cop was being a dick, Spice said they were under a bridge, Manson
thinks he doesn’t sound drunk, he thinks Kevin Hayslett could get avid
off. Marc came back on, he said he’s strapped up, he then explained
his set up, Spice thinks the guy needs some help. Mark then played
“Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles, Bubba said this was just one guy
playing all this. Spice said he’s got one instrument, he then pounded
the gong, Marc said he has four wireless microphones with him when he
plays, he then played a little “You Shook me All Night Long”, he then
played bit of “Piano Man”, bubba said this was all over a cell phone,
Marc said he’s had a hard time selling this act, Bubba plugged
MarcDobson.com, marc thanked the guys for having him on, Spice said it
was amazing to him, bubba said you have to see it visually. They then
ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. jordan mclean

    Jabber jaw audio from 9/26-29 of 2008 work now Bubba best luck to you and the guys in whatever you do come january sirius or Radio-io droid2 user god bless

  2. Joe Rooneyt

    I dropped my Sirius subscription telling them I don’t like the way they treat their talent and that I will only resubscribe if they resign the Bubba the Love Sponge show to a long term EXCLUSIVE contract.

    Good Luck Boys -I will be checking out btls.com for updates-.

  3. mimi

    loved the cream segment…11/30/10
    looking up the web site to order for my work x-mas party(which is all female)! First tuned into Bubba on the power pig, I now live in Melbourne & have reconnected. although u guys cross the lines at times I still love the way u make me laugh and most importantly…
    keep me informed! Keep up the good work & F>>K the polls:)

  4. Joe from NY

    My Sirius starmate 3 died on thanksgiving night on my way home. I bought a new Starmate 5 from TSS-Radio just to here the last few weeks of Howard 101.

    I intend to cancel my subscription when the show ends. Sirius is run by a bunch of scumbags. Patrick Donnelly leads the pack as an exceptional round mouth.

    If Sirius doesnt resign Howard, Bubba, and Ferrall, I’m done.

    We will follow you guys on BTLS & BubbaArmy.com!

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