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Top Stories:
Pot in baby’s room wasn’t ‘just a plant on a window sill’
Melee during birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese
Man Jailed For Allegedly Paying Teen To Spit On Him
Va. Teen Dies in Wood Chipper Accident
Fatal shooting at Venice Courthouse

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Bubba Army, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Maxwell gone, coming up on the show

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Pinch Me” as bumper music. Bubba asked Spice to guess the iPod
selection, he guessed Manson’s, he got it. The guys goof on the song
“One Week”, Bubba said he only knows two words in the whole song.
Bubba took a call from a guy who thanked him for showing up for work,
he said some Bubba is better than no Bubba at all, he wondered if
Bubba would invite Janessa Brazil to the Bubba Wonka event, he wonders
if she’ll be there for the Homeless thanksgiving. Bubba went over last
night’s football game; he thinks Jeff Fisher is going to cause his own
demise. Bubba recapped what they’ve got coming up on the show today,
the homeless people are coming in at around seven with the scrub down,
a jazz guy will be in for some music, at around 8:20, the feast will
start. Spice wonders how they’ll eat, Bubba said they’ll take the six
pack of cigarettes and Miller Lite, he said they have a special green
room for them, they have some folding chairs outside the BRN, he said
they love it out back. Bubba said that Maxwell got let go from his job
in radio, the guys think he’s a jackass. Bubba went over David
Reutimann’s charity this weekend; they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 2 – Clothing discussions, emails, Tasha going to Chip and Dales?

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Van Halen’s “Dreams” as bumper music. Bubba said you have until
December 15 to pre-order “Bubba Wonka”, he wants Skin industries to
help him out with the Ned Dragons shirt, he thinks that Skin and Tap
out shirts are cool, Spice said Affliction and Ed Hardly shirts make
people look like douchebags. Sean in Lakeland was on, Bubba dumped him
for saying tit, Bubba said Tyler is only allowed to play sports games,
he said that Undertaker isn’t raping Jericho. Tom in Kentucky thinks
the Packers will lose, Brent said they could get their football picks
done. Bubba read an email from Blind Lawrence requesting a tymbal,
after writing up to 1 million words, we then heard it. Bubba thinks
Lawrence has smelled Spice’s ass at least thirty times. Another
emailer thinks Bubba did the right thing with the Sirius gig. Bubba
said he’s going to let the powers that be work it out, he said it’s
not going to be the event that it once was. Another emailer said the
show is a breath of fresh air, Bubba said the signal in Dayton isn’t
all that powerful. Another emailer thinks Bubba is a business genius.
Another emailer asked if the window stickers will stick to the side of
his truck, Bubba thinks they’re just for windows. Another emailer
asked if Howard will retire, Bubba thinks Howard won’t be retiring
anytime soon. Bubba told Spice he has a wedding to plan; Spice said he
wasn’t sure about that, he said they had a bit of a tiff last night.
Spice said he got a call from her saying that she’d like to go to Chip
and Dales, Bubba hit the buzzer sound a few times, he said he’s never
met a woman who would like to see that, the guys think it’s early
80’s. Bubba thinks she can’t loop Spice’s work into it, Spice said
he’s only gone to the Dollhouse without her once, he said he’s not
going to a chip and Dale show, as he’s not a fag, Bubba said this
topic wouldn’t even be brought up with Manson. Spice thinks guys don’t
want their girls going to a show like that. Bubba said the only
exception he’d make would be if a bunch of girls would be going out
together, he said that Dr. Joe texted him, calling the guys “insecure
pussies”. Bubba thinks Spice should let her go. Spice said it ended
okay, he said he feels bad for taking the call. Bubba said he’s
married, and he’s trying to make it work. Spice wonders if he’s being
a dick, Bubba thinks so, he told Spice to just let her go, Manson is
convinced that Tasha will leave him for a Chip and Dale’s dancer.
Another emailer said she and her husband got into an argument over who
was better, MJ or Bubba, she said she was listening to MJ for a while.
The last email of the day thanked Bubba for the gift card; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Joe the Supermark calls in, Homeless scrub down

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into some Third Eye Blind as bumper music. Bubba said
they’ve been doing this every year, he plugged that Eric Darius is
coming in, Spice said he was born in Tampa, Bubba read from his
Wikipedia page. We then heard a sample of his work, Bubba wishes he
could play a saxophone, Spice as a chick, Bubba said not to mind T
Quest with the beats. Bubba wonders what kind of ass can Eric get in
Miami; he said there’s some last minute drama with the homeless
people. Bubba potted up the green room, Bubba cracked up at something
Hammil did, the guys think it’s shady. Spice said one of the homeless
guys is an African American gay man, who refuses to get scrubbed down
by a woman, Bubba wants Pantera to help out with this, Spice thinks
Pantera is homophobic, Bubba asked for Al-kida to get down to his
underwear. We then heard Joe the Supermark’s bumper, Bubba told Joe to
get his up, Joe said he’s doing fabulous. Bubba said Al-kida treated
Joe like a mark, Bubba thinks you don’t treat someone like that, Bubba
asked for Al-kida to come in to explain. Joe said he was talking to
some friends, he said Al motioned him over and said that he offered
Joe five dollars for a picture. Bubba told Al that he shouldn’t be
asking Joe for a picture. Bubba told him to shut up, he told him to
get out of character; he told him he doesn’t have much of a gimmick.
Joe said he just laughed it off, Bubba said he has a problem with
that, Al ended up apologizing to Joe, Bubba told him to let it go, he
told him to get out and start scrubbing the homeless man, Ned thinks
Al should have some briefs, he doesn’t’ like the boxers. Joe said he
has the audio of Bubba talking to Joe about his tattoo, we then heard
the clip, where Bubba told Joe he would take him out with Hogan, Bubba
wondered what he was thinking, Spice thinks they stiffed him. Bubba
asked Joe if he could be the energy that he once was, Bubba thinks Joe
is a psychologist’s dream; Joe said his Mom’s former psychologist has
left. Bubba wonders what kind of show do they have where guys act
incredibly gay for Hogan stuff. Joe told the guys to enjoy their time
off, Bubba asked him to be happy. Bubba didn’t know if he had a Juicey
Fruit bumper, Juicey Fruit said he does, Bubba went through the
various bumpers he has, he’s not listed, Juicey Fruit wished everyone
a happy Thanksgiving. Juicey Fruit said he just ordered his Bubba
Wonka, Juicey said he’s in Cincinnati. Bubba potted up the audio of
the green room, Animal said he loved Janessa washing him, Hammil asked
her to not take her gloves off for any reason, Bubba thinks the guy is
a body builder. Animal said he lives in a house, Bubba thinks he wants
to fight hammil, he asked for Al-kida to come in for security reasons.
Hammil told her to scrub the guy’s ass, Spice thinks the guy has stab
wounds, the guy said he fell three stories at Blake high school,
hammil wonders if he was on drugs, the guy said he doesn’t need drugs
he said he likes marijuana. The guys couldn’t stop laughing at the
guy. Bubba wondered if they got toothbrushes, Bubba wants them to use
the same one; he likes how Janessa is giving orders. Hammil asked him
the last time the guy brushed his teeth was, the guy said he has about
ten. The next guy came in, Jim. Bubba said he has a hot water heater,
although it’s not that big. Bubba likes how Jim is tall, Jim liked
Janessa. Hammil asked him what happened to his money, Bubba wonders
what’s living in Jim’s beard. Hammil asked him how long it’s been in
the last time he took a shower; Jim said it was about two weeks. Bubba
cracked up at Janessa turning the brush upside-down. Bubba said
they’ll do the gay guy next, Bubba thinks this will be solid gold.
Hammil asked him who he’d select, the guys cracked up at his
selection. Hammil asked him the last time he had a shower, the guys
were calling him boo boo, Bubba wondered if he was pregnant, Manson
thinks the guy is money. Bubba is sort of bummed out after learning
the guy is a catcher, he cracked up at the scrub down. Hammil told him
they were on a Christian Radio show, Bubba suggested Al-kida give him
a pedicure, Bubba had to dump the audio. Bubba told Al-kida to party
on him; Al said he’d do it, Hammil told him to take his shirt off. The
guys were cracking up at the audio; Manson liked how Al-kida tapped
out. Bubba proposes they have a slow dance, Bubba put on some club
music, the guys were cracking up at this. Hammil told the guy he has a
new purple toothbrush for him, Bubba thinks they should bring Pantera
in to size him up. The guys had a hard time figuring out what the
homeless guy was saying, the guys cracked up when the guy denied
Pantera. Bubba told Hammil to get the other guys scrubbed up during
commercials, he said it was probably one of the funniest segments
they’ve ever had he recapped it. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Bubba’s Blood Donating issue

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said he’s glad that the bumper music wasn’t playing
when the homeless guy was in the shower. Bubba said he’s got a story,
he said he’s confused with something, he went on to say that his
doctor told him he should donate blood every sixty days or so, Bubba
said he’s done it a few times; he said it’s a great thing. Bubba
explained the Alex machine, it takes double the amount of blood, the
red cells are taken out, and the other stuff goes back in. Bubba
wonders why they don’ have the machine at the locations, he said
they’re only on the blood mobiles, he made an appointment for November
17 for Twelve noon, he got emailed on the 13th of November saying the
event he had was scheduled was canceled, he reserved a spot for 11”30,
he got there at 11”25, he thinks the woman acted as if she didn’t want
him there, he was asked to come back around three, Bubba said he’s
been chasing these guys. Spice thinks he shouldn’t comment on this
issue, Bubba said he’s trying his hardest to be nice. Bubba said
getting a hold of someone at the blood services is like calling the
Whitehouse. Spice said he doesn’t trust the blood mobiles, JB said
Bubba appointment should’ve been on there, Spice wonders who he is.
Bubba said everyone goes there, he said people feel more comfortable
going to the center, JB said 75% of people in the database are using
the bus, JB said the Golden Corral is a bad idea. Bubba said he’s
trying to exercise his restraint, JB thinks bubba is right in this
case. Bubba said he could’ve donated blood twice by now, he said he’s
appreciative of what they do. JB said he’d like to hook Bubba up with
an appointment, Bubba said he tries to be an anonymous donator. Bubba
hopes the powers that be will discuss this, JB said if it’s happening
to Bubba, it’s happening to other people. Bubba put him on hold; he
said he doesn’t care how much an Alex machine costs, just to get it.
Spice did an announcer voice asking that you donate blood; Bubba said
he’s kicking himself in the ass for not starting a blood service. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Eric Darius jams at the BRN, Homeless Christmas songs

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. Bubba
had some Eric Darius as bumper music; he said Eric is from Tampa. Eric
came in, he said he does what he can, he said he’s lived here since he
was three. Bubba wonders how big of a group does he have, Eric said
most of the guys are from Tampa and Orlando, Spice said he remembers
when he saw Eric at a small café, Bubba said he’d like to see him and
Mindi Abaire, Eric said he likes her. Bubba thinks Eric should get
back in the studio, he said people can do it from a home studio, Eric
said he records in Los Angeles, he said his record label is called
Blue note. Eric said he grew up listening to various formats of music,
Bubba wonders about Kenny G, Spice asked him who would win in a fight,
him or Kenny G, Eric said you’d have to see how that happens. Bubba
asked Eric to play some stuff for them, Manson asked him to do the
saxophone solo from “urgent”, Eric then did the theme from the
Simpsons, the guys were cracking up, Spice joked they jobbed him out
with that. Brent asked him if he’d ever wanted to be like Clarence
Clemons, Manson as Springsteen said Clarence was getting old. Eric
said the guy is good at what he does. Spice asked about Clinton when
he played the saxophone, Eric said he’s limited. We then heard
“”urgent” by Foreigner, Bubba joked that Eric is too young to
understand it, Eric played along with the song, Manson thinks it’s
torture for Eric, he wonders why they don’t have the fast forward
technology, bubba said they can’t do it on the button bar. The guys
were impressed at Eric doing the solo; Spice apologized for making
Eric play the Simpsons theme. Bubba likes how Eric is local; Eric said
he wants it to be a traditional thing. Bubba brought the homeless guys
in; the guys cracked up at the gay black guy, one of the other guys
said that he doesn’t know who the Dad is. Homeless John said the other
guy can’t wear a Santa hat, as his head is too big, John accused the
black guy of groping him, John accused the black guy of eyeballing him
while he was in the shower. Homeless Manson said he’s doing great,
Spice thinks he looks like Santa with aids. Bubba wonders where the
other guys are, Homeless Manson said they ran away, one of the guys
said they were in jail. The black guy said he majored in microbiology,
homeless Manson recapped the Homeless Scott situation, where Scott had
a job, only to not like working. The guys feel bad for Eric; Bubba
said this isn’t on his rider. Bubba wonders if animal and the black
guy are a couple, Animal said he has a wife. One of the guys kept
saying not, Bubba had to hit the dump button a few times, Animal said
he’s a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Bubba asked Animal if he’s had
sex with the black guy, Bubba thinks they should take away one of the
guys’s beers, Brent thinks they should give the microphone to Homeless
Manson. The guys were cracking up at the stuff going on, the black guy
said Eric isn’t all that. Manson said this has inspired him to be
homeless, Bubba thinks they have it made. Spice asked the guys to open
up their books to page 2; Bubba asked for Al-kida to come in with his
underwear on, he said he’s going to give the black guy an audience.
Eric said he can do “Deck The Halls”, Bubba thinks Eric also knows how
to get out of the studio. One of the guys think the opening note
sounds like a bus. Eric went into the song; the homeless guys chimed
in, the guys cracked up a little. Manson said all the black guy did
was make googly eyes during the song, Spice asked the guys to get to
the next song, Bubba thinks one of the homeless guys looks like Scott
Ferrall, bubba had him say “shake it up”, the guy did. Eric went into
“Jingle Bells”; Spice had to correct some of the guys for getting the
song wrong. Bubba gave the guys a tymbal; one of the guys was yelling
what a few times. Bubba asked for the black guy to get up and do a
solo, they then went into “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, Bubba said
he’s smashing the dump button, he cracked up a little while the guys
were singing, Spice encouraged them to sing louder. We then heard the
tymbal, Bubba thinks they should do “silent Night”, Eric said his site
is ericdarius.com, Brent told Eric he was a good sport, Bubba told the
black guy to quit being focused on the other guy. Manson thinks
Al-kida looks miserable, Bubba told the black guy that if he sounds
horrible, he’ll send Boo boo home. Bubba for Al to kiss the black guy
on the neck, the black guy said it wasn’t correct. Bubba wishes there
was a fire escape, he thinks he’s in “Saw”. They then did “Silent
Night”; the black guy thinks Al-kida is hot. Bubba thinks Eric is
itching to get out, the guys think Vince would sign Al to a deal asap.
Bubba asked the guys to step out; he thinks Eric’s manager is the
safest person in the room. Al said he knows the guy likes him. Eric
said he’s going to play “Just Like That”, a song from his new album,
we then heard it, Eric played along with the track. The guys were
impressed by Eric’s work; Bubba thinks he could burn some calories by
playing the saxophone. Ric said he’s doing “Because Of You”, Spice
mocked Bubba as he was reading the tracks, Bubba told him to shut up.
Eric thinks the Chris Brown thing is messed up. We then heard the
track, Eric played along with it. We then heard the tymbal, Spice said
you can almost hear the lyrics, Eric said he thinks of himself as a
singer. Bubba hopes they can have him back; Eric thanked the guys for
having him on. Bubba told him to take advantage of them, as they’ll
take advantage of him. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – the homeless guys say Grace

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into some Eric Darius as bumper music. Bubba wondered if Brent was on,
Brent said he was. Bubba read about a Crash-o-romma in Orlando this
Friday, Bubba thinks it’s like Survivor Series on a race track. Bubba
brought Janessa Brazil in, Bubba explained they have two tables, a
table for guys, and a table for couples, the black guy said he liked
having Al-kida oiled up, Janessa said she’s been oiled up. Bubba asked
that they bring in the mad man, Spice told him not to curse. Animal
said he loves his wife, he said he loves the black guy as a friend, he
said he’s a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. Bubba had to dump him for
saying something, he went on to plug “Bubba Wonka”, you’ll get a
coupon for Janessa’s site. Bubba asked the black guy if he prays, he
said yes, Bubba called him the homeless Warren Sapp. Bubba had him say
Grace; he then went into a prayer. Bubba thinks Homeless Manson would
be able to do a better job, Homeless Manson delivered a prayer. Bubba
had Homeless John do one; he said he was new to this, the guys cracked
up when he said that we should rock on. Bubba said its open mic to
anyone, Animal delivered a prayer. Bubba had Homeless Jim, Bubba got
sidetracked with a guy almost puking, Animal had a spit up, he thinks
they should have the bucket near him. Homeless Jim delivered a prayer.
Bubba handed the mic over to Homeless Tom, bubba wonders if he’s okay,
Tom said he’s fine. Homeless Tom delivered a prayer; bubba thinks
Tom’s prayer was the most realistic one. They then went to commercials
a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Homeless Thanksgiving

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Powerman 5,000. Bubba said Dave from Back9BBQ dropped off some
dip, he wonders if the Janessa will like it. Bubba got sidetracked
with Janessa talking with John, he said he hasn’t’ been with a girl
that pretty. John said he’s a Stealer fan, Bubba told the guys to be
quiet, he thinks Twenty-five likes being mean to white people, he then
convinced the black guy to give Al-kida is massage, Bubba yelled for
Twenty-five to tell some of the guys to shut up. Bubba thinks one of
the guys is a homeless Flip Willson, he thinks Janessa Brazil left.
Bubba checked in on Homeless Manson, Manson said he was doing fine.
The black guy said he likes Al-kida more; he said color has nothing to
do with it. Homeless Manson said he hasn’t been arrested in a year, he
said it’s not a good place to sleep. Animal said he’s not much of an
eater, he said he smokes cigarettes, he said he likes Natural Ice, he
said he gets an attitude with jack Daniels, Brent said that even a
homeless guy knows that Jack Daniels is a problem, Bubba thinks
they’ve had to dump a lot of stuff today. Bubba explained that Julie
from Atlantic medical Supplies sent them some stuff, he joked that
Al-kida needs toddler sized condoms. Spice thinks you can’t ask
open-ended questions, Bubba thinks they should let the guys enjoy
their food; he thinks Al-kida and Flip Willson should be in the green
room. Spice likes Animal’s voice, Animal said he’d like to rock and
roll this place, Bubba had him yell “Free Bird” a few times, one of
the guys sang a little, the guys were cracking up, Bubba told animal
he would kick his ass, Bubba is incensed that Animal is talking smack,
Animal apologized for what he did. Bubba thinks they should go to
commercials, he thinks it’s getting out of control; they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Various discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba said he had to abandon the homeless Thanksgiving
feast, Brent said they were thankfully smashed, Bubba wonders how much
of this was getting through, he thinks Miller had to get them drunk
enough to get them there. Bubba said all the skinny ones don’t eat;
Bubba suggested they have cigarettes and beer. Bubba really liked one
of the guys saying that he can’t have jack Daniels, Brent wonders what
they put in it, Bubba suggests gasoline, he then went on to say that
Janessa will be at Toys for tits, also Lexy Love will be at the avn
awards, Brent said WWE is donating toys for the 18. Bubba thinks
Janessa will be at the Orlando gig, he wishes he could get a hold of
Dave to give him the locations for his chicken dip, he then found
something about that, he listed off the locations. Janessa said she
can’t keep her hands off the dip, Bubba wishes she was saying that
about his package, Bubba said he has a headache; the guys thanked
various people who helped out for today. Janessa said her man had a
blowout. Bubba thinks Kevin Vargas is money, he thinks Kevin is the
sharpest person ever. Spice said Twenty-five has thirty-eight porn
stars in his phone, she said she deals with Miller, Bubba said she was
discovered by Hooknose Mike, Brent said it’s Howardtv.com. We then
heard the voice girl from Jacksonville, he thinks it’s good. Bubba
said he had Mandy rivers record some stuff, he thinks it turned out
really well; Bubba doesn’t think he has her stuff. Bubba played some
bumpers looking for her, he couldn’t find anything. Bubba thinks they
should apologize to Al-kida. Bubba took a call from a guy who said
he’s a true fan who paid $400; Bubba said he would feel better about
the certificates. The guy is thinking about exchanging a “Bubba wonka”
for Joe’s collection of shows from 2006. Bubba said he has two clips
of her, we then heard bumper, Spice thinks she has a serious smoker’s
voice. Bubba thanked Al-kida for taking a bullet, Al said it started
out over there with dinner; he said the guy was looking at him all
funny with a carrot. Eric said the power of the show is amazing, he
said he was right behind a woman with a tub of Bakc9bbq chicken dip,
Bubba said it’s like Pringles; Brent said he outlaws Pringles in his
house, as he eats the whole can. We then heard one of Mandy’s bumpers;
Brent thinks it’s really good. We then heard another bumper; Bubba
thinks she has a good sound. They then ended the show a few seconds

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