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Top Stories:
Stephanie Ragusa asks for indigence in court today
Llama Attack Ends in 700 Stitches
Schwarzenegger drops in on US troops in Iraq
Alabama robbery suspect loses part of his nose after struggling with men at a house
7 month-old baby Valle Hernandez survives being trapped in washing machine
Mysterious sea creature spotted in Madeira Beach canal
Girl in prostitution-kid case found dead
Titans owner Adams fined $250K for gesture

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Sports

The show started off with “Interstate Love Song” as bumper music.
Bubba plugged what they’ve got coming up on the show; Brent thinks
Junior Seau is hall of fame material. Bubba said he has a guest coming
in at 8:15 to discuss the Priest. We then heard the audio feed of
channel 10, Spice said he can’t be proud of sleeping with Ragoosa now,
Brent said what Bubba gave him was very revealing. Bubba and Spice
discussed John Gruden’s deal, Bubba wants to get him on, Bubba said
Gruden makes the game exciting, Manson said the game last night was
horribly boring. We then heard a clip about that. Bubba recapped some
sports scores, the guys discuss if Seau is on the roster. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Budd Adams flips the fans, birthdays, Jesse James Dupree’s
new single

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Spice, then into “In The End” by Link and Park as bumper
music. Bubba plugged David Reutimann’s golf event, Brent said that
Seau has played two games so far in the season. The guys discussed his
show, that takes a look behind the scenes in various sports, Spice
thinks being a bat boy has got to be cool, Bubba said he saw the
episode last night, he thinks baseball players are coddled. JP asked
Bubba his thoughts on a race, Bubba said he missed it; he did T-vo it.
The guy gave a recap of it; someone rang the bell, followed by a
cowbell, then an anti-racing bumper. Bubba got distracted with Ned
opening up a Miller Lite; he noisily slurped it down, saying he loved
his job. Forest asked about Manson’s “white Guys In the NBA” bit that
Bubba had to dump out of, Bubba said he and Manson looked at each
other during the bit and said they like the current gig, he said Miami
has them running scared. Bubba asked the people of Miami to come down
to Dean’s Gold on Friday night. Bubba said he doesn’t have any
bargaining power, Manson said it’s the wrong place, wrong time. Spice
thinks flipping the bird to Buffalo numerous times, we then heard a
news clip about Budd Adams flipping off the fans. Bubba likes how
Roger Goodell was there, the guys think Bud has moxy, Manson said he
would stroke checks after doing that. Bubba went over some birthdays;
Spice thinks Daisy Fuentes looked steamy. He then went on to say that
today is Gordon Lightfoot’s birthday, we then heard “The Wreck of the
Edmund Fitzgerald” for a few seconds, Bubba thinks it was a big hit in
1976, he thinks something like that wouldn’t be done. The guys think
channel 10 is on fire, Spice said that Leno is single-handedly ruining
TV. We then heard Jesse James Dupree’s “My Moonshine Kicks Your
cocaine’s Ass”, Bubba thinks it sounds like a tribute to Brian
Johnson. The guys goof on the song a little, Bubba was laughing his
ass off, Manson thinks Jesse was on the floor with a fat guy standing
on his back. Bubba said the guys will be at Sting Ray Chevy for the
check presentation, he said they made about $12,000 per family. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for various locations
where you can get Bubba Army stuff, then into Ned’s “I Suck In Miami
Bitch”. We then heard some Nickelback as bumper music; Bubba said he
plays that bit just to prove how badly they get censored. Spice said
ten years ago, he used to hear Bubba say stuff about various theories
he had, Bubba said Randy shut him down during the hog deal. Bubba said
the guy coming in doesn’t know who Jason is; he took it upon himself
to contact the cops. Bubba read that leno’s ratings are doing
horrible. Manson thinks whoever did that should be fired. Bubba said
the one thing that gets him off his diet is Back 9 BBQ’s chicken dip;
Manson described it as having nacho cheese, pieces of chicken, and
cream cheese. Bubba told Dave he has lightning in a bottle with the
chicken dip, Manson said he would eat that stuff during a football
game. The first emailer said he was an auctioneer, Manson said Dr. Joe
Saturley is like that. Another emailer said you can cook anything
frozen with the presto pizza maker. Jordan said he’ll be going to
Bubba’s hometown, Bubba thinks he’ll drive himself crazy, Jordan said
he didn’t get a Golden ticket, he said he got number 144. Bubba said
that Bubba Raw Volume 4 is out today, Bubba gave a rundown as to
what’s on it.

1. Rat Coffin
2. Bree Olson
3. Human Resources
4. Janessa Brazil
5. Clem Gym workout
6. Tom the Treeman Fireworks
7. Tonk the Bare
8. Eat a pizz
9. Heather Vandeven
10. Fat Casper Belly Button
11. Baund Fire
12. Lummox VS Zit
13. Easter Egg Hunt
14. Blind Fold Wiffle Ball bat
15. Squirt the puss
16. Tact Dodge ball

Tim in Alabama said he loves the show, he wonders if Bubba will put up
some more codes on Twitter. Another emailer said his son was teased
over and over again the kid finally snapped and punched the kids in
the face. The kid came home with a messed up arm and dried blood on
his nose. The kid was rushed to the hospital, Manson thinks hitting
the kid with a bat isn’t normal bullying. Bubba said they only got two
complaint letters about the hot chick dying, he said people can’t
handle the truth; we heard the “you can’t handle the truth” sounder a
few times. Bubba read an email about one of the killers of the girl,
he hung himself. Another emailer said they grew up with Jimmy Johnson,
the emailer thinks Jimmy would like the show; Bubba said Jimmy is a
great guy. Another emailer thinks local television is corrupted. Bubba
said he thrives on being that guy. Another emailer said they’re a tow
truck driver, he said the first sign of a bad company is one that is
in a parking lot. Another emailer was incensed over Bubba’s comments
on the hot chick dying. Bubba wonders what he said that was so bad, he
wonders how it comments can be twisted, Spice said he’s not seeing it,
he said society looks at hot girls dying differently than ugly people
that die. Bubba said he has to be the bad guy. Bubba read an email
from a woman who wrote to Debbie, the gm of the Orlando station. The
guys think the emailer is fat; ned thinks she won’t be killed. Bubba
thinks the emailer is missing the point, Spice their making an
argument for them. Bubba said there’s a glass ceiling for not so hot
looking people; he said a lot of guys like that go to radio. Bubba
said he would’ve quit the emailer before she quit them, the guys think
she’s listening, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Junior Seau On the Phone

Bubba came back from break and said he’s nervous talking to Junior
Seau; he went to him a few seconds later. Bubba thinks they have him
off on Tuesdays to talk to radio shows, Junior said he’s been busy
with Verses, he said they allow the pros to be pros, he said he gets
dirty with them. Bubba said he’s never seen an athlete doing stuff
like that, Junior said the best thing is recognizing the people he
works with. Bubba likes how this is a guy thing, he said the guys who
do these jobs are real guys. Junior said they don’t hide anything;
he’s treated like a rookie. Spice asked him about being in the nfl,
Junior said in twenty years, his friends are equipment managers and
balls boys. Bubba thinks the baseball guys are coddled, Junior cracked
up at this, he said it opened a lot of eyes. Junior said as a bat boy,
he had to wash a car, but in the nfl, you’d be washing a truck. Junior
said working with the Dodgers was a great experience; he said he went
to Costco. Bubba said each ball in baseball has to be hand mudded;
Junior said there’s an educational part of the show. Bubba asked him
what Manny was like, Junior described him as quiet. Bubba went over
the schedule for Junior’s show; Spice is interested in the one where
he has to change the Boston garden from basketball to hockey. Bubba
said he’s looking forward to the racing episode, Junior said there’s
an athlete behind the wheel, he said the crew guys have only seven
seconds, there’s no room for mistakes. Bubba asked him about being a
ufc corner man, Junior said he learned how to be a cut man, he said
all the fighters are very humble, he said you won’t find a guy who is
20 and 0, they’ve lost along the way. Bubba wonders what job Junior
didn’t like, he joked that Junior didn’t like the bull experience,
Junior said I was the most challenging, he said golf was a great
experience, Bubba joked that you’re in trouble if you have Junior
calming you down. Spice asked him what he was thinking; Junior said
Verses is very gracious. Bubba asked him if he’d like to do some
broadcasting one of these days, Junior said he likes doing what he
does now. Bubba said he sees the show going somewhere, Junior said
there’s so much to think about when it comes to sports, he said
they’re looking for a long term relationship; he said it’s a
documentary. Bubba told him if he’d like to come back on the show,
Junior said he’d love to do that, Bubba let him go a short time later.
Bubba said he had a ton of questions to ask him. Manson said he read
an article about a coach who never punts, Bubba said he’d like to
party with him. Bubba wonders why he’s able to find people that have
delt with the priest, yet TV can’t. They then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Various news lips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Raw Volume 4”,
then into “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” as bumper music. Brent said
the guest just showed up, Bubba told the guys to get the guy signed
in. Bubba said he gets a lot of emails from people who like
Reutimann’s appearances. Bubba said he saw Deion in town, he said
Spice isn’t even close when he impersonates him. Bubba thanked the
Sergi family for the other night. Ned said it’s funnier to say the car
was struggling to do Bubba’s weight, Bubba plugged his race in Cluston
this weekend, Spice wonders if Bubba is going to blow motors all over
America. Bubba called Kenny Kenny, he got sent to voicemail. Bubba
told him he’d call him at the office, Spice joked that Bubba is just
calling another pay phone. He called, the phone rang for a little
while, Spice asked that he not answer. We then heard a news clip about
a guy who had sex with a horse, Ned thinks the horse was asking for it
with a name like Sugar, Bubba said Scarlet bucked off Julia and
attacked the handler, he thinks Miami has him in a funk. Bubba thinks
someone should have sex with him to get the guy excited. We then heard
a clip of David Hasselhoff drunk at the mtv awards; he compared it to
the drop of Dennis Rodman saying wow. The guys cracked up at the clip,
Bubba thinks he sounded like Moonshine Miller, he wonders if he’ll be
coming back to the Satellite show. We then heard a news clip about two
burnt dolls in a swimming pool, Bubba thinks someone in the clip is
drunk, the guys think it’s someone attempting to be a smartass. We
then heard a 911 call about someone who hit an elephant, Bubba thinks
someone is on drugs; he cracked up at the clip. Craig in Braington
said he met Bubba this past weekend, he thinks Bubba was doing good,
Spice wonders if Hasselhoff is on. Bubba said he could Spice in a mini
dock, he wouldn’t know what to do with it, they then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Aaron and the Greek Priest

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into “Hot For T3eacher” as bumper music. Bubba brought the guy in,
Warren from channel 13 was in, Spice thinks the guy in the studio fits
the Greek Priest’s template. The guy said he’s a professional trainer,
Spice said he would never let his girlfriend train with this guy.
Bubba thinks the guy is bigger than Jason Bruce, the guy said someone
told him to grab the newspaper, he read the article and knew who the
Priest was, he said about four weeks ago, he was shopping, the Priest
approached him, he said his English was broken, the guy said his name
is Aaron, the priest asked Aaron to teach him English, Manson joked he
looked like an English teacher. Aaron told him he couldn’t do it after
being asked a few times, the Priest offered to pay him, he offered up
his phone, Aaron said he felt bad for not helping him out. Spice asked
him what the dress was; Aaron described it as a black vale. Aaron said
about a week later, he was at the same place around the same time, the
Priest remembered who he was, he said this happened in the cereal
section. Aaron asked him if anyone taught him English, the priest said
that everyone is busy, Aaron asked him about the church, the priest
said the same thing. Aaron asked him to give him the number, which he
did. Aaron said he talked to his professor about teaching the Priest
English, he got the name and number of a woman, she found the
situation to be bizarre. Aaron was asked if the Priest was hitting on
him, he said the thought did occur to him. Aaron said the woman never
called him back, he thinks the guy never called her, he said reading
the situation brought flashbacks. Bubba said he’s just trying to get
to the bottom of the situation. Spice asked Aaron if he heard Jason on
the show, Aaron said no. Spice asked him what side he’d pick; Aaron
said he’s on Jason’s side. Bubba said we need to investigate the
people who go to the church, he wonders how you can speak very little
of our language and get around America. Bubba said this is almost like
what happened with the parking garage; Spice said the Priest needs
help with his game. Brent wondered if the guy has a valid driver’s
license, Bubba thinks the guy doesn’t’ have one. Spice is disturbed
that the 911 call isn’t out. Warren said he’s been a reporter for
twenty-eight years; he wants Aaron to help him out with some stuff.
Aaron said some of his clients heard about the situation. Bubba said
Jason nearly got railroaded, he wonders how much of this happens,
Brent said they used him being a marine against him, Spice thinks the
Priest should just come out of the closet, Bubba said if he was gay,
he would’ve gone with the Aaron. Spice asked him if he was gay, would
he go for the Priest, Aaron said no. bubba wondered if the guy looked
Middle Eastern, Aaron said he didn’t’ think that, he said he has the
Priest’s number in his phone, Bubba thinks it adds a lot of
credibility. Bubba asked how Mark Willson is doing, Warren said he’s
doing fine, mark said hello, Bubba said Warren is one of the good guys
in town. Bubba thinks the guy didn’t do anything wrong, other than
defend his testicals; he thinks Aaron will meet Jason Bruce somewhere
along the lines. Manson asked Aaron if he could teach him Latin, Bubba
told Aaron he should check out the Clem Gym. Bubba thanked him for
coming in, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – B-Fudd checks in, Ned’s New bit gets squashed

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Ned’s “thanksgiving song” from “The Ned CD”, track 14, and
“Bubba’s Holiday classics vol. 1”, track 6, where Ned said he had
sexual relations with the bird. Bubba thanked channel 13 for coming
down there, he said if anyone wants a video tape, he can give it to
them. Bubba said only one golden ticket has gone out, Ned thinks
someone through it in the trash. B-Fudd came on, he said he’s tracking
his ups package, he said it’s out for delivery, Ned hopes he doesn’t
get it. Bubba had a tough time figuring out what B-Fudd said, Ned
figured it out, where Bubba had said if Hammil got one of the Golden
tickets, they’d wrap it up. B-Fudd said his Dad was cremated, Spice
asked him where the ashes were, B-Fudd said it’s heavy, Bubba thinks
he’s lying. The guys suggested B-Fudd smoke his Dad’s ashes, B-Fudd
thinks the idea is sick. Ned suggested B-fudd replace his mom’s coffee
creamer with the ashes, Bubba thinks B-fudd his working them. B-Fudd
came back; he said that if he works him on this one, it’s over. B-Fudd
said his Mom is sleeping, he said his Dad is sleeping on the end
table. Spice and Bubba go over the stuff they’ve done for him, Bubba
told him to work with him. Bubba asked him where the earn was, B-Fudd
said it’s in his Mom’s room. Bubba told him to go in and do it, Spice
asked him to have a can-do attitude. B-Fudd suggested he take a
picture, Bubba thinks he’s being a dick, Bubba said he’s not talking
to him anymore, Spice thinks he’s smarter than he thinks. Bubba hung
up on him, Ned said he has a new offering; it’s an apology to the
Miami people, Bubba thinks people should move on from this situation,
ned thinks they shouldn’t play it. in the bit, ned yells for
Twenty-five to come in and apologize, Bubba thinks they shouldn’t play
it, ned told him to suit himself, Bubba told Ned people know what he’s
doing. Bubba cut the bit off when Ned said n, Ned thinks people
are pussies. Bubba wonders if they can do anything with the bit, he
said he’s become a pussy over it. Bubba thinks they should move on,
they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Bubba Show Classics vol. 11 track listing, Dave Moore and
Kenny Kenny cal in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into a news lip about Ragoosa. We then heard Manson’s
“Ragoosa’s So Horney” from “Bubba’s New and Misc Hits Vol. 3”, track
6. Bubba asked the Miami listeners to visit them this Friday. Angey in
Coral Springs thinks it’s ridiculous that they have to censor Ned’s
art because of Miami. Bubba said he’d rather get fired for lack of
ratings rather than not listening, he said if he gets fired from Miami
he won’t resurface. Bubba said that Dave told him “Bubba Show classics
Vol. 11” is up on iTunes, Dave thinks you can get all of them; he said
he submitted the tracks on October 12. Bubba went over the track
listing, tracks 19-21 are the top three.

1. White Trash Road (Live)
2. Obama Rehearsal Speech
3. Blame It On the Propofol
4. Kanye West Through the Ages (Moon Landing)
5. Brent Van Dyke
6. Paul and Young Ron Radio Theatre
7. Michael Vick Commentary
8. Kanye West Through the Ages (Hindenburg
9. David Reutimann Song
10. Sounds Like an Abortion
11. Hatley Gunn
12. Kanye West Through the Ages (MLK)
13. Blame It On the Jack Daniels
14. Dueling Der Ders
15. Doug Clem Song
16. MJ Taylor Swift Interview Radio Theater
17. Frankenbrent
18. Kanye West Through the Ages (Clinton)
19. Mr. Wrong Is Me (Live)
20. Billy Mays Cocaine
21. Ned’s Dick
22. Clinton Hostages
23. Boopity Song
24. Brentstones
25. Doug Clem Fan Club
26. Power Pig Hello I’m Burning
27. Brent Was Crying

Dave in Tarpon Springs said he’s lived there almost his whole life, he
said the Priest shouldn’t have a problem learning English. Dan in
Michigan thinks ned is the man, he wonders if he could do a remake of
Bubba’s 101 car, Bubba said yes. We then heard Dave Moore’s bumper and
brought him on, Dave said he’s doing fine. Bubba asked Dave how good
Junior Seau is, Dave said he’s a great guy. Bubba asked about Reggie
White, Dave said people would injure themselves when Reggie would talk
about Jesus. Bubba asked about a really bad call from Monday Night
Football, we then heard a news clip about Gruden. Bubba asked about
Dave’s work schedule, Dave explained it. Bubba said as long as a coach
isn’t supervising, it’s not a problem. Spice asked Dave about going
back to College, Dave wondered what Spice was referring to, Dave said
recruiting was something as certain guys would be selected, some guys
would only see how the system works. Spice wonders if they’d gloss
over you doing not so great on a test, Dave said you could have a
tutor help you out. Dave said he only took advantage in courses he
needed help with. Bubba thinks the Buccaneers got screwed on a call,
Dave said it should’ve been a touchdown. Bubba asked about the
packers, Dave wonders where it’s been for them, he said they’ll be
playing the Saints. Bubba asked him who else he’s played against; Dave
said that Howey Long looks like he’s on everything. Bubba thinks Miami
will kill Carolina, Dave said the problem is the quarterback, Brent
said the problem with Carolina is that Delhomme sucks. . Bubba asked
him if he ever played against Joe Montana, Dave said no. Bubba asked
about Sean King, Dave said he was good at times, Spice as Sean King
said some stuff. Bubba asked how Dilfer is, Dave said he’s doing fine,
he remembers when Dilfer would say something, the press would clown
him, Bubba said big Dick got tackled by Trent, Dave said you couldn’t
play him in pool. We then heard a bit of “Dilfer Cries” from “Best of
bucs Bits”, track 12, parody of “Let her Cry”. Next was “Dilfer Sucks,
We Want Ziar” from the same album, track 15, parody of “Let Me Stand
Next To Your Fire”. The guys cracked up at the beginning of “Dilfer’s
Mouth Is Silent” from the same album, track 5, where Trent said he’s
not the team spokesperson, the song parodies “sound of Silent’s”. Dave
said he remembers all of those songs. We then heard “Dilfer’s Song”
from the same album, track 20, parody of “Take A Walk On the Wild
side”. Bubba wonders what people think when they’d play stuff like
that, Dave said Trent was such an egomaniac, he like the songs. We
then heard “Dilfer’s Diary” from “raw and Uncensored” disc 1, track
19, where Dilfer conveys his thoughts. Spice thinks it’s easy when
Dilfer snapped on Big Dick. Bubba asked about Vinnie, Dave said he was
very quiet. Bubba said in this society, you need an umbrella coverage.
Dave’s information is 8283230206. Bubba said he’s excited that Kenny
Kenny, Bubba told the guys to leave. Kenny said they show him a lot of
love, Spice told him to stop kissing ass. Bubba asked him how his race
is, Kenny said it’s a $3,000 win race. Bubba said he’s looking for the
tape of a race, Kenny said he could provide it. Bubba wondered why he
didn’t answer, Kenny said they’ve got more lines than they do people.
Bubba thinks the racing surface is really good, Kenny said he
appreciates the support. Bubba said he’ll call him on Friday to remind
everyone. Bubba said he has no idea what’s on the top five, he went on
to say that Dr. mark will be on Thursday. Bubba plugged Metro PCS, and
Julie from Atlantic Medical Supplies, they then ended the show a few
seconds later.

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