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Top Stories:
Witness Says Orlando Office Shooting Lasted 1 Minute
Supreme Court won’t halt D.C. sniper’s execution
South Florida Jewish community center hit by hate
Ex-Miss California admits to making sex tape
‘Pornaments’ Make Way Onto Shelves
Grandma attacked during wedding brawl

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Hogan’s book signing, McDonalds appreciation, Monday Night Football

The show started off with some messages from the fans, then into
“Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Bubba said this is
a song they can all agree on, Ned told Bubba he could speak for
himself on this one, Bubba cracked up at this. Bubba said he went to
Hogan’s book signing last night, he said it was unbelievable, he said
he’s learned a couple of things that he doesn’t want to say on the
air, he went on to say that Vargas is the only one who can set him
straight, he said he got a message saying that the McDonalds deal he
talked about yesterday is a Tampa deal only. Bubba said he’d like to
know when McDonalds will be doing customer appreciation for the
various cities; he thinks Spice’s delivery is a little off. We then
heard the Monday Night Football theme; he thinks Pittsburg was across
the board, he said the slow webpage makes him want to punch Sluggo in
the mouth, he asked Sluggo to come in a few seconds later. Sluggo came
in and said he has no idea what the issue is, he said when he checked
it fifteen minutes ago it was fine, Bubba told Sluggo to get his ass
to his computer and fix it. Bubba thinks he needs a Fein; he then said
that the strippers really liked it on Saturday. They then went to
commercials a few second later.

Segment 2 – Birthdays, coming up on the show

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Manson, then into some messages from the fans, then into
Ned’s “I Suck In Miami Bitch”. We then heard “Super Villain” by
Powerman 5,000, Bubba said you can get this anywhere, Manson said he
likes it, Bubba thinks they’re the only ones playing it. Bubba said
that Manson will be doing a live chat tomorrow night, Manson hopes
they have stuff worked out, Bubba plugged what’s on BubbaRaw.com,
Spice said it’s probably some of the funniest footage he’s ever seen.
Bubba thinks maybe two golden tickets are already out there. Spice
said that looking at birthdays makes you feel older; Bubba thinks
Mackenzie Phillips has a gravel face. Bubba said he’d like a late
night TV show, Spice thinks he wouldn’t get that many guests. Bubba
read that Big Pun’s heart was four times the normal size, the guy
weighed 698 pounds, Spice said he’ll give him credit, Bubba thinks
they had to re enforce the stage. Bubba plugged what they’ve got
coming up on the show for today; he said it’s hard to believe that
they were off regular radio for four years. Bubba thinks the media
will either cover their stuff on Marco Rubio, or they might not
mention it at all. Bubba wants to do the top ten of 1994, Spice told
him they can do the Hot 100, he said he pulled the top five from the
week of November of 1994. Bubba said on Thursday, they’ll be doing the
Icy Hot underwear challenge, where three guys will have Icy hot rubbed
on their privates, in order to see who will get first pick for the
Colombian girls. Bubba said he can’t wait to bamboozle the Colombian
girls that don’t speak any English. Spice wonders if some of the girls
will be able to sniff it out, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 3 – Joe the Supermark, Fight at a Wedding, emails, Chris Brown
and Ms. California clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”, then
into Ned’s “Juicey Bubba” from “Bubba Show classics Vol. 10”, track
21. Bubba played Joe the Supermark’s bumper and brought him on, Joe
said Bubba left two birthdays off the list, Randy Bernet, we then
heard a bumper for him, also it’s Chris Brown, the token ass nigga’s
birthday. We then heard a news clip about Hogan’s Clear Water
appearance. Joe wondered if there was any added value, Bubba said
Jimmy Hart was there. Joe said he’d be going to Monday Night Raw,
Bubba said Rod piper will be the guest host, Joe said he thought it
would be someone famous, Bubba hung up on him. Gay said she loves the
show, she said her and her daughter said Bubba does great things for
single mothers, she said they used to watch Hogan almost every Monday
night, we then heard “Dueling Der Ders” from “Bubba Show classics Vol.
11”, track 14, it got progressively louder, to the point where it
almost drowned out the caller, Bubba thanked her for calling, he
thinks some callers just don’t shut up. We then heard a news clip
about a fight at a wedding, while “the Boopity song” from “Bubba show
classics Vol. 11”, track 23, Spice said he’s never heard of the dollar
dance, except at strip clubs. Bubba said that Cat Williams got
arrested; Spice said it’s all a big misunderstanding, Bubba read an
article about that, Spice thinks he looks like a crack head in his mug
shot. We then heard the 911 call about that, Brent thinks it sounds
like Cat Williams in the call. Bubba goofed on the caller describing
Cat, while “the Boopity song” was heard in the background; Bubba
thinks the guy in the cal is high. David in Tennessee said today is
the birthday of the Marine core. The first emailer said they didn’t
get the golden ticket, but they like the stuff within the Wonka set.
Another emailer said she specializes in crime scene clean up. Another
emailer said they got number 31, but they’ll enjoy the set. Bubba
wonders why they’re not on in Pittsburg. Another emailer said they
normally give Bubba crap, but they’d like to thank Bubba for his
comments on mark Lunsford. Another emailer said they started listening
to Bubba when they were in middle school, the emailer also said they
listen to MJ periodically, Bubba said he doesn’t think he wants that
on his tab, he suggests the guy quit listening to him. The emailer
said he bought the domain name the Veggie Wedgy, the guys think he’s a
jerk. Bubba thinks the guy is a nerd; Spice doesn’t like how they take
out good people in shootings. Another emailer thanked Bubba for
getting them turned on to the Diaco lawyer; a doctor cut the emailer
during a colonoscopy. Another emailer wished Bubba had a replay show.
Another emailer asked where they can get the Manson bit about Brent’s
“In my life”. Bubba wonders if the Brent Meltdown is a DVD or a CD,
Dave said it’s a DVD, he then CD. The last emailer told Bubba to thank
Hogan for signing a book. We then heard a clip about Chris Brown
beating up Riana, Bubba goofed on her accent, he thinks she sounds
stupid, he said he’s not saying she asked for it, Spice suggested she
get into porn, Bubba thinks she’s foolish for sticking around. We then
heard a clip about Ms. California’s sex tape, Spice said hannity is
like O’riley, he said it’s like when O’riley interviewed Jenna
Jamison. We then heard a clip of Chris Brown being interviewed; Bubba
thinks Chris is drunk with fame and fortune. Bubba thinks they should
take dummy down speech courses, we then heard some Soulja Boy, the
guys bag on Chris for messing up the word “amusement park”, Spice
wonders how he can have supporters for beating up a woman. We then
heard Manson’s “Chris Brown song” from “Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol.
9”, track 7, and “the Clemulus Package” disc 3, track 16. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Sesame Street discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into Manson’s “thanksgiving song” from “The Fat and
The Furious” disc 2, track 4, and “Bubba’s Holiday Classics Vol. 1”,
track 5. The song is a parody of Adam Sandler’s “thanksgiving Song”,
and features swipes at various BRN members. We then heard The who’s
“mama’s Got A Squeeze Box” as bumper music. Bubba wonders if he’s
being disrespectful for saying “Semper Fi”, Brent said it means
“Always Faithful”. Bubba said today is Sesame Street’s birthday, Spice
wonders how that show entertained him, Manson found “Reading Rainbow”
to be horrible, Spice said he liked that show. Bubba asked Brent if he
watched the show, Brent said he did. The guys wonder what the new
gimmick is with kids, Manson said the Tella Tubbies was the most
asinine thing ever, Bubba thinks Barney is still going, Spice said
it’s not that complicated, just act stupid in a purple suit. The guys
cracked up when Bubba read that Michelle Obama will be on to help the
characters out with a vegetable garden, Manson and Spice did some
voices, Bubba told them to take it easy. Bubba thinks “Sensamilla
Street” is the most ripped off bit they’ve ever done, we then heard
it, where Kermit and big bird pass a joint for a few minutes, messing
up the alphabet and the letter of the day. The bit appears on “Bubba
Wanna corndog?” disc 1, track 4, “Manson’s Greatest Hits”, track 18,
and “Bubba Show Classics Vol. 7”, track 15. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – Mark Lunsford discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “bubba Wonka”. Bubba
plugged Manson’s live video chat for tomorrow night, he told him the
bubba Army will break him down, Bubba told him not to say that, Manson
said he’ll just look at the screen. Wendy the Plummer in West Virginia
came on, Bubba said she has a tattoo on her shoulder of the show,
she’s kind of bummed out that she didn’t get the ticket, she said
she’s number 44. Bubba thinks this is the one, he said she gets the
show, Spice thinks they’re deciding his future. Spice wonders if she’d
sleep with anyone on the show, who would it be, Ned said he’d like to
put his signature on her. Bubba wondered why she avoided the question,
Wendy said she’s not heather hot, Bubba said she’s Ne and Twenty-five
hot. The guys think she’s dragging this out, she picked Amanda and
Heather, Bubba hung up on her. Bubba said Mark Lunsford was in the
paper over the weekend, Bubba said he wouldn’t be happy if mark was
the spokesperson for his company, he thinks mark isn’t a very good
parent for having his daughter disappear. Bubba said for three years,
radio hosts had the ability to say stuff about Lunsford. Bubba thinks
anyone else can have rock star status, not Lunsford; he then read an
article about that. Spice said the media feels as if they distanced
themselves from the case, we then heard a clip about that. Bubba said
wrong is wrong, but to not do anything is shameful, he said the media
people are a bunch of rip and read sobs, he asked the guys not to get
him going on a tangent about Cowhead having to play music. Bubba
thinks everyone is a bunch of pussies, he said he signs the front of
the checks. Bubba challenged one of Lunsford’s lawyers to sew him, he
said that the Clear Channel lawsuits may bankrupt him, but they’ll
come out on top. Bubba wonders where mark’s office is, Spice said for
a guy who ran a foundation, he doesn’t know much about it. Manson as
Lunsford said he had no idea beer and cigarettes were claimed as
office supplies, Ned said he loves Mark. We then heard a clip of one
of Lunsford’s lawyers saying he’s an icon. Bubba said you should never
call the show and act like a jackass. We then heard the clip from
February 28, 2008, where Bubba talked to Mark, mark said he’s sewing
just for profit, he told Bubba to say something about Jesse’s place,
Spice got frustrated with Mark talking. Mark said everything is public
about the foundation, he thinks Bubba is making stuff up. Brent said
it was at TBO.com, he read from the article about mark’s expenses, he
asked where the office was, mark said those figures are incorrect; he
said guidestar.com has the accurate information. Mark said all he owns
a pickup truck, he said he takes less than a thousand dollars a week,
he thinks talking to Bubba is a waste of money. Bubba asked him about
the unreported money; Mark said he donated thousands and thousands of
dollars. Spice said Jeff Dosy got the child advocacy organization
started, Mark disagreed, he said it’s all documented. Bubba wondered
how much money has the foundation raised, Mark said the foundation
didn’t start until 2005; Bubba had to dump him for saying f a few
times. Bubba told him that he’ll have to wait for his daughter to die
before he can rape people out of money, mark said he wants to do an
interview, Bubba said he’ll except his challenge. Bubba said before he
can interview mark, he wants to do a drug test, Mark proposed a
wrestling match, Bubba asked him about the drug test, Mark hung up a
short time later. Bubba said he would love to join Mark’s board of
directors. Mark came back on and said his phone disconnected, mark
said he’ll do anything Bubba wants. Spice asked him if he did any
drugs, Bubba asked him about smoking pot, Mark said he never smoked
pot, Mark wonders if he’s supposed to tell the truth. Bubba asked him
about meth, he asked him about being a celebrity, mark asked him why
he asked him that. Bubba asked him about being at a bar when Jessica
was taken, he said he feels sorry for his daughter, mark hung up a few
seconds later. We then heard Manson’s “You’ve Got no Friends” from
“Bubba’s new and Misc hits Vol. 1”, track 2. The song parodies “You’ve
Got A Friend” by James Taylor. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 6 – Dave Moore Calls In

Coming out of commercials, we heard a Spanish bumper, then into Ned’s
“I Suck In Miami Bitch”. We then heard some messages from the fans.
Bubba played Dave Moore’s bumper and brought him on, Bubba joked he
woke Dave up, the guys goof on his voice a little, ned thinks it’s the
result of too many concussions. We then heard a clip from last
Tuesday’s show, where Dave predicted the Buccaneers would win. Dave
said Rogers’s holds on to the ball for too long, Bubba thinks Gaines
Adams will get a lot of sacks, Dave said Chris Hovan got some good
hits. Dave said Rogers is great, it takes him too long. Bubba asked
him if he got the chance to talk to one of the Packers, Dave said no,
he said he was down there early, he said the orange was a little
different, he said he was having flashbacks, Spice as Tie Jay
Armstrong said he’s selling houses. Spice said he saw Tie Jay a few
weeks ago, he said he looked jacked. Dave said he saw Mike Alstott,
Spice and Bubba did a situation with Spice as Dave, and Bubba as Mike,
Dave thinks they’re not helping the cause. Bubba asked about Keith
Mccant, Dave said he’s a great guy. Spice remembered a place called
“The White House”, which had a lot of girls in it; Bubba said Dave
isn’t that kind of guy. Spice wonders if every team has that, Dave
said it depends, Dave said it started in Dallas. Bubba thinks showing
up in a big car to the nfl is a dick move. Bubba asked Dave about
Lamar Thomas, Dave said he was like a stick figure. Spice said he has
trouble getting passed a Buccaneers player beating up a cab driver,
Dave said he should no his limitations. Bubba asked about Freedman,
Dave said some guys made some great catches for him, he said Miami is
playing Tampa; Bubba said he’s going with the Phins on this one. Bubba
thinks they should’ve brought Dave in after Mark Chmura touched his
way out of Green Bay. Bubba asked about Trent Dilfer, Dave said he’s
doing great on espn, Dave said Gruden can’t wait to get back into
coaching. Bubba wondered if the packers will get beat by Dallas, Dave
thinks they’ll win. Bubba wonders if the Giants will wake up, Dave
thinks so, Bubba and Dave discussed some teams in the league, Bubba
thinks Dave looked like a safety at jay’s funeral, Dave said his
highest playing weight was 255 pounds. Bubba thanked him for coming
on, they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various news clips

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into “Tainted Love” as bumper music. Bubba said this
is one of the highest testing records ever, Spice thinks it’s gay,
Bubba called him an asswhipe for saying that, Manson said it’s gay. We
then heard a news clip about the Fort Hood shooter, Spice told him to
have fun with that case. We then heard a news clip about the Orlando
shooter, bubba thinks he’s a dick. We then heard a news clip about the
supreme court not blocking the execution of the DC Sniper, Bubba
thinks lethal injection sucks, he wonders what the meanest way of
execution is, the guy think it’s evisceration. Bubba took a call from
a guy who said he’s in Miami and he likes the show, Bubba thinks the
guy’s hard work will go unjust. Erick said he met Bubba at
Jacksonville, he said the guys are real gentlemen, Spice thanked him
for that. Bubba asked him to recap the situation; Erick said it was
professionally done. Bubba said he’ll be at sing Ray Chevy on November
19 to present the check, he said the public is invited. We then heard
a news clip about a porniments, Bubba thinks channel 4 are pussies, he
thinks one of the reporters is in a closet, Spice bagged on the
reporters voice, Bubba piled on, Manson wondered how this is news.
Bubba picked Manson to pick the music tomorrow. Spice thinks if you
protest stuff like that, you’ve got too much time on your hands, the
guys cracked up at the protester’s song. Bubba called the reporter is
a hack ass bitch who can’t find a good story; he likes how her levels
go down. Brent said they have to act disgusted by the story; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – CP Anthony in studio

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the BubbaRaw.com live
chat with Manson, then into “take it Easy” as bumper music. Bubba said
CP Anthony is in the green room, Bubba said he did some voice work, we
then heard a sample of his work, Bubba liked it. We the heard another
one for BubbaArmy.com, Spice said it’s like Mike Alstott doing a
promo. Bubba cracked up at him doing one for the BubbaRaw.com dollar
preview. We then heard one for Hogan being on the phone; Bubba thinks
he sounds better dry. Bubba had Anthony in, Anthony said he was doing
well, Bubba said he’s one of the new vice guys, he thinks Anthony had
a rough night last night with Twenty-five. Anthony said he went to
2001, Bubba said they’ll get him some space dollars if he wanted to
come back, Bubba thinks he’s talking to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.
Spice wonders where Anthony gets all of his money, Anthony said he
does okay for himself. Bubba told Anthony he was his new friend, he
wants naughty Alysha to pick up the phone, Anthony said he got his own
date. Anthony said he met this girl last night, Manson thinks he has
game, Bubba doesn’t want him to be ripped off. Anthony said he’s not
new to this game, he said we all know what the game is and what the
price is. Bubba said he likes Anthony for having game, Anthony said
you’ve got to get the dancers. Spice wondered if Anthony is concerned
about getting taken for a ride; Anthony said there’s no girl that
could take him. Spice read from Anthony’s phone, Bubba is amazed he
texted her, Spice likes how Anthony laid the smack down on her via
text. Spice read her text asking that Anthony not get mad. Bubba
thinks Anthony isn’t going to get laid tonight, Anthony said it’s the
thrill of the game. Bubba had him say “I want some ass”, he said it,
Spice said he tried calling her, only to get sent to voicemail,
Anthony suggested they use his phone, Anthony thinks she won’t pick
up. Bubba said he has a CP off; CP Trav came on, Bubba told Travis to
wake up. Anthony told Travis to wake up; bubba had them talk for a
little. Anthony asked Trav what is up, Trav said something, Anthony
said he couldn’t understand him, Bubba thinks Trav is swallowing his
tongue. Bubba had Anthony repeat that bubba is his favorite radio
show, he had Trav do it, Bubba cracked up at Trav’s way of saying it.
Bubba said he’s still looking for a hot chick, Triss said she’s the
wrong one, she thanked Bubba for the other night. Bubba wondered if
there are any girls out there who are interested in him, Spice likes
how Anthony is texting the girl from the club, he wanted naughty
Alysha to clear her schedule. Bubba asked him the last time he ever
got laid, Anthony said about three weeks, Spice thinks Anthony is
lining up some stuff himself. Anthony said the editing wasn’t all that
good, Bubba told Anthony to tell Carl Harris that he’s a hack. They
then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Christine Budd

    Bubba and staff, yesterday I was listening to the show, and your comments on Lunsford. I called that shot the 1st time I saw him. Now dont you think Lunsford & Lisa W. (the mom who had the 13 yr old son watching the 3 or 4 siblings) that unfortunately were ran over by Jennifer Porter.
    At least the coked-out/crack head rotten teeth mama got her teeth fixed. The real tragedy here,(other than the kids) Is poor Ms Portman. Had the crack-head mom been taking care of her own children instead of putting the 13 yr. old in charge, this probably would have not happened.
    Now poor Ms. Portman has to live with this atrocity the rest of her life, and the mom is living high on the hog.
    What I wish could of happened, was when crackhead got her money, Ms. Portman file a civil lawsuit on crackhead and froze the money.
    Please try to let me know your take on this. Also I offered to get you some Cherry Pumice Hand Cleaner that you said you wanted, but I didnt hear back. My nephew is an engineer for Go-Joe in Akron,Ohio and he told me he would be happy to send it, but I need a adress to send it to. If you want you can call me @ 352-556-3500, or e-mail me.

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