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Top Stories:
Anna Nicole Mistakes Pregnancy for Gas
Gold Apparently Motivates 3 Shootings
Four-Year-Old Alex Mercado Was Drowned
Wisconsin Woman Calls 911 to Report Herself as Drunk Driver
“Hottest Bachelor” arrested after Halloween prank
Ford turns a profit, reaping rewards of turnaround
Atheist group takes message to Lakeland via billboard
St. Petersburg’s mayoral election: Insider versus critic, again
Ivanka Trump’s Vow of Chastity
Kathleen Ford Interview (10-13-09)

This is your loyal blind scribe, with today’s recap.

Segment 1 – Powerman 5,000, sports scores

Bubba started off by saying no one in the world has heard the song he
selected as bumper music, Spice said it’s new stuff, Bubba thinks they
play too fast, Spice as an old man mocked Bubba for saying that, Bubba
thinks it’s the kind of music for kicking someone’s ass. Bubba thinks
they have a cold out, he thinks Jessey Dupree understands the template
of a song; he went on to say that Jessey is working on a reality show.
Bubba asked for 25 Cent has been coming in; he said the fans have been
going nuts with the 60% off promotional code for “The Clemulus
Package”. Bubba asked Twenty-five to get some laundry detergent, he
said he’d do it, Spice came in with some, Brent said Amanda drops it
off once a month. Bubba thinks they need to do more stuff together, he
suggests a couple’s vacation to the Bahamas. Bubba said Dave and
Manson are rich, but don’t act it, Manson said his wallet is stretched
out because of his money, he’s happy to be alive. Bubba said he knows
when Spice is going to get married to Tasha, Spice said he wants to go
in thinking of success, Manson thinks it could happen, Bubba thinks
this is the one, he then recapped some sports scores, Brent said the
problem with the Lightning is, not being able to win on the road,
Bubba said they have a problem with shootouts, he suggests you hotdog
it, he then apologized for yesterday’s show, he thinks it sucked, he
didn’t like the reality TV people telling him what to do, Spice said
just following Bubba is the beauty of the product. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – Jacksonville appearance, Kathleen Ford and snakes

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®, then into some messages from the fans. We then heard “Ain’t
Talking about dub” from Apollo 440 as bumper music, the guys wonder
what the song is all about, Bubba thinks the guy is stealing rims,
Spice said he likes the riff they stole. Bob in St. Lewis said he saw
Hogan last night, he said it was a pretty good crowd. Bubba thinks he
got edited out of the book, the guy said that it’s in there, he went
on to say that Hogan was a half an hour late, he said Hogan was
introducing people to Jimmy Heart. Bubba plugged the Jacksonville
appearance this Saturday, Brent said they’ve got something for the
listeners, Bubba read that you can get a $125 visa gift card, he went
on to say that Lex and Terry are almost on their way out of their
hometown in Dallas, Texas, he thinks their jobbers, he said the only
thing you pay for is the medication. Bubba said he only found three
birthdays he found to be interesting, Phil Sims was one of them, Spice
said he’s Peter-in-laws with him, Bubba thinks Larry Holmes turning 60
makes him feel old. Bubba said the mayoral race in St. Petersburg is
today, he recapped the Kathleen Ford situation. We then heard a news
clip about the race, Bubba said he voted, Brent said he did the
absentee ballot, Bubba chanted for Bill to win. Bubba replayed the
clip of Ford saying he made her say it. Bubba read an article about
that, he cracked up a little at hnic standing for hockey night in
Canada; Spice said she answered it wrong, Manson said she’s got three
stories going on at once. Bubba said tomorrow night, from 7-8 PM,
he’ll be doing a live chat from his home. Bubba really likes Sky
Scrape form Tap out; he likes how they’re average dudes. Bubba wonders
if the snake thing is the cool thing in the news, he then read the
headlines of some articles about that, Spice thinks it’s not going to
stop the tourists from coming. We then heard a news clip about a ups
package with a snake in it, Bubba thinks it’s white trash to order
snakes. Bubba thinks if you’re sending a snake, you’d put on the
package in the brightest letters possible saying that the snake is
live. We then heard a news clip about a python hunt ending this
Saturday, Bubba wonders how you can give a number as to how many
pythons are around, Manson suggests a white trash round up, he went on
to say that if the snakes and the white trash round up would’ve
happened, the story would’ve never happened, he said the blacks don’
want snakes, he said black trash likes pit bulls. Bubba proposes a
snake roundup; Brent wonders if you’d really want that head ache. We
then heard the 911 call with the snake guy, the guys mocked the guy in
the call, Spice likes how the operator is emotionally removed from the
call, he thinks she was happy to transfer the call, Bubba thinks the
address is 111 White Trash road, he wants to edit out the dead spots
in the clip, he thinks you’re white trash if you’ve given the snake a
room, he really likes the part where the guy is freaking out, Bubba
proposes common sense 911. We then heard Manson’s “snake Snake Snake”
from “Bubba show classics Vol. 10”, track 14. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Chaz Bono and Tattoos

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the various locations
where you can get Bubba Army stuff, then into some messages from the
fans. We then heard some Lionel richy as bumper music, Bubba thinks he
needs to tuck while this song is on. Bubba is freaked out with Chaz
Bono’s picture; he thinks that had Sunny not hit the tree, he would’ve
killed himself now. Spice thinks Chastity Bono and Donald Trump’s
daughter look alike, Bubba doesn’t like her teeth. Bubba thinks Cher
was kind of hot back in the day, Spice thinks her son was in the “turn
Back Time” video. Bubba read an article about that, he thinks you’re
not a guy until you have a penis, Ned thinks it’s not a problem.
Manson thinks Sunny hit the tree intentionally, Bubba thinks Chastity
called him the day before, Bubba and Spice then did a recreation as to
what it might’ve sounded like. Bubba thinks he’ll piss off women with
his next comment, he said tramp stamps are just that, Spice said it’s
all the same. Bubba said if you will regret a tramp stamp, Manson said
it’s going to be cool when the girls are older. Bubba said Heather has
tattoos of their kids names, Spice wonders what tribe these people are
in. Bubba said you should stay away from the lower back tattoo. Erin
in Tampa said she has a tattoo in that spot, she said she disagrees,
she said she had no idea what it ment, she said she can’t believe guys
who made the term, Spice thinks it is a tramp stamp. Spice thinks
maybe she’s the exception to the rule, Manson mocked the caller, Spice
piled on, Bubba said he doesn’t know her, Erin said women are limited
as to where they can get tattoos. Spice asked Bubba his view on
various tattoo spots, Bubba said he’s pulling away from this
conversation, Brent thinks girls with tattoos are hot, Manson thinks
tattoos are hideous. Holly said she has a tramp stamp, she thinks it’s
hilarious. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – TNA Discussions and emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the live chat, then
into some messages from the fans. Bubba wonders if they’re at a rave,
Spice said it’s Dead Meow Five. Bubba told Ned to think about going to
Jacksonville. Bubba wondered how rotten the pumpkins are getting; Dave
said he’ll go check it out. Bubba plugged the Bubba Wonka project.
Bubba said Dixie Carter is like a slippery eel, Spice said he’d like
to go to a tna taping. Bubba thinks AJ Styles is almost over with
Vince Russo, he wonders if BJ would no more, BJ wondered what it was;
he said he dozed off for a few minutes. Bubba recapped the situation
for him, BJ said AJ retired, Bubba wonders how high he is, BJ said
he’s just tired from all the testing, he said some guys on Sirius 98
have been bagging on Hogan, Bubba said Hogan will be the Vince McMahon
of TNA, he said Hogan would work with Vince on characters. BJ said
Vince and Hogan are the two big guys in wrestling, he said it’ll be
awesome to see all this stuff go down. Ned said lsd was a party, Brent
said he’s done it, Spice said it makes you laugh, Brent agreed. The
first email of the day said that some casinos in Vegas have a no
smoking area. Another emailer thinks Bubba is an idiot for not
understanding the passion Packer fans have. Bubba raked the emailer
over the coals, he said he’s followed the Packers longer than he is,
we then heard the “go pack go” sounder, Brent thinks they wouldn’t
have treated Bart Star like that. Ned thinks Bubba should owe his
knowledge of the Packers to Doug Clem, we then heard Ned’s “Doug Clem
Song”. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – LSD Expert David Nickels

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba picked the bumper music for tomorrow, the ball went
to Manson. Bubba said the Kathleen Ford stuff is up on btls.com, he
said her body language gives it away. Bubba went over some people who
were in the Clem gym with him last night, Bubba said Todd was in the
bushes, one of the other guys puked, and Keith said he could go again.
Bubba went to David Nickels; Bubba said Indiana State will take
anyone. Spice wonders if Alstott was in any of David’s courses, David
said no. Bubba wonders if people are over using big drugs, David said
he has doesn’t that kind of stuff, Spice likes Adderall. Bubba wonders
what the salt part means; David said it’s when you have an acid and a
base. David said he’s able to look at a molecule, Bubba thinks David
is too smart to be on the show. Bubba asked him if Sudafed is one
molecule off from meth, David said yes. Bubba wondered how much lsd
David can have; David said he makes enough to have rats going for a
year, Spice wonders if he got a government grant, David said he got
one twenty-eight years ago. Spice wonders why you feel like crap the
next day, David said it’s because you’re brain cells go a little.
Bubba wonders what the difference is between lsd and ecstasy, David
said yes, he explained them. David said they used lsd for dying people
in the 60’s and 70’s, Manson thinks they should be made legal. David
said he’s limited to studying rats, he joked that the rats dance to
Grateful Dead music. Bubba wonders if lsd leads to mental problems,
David said no, he said it shouldn’t be a problem. Spice wonders how
you notice mental issues in a rat, David said they change. Bubba
wonders how they make lsd; David said you need a certain kind of acid
and an alkaloid. Bubba wonders what ghb is made from, David explained
it, he said you could mix some of it with drain cleaner, Spice said
ghb isn’t as popular as it once was. Bubba recapped the story of when
he had a girl in a G hole, his doctor friend told him to get a sugary
substance. Ned wondered if he could dress up like chuck E cheese and
take part in the survey, David laughed a little. Bubba wonders what
the worst thing he’s seen, Manson wonders if David has taken lsd
before, the guys think he has. Spice asked about tcb2, David explained
it. Bubba wonders if the CIA ever used lsd as mind control, David said
there’s a little bit of that in the show, Spice said he could never
give any information while he was on it. David said it’s really easy
to make. Bubba wonders if it should be legal, David said yes. Bubba
asked him about Oxyconton, David said it’s a different area. Bubba
asked about the legalization of marijuana, David said its political
football. Bubba wondered if David is a doctor, David said he has that,
Bubba thinks David should be happy with his football teams, David said
he’s not into that stuff. Bubba thanked him for coming on, the guys
are convinced Alstott was a test dummy for everything; they then went
to commercials a few seconds later.

David’s show on lsd airs tonight at 10:00 EST on National Geographic.

Segment 6 – Bo from yesterday calls in, Bubba VS Beau’s ex

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “Bubba Wonka”. We then
heard “American Girl” as bumper music. Beau in Naples said he got a
lot of calls yesterday, he said DCF helped him out, Bubba asked Beau
to recap his situation for those who missed it, which he did. Beau
went on to say that the guy in question called him after the show and
told him he took it too far, he said he hung a flier on the guy at a
school; the cops gave him a warning for tress passing. Bubba wonders
if the guy has a job, Beau said yes, he said the guy owns a place
called Gary’s Tow truck company. Bubba asked Beau to read the guy’s
rap sheet, he thinks the system is flawed, Brent thinks Debra Lafave
had to get permition to talk to her own family, Beau said it runs in
the family, as the guy’s brother molested a neighbor about six years
ago. Beau read from the guy’s rap sheet, he said he’ll fax Bubba
everything. Bubba asked Beau if he’s had any contact with his
children, Beau said it’s been over 30 days. Bubba thinks the Mom is
irresponsible, Beau said he pays for her to go to school. Beau said
his ex wife’s lawyer walked out on her, Bubba said the sooner he gets
the fax, the better. Len on protection said Beau should call
1-800-domestic, Bubba wonders why the state hasn’t done something
about it. She thinks the kids should be placed with a relative. Bubba
said he’s just been given some information on the guy; he read the guy
is a registered sexual offender. Bubba said supposedly, the Mom is on,
hidey said she’s waiting at the cops, she said she’s been dealing with
this issue since January. Bubba asked her if she lives with Melvin,
she thinks bubba shouldn’t say anything, Bubba called her a white
trash bitch for talking over him. Spice thinks she’s not doing any
favors by not shutting up; Bubba thinks she’s making herself look
guiltier. Bubba said Beau has every right to be concerned, she said
he’s never been there for his three year-old, Bubba thinks she’s a
stupid and irresponsible, she thinks Bubba is stupid, she said her
husband is a drunk who can’t sober, Manson said it’s a white trash
circus, Bubba thinks Melvin Richards looks white trash. Bubba told
Beau to run; he thinks she’s impossible, Beau said yes. Beau said all
Hidey wants to do if talk over people, he said she doesn’t want to
answer; Bubba said if he was on DCF, he’d take custody of the kid.
Beau said the cops described Melvin as dirty, he said she’s out of
reality. Beau said the longer Hidey is on the radio, the more she’ll
bury herself. Bubba thinks her selfishness is causing a problem, he
thinks she’s white trash for not listening, he thinks someone should
investigate. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Dave Moore calls in, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the 12 Boobs of
Christmas®. Bubba played Dave Moore’s bumper and brought him on. Bubba
thinks the buildup is something, Dave said he heard the Green Bay
conversation; he said the locker room used to be like a prison, he
said they used to have a toilet right in the middle. Bubba asked about
Veteran’s stadium, Dave said the field was a problem, he said when
you’d go into Denver’s locker room, they tell you couldn’t breathe.
Bubba asked him what the dumpiest place he’s ever played, Dave said
Cincinnati. Bubba thinks there’s nothing to do in Green Bay, Dave
confirmed this. Bubba said he went to a place called Bean snappers, he
thinks you have to have stretch marks to work there. Dave said when he
found out he had an ash tray in his locker room, he laughed. Dave said
Marino was on his own terms, Bubba wondered if he was a good
quarterback, Dave said he was. Bubba wondered about Favre, Dave thinks
he could run out of steam. Bubba doesn’t like the Chiefs suspending
Johnson for saying fag, Dave said a lot of stuff gets thrown around.
Bubba asked about the saints, Dave said they looked really good last
night, Bubba thinks it’s one of the greatest teams he’s ever seen.
Bubba thinks Kurt Warner should wrap it up; Dave said he’s no Brett
Favre. Bubba asked about the Giants, Dave said the wheels on their
wagon just fell off. Dave said Paul Groober was really good to work
with he said Paul could make anything into a sandwich. Bubba thinks
Ted Thompson is catching a lot of heat, Dave agreed, he said Rogers is
a good quarterback, Bubba thinks it’s like a big penis contest. Bubba
thinks Ted Thompson just wanted to flex his muscle. Bubba wonders if
the buccaneers will win this week, Dave said they’ve got a new roster,
Spice thinks one off the quarterbacks is green. Dave said he watched a
foot race between Booger McFarlane and Warren Sapp, he said there were
a lot of humans running down the field. Bubba asked Dave about Dan
Sileo’s situation; Dave said it depends on where Dan got his
information. Dave thinks this is the one the Buccaneers will win;
Bubba thinks Dave is on something. Dave said he was just saying that
to get Bubba fired up for the next conversation. Christine wonders
what kind of Mother would mention their child’s name on the radio to
protect them. Carol thinks Hidey is crazy, she said you have to do a
background check on someone before you even introduce the kids, Manson
said women like Carol are few and far between. Bubba recapped spice’s
situation, Spice said he’s good with Tasha. Bubba said the worst thing
Hidey did was call the show, they then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 8 – Melvin Richard’s rap sheet

Coming out of commercials, we heard some Ben Folds five; Ned said he
likes Ben Tucks Five. Joann in Miami agrees with Bubba, he had to dump
her for something. Sam in Jacksonville said he’s a single parent; he
had to dump him for saying something. Bubba read from Melvin’s court
records, bubba said this isn’t like Romeo and Juliet at all. . Bubba
read that Melvin has a lot of traffic violations, he wonders what it
means when something is judicated, Brent means it’s when something
goes on your record. Bubba said he wouldn’t want to deal with the guy
when he read the guy got a minor drunk enough to get him hospitalized.
Bubba said Brent found something in Lee County, Richard is wanted
there for misappropriation of a debit card. Spice thinks she’ll hear
this and not do anything about it, bubba thinks the kids will be yoked
out of the house by today. Joe on protection said he loves the show,
he said he deals with this stuff every day. Dave in Naples said this
is exactly where Bubba Army comes in, Bubba hopes they can get
something taken care of, Bubba plugged “bubba wonka”, he said the
Brent meltdown CD is disc #41, they then ended the show a few seconds

4 Responses

  1. bo flynn

    Bubba, this Bo from naples THANK YOU for your time by the way i’m Favre fan for life !!!!!!! melvin called me and said say he’s name one more time and see what is going to happened he would come see use both got more files i’m sending you and it’s Jerry’s towing not Gary’s Please help me i need the BUBBA ARMY this weekend anyone who can help pass out paper on this peace shit DAD’S THIS IS WHAT WE WOULD DIE FOR AND TRUE MOM’S THE KIDS LOOK TO US FOR SAFETY I WOULD WALK IN TO HELL FOR THEM YOU WOULD DO THE SAME HELP ME NAPLES BUBBA ARMY ONE DAD TO ANOTHER ONE MOM TO ANOTHER IT’S ALL FOR ……LACEY AND GRETCHEN HELP ME FIGHT FOR THEM THEY CAN’T DO IT ALONE!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU BO FLYNN

  2. cowgirl

    hello bubba!!! love u love the show!! i am bo’s friend. heidi is white trash. she never took responability over those kids. bo is an awesome father. as for bo being a drunk? lmfao. i’ve seen him drink once. heidi needs to get back on her bipolar meds. i wish him all the luck in the world gettin those kids back into a stable home

  3. Jerry

    I have listened for several days to hear more about this story. It makes me sick to think that this man’s child is in a dangerous situation, and that he has been unable to change it despite the best of intentions. Bo’s soon-to-be ex – WOW is all that I can say. She will look back at this moment in her life and have some big regrets, I am sure. Bo, keep going. You will work it out. You child needs you. Best of luck!


    Bubba I love your show please call me some day I would love to be on the show im a sport now it all get me om some day im nuts but know everything about sports

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