Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November 2nd, 2010 by Staff

This recap is dedicated to show friend Aubry Huff, for winning the
world Series. Congratulations Aubry!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Recap provided by Blind Lawrence

Bumper music provided by Russ the Ferret:
Down With The Kings – Run DMC
Right Now – Akon
Outstanding – The Gap Band
World Hold On – Bob Sinclair
When Love Takes Over – David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland
Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland Ft. Katy Perry
Baby By Me – 50 Cent
Pretty Young Thing – Michael Jackson
Bartender – T-Pain

Segment 1 – Giants win the world Series

The show started off with audio of the Giants winning the World
Series. Bubba thinks Russ just wings it with his bumper music picks,
he then congratulated Aubry Huff on his victory, Spice said he went to
the World Series game when it was Tampa VS Philadelphia, he said Aubry
was talking about possibly being there. Bubba said Fabrizi is a really
good baseball coach, he didn’t realize there was a lot of strategy
involved. We then heard a clip of Aubry being interviewed after the
game, Bubba thinks Aubry had to cover his ass by mentioning the birth
of his two kids, he said he feels like crying now. Spice said for
selfish reasons, he wishes he wasn’t in the playoffs, Bubba
sarcastically thanked Aubry for mentioning him. We then heard Aubry’s
cover of “Letters From Home”, Ned said he forgot all about the game,
Bubba likes how he can sing, he thinks it will be nice when Aubry is
on the Rays next year, Brent said he’s better than Peña. Bubba said a
guy is on hold asking him to defend his Charlie Crist pick, he said he
hates Rubio, he said he wouldn’t vote for any of them, Manson said
with Rubio, you’ll get someone who will give money to the rich, while
Meek will take your money. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 2 – Various callers

Bubba came on talking about the Lunch Iggy at The Wing House, he
thinks Brent would know when they last did it, Brent said 2002 (July
of 2003). Bubba recapped how the guys were on the FourLoko from
yesterday, he said on the Satellite show they’ll experiment with some
Juice, which is Miller Lite’s answer to FourLoko. Don in Sarasota said
he loves the show, but he’s frustration over something, he doesn’t’
get Bubba’s Political standing, Bubba thinks Manson said it best,
you’ve got Rubio who owes a bunch of people favors, he said he’s Carl
rove’s bitch, all he wants to do is shove Jesus down his throat, he
said Meeks is a nice guy, he said Charlie is a friend who believes in
women’s rights, Brent likes how he’s not the moral police. Bubba said
that Alex Sink is the less of two evils, this rick Scott guy bought
and paid for his spot. Don asked the number one issue in the election,
Bubba thinks whoever we put in the chair will magically make things
better. Don said small business owners support Marco Rubio, he said
he’s not a small business owner, Bubba said he’s living stats. Manson
said that his wife is a small business owner, she’s disgusted by Rick
Scott, he said this is the last time he’s ever voting, Ned thinks Rick
Scott is a queen. Bubba asked that you vote, even if you don’t go by
his recommendations, he said that if Charlie Crist wins, he’ll mention
Bubba Army, we then heard a sweeper featuring Alex Sink and Charlie
Crist mentioning Bubba Army. Bubba asked Manson if they’d ever have
anything like that happen in their careers, Manson said no. Bubba said
Brent reached out to Rubio and Scott at least four times. Mark in
Daytona said it’s not up to the government for making jobs, Bubba said
not one Politician has a bag of jobs, he then described the kind of
cars they drive, Brent said he drives a Dodge, Bubba thinks Brent was
on to something, Ned thinks Brent’s tongue is getting fatter. Bubba
thinks Brent is heavy tongued, Ned told Brent to come out to the car
with him. Bubba said he got a bunch of emails from people who aren’t
happy about his comments with the video featuring Young Ron’s Son; he
wonders why Ron isn’t do anything proactive. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – B-Fudd Calls in, Miami Speedway Discussions

Bubba said he can’t be too long, as he went a little long with the
Aubry Huff commentary, he said he’d like for number 29 to win, he then
asked that Donna is handling Ned at the wing House, Ned said it
doesn’t matter to him, as he’ll be getting free rings, Manson as the
blue blooded guy then talked about the NASCAR trophy a little, Spice
as a Southern guy piled on. Mike in Dexter Maine said he’s running for
state rep in his district, he asked you vote for Mike Wakefield, Bubba
thanked him for participating in the show, he said he doesn’t know
what they’ll be doing. Mike said he doesn’t understand the logic, he
said that if Howard and Bubba are gone, he’ll cancel. We then heard
B-Fudd’s bumper, he came on saying people are sue happy, he then asked
about a four year old getting sued by an 86 year old, he wonders what
she’ll get out of it, he then said Bill Clinton had said to vote for
Charlie, he said he just canceled his Satellite radio, Bubba wonders
how that customer service call must’ve sounded like, he then read a
press release about the show’s appearance in Miami. To get information
on the packet, call 1866-409-Race (7223), or you can visit
HomeSteadMiamiSpeedWay.com/Bubba. Bubba said that every line is full;
Spice said he can’t wait until the day is over. Bubba asked Brent who
will win, Brent thinks Alex will win, Manson hopes the audience
realizes how important this is. They then went to commercials a few
seconds later.

Segment 4 – Emails

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Lunch Iggy at the
Wing House later today. Bubba said everyone will be there, he then
said he put a good email from someone, but he accidently deleted it,
it’s where you could type in your address, you’d then get the nearest
voting place. Scott in Miami said he’s been listening to the show ever
since he’s arrived, he said he’s originally from Scotland, he said not
voting really bums him out, he said he runs a Soccer company, Bubba
told him that Manson is a big soccer guy, Scott said his website is
Soccer5USA.com. Josh said he’s a registered voter, he wonders if he’d
be able to vote in Wesley Chapple, Bubba thinks he’ll have t drive all
the way over to Orlando, the guy said that he’ll be buying tickets for
the Home Stead appearance, Brent said the information is up on
btls.com. The first email of the day told bubba to leave the kids out
of it, Bubba said he wasn’t making fun of the kids, he said they don’t
know it to be young Ron’s kid. Carman in Miami said she wasn’t able to
listen to the show yesterday, she said she’s close with one of the
victims, Spice told her she really talks a lot. Another emailer said
it’s all about parenting with a kid who has Asburgers, Brent said the
find your poling location is up on btls.com. Another emailer said the
clip that was played was also featured on “Talk Soup”; Spice said he
got that info. Chance in Miami said he voted with the cheat sheet, he
got done in five minutes. Another email was about some cops who were
shot during a home invasion. Another emailer thinks mild isn’t the
correct word when describing Asburgers, Bubba thinks he needs to get
the reading glasses Manson always talks about. Another emailer said
they’ve been listening for about six months, they’ll be voting for the
recommendations. Another emailer thinks Aubry should thank the show
for getting him the World Series victory. The last email of the day
was about banning guns; Bubba said that you can look it up on
Snopes.com. They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 5 – matt Beacherer Visits

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “shock The vote”.
Walter in Ft. Meyers said that if a voter wants to vote, they can’t
deny you. Matt Beacherer, the president of the Homestead Miami
Speedway came in; he said Joey Chittwood hired him. Bubba said they
had Reutimann on yesterday, he called Spice dumb for dissing NASCAR,
he thinks Spice will be crying to get out of the car when it’s over,
Spice said he appreciates what they do. Bubba asked if Jim Hunter was
there, Matt said Jim brought him in, he said its tough dealing with
his loss, he thinks the arrangements are today. Bubba recapped David’s
Jim Hunter story he told yesterday, he then asked him about the race,
Matt said they’re really excited, he said Kevin hasn’t won there yet,
Bubba thinks the RCR technology is what keeping it together, he then
asked if Tony will be fishing in the center pond, Matt said he’ll be
doing that. Spice asked how many people can sit comfortably in the
infield; Matt said the back stretch is higher than the front stretch.
Bubba said that he can’t wait for Spice to be in a car, Spice said
he’d like for Tony Stewart to do it, Bubba thinks Robin Gordon would
spin out, as he’s so wild. Spice asked about Robin Braig, Bubba thinks
he’ll find a new gig, he then had the guys bring in the trophy, Manson
said the last one was like concrete. Bubba thanked Matt for coming in,
he then plugged the race in Miami. Bubba then thanked “All Star
coaches” for taking care of them during their Miami appearance, Jay
said bubba’s has a movie theatre in it. Bubba thanked ay for putting
the Bubba package together, he told Spice not to drop the trophy. Matt
then talked about a free concert from the Zach Browne Band on South
Beach; they then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 6 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s Dayton
appearance on November 6. Rick said he just got out of the voting
booth, he said the woman said he was the fourth guy to be wearing the
Bubba Army shirt, Manson said that he’ll have to wear his shirt when
he votes. The guys cracked up at a noise coming from Brent’s area,
Bubba thinks Brent is popping Champaign. We then heard the first clip,
where Brent talks about the Rays, Brent said he just sounded tired. We
then heard a clip of Brent talking about football; Manson thinks it
sounds like he has a cold. We then heard a clip of Brent giving some
information; Brent said that was after he had been drinking. We then
heard a rap song about FourLoko, Spice thinks they’re drunk on it. We
then heard a news clip about K2 being outlawed, Spice said K2 doesn’t
have the lobby alcohol does, Brent said he read a study saying that
Alcohol is worse for society than Heroin or crack, Manson doesn’t get
how you can’t smoke a joint, Spice suggested the politicians try it.
Bubba thinks the Politicians are the fun police. Tony in Lutz said he
and his girlfriend voted, they both wore their Bubba Army shirts, he
saw another one and high fived each other. Manson suggests they just
make marijuana legal, it just grows in the ground, Bubba got caught
off guard with the base player in the background. Bubba said for the
month of October, Steve Hurley gave away $12,500 to Bubba’s
Foundation. Terry in South Florida asked bubba on Amendment four,
bubba said no on that. Mike in Indianapolis asked Bubba why he busts
balls on Jimmy Johnson; Bubba said he just says it because he’s mad
over it. Charlie in south Florida said his Dad is City comitioner of
Sunrise. The timer was heard in the background, he then got the Evil
treatment. Matt in Afghanistan came on, saying they bought an online
number, he said the mission is to capture and release, he said he saw
a Bubba Army Sticker over there, bubba thinks we should be like Russia
and leave. Pete said the K2 stuff is great. Bubba got sidetracked with
mark Lunsford on TV, we then heard a clip of Randy Moss conducting his
own press conference, Bubba thinks Randy is the non sounding black guy
he’s ever heard, he then explained how a player is traded. Brent went
over some teams Randy could go to, Bubba thinks he wouldn’t go to the
Cowboys; ned thinks he’s listening to a bad episode of Sports Center.
They then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Various callers and news

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for “shock the vote”.
Bubba said that Lisa Lampanelli missed her window of opportunity; he
then plugged her shows this weekend. Steve in St. Petersburg said he
was waving a sign for Charlie; Charlie saw it and thanked Bubba for
all he’s done. William in Tampa said he found an article about Tucker
Carlson, saying Tucker gives Glen Beck a run for his money, he said
it’s in the Bloomingburg Business Week, Businessweek.com, on page 87.
Paul in Gainesville talked about the three officers they talked about
earlier, one of the guys has lost both of his kidneys, he needs O
Negative Blood. Bubba said he’s O positive, he wonders if it’ll work.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who killed his newborn daughter
and its Mom, Bubba said he hates the AP reporter; he thinks it could
be methed out white trash. Brent said the cop is still in a coma,
hundreds of people have been donating blood. Bubba said that Steve
from Steps just texted him, saying that O positive is Universal. Ned
thinks the guy is guilty just on his name, Bubba said this was brown
trash, we then heard the “Taco Song”. Brian in Braidington asked that
after the election, Bubba should get back to what he used to do, Bubba
asked him what qualifies him as an expert, he said about 83% of the
time, he’s a Republican. Brian said he feels insulted when Bubba tells
him how to vote, Ned thinks the guy is a Limbaugh mark, Bubba told the
guy he should just quit him, he told the guy to just masturbate. We
then heard a news clip about a guy who was told he couldn’t wear his
boy scout uniform, Manson said any guy who wears that is freaky, Spice
said there’s just something odd about it, bubba thinks we’ve moved on
from the boy scouts, he said they have a bit (“Gay Scout Master” from
“bubba show Classics Vol. 15”, track 5), Spice said it’s too dirty, he
said he’s checked, Brent said they tried (may 10, 2010). Bubba thinks
they should screen scout masters for child molestation, he then said
that Charlie Crist is standing by, we then heard the voting promo.
Charlie came on saying it was awesome, he said he was just out in St.
Petersburg, he said he’s seen Bubba Army out there, he said it’s
fantastic, he said he feels it out there, he said bubba is changing
the face of Politics. Bubba said he loves the story where Charlie had
to call Rubio and told him to go with him on the autistic kids; he
said it will be nice to have a life line in the governor’s mansion.
Brent said in District 11, vote for Mike Prendergast. Bubba wonders if
he could say “No means yes, yes means anal”, Brent thinks they could,
we then heard the clip, Bubba said it was edited. Kenny in South
Carolina said that his friends told him about Bubba, the guys made
some sounds while the guy talked, bubba thinks Charleston is an
interesting place for them, he said 98 Rock in Charleston is a great
station to be on. Kenny said bubba will get big in Charleston, even if
it means him writing Bubba Army on his license plate. Bubba then
explained who Stephanie Ragusa is for the out of town listeners, we
then heard a news clip about that, bubba thinks Spice should interview
her. We then heard Manson’s “Ragusa’s So Horney” from “bubba’s new and
Misc Hits Vol. 3”, track 6. The song parodies “me so Horny” by Two
Live Crew, and is from the perspective of a student who is excited
about having sex with Stephanie. Bubba said that Dr. Joe Saturley just
texted him, saying he’d like to interview her, Spice thinks even
Lafave is disgusted by this. Bubba asked Spice how it went down, Spice
said they met on the beach, she had a room, he said he practically
lived on the beach; he said she was really horny. Bubba said he’s got
two guys who are steamed over his comments on scout masters; they then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Ned’s New Bit

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Lunch Iggy., Bubba
said the guys who were going to comment on the scouts had hung up,
Spice said they’ll just pretend to be them, Manson joined in. Chris in
Braidington said he’s a troop leader, he said as long as the kids show
up, it’s fine, Bubba said they’re stuck in the 1950’s. Spice asked
about The boy scouts of America VS. Dale, he then explained it, the
supreme Court sighted with the scouts, Manson thinks they have a book
of scout masters who have been kid touchers. Spice wonders if the guy
looks at people with a suspicion, the guy said he does that. Alex in
Paul Bay, he heard 101.1 mentioning Bubba, saying Bubba is a wannabe
badass. John in Riverview said he walked to his polling place, filled
his ballot out, they told him the scanner was broken, Bubba thinks
it’s really the case, he then asked Ned about his new bit, Ned said
it’s an interview with Ron. In the clip, Ned is talking to Ron, where
he thinks Ron has no talent, he thinks the show is horrible, he thinks
if Row Vs. Wayde was repealed tomorrow, the show would be done, he
then asked him about his obsession with anal beads, he thinks Ron is
hard core, Bubba said they’re big time morning zoo keepers. Ned thinks
Ron is queer, he then notices his beads are up his ass, he thinks it
will get un pleasant, he offers him boy scout pictures to take his
mind off it, he then offers up a crowbar, Bubba thinks this is too
dirty. Paul comes in and notices what’s happening, Ned and Ron are
heard cracking up at that seen. Andrew in Orlando said he had a school
bus driver when he was 15; Bubba gave him the Evil treatment. Ed in
Tampa wonders about money stimulating a candidate, Bubba thinks it’s
the power factor, Manson said he’s looking for the Presidency. Bubba
asked the guys if they’ll be voting, Ned said he’ll get smashed, so he
probably won’t do it. We then heard Manson’s “Ober commercial – Dante
Morris” from “bubba Show Classics Vol. 16”, track 18. They then ended
the show a few seconds later.

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