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This is your loyal blind scribe,
with today’s recap.
Enjoy, Lawrence

This recap is dedicated to Carl Harris, as today is his special day.
Happy Birthday Carl!

Segment 1 – Sports scores, Sam Seltzers Closed

The show started off with audio of the Rays winning. Bubba said the
music was provided by Jabberjaw, he then recapped some sports scores,
he said he loves Suicide Squeezes. Spice said he’s got a lot of stuff
going on, Bubba said he really digs his side sheet, he then said he
spoke with some cops yesterday, he said he talked to the head of the
FHP, he thinks the Police turnout will be high, he then said that Sam
Seltzers closed down, Spice said one of his friends was a bar tender
there, he said the guy got fired for cutting too many limes. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 2 – concept Best of shows, emails, various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for some concept best of
shows, then into No Doubt as bumper music. Bubba said they’ll be off
from May 27-31, he wondered if they should have a recall reward, he
thinks they should have some trivia questions, he said Thursday will
be stunts, Friday will be bands, and Monday will include Homeless
people, he hopes they can include the chick from Boston (July 19,
2007), Spice thinks it couldn’t be done. The first emailer said they
saw Palin on TV, telling Obama to do his job, Bubba wonders what else
has Bristol Palin done that’s so big, Spice read her quote about that,
Manson thinks it’s a load of crap, he thinks she’ll say all the stuff
that she did. Another emailer said they can’ wait to see Bubba at WGN
on Saturday, June 19. Mike in Chicago came on, he said he called
yesterday around Noon, he said he’ll be there for the Sunday show at
1:00; he said the woman didn’t elaborate on how many tickets were
sold. Jeff in Ohio said he got accused of child abuse for discipline
his kid, his kid didn’t want to leave, he grabbing the kid’s collar, a
woman told him he should watch it, we then heard “Dueling Der Ders”
from “bubba Show classics Vol. 11”, track 14 as the guy talked, Bubba
thinks there was no point to the story. Matt in Orange county came on
cracking up, Bubba told him to call back on a different line, he then
went over some birthdays, he said he met Martika back in 1989, he
thinks that was the only song she had. Matt in Orange County came
back, he said he wasn’t sure who that was, he said he’s going to cut a
check for the Bikes for Badges, Manson is convinced he’s drunk, he
said that he and Buddha really hit it off, he said words can’t
describe how much fun he had. Bubba said everyone participated in
something, Matt said he never got any chicken dip, he wondered what it
would be like if Howard had 20 fans hanging out with him, Bubba said
they’re regular dudes, Matt said they should do an email tree, Bubba
thinks he’s getting too sentimental. Matt said he thought it would be
fun, he said he felt confident in how friendly everyone was, Manson
said he wouldn’t mind doing it again, Ned said it was a party. Bubba
asked why Garnet had heat, Ned said they’re back together, he said he
just let’s her mark out. Bubba asked Spice if he’s ever seen the scar
on Ned’s back from his heating pad error, Spice said it was
disgusting, Ned said he doesn’t give a crap, as he can’t see it. They
then went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 3 – Various callers

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the Bubba’s bikes for
Badges T-shirt. Bubba plugged the event this Saturday, he said you can
go to either Btls.com or BtlsFoundation.org, he suggested you get to
Jim’s by 10:30, he said everyone will leave at 10:00, he said 92.53%
of all proceeds were given back to the community, he said the only
expenses they had were postage, Manson asked if Bubba takes a salary,
Bubba said you’re supposed to give back, Manson said it’s unusual,
Bubba said you’ll be able to see his returns, he thinks they’ll get
something from the Schiavo foundation, he said as long as you’re at
Jim’s by 11, you’ll be fine, he plugged all the stuff they’ve got
there, he then plugged “the College Honey Hunt” at the Penthouse
tomorrow night at 10, he said if you’d like to participate in the
Amputee Olympics, he said Tom the Treeman tryouts will be next
Wednesday, he said they’re also looking for single Dads to participate
in a dating game with naughty Alysha, he said he’ll be racing his
truck, he said there’s a Dad who wants to fight everyone, Spice said
he’s that guy, Ned said there’s always a fight in the pits. B-Fudd
came on, Bubba told him to stay on hold. Ryan asked if they could do
another conference call with Howard as Howard has been talking about
Clem Racing incorporated, he said Howard said he’d like to
congratulate Tyler, but he doesn’t’ know what he’s congratulating him
for. Bubba said he’s got the video of Tyler winning, we then heard
B-Fudd’s bumper, B-Fudd said he was doing great, he asked Bubba what
today was, Bubba said it was the 30 year anniversary of Mont St.
Helens erupted, he cracked up at Bubba saying he was in high school,
he said he’ll be 35 in June, he said he’s the same age as Miller, the
fat guy with the earring in his nose, he asked that the guys make sure
they black out the Social Security number, Bubba goofed on B-Fudd’s
voice, Spice thinks he’s way off, he told him he knows when to wrap it
up, B-Fudd said he’ll call later. Stranger came on, he asked if Bubba
knew of the Defenders, Bubba said yes, the guy said Bob white is a
huge supporter of the event, Bubba said the money should be there
about 30-60 days after all the accounting has been done, he said the
FCC decided to make a new law that says wireless mics will be illegal,
Dave said they change frequencies, he said they made money off of an
invisible frequency, Bubba said this is just a way to tax our way out
of stuff, Dave said he can’ even put them on EBay and sell them to
Canada, Manson said this is another example of the Government cutting
off its nose to spite its face, Bubba asked about the various bands on
tour, Dave said the lower level ones aren’t affected. Spice said if he
wins the lottery, he’s out of there, Bubba said if you start thinking
about it, it’ll drive you insane. Josh in Jacksonville asked about
bikes for Badges, Bubba said if you’re not doing one of the ride-ins,
be there about 10, if you are doing the ride-in, be at one of the
locations around 9. Josh said a cop lost his life to a drunk driver,
he said he’ll find out, bubba said he’ll have Brent look into it,
Spice found the guy’s name; Bubba said he’ll make contact. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 4 – Oil Spill Discussions

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the three best of
shows. Bubba said it’s kind of catchy, Spice said Kesha is kind of
hot, in a dirty, skanky blonde kind of way, he said her performance on
Saturday Night Live was horrible. Bubba went over the cops he’s
helping out with Bikes For Badges, he then asked the guys if they’ve
heard the latest on the oil deal, Spice asked in what retrospect,
Bubba said he got a video of a pilot flying home, Manson said it hits
home, Bubba asked that they put this up on Btls.com, Manson said
people don’t care, unless it effects something they love. We then
heard a news clip about the giant straw, Bubba thinks Manson is dead
on, he thinks it looks like a south Park episode, Spice said he’s
getting conflicting reports, Brent said BP has led about everything,
Spice thinks George W. Bush is running it, the guys then goofed on
George W. Bush coming up with the name “The Heavy mud Plan”, Spice
said Cheney is evil. Bubba asked how they can get concrete to dry
under water, Brent said it would be really complicated, Manson asked
why not many people have been fired; he said that would be like Bubba
going off radio, and not know how to get back on. Bubba said most
people who visit Florida are all about going to the beach, Manson
thinks people aren’t coming until it’s fixed, he said it’s all bad, he
wishes he could mediate press conferences, he said there’s more stuff
you can’t see, then you actually can see, he said if this is a West
coast problem, rolling blackouts will possibly happen, he went on to
say that he didn’t’ know how bad it was, until someone sent him the
clip. We then heard the clip; Bubba stopped and started to comment. In
the clip, a guy describes what he saw, Bubba said it’s very clear
video, Manson said that’s just at the surface, Spice said myellow
during the clip, Bubba said the guy is letting it all soak in, Spice
thinks it’s the worst color commentator ever. The guy said this is the
only time he can say it’s hopeless; he said the Economic impact will
be felt forever, Bubba said it may never recover, he thinks we fucked
ourselves forever. Manson said a lot of people from BP need to go to
jail, Bubba wondered if the guy who operated the oil rig drunk went to
jail, Brent said yes, Spice as Butt-head cracked when the guy said tar
balls. Bubba said he has audio of a guy talking about the Oil spill.
In the clip, a guy is talking about the Acoustic switch, Bubba said
every other Country except for the United States has it, the guy
referred to this as “The Closed Door Dick Cheney Policy”, Manson said
he only heard a blurb about it, Bubba said the Government doesn’t want
to look stupid. Stacey said back in the late 90’s, she worked in BP,
she said it started with NAFTA. Brenda said her Husband owns a fishing
boat, she said not only do they have to be concerned with fishing, but
if the oil bets under the boat, it’ll be ruined. Justin asked if they
saw a YouTube clip about cleaning up the oil spill, Bubba said yes, he
said they’ll do that Thursday, Manson thinks there’s not enough Hay in
the nation to cover up the issue. Stacey said this is a perfect
example of what Bubba has been saying, Spice said he hasn’t seen one
protest, Bubba said he hasn’t seen anyone do a Gulf releaf concert,
Spice said no one is really standing up and commenting on it, Bubba
said it took twenty years for someone to get one dime from the Oil
Spill. Bubba read a guy’s comment, saying that Hurricane season starts
shortly, Spice said black rain, Manson said he’d like to see Sean Penn
in a John boat with a vacuum Cleaner; they then went to commercials a
few seconds later.

Segment 5 – K2 News, a Ned Classic

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for the new Tom the
Treeman. Bubba said Tyler won his biggest race this past weekend, he
then recapped how that went down, he said you can see the video on
tylerClem.com, he said he almost cried while watching it last night,
he said a baseball guy talked about them, saying Bubba was funnier
than other shock jocks. Bubba asked the guys who will be wearing the
Bubba Army Biker vest, Spice said no; Manson said no, Ned said he’ll
wear his. Bubba said there’s this thing called the G shot, the anker
said penis during the story, we then heard the clip about that, Spice
said he doesn’t like the cross talk with news on Television, the guys
cracked up when the guy said penis, he thinks the guy is an idiot,
Manson said that was some good cross talk, bubba thinks the person in
the ear piece is telling them to wrap it up, he thinks the K2 party is
almost over, we then heard a news clip about that, Spice said the
company stopped working, Bubba thinks it’ stupid to have soap music in
the clip, Spice asked her not to bring his hookah into the story,
Bubba thinks Tyler and Julia could do a better job with the story, he
doesn’t think one joint will arrest you, he said that’s only if you
take a swing at the cop, he thinks Chas could do a better job, Spice
thinks it would be cool if she tried it, Bubba said it would be cool
if she got hit by a bus, he said the trend has changed, Spice said
he’s going to Angel Trumpet, Manson said that could kill you, Spice
thinks she bought a bag, Bubba thinks she’s a nerd, he then said he
had to poop, he said some Cult leader escaped jail in a helicopter, he
thinks they have a bit in the archives about that, Bubba said it’s one
of his favorite Ned calls. We then heard the call, where Ned said he’s
a concerned citizen, who is calling about the Prison break, the woman
informs him they didn’t have one, Ned thinks it’s standard operating
procedure to blow any unidentified object out of the sky, he wonders
if the cops use squirt guns, the woman said they’ve got everything.
Ned said he doesn’t’ get how it happened; he wonders if the guards
never saw a helicopter, he thinks it would be basic procedure that if
you see a helicopter over the prison, something is wrong with the
picture. The woman asks Ned what he’d like to talk about, Ned told
them they need to keep the prisoners in their cells, he thinks they’ve
got keystone cops. In the last second call, Ned said eight prisoners
on unicycles will make a jailbreak; he got hung up on after that. This
bit is not in the catalog. They then went to commercials a few seconds

Segment 6 – Kid almost raped, Joe the Supermark Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubbapalooza in
Canada, then into “Ned’s messages to BP”. Bubba plugged Bikes for
Badges; he said you need to be at Jim’s by 10:30. We then heard a news
clip about one of the cops the foundation will be helping out, bubba
said if texting was involved; a homicide investigation would be fit.
We then heard a news clip about a guy who rubbed his naked body on a
four year-old girl, Bubba said at least the Mom reacted quickly, he
said he doesn’t care what language you speak, the sound of a gun
cocking is bad, he then played some gun sound effects, he said it
doesn’t matter who it is, if he found something like that, he’d fire,
he then played some more gun sound effects, he thinks the guy wouldn’t
need to be cremated, Spice as a Mexican guy said Uh-oh, Bubba thinks
maybe other kids have been raped, he then recapped how he’d do the
story. Joe the Supermark called in, Bubba said Joe would’ve died from
being so happy if he would’ve been in town with the Wonka winners, Joe
said it’s been his dream ever since he’s heard the show. Spice asked
Joe his thoughts on the Bubba/Hogan situation, Joe said he’s on
Bubba’s side, he said the old guys won’t put themselves out for
anyone, Bubba told Joe he doesn’t have the look. Spice asked him if he
still has the Hogan Tattoo, Joe said it’s covered in hair, he then
said today is Carl Harris’s birthday. Bubba said they’ve talked about
where they’ll be going Joe asked if they’ll be able to listen to it
live, Bubba said he probably shouldn’t get into it. They then went to
commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 7 – Spike TV guy calls in

Bubba plugged Bikes for Badges this Saturday, he then went over the
people the foundation is helping out, he then said Russell Crow
flipped out during an interview, we then heard the clip about that,
bubba thinks he’s drunk, he wonders why these guys are so
thin-skinned, Manson said everyone kisses their ass, Spice said he
still can’t stand Billy Bob Thornton for being a disrespectful
jackass. James on protection said he works for Spike TV, he said he
can’ say what’s happening, he said a guy named Kevin Kay disagreed
with Dixie’s decision, he said Spike TV sells the advertising, he said
John Griffin was really upset about the decision, Bubba said she
should’ve checked her facts, he wishes someone would call out Dixie
Carter for her recent decision, he suggested letting the guys who have
been in the business control it, the guy said that Kevin Kay might
call Dixie out for this, he said Kevin is the decision maker with
shows on Spike, Bubba wonders if TNA is on the chopping block, the guy
said any show with low ratings is on the chopping block. They then
went to commercials a few seconds later.

Segment 8 – Tucker Carlson Calls in

Coming out of commercials, we heard a promo for Bubba’s bikes for
Badges. We then heard Tucker Carlson’s bumper, Bubba welcomed him on,
Tucker congratulated bubba on the vehicular victory, Bubba said he
missed it, Tucker was shocked at that news, Bubba said he was a
nervous wreck during all this, he told Tucker to check out
TylerClem.com. Tucker wonders what kind of a driver will Tyler be at
age 16, Bubba hopes a responsible driver. Tucker said the problem with
airbags is, their anti child, Tucker said his Dad used to let them
drive around a parking lot. Bubba said his Mom used to drive around
with a cigarette, drinking a Margarita, he thinks his Mom was DUI, no
one noticed, Tucker thinks risk is the one thing the Democratic party
is against, Brent said it’s not only the Democratic party, the
Republican party does that. Dave Rice came on and explained the
wireless microphone situation to Tucker, Tucker said it was
ridiculous, he asked who gave the FCC the bandwidth, he said companies
will actually tell you what kind of window you’re supposed to have, he
said he’ll be in t. Meyers tomorrow night, Bubba said a building in
Ft. Meyers has been evacuated because of a bomb threat. Tucker said
he’s watching the career of a Political figure crumble, Spice asked
how the guy didn’t think he’d get away with the story, Tucker said
their whole lives are just lies. Spice asked him if he knew John
Edwards was a scumbag, Tucker said yes, he said he kind of liked
Edwards, he said Edwards was a jerk, he said Edwards’s platform was a
joke, he said John’s wife came up to him and said that she didn’t like
him. Spice asked what the percentage is of Politicians who aren’t
cheating, Tucker said very low. Spice asked about DC, Tucker said they
had 94% of people go for Obama, he said it’s the last place where
you’d want to do lines in a bar; he said people work long hours there.
Brent wonders if Linda McMahon will win, Tucker said yes, he said she
has a ton of money, Bubba thinks wrestling is as real as Politics, he
thinks Charlie will win the election, Tucker said he can’ get behind
Charlie Crist, Brent said this bill ties pay to how well the kids do,
Tucker said a PHD is meaningless, Brent said his Mom got a masters
degree and paid for it herself. Bubba thinks Tucker is a suck nut who
doesn’t like Charlie, Tucker said he’s never done anything for Rubio,
Bubba said Charlie doesn’t need Tucker; Brent said Charlie is tough on
crime. Bubba asked what Rubio has done, Brent said he’s allowed
illegal immigrants to get an education; Bubba went over his five point

1. Legalize pot
2. Term Limits for everyone
3. Stop earmarks
4. Flat tax
5. No more lobbyists

Tucker said he agrees with some of it, he said you have a right to
lobby, Bubba said his stuff will never go through, as there are
lobbyists who are at every turn, he said 90% of elections are just
popularity contests, Tucker said bubba is attacking Democracy, he
thinks having a Country more stoned is a problem. Bubba said that
marijuana is just a plant, Tucker cracked up at that, he said Arnold
is a drooling moron, Brent said he liked how Arnold told his opponents
that they sign the back of the checks, he said people will smoke
regardless, Tucker said he hates the idea of the government getting
rich off of people getting high. Brent asked him who will win in
Kentucky, Tucker thinks Gram Paul, Brent said he hopes he’ll win.
Bubba said they don’t have time to get into the BP oil Spill, Tucker
hopes bubba is wrong about that. Spice hopes this is a wakeup call to
get off of oil, Tucker said he hates to stop the dream of going solar
and getting stoned, he thinks we won’t get off of oil in a while.
Bubba said you need to vote for Alex sink, he said you can’t get a
grasp on them; they then ended the show a few seconds later.

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  1. Your Mom

    Where can I get the audio of the NED BP skit – that has to be one of the funniest things I”ve hear on radio in the past decade. You guys are to funny.. …I know it’s kinda sad with the whole situation, but seriously! WHy is that not broadcasting 24/7 around the globe?

    Ned if you read this please forward me the tapes. thanks
    Keep up the good work!

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